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Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power

Discover the 33 STEPS that will empower you

to shed your illusions, reclaim your inner power,
and finally connect to your Infinite Self!

Dear Friend,

One day in the mid-1970s, a man was walking along The King's Road in Chelsea, London.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a mysterious voice spoke into his ear and directed him to turn
down a side street.

The voice then directed him to enter a library. Once inside, he was drawn to a particular set of
shelves on which all the books were stacked vertically, except for one, which lay horizontally and
contained the prophecies of Nostradamus. In it was a postcard of Old China, which intrigued the
man, since he had recently become an avid student of ancient Chinese philosophy.

As the man, whose name was Stuart Wilde, read the prophecy on the page next to the postcard,
he was stunned. For, loosely translated, it said ...

" ...There will be a man with a wild name, whose function it will be to talk to people about their
fate, and he will do well ."

Nostradamus Quatrain #1-76

Have you ever felt as if the universe were sending YOU a message?

It may have been a feeling from out of nowhere prompting you to call a friend or relative the
very moment in which that person was thinking about calling you. Perhaps you've had a dream
that revealed the solution to a work-related problem that had been eluding you during the day.
Or you may have heard an inner voice urging you to turn left instead of right, as you tried to find
your way without a map to an important meeting.

The truth is, the universe, and the silent forces that operate invisibly through it, send messages
like these to us all the time. But often we are too caught up in the tick-tock of daily life to even
notice them.

You may not realize it, but you have an innate, natural ability to easily tune in to these messages
and act upon them. When you do, you'll ...

Know with certainty that you are on the right path ...
Come to a new understanding of your life's true purpose ...
Tap into a powerful force that will bring you everything you need ...
And experience the exhilarating freedom that comes from being in control of your destiny!
There is a truly extraordinary audio program that will lead you to these realizations, and more,
called Infinite Self. Its author, Stuart Wilde, is one of the most remarkable and insightful
teachers I have ever met.

Stuart has deeply influenced many of the modern-day spiritual teachers and bestselling authors
who have become household names. He is different from all of our other authors, though, in
that he is much more mysterious. And, he makes me laugh.

Are you a spiritual seeker?

As amazing as it sounds, the library story is completely true. But the story doesn't end there. I'll
soon tell you more about Stuart Wilde and what he's been up to since that fateful day in

But first, I'd like to ask you a few questions about yourself:

Have you ever wondered...

If something is missing from the modern scientific explanations of the world?

If the religion into which you were born has all the right answers?
If there is a part of you that is eternal and will survive your physical death?
If the so-called "coincidences" of your life might be special messages you are meant to hear
and act upon?
If you've asked yourself these sorts of questions, then like me, you are a spiritual seeker. You
have a yearning for sacred knowledge and have likely already explored a number of sources of
ancient wisdom on your own.

If this is so, then I know you'll be thrilled by the fresh approach Stuart Wilde takes in Infinite
Self. In it, he tells the story of his own transformational journey, from the limited world of the
ego to the unlimited realm of the spirit. As you listen, you'll be fascinated by the keen insights,
enlightening stories, and revelatory experiences he shares along the way.

For example, you'll discover...

An inner doorway that opens the moment you decide to begin your spiritual quest
How to invoke the sacred energy of your guardian angel to join and assist you on your way
What you must do to cross the bridge from the physical world to the inner world
How, once you make the decision to evolve, the purpose of your soul's journey on earth
becomes clear
Rest assured that what you will hear on Infinite Self is not a threat to your current religion,
philosophy, or path. On the contrary, it will deepen your understanding of all religions and
enable you to strengthen your connection with the God-Force itself.
Yes! I want to begin the journey to the inner worlds of my Infinite Self.

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The journey of "the man with a wild name"

Following the revelation that he had at the library in Chelsea, Stuart Wilde set out to learn as
much as possible about the nature of consciousness.

He began his search with an exhaustive study of mystical writings and ancient texts from all over
the world. By now he had lost all interest in moneymaking. He had literally walked away from an
expensive flat in London and all his various possessions, and thrown away the keys!

Closing the door on that chapter of his life forever, he began a personal quest to discover the
meaning of the Nostradamus Quatrain #1-76 prophecy and to fulfill his destiny.

