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autumn / fall (AmE) foggy snowy warm

climate heat spring weather

climate change hot storm weather report
cloud lightning stormy wind
cloudy rain summer windy
cold rainbow sun winter
cool rainy sunny
degree shower sunshine
fog snow temperature

above zero frosty raindrop

average temperature gale rainfall
below zero gust rime
blizzard hail scorching
breeze heat wave sunshine
capricious humid soak to the skin
chilly humidity sleet
clear up hurricane snowball
continental climate ice snowfight
damp icicle snowflake
degree of Centigrade/Celsius icy snowman
degree of Fahrenheit melt snow shower
dense fog mild soggy
dew mist temperate zone
drizzle misty thaw
drought mud thunder
extremes of weather overcast thunderstorm
freeze pour with rain weather forecast
freezing predictable wet
frost puddle

1) Name what you can see in the pictures.

1. _______________ 2. _______________ 3. _______________ 4. _______________

5. _______________ 6. _______________ 7. _______________ 8. _______________

2) Unjumble the following letters to have meaningful words.

g e r e d e

t h i n g l i g n

m e l a t i c

s o r h e w

n e w t i r

m e r m u s

3) Match the words with the definitions.

climate cloud degree fog

heat lightning rainbow shower
snow storm temperature wind

1. a powerful flash of light in the sky caused by electricity and usually followed by thunder
2. warmth or the quality of being hot
3. the regular pattern of weather conditions of a particular place
4. a thick cloud of very small drops of water in the air close to the land or sea, that is very
difficult to see through
5. a short period of rain or snow
6. soft white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky in cold weather and cover the
7. air that moves quickly as a result of natural forces
8. a grey or white mass made of very small drops of water, that floats in the sky
9. a period of very bad weather when there is a lot of rain or snow, strong winds, and often
10. a unit for measuring temperature
11. the measured amount of heat in a place
12. a curved band of different colours that appears in the sky when the sun shines through rain

4) Complete the sentences with the words listed and translate the sentences into your

climate cloud degree fog

heat lightning rainbow shower
snow storm temperature wind
1. You're soaked! Did you get caught in the _______________?
2. There has been a rise in _______________ over the past few days, that is the weather has
become warmer.
3. It was scorching and there wasn't a _______________ in the sky.
4. The town was covered in a thick blanket of _______________.
5. A lot of trees were blown down in the heavy _______________.
6. How do you manage to work in this _______________ without air conditioning?
7. The first few flakes of _______________ started to fall.
8. That tree was struck by _______________.
9. Water freezes at zero _______________ Celsius (0C).
10. The sun was shining through the rain, wich caused a _______________ to appear.
11. The Mediterranean _______________ is good for growing citrus fruits and grapes.
12. The _______________ blew my hat off.

5) Translate the following sentences from Hungarian into English.

1. Magyarorszgnak szrazfldi ghajlata van.

2. Nzd azokat a stt felhket! Mindjrt esni fog!
3. Micsoda hhullm! Napok ta 40 fok van.
4. Olyan sr volt a kd, hogy nem lttuk a hzunk eltti fkat.
5. Hatalmas viharba kerltnk, villmlott s mennydrgtt.
6. Ltod azt a gynyr szivrvnyt?
7. Vigyl esernyt magaddal! Az idjrsjelents azt mondja, zporok vrhatk.
8. Mindenki havat szeretne karcsonykor, de n jobban szeretnk egy kis enyhe szellt.
9. A zivatar fkat csavart ki, s megronglta sok hz tetejt.
10. Fagyos hideg van. Ez pp j ahhoz, hogy korcsolyzzunk.

6) For each word, choose either "SUMMER" or "WINTER".

1. skating 8. blizzard
2. heat wave 9. sledging
3. sun cream 10. flowers
4. gales 11. drought
5. skiing 12. frost
6. ice cream 13. sunbathe
7. windsurfing 14. black ice
15. beach
7) Choose the right word.

1. We're in the middle of a heat- __________ (streak/wave). It has been very hot for two
2. It looks like the sky is __________ (shining/clearing) up. It's going to be a beautiful day.
3. That man was __________ (struck/beaten) by lightning twice in the past year.
4. A __________ (drought/draft) is a long period without any rain.
5. Summers in states like Tennessee are very hot and very __________ (humidity/humid).
6. We got caught in the thunderstorm and got completely __________ (socked/soaked).
7. The coastal areas of California have an __________ (ideally/ideal) climate.
8. Did you check the weather __________ (forecast/foreplay) for tomorrow? Is it going to
9. Was it cold in Canada? Yes, it was 20 __________ (under/below) zero.
10. Another word for "cloudy" is "__________" (clouded/overcast).
8) Fill in the gaps with the appropriate adjectives listed in the box.

biting blazing bright dense fresh heavy light severe sudden thick

1. Lots of trees were blown down in the __________ storms that happened at the end of the
year 1999.
2. __________rain caused flooding in many areas.
3. It's very cold this winter, the ice of the lake is so __________ that you can skate on it.
4. You should take a heavy coat, there is a __________ wind today.
5. It's not possible to stay outside in the __________ sun.
6. You can't see anything in this __________ fog, you should drive very slowly.
7. It was so dark in the house that when I went out I could hardly open my eyes in the
__________ sunshine.
8. You don't need an umbrella, it's only a __________ drizzle.
9. It's getting stuffy in here. Do you mind if I open the window, I need some __________ air.
10. There had been a __________ shower and I got soaked to the skin.

