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AIESEC in RMIT VN | Finance | Finance Team 2


July - December 2017
Job Title Finance Executive / OC Finance Start Date End Date
& Logistics
Function/Department Finance Duration 6 months
Accountable to Finance Manager 2 Hours per week Averagely 14
OCs of OGX Functions,
Main stakeholders Marketing Managers of ELD stage TMP
Marcom oGX
1. Ensure highest quality of financial performance of OGX, TM:
o Ascertain alignment between Master Budget and functional strategies,
projects strategies (budgeting).
o Make sure all finance processes are implemented well and on time.
o Guarantee financial mindset of oGX members is improved through external

General Description 2. Build Business Intelligence System for OGX, TM:

o Enhance data driven mindset for OGX, TM members.
o Build database system for OGX, TM.
o Build data management process for oGX.

3. Do and manage Logistics & Supply chain for events of OGX, TM

4. Strive for and demonstrate properly the mission of Finance function, which is
Strategically invest money to deliver leadership opportunities.

Achieve optimal Finance goal of projects (based

Overall measure of on past performance and current situation )
success Quality of financial performance of OGX, TM projects
Quality of database and data management process
Required Preferred
- High accountability - Project understanding
- Resilience and Commitment to result - Proactive learning
- Detail-oriented & Action-oriented - Teamwork skills
- Open-minded
- Critical thinking

Support system and Potential future
Competencies Developed
other benefits opportunities
- World citizen - Mentoring/coaching from - NST
- Solution-oriented related OCP and LCVPs. - OCPs or Managers
- Self-awareness - LC VPs
- Efficiency
- Task & Time Management
- Data-driven Mindset
- Critical Thinking
- Numerical Skills


Responsibilities KPI
Taking responsibilities as a member of the team and of LC RMIT VN
Participate in weekly OC meetings and occasional
Participate 90% OC weekly meeting
Participate 80% LC activities
Participate in monthly LCM and other LC events
Give constructive feedback and work for your
Overall result of the whole team
teammates success, not only yours
Implement and demonstrate functions and LCs
# teammates performing the expected culture
Connect with & support other projects and
Actively manage own performance and 100% processes fulfilled
development by fulfilling TMs processes (My
AIESEC Life, Team Minimums, etc.)
Being a representative of AIESEC in RMIT VN in front of external students
Demonstrate AIESECs value
90% external stakeholders interacting with you
Professional working style represents in a friendly have positive impression about AIESEC
Financial Planning and Management for OGX KPI/ MOS
Engage in planning of oGX by giving financial
input 80% projects plan is finalized with financial
Assist OCP in creating Master Budget input and strategies and ROIs
Frequently keep track of and update projects Achieve 80% profit goal
Manage receivable Receivable = 0
70% members must be trained at least once
Conduct finance training for OGX, TM Training content is relevant to projects
Business Intelligence System Building KPI/ MoS
% Time saved for OGX, TM member
Build database system and data management thanks to the new system
process for OGX, TM No. current KPIs which are effectively used
No. Data analytic training
Data-driven mindset for OGX, TM members
Quality of Data analytic training
Logistics Doing and Managing
Prepare logistics necessary for OGX events 100% logistics needed are delivered at
cheapest costs
Manage logistics flow before and after events 100% logistics are made on time from the right

Reporting and transitioning

Analyze and make report after recruitment 100% data, knowledge and information are
stored and made into reports.
Conduct transition process for incoming OC 100% knowledge is transitioned on time.