In his writings, he describes the beginnings of his searches this way ...

Many of the sources of knowledge I investigated turned out to be dead ends, in which I found
that the experts really did not know whether they were Arthur or Martha when it came to true
knowledge. But bit by bit, I was able to sift the chaff from the wheat, and as I worked on myself,
my own perceptions began to open up.

Soon he realized that in order to grasp the hidden meaning of life, he needed to enter a realm
of consciousness that existed before the waking mind. This realization led him to explore a
variety of esoteric trainings and spiritual disciplines.

For one three-year period, in order to increase his sensitivity to his feelings, he woke himself up
at 4:00 a.m., while it was still pitch dark, to walk silently in the woods. At night he would
experiment with different meditation practices and self-induced trance states.

I developed the ability to enter into deep states of consciousness and not fall asleep. After five
years of training, I found that I could hold concentration at the theta-brain level almost
indefinitely. Eventually I trained myself to hold a theta rhythm and keep my eyes open. This took
more than two years to perfect.
Soon thereafter he moved to the United States, where he started a metaphysical publishing
company in Taos, New Mexico, that still exists today. Then, one day, he had a spontaneous
vision of the eternal light, as he describes on Infinite Self:

Bit by bit in a trance, I began to see the tube that people describe in the near-death experience.
On about 20 occasions, I've actually seen what that light looks like at the end of the tube the
God-Force. It is utterly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and the greatest power that

Stuart Wilde's experiences taught him that this divine light comes to us from beyond the world
of ego and personality, from a realm of infinite time and space. Although he says words can't
adequately describe it, he goes on to say ...

In it is all the compassion you could ever imagine and more, and it has absolutely no judgment
or criticism. It holds no aspiration or desire for us other than that we learn to love ourselves,
and that we come to the realization that we, too, are the light; that we, too, have the ability to
express the same infinite view.

These experiences provided him with the inspiration to create the acclaimed audio program,
Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power. Like his own journey, this powerful 12-
session program contains a great deal of invaluable information and insights, yet remains highly
experiential. It is the clearest map to higher consciousness that I have ever found.

Infinite Self is not only inspirational, it is also extremely practical, and at times quite humorous.
Each step is a complete teaching and contains exercises to help you integrate its lessons into
your daily life. For example, you will learn:

A powerful centering exercise to help you live in the present moment, rather than worrying
about the future
An enlightening technique called "Doing Rain" which teaches acceptance and detachment
A moving stones ritual to help you confront your ego and embrace the simplicity of life
A bedtime ritual to relax your mind and allow you to fall easily into a peaceful sleep, in the arms
of infinite energy that teaches you
A focusing exercise that helps you see a vibrant electromagnetic energy that surrounds every
living being
A blindfold ritual to help you learn to trust your feelings, and by doing so, make better choices
A starry sky visualization to help you more grandly see your place in the universal scheme of
A forgiveness prayer that will help you let go of emotional baggage that is weighing you down
Affirmations and words you can use to invoke guidance from your Infinite Self
Plus many more ...
The Universe is calling.
How are you going to respond?
After listening to Infinite Self and trying some of the recommended exercises, I feel as if I've
broken through to a deeper, more intuitive level of awareness.

I now see how the challenges in my life also create new opportunities for spiritual growth. I'm
able to respond much more immediately to the mysterious messages and signposts that the
universe sends my way. When I do, I tap into the invisible living force that flows throughout all

Most importantly, I've learned that this force lives not outside of me, but deep within.

Life is a journey, and sometimes you come to a crossroads where the decision you make will
have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. I believe that right now may be just this kind of
moment for you. Why not go for it?

Click on the link below to order Infinite Self now, try some of Stuart's 33 steps to reclaiming your
inner power, and see what a difference they make.

But please ... do it as soon as possible. This way, the next time the universe sends you a
message, you'll not only be able to hear it, you'll be able to act upon it as well!


Vic Conant Chairman of the Board, Nightingale-Conant

Infinite Self

YES! I want to begin the journey to the inner worlds of my Infinite Self.

