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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella. She lived with step sister
and step mother. They were very busy. She has to do all the homework.

On day, an invitation to the ball came to the family. Her step sister did not let her go, so
Cinderella was very sad, the steps sister went to the ball without her.

Fortunately, the fairy god mother cam and helped to her. To get to the ball. At the ball
Cinderella danced with the prince, she fell in love with her, then later he married her, they lived
happily ever after.

1. Which of the following is not true according to the text ?

a. Cinderella lived with step sister

b. Cinderella felt happy with her husband

c. Cinderella felt annoyed with her step sister

d. Cinderella was helped by a fairy to get the ball

e. Cinderella was helped by her step sister to do all the home work

2. The communicative purpose of the text is to ….

a. Entertain the readers with a fairytale

b. Describe how Cinderella went to the ball

c. Persuade the readers to read the story

d. Inform the readers about Cinderella’s marriage

e. Explain to the readers why Cinderella’s stepsister hated her so much

3. “They were very bossy” (paragraph 1) the word “bossy” means….

a. Furious

b. Arrogant

c. Sensitive
d. Offensive

e. domineering

Space travel

Space travel should he stopper for many reasons. Firstly, it is totally unsafe as proven by
the Columbia space shuttle disaster. Thousand people have been killed in accidents. Secondly, it
cost billions and billions dollars everyday just to put fuel into rockets. Professor Smith from the
spend money on people space association agrees that space travel is a waste of time and money.
Further, space travel is a altering the world’s weather pattern as evidenced by the record of high
temperatures this summer in cobra. Everyone knows that if god wanted us to fly in space we
should have been born with space suits. Stop space before it destroys the earth.

4. How many reason are stated in the text dealing with the point that space travel should be
stopped ?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

e. Five

5. “Professor Smith from the spend money on people space association agrees that space
travel is a waste of time and money”

The sentence contain a word exspresses…..

a. Agreement

b. Disagreement

c. Contrast

d. Certainly

e. desire
6. wich is not true based on the text above…

a. Space travel should be stopped

b. Space travel destroys the earth

c. Space travel cost billions of dollars everyday

d. Space travel offer benefits to the earth

e. Space travel is un safe

7. What does the text above mainly talk about ?

a. Air travel

b. Road travel

c. Water travel

d. Space travel

e. Rocket travel

Penguin In The Park

Once, a man was walking in a park when he came across a penguin. He took him to a
policeman and said, “I have just found this penguin. What should I do?” The policeman replied,
“take him to the zoo” The next day the policeman saw the same in the same park, and the man
was still carrying the penguin with him.

The policeman was rather surprised and walked up to the man and asked. “Why are you
still carrying that penguin about? Didn’t you take t to the zoo?” ‘I certainly did,’ replied the man.
“And it was a great idea because he really enjoyed it, so today I’m taking him to the movies!”

8. The text above belongs to

a. Spoof

b. Recount
c. Report

d. News item

e. Narrative

9. Where did the man find the penguin ?

a. In a zoo

b. In a park

c. In a movie theater

d. In a police station

e. At his home

10. Where did the man take the penguin for the first time ?

a. To a park

b. To a police station

c. To a zoo

d. To a movie theatre

e. To police man

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