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NAME: Maria Elena Quispe Gutierrez


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3. Read the sentences. Then listen to Chapter 1 and decide if they are true (T) or false (F)

1) We first meet Basil Hallward sitting in front of the picture of Dorian Gray.. (F)
2) He met Dorian Gray at an interesting party....................................................... (T)
3) Basil sees Dorian every Saturday. ................................................................... (F)
4) Lord Henry is happy to miss lunch at Aunt Agathas house. ............................ (T)
5) Dorian Gray is sitting on the sofa. .................................................................... (F)
6) Lord Henry thinks Dorian Gray is very handsome.......................... (T)
7) Lord Henry tells Dorian to sit in the sun. ........................................................... (F)
8) When Dorian sees portrait his first reaction is joy............................................. (F)
9) Dorian then becomes angry. ............................................................................ (T)
10) The butler brings coffe for the men. ............................................................... (T)

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1. Look at the descriptions bellow from Chapter 1 and say if each one describes Basil
Hallward, Lord Henry Wotton or Dorian Gray.

1) He is beautiful Dorian Gray

2) He has an intellectual face Dorian Gray
3) His enemies respect him Lord Henry Wotton
4) He plays the piano Dorian Gray
5) His emotions were more interesting than an invitation to lunch Lord Henry Wotton
6) He is a bad influence Lord Henry Wotton
7) His were bright Dorian Gray
8) He has amazed Basil Hallward
9) He seemed quite angry Dorian Gray
10) A look of pain came into his eyes Basil Halward

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7. Look at the sentences about what happens in chapter 2, and discuss together which
the correct end is probably.

1) Lord Henry goes to visit his uncle because

He wants information about Dorian
2) At lunchtime Lord Henry goes
To Aunt Agathas house
3) At lunch the other guests think Lord Henry is
Clever and funny
4) One lather Dorian Tells Lord Henry that he
Is in love
5) Dorian went to a theatre and saw

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1. Put these events from Chapter 2 into the correct order.

A. Dorian tells Lord Henry that he is in love (7)

B. Lord Henry goes to his Aunt Agatha's house for lunch.... (3)
C. Lord Henry agrees to go to the theatre with Dorian.. (9)
D. Lord Henry Wotton goes to visit his uncle. (1)
E. Dorian Gray meets Lord Henry's wife, Victoria..... (6)
F. Lord Henry receives a telegram from Dorian (10)
G. Lord Henry hears Dorian's story from his uncle. .. (2)
H. Dorian Gray leaves Lady Agatha's house with Lord Henry. (5)
I. Dorian describes his evening in a horrible theatre. ..... (8)
J. The guests speak about Americans.... (4)

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8. Look at these sentences and guess the correct option. Then listen to Chapter 3 and

1 At the beginning, we meet young Sibyl Vane with her mother in her sitting room /
2 Sibyl asks her mother about her brother / father
3 James, Sibyl's brother, is irritated / happy with his mother.
4 James and Sibyl take a walk in the park / along the river.
5 James promises to beat / kill Dorian Gray if he hurts Sibyl.

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6 James leaves for Australia / America.

7 Hallward thinks Dorian's engagement is bad / wonderful idea.
8 The engagement is public news / a secret.
9 When Dorian is with Sibyl, he feels good / artistic.
10 After hearing the news, Hallward feels old / sick.

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Look at these sentences from Chapter 3 and put them into the correct order.

James carried his trunk to the cab at the door......... (5)

Dorian arrived..... (6)
James and Sibyl went to the Park... (2)
'Mother, I want to ask a question,' said James. 'Were you married to my father?'. (4)
James tried to look, but another carriage passed in front of him.. .(3)
He felt that Dorian was lost to him. He felt old.. (8)
'No,' answered Dorian. 'I will see her tonight.' .. (7)
'What does money matter?' cried Sibyl. 'Love is more than money.'.... (1)

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Look at these sentences. In each sentence there is a mistake. Read chapter 4 and then
underline the mistake and correct it.

1. Hallward thought the people in the theatre were elegant.

He thought they were vulgar
2. The balcony scene was a success.
He acting was artificial and failure.
3. Dorian says he will always think of Sibyl.
He was made to love her.
4. Dorian walked to the fruit market.
He was at the flower market.
5. When he looked at the portrait, he saw that it was identical.
The face was different, his face was ugly.
6. Dorian receives a visit from Basil Hallward.
He receives a visit from Lord Henry.
7. Sibyl killed herself by jumping from a window.
She drank something and died.
8. Lord Henry believes that women hate cruelty.
Women are like cruelty.
9. That evening, Dorian stays at home.
He was at the opera with Lord Henry

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1. Look at these sentences about chapter 4 and decide if they are true or false.

Dorian thinks that the orchestra is very bad... (T)

Hallaward gives more importance to art tan to love. (F)
Sibyl thinks that acting and the theatre are false because now she understands real love (T)
Sibyl wants Dorian to stay with her.. (T)
Dorian thinks the portrait has a new, knder expression. (T)
Dorian writes a poem to Sibyl. (F)
Dorian decides to be good ad marry Sybil. (T)
Lord Henry invites Dorian to dinner. (F)

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Listening-pet type activity

10) Look at these sentences. you will hear the story of chapter 5. Decide if each
sentence is correct or incorrect. if it is correct put a tick in the box under a. if it is not
correct put a tick in the box b.