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Read on to find out what eminent spiritual teachers and transformed students have to say
about Stuart Wilde and his remarkable program, Infinite Self:

"With profound brilliance and humorous indifference, Stuart Wilde choreographs the mysteries
of life into a series of practical steps we can use and master for ourselves."

Dr. Deepak Chopra

"Stuart applies a practical action plan for attaining a level of understanding experienced by only
a few saints and sages throughout history. You'll enjoy the journey too, because Stuart is
genuinely different from anyone else you may read or hear."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

"With Stuart, the journey is definitely the reward. By the time it's over, your view of the world
and your role in it will never be the same again."

Louise Hay

"Stuart Wilde came into my life on my birthday! It was a gift from a friend who was very
concerned about my health. I was told twice by my doctors within 90 days that I was 'sick
enough' to die. In my 90-day 'wake,' I read, and reread, four of Stuart's books. To say he
changed my life is an understatement he literally saved it! It's been over a year, and I'm
feeling great now and am staying as far away from doctors as I possibly can!"

Richanne Morris, Flint, TX

"I used to be a drug addict, and was out of rehab for about the fifth time. I was in a New Age
bookstore, when there in front of me, in the cooking section of all places, was a book by Stuart
Wilde. What I learned from that book has changed my life. A few of my friends said, 'What
happened to you?' I replied, 'I read a book.' And, of course, they rolled their eyes. But they
couldn't deny the positive changes they saw in me from that point on."

Cindy Reid, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

"One of my tax clients gave me three of Stuart Wilde's books as a gift. I soaked it all up like a
sponge I just couldn't get enough. The day I got those books was the day the universe
handed me a 'get out of jail free' card. I'm eternally grateful.

Paul Fendler, Hyannis, MA

"You know how you get those moments of instant knowing? The week I purchased Infinite Self,
the big patio window beside my desk shattered into a million pieces with no visibly apparent
cause. I knew then that my life was going to change. I'm grateful for the way Stuart's works have
served as my catalyst."

Dharlene Biggs, Virginia Beach, VA

"I was visiting the bookstore in a Religious Science church. The pastor took me into the back and
handed me a book by Stuart Wilde. He told me, 'The author's kind of off the wall, but you'll love
him!' He was right on all counts! It bent my comfort zone and stretched my mental and spiritual
horizons, as Stuart continues to do with each new work."

Mary Ellen Daugherty, Santa Maria, CA

"I was exploring a bookshop in London's West End, and on the point of leaving, when this little
book by Stuart Wilde literally fell into my hand. I was ecstatic with his irreverent and humorous
approach. For once I felt as if I wasn't alone in the world."

Sheila Lawrence, London, England

"I have a library of works from self-help, inspirational, near-death, psychic, psychology, Eastern
philosophies ... you name it. But Stuart Wilde is my mainstay. When the lesson is so mystical, as
this journey is, it is so much easier to learn from one that speaks in unceremonious language. I
really appreciate his 'no-fluff' approach."

Permelia Lindorff, Manchester, NH

"The 33 steps presented in Infinite Self were energizing and exciting from start to finish. Stuart
Wilde opened my eyes to insights that had previously seemed just out of reach."

John O'Connor, Brooklyn, NY

"While other [authors] in this genre are too airy-fairy for me, Stuart's work has just the right
balance of wisdom, magic, quirkiness, irreverence, and intellect to appeal to my rebellious
spirit. His words mirror back to me permission to be who I am with no short measures and
no apologies."

Andrea Ross, Glasgow, Scotland

"His down-to-earth approach to spiritual ideas is really different. Infinite Self is like a whack on
the side of the soul."

Jay Van Wagenen, West Chester, PA

"Infinite Self is my favorite work by Stuart Wilde. It showed me how to bring spirituality into my
day-to-day, minute-to-minute living ... I now experience a far greater sense of trust in myself
and my intuition."

Ann Wakeford, Sydney, Australia

Infinite Self

YES! I want to begin the journey to the inner worlds of my Infinite Self.

Please send me Stuart Wildes 6-CD program Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner
Power today for the discounted price of just $59.95, which is $140 off the regular price.

If this program does not live up to my expectations, I will simply return the program within 30
days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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