9) Choose the right answer.

1) The tree fell to the ground after lightning ____________ it.

a) soaked b) beat c) burst d) struck

2) That ______________ will dry my washing.

a) blizzard b) gust c) breeze d) puff

3) The gale ___________ all night.

a) blew b) poured c) flooded d) melted

4) When the sun became stronger the ice _____________.

a) melted b) froze c) flooded d) dried

5) It's _____________ outside. So take your sweater.

a) mild b) warm c) stuffy d) chilly

6) Those _____________ in the sky mean it's going to rain.

a) mist b) fog c) clouds d) flakes

7) Look the grass is white. Is that snow or __________?

a) frost b) mist c) steam d) dew

8) The hurricane _____________ a lot of buildings on the coast.

a) flooded b) destroyed c) froze d) dried

9) We drove slowly because the __________ was very thick.

a) avalanche b) rain c) fog d) lightning

10) Let's listen to the weather ___________.

a) broadcast b) horoscope c) forecast d) prophecy
10) Put the correct weather-related idioms into the space in each sentence, paying
careful attention to the form.

under the weather it never rains but it pours

rain on someone's parade under a cloud
every cloud has a silver lining hot under the collar
has her head in the clouds blows hot and cold
storm in a teacup made heavy weather of it
got wind of it any port in a storm

1. I only touched his new car and he went crazy. He is over-protective of it and made a real
2. He has been ____________________ ever since he was caught cheating in the exam.
Everyone looks at him strangely and it will take him a long time before he is trusted again.
3. If you are feeling a bit ____________________, go and have a walk around the block, get
some fresh air and try and calm down a bit.
4. Are you feeling a bit ____________________? You have been looking a bit tired and ill
since you arrived in the office this morning.
5. First the bank sent us that rude letter about our loan, then the house got broken into, then
this morning John lost his job! ____________________.
6. I can never tell what mood she is going to be in. She always ____________________ and
you have to be really careful around her.
7. When I lost my job three years ago, I felt so depressed but it is true that
____________________: I started my own business and have been happier ever since.
8. We don't have hardly any money. You will have to accept any job they offer because we
need money desperately. We have to accept ____________________.
9. Your uncle was so happy about his new model car that he had finished but his wife turned
round and really ____________________ saying it was just a toy for kids.
10. It was only five miles to the next hostel but we ____________________ due to the weight
of the packs and took nearly three hours to get there.
11. I never knew about the chance of a new job at all. I only ____________________ from
Kathy who had overheard the managers talking at lunch in the staff canteen.
12. Daisy always ____________________- a real dreamer who finds it difficult to accept the
mundane in life. She is a typical teenager!
1. temperature / degree 5. rainbow
2. lightning / storm / thunderstorm 6. cloud / cloudy
3. weather forcast / weather report 7. snow / snowman / winter
4. autumn / fall 8. sun / sunshine


1. lightning 4. fog 7. wind 10. degree
2. heat 5. shower 8. cloud 11. temperature
3. climate 6. snow 9. storm 12. rainbow

1. shower 4. fog 7. snow 10. rainbow
2. temperature 5. storm 8. lightning 11. climate
3. cloud 6. heat 9. degree 12. wind

1. Hungary has continental climate.
2. Look at those dark clouds. Its going to rain!
3. What a heat wave! Its been 40 degrees for days.
4. The fog was so dense that we couldnt see the trees in front of our house.
5. We got in a huge storm, there was lightning and thunder.
6. Can you see that beautiful rainbow?
7. Take an umbrella with you. The weather report says that showers are expected.
8. Everybody would like to have sow at Christmas but Id prefer some mild breeze.
9. The thunderstorm twisted trees and damaged the roof of many houses.
10. Its freezing cold. Its just good to skate

1. winter 6. winter 11. summer
2. summer 7. summer 12. winter
3. summer 8. winter 13. summer
4. winter (but can be summer too!) 9. winter 14. winter
5. winter 10. summer 15. summer

1. wave 4. drought 7. ideal 10. overcast
2. clearing 5. humid 8. forecast
3. struck 6. soaked 9. below

1. severe 4. biting 7. bright 9. fresh
2. Heavy 5. blazing 8. light 10. sudden
3. thick 6. dense

1) d 4) a 7) d 10) c
2) c 5) d 8) b
3) a 6) c 9) c
1. storm in a teacup 7. every cloud has a silver lining
2. under a cloud 8. any port in a storm
3. hot under the collar 9. rained on his parade
4. under the weather 10. made heavy weather of it
5. It never rains but it pours. 11. got wind of it
6. blows hot and cold 12. has her head in the clouds