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School Grade FOUR

Grade 4 Teacher Learning Area: ENGLISH

Week/Teaching Date September 19-23, 2016 Quarter: 2nd
Daily Lesson Log
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I. OBJECTIVES September 19 2016 September 20, 2016 September 21, 2016 September 22, 2016 September 23, 2016
Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates
understanding of understanding that understanding of understanding of understanding of
A. Content Standards the elements of words meaning can be English grammar and English grammar and text elements to
informational text derived from different usage in speaking or usage in speaking or comprehend various
for comprehension sources writing writing texts
B. Performance Objective Recalls details, Uses different resources uses the classes of uses the classes of use knowledge of
sequence of events to find word meaning words aptly in various words aptly in various text types to
and shares ideas on oral and written oral and written correctly distinguish
texts listened to discourse discourse literary from
informational texts
C. Learning Competencies/ 1.Follow a set of 3-5 1.Make a two-point Use the present form of Use the present form Make a two-point
Objectives step directions sentence outline verb that agrees with of verb that agrees sentence outline
2.Give a short 3-5 2.Use context clues to the subject with the subject (EN4A-IIc-3)
step directions get the meaning of (EN4G-IId-4)
(EN4LC-IId-4) difficult words (EN4G-IId-4)

Following Directions Making an Outline Using the Present Form Using the Present Making an Outline
CONTENT of Verbs form of Verbs
( Subject Matter)
A. References
1. Teachers Guide pages TG pp. 148-150 TG pp. 150--152 TG pp. 152-153 TG pp. 152-153 TG pp. 154-155
2. Learners Material Pages LM PP. LM pp. 153-156 LM pp. 157-159 LM pp. 157-159 LM pp. 160-163
B. Other Learning Resources LED tv, ppt LED tv, ppt LED tv, ppt, pictures LED tv, ppt LED tv, ppt
A. Reviewing past lesson or Let us sing the song Have some pupils tell What are the important Recall the lesson on When do we use the
Presenting the new lesson with action. how to make paper things that we need to the present tense of s-form and the base
butterflies. remember when we verbs. When do we form of the verb?
write outlines? Why do use the s form and
we need to write an the base form of the
outline? verbs?
B. Establishing a purpose of Display samples of Show this to the pupils Show them pictures
the new lesson paper folded art and have them read in and let them construct
work; butterflies, groups and individually. sentences about the
fans, caps, etc. bamboos unsplit pictures
lowlands family
farmer garden
C. Presenting Examples/ How do we make Ask the pupils if they Read the sentences: We shall work on an Reading of the short
instances of the new paper butterflies? have bamboo furniture 1. The bamboo grows activity today. Each paragraph by the
lesson at home. as tall as big trees. group will be given a teacher
What are the many uses 2. Some bamboos grow short part of a poem.
of bamboo? as big as trees. Some of the stanzas
3. The farmer uses are not finished. Fill in
bamboo as a fence for the present tense.
his garden and farm.

D. Discussing new concepts Give the directions The teacher reads the In sentence number 1, Reading of the Poem The teacher will
and practicing new skills in making a paper selection. What is talked about in guide the pupils in
no.1. butterfly while The pupils will reread the sentence? making a two-point
showing the pupils the selection, first by How many bamboos sentence outline.
how to make it. whole class, by group are there in sentence
and individually no. 1?
In sentence number 2,
What do bamboos
grow? Read sentence 3,
Who is talked about?
What does he do with
the bamboo?
E. Discussing new concepts Provide them more Comprehension Say: look at the chart. The pupils will have a Another paragraph
and practicing new skills examples following Questions: Refer to LM, One More than choral presentation. to be presented and
no.2 the step directions Talk About It. person one person write a two-point
The bamboos
on how to make a outline of the
bamboo grow
paper butterfly grows selection.
farmer Farmers
uses use
F. Developing Mastery Let the pupils do the Refer to LM, Do and Refer to LM, Write
(Leads to Formative Assessment activity in LM Do and Learn A About It.(Honey
3.) Learn Bees)
G. Finding practical Each pupil will make We will continue writing Refer to LM, Do and Have them practice
application of concepts his own paper an outline. Read and Learn B reading the part of
and skills in daily living butterfly identify the topic in the the poem they
paragraph. accomplished.
H. Making Generalization What is the first step What are the important When do you use the s- When do you use the What are the things
and abstraction about the in making a paper things that we need to form and the base form s-form and the base we should
lesson butterfly? remember when we of the verb? form of the verb? remember in writing
How many times do write outlines? Why do an outline?
you fold the paper? we need to write an
I. Evaluating learning Make your own Refer to LM, Learn Some Refer to LM, Do and Rereading of the Do Checklist for
paper butterfly as I Do Write About It on Learn C poem assessing Outline
give the directions page 156 of LM Writing
on how to make it.
Follow the
directions carefully.
J. Additional activities for
application and
A. No. of learner who earned
B .No. of learner who scored
below 80% ( needs
C. No. of learners who have
caught up with the lesson
D. No of learner who continue
to require remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategies work well? Why?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal
/supervisor can help me
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish to
share w/other teacher?