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TAO OF WING CHUN DO VOLUME 1, Part 2 eE=> (P\\\ ‘SN a JAMES W. DeMILE OF BRUCE L CE LEE'S ORIGI STUDENTS Tao of Wing Chun Do MIND and BODY in HARMONY Volume I - Part 2 James W. DeMile Acknowledgements To Bruce Lee, for helping me understand a “way” Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee's first assistant instructor, for sharing his skills and friendship Dr. L.V. Biffer, an invaluable colleague Photo Acknowledgements Kimo Wong, Dominic Gonzalez, John Lee, Lee Sode, Irene DeMile and La Rue Clemons SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It was easy for me to write this book; unfortunately, as originally written, no one could understand it but me. To Helen Sutkus and Irene DeMile, my editors, who made this volume readable and practical. seeeeeeeeeEee copyright ©Tao of Wing Chun Do 1977 Second Edition 1979 Third Edition 1980 Fourth Edition 1983 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 76-51657 ISBN Number: 0-918642-01-9 Published by ‘The Tao of Wing Chun Do 11023 NE 131st Kirkland, WA 98033