Basil Hallward visits Dorian at dinner time. .....B

Basil Hallward tells Dorian that he is wrong not to be sad. ...A
Dorian tells Basil Hallward that Sibyl was murdered. B
Basil Hallward explains to Dorian that he still refuses to show the picture.A
Dorian asks the housekeeper for the key to the schoolroomA
The frame marker and Dorian carry the picture to the schoolroom.B
Dorian spends the afternoon Reading a fascinating book from Lord Henry..B
Dorian goes out to have dinner with Lord HenryB

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Reading-pet type activity

1. Choose the correct answer for each question.

1) Who did Dorian meet for the first time at the Opera?
A. An opera singer C. Lord Henrys cousin
B. Lord Henrya sister D. Lady Radly

2) What does dorian love more than beautiful thing and places?
A. Artistic people C. artistic thing
B. Beautiful people D.wealthy people

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3) When basil says he wants to exhibit the painting, how does Dorian feel?
A. Very happy C. bored
B. curious D. in danger

4) Basil explains that he didnt want to show the picture because?

A. He put too much soul in it C. he was jealous of it
B. It was terrible was too valuable

5) The housekeeper closed the schoolroom when

A. Dorian stopped studying C. Dorians grandfather died
B. Dorian moved to another house was too valuable

6) Dorian thinks that basil love is

A. Admiration of beauty C. literary
B. Noble and real D. selfish and arrogant

7) The frame maker wants to

A. Sell Dorian a painting C. take Dorian to an exhibition
B. Buy Dorian picture D. sell Dorian a frame

8) Dorian thinks the book lord henry sends him is

A. fascinating C. boring
B. beautiful D. intellectual

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8. Read chapter 6. for each question put a tick in the correct box

1. Dorian loved the book and made covers for it in different

Colours materials sizes

2. Dorian lived for

Fashion the sense money

3. Dorian was fascinated by the churchs

Beliefs beauty architecture

4. He read soties about

clothes jewels perfume

5. Sometime dorian disappeared to a place to a place that was

terrible beautiful in africa

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6. Sometimes he looked at the old picture in this

London house house in France country home

7. From his mother dorian inherited his

intellect beauty character

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2. Look at the sentences about chapter 6 and decide if they are true (t) or false (f)

Dorian went to church because he was very religious
Dorian changed his interest often
Dorian liked to spend time alone at his country house
Dorian sometimes disappeared for periods of time
Dorian enjoyed looking at the portraits of his friends in his country house
Dorian sometime looked at a portrait of his beautiful mother
Dorian enjoyed the chapters in the book about the past in Italy
The book talked about ways of poisoning people in France

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9. Look at these sentences. Listen and match each person with the information about
them in chapter 7.

1. h Dorian

2. e The Duke of Berwick

3. g Lord Stavely

4. h
i Lady Gwendoline
5. h
f Basil Hallward
6. jh The Servant

7. b
h Alan Campbell
8. d Lady Narborough

9. ah Lord Henry

10. ch The Cab Driver

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a) asks what Dorian did the evening before.t

b) didnt want to come to Dorians house again.
c) says the destination is too far.
d) is clever and ugly.
e) Jeaves the room when Dorian enters.
f) cried in horror.
g) says no woman can go near Dorian.
h) is thirty eight the next day.
i) cant have her children to live with her.
j) answered the door.

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1. Put these sentences from chapter 7 into the correct order.

A. Hallward went upstairs with Dorian. They entered the schoolroom.. (1)
B. That night he slept well, peacefully, and at nine oclock his servant woke him... (3)
C. It was after seven when Campbell came back to the library.. (5)
D. You must destroy the thing upstairs. Nobody saw him come into the house. (4)
E. At midnight he left his house and stopped a cab.. (8)
F. He saw a knife on the table. He took it, and stabbed Hallward, again and again... (2)
G. He went upstairs. There was a smell of nitric acid, but the thing was gone... (6)
H. That evening at eight thirty, beautifully dressed, Dorian gray arrived at Lady Narboroughs
party (7)

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7. Talk in pairs or small groups. Decided for each sentences if ending A or B happens in
the events of Chapter 8. Then read and check.

1. Dorian takes a cab to the

A. rich theatre district of London. B. poorest area of London.

2. Dorian meets a friend who is

A. completely ruined. B. very happy and successful.

3. The sailor doesnt kill Dorian because he hears the name

A. Prince Charming. B. Dorian Gray.

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4. The sailor doesnt kill Dorian because

A. he forgives him. B. he thinks Dorian is young body.

5. Dorian likes the Duchess of Monmouth because she is

A. intelligent. B. pretty.

6. Lord Henry thinks that love is

A. very important. B. an illusion.

7. The Duchess is looking for

A. peace. B. a new husband.

8. At the conservatory window Dorian sees the face of

A. James Vane. B. Sibyl Vane.

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