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Q1: Could you please talk about your background with the Organization?

Resp 1:Ans: I have 30 years of experience working in American Bank and Bank Alfalah. In 2007 I
appointed as a Regional Manager in KASB Bank and in 2015 I become the part of Bank of
Islamic. Financial matters are cater in Head office and my key role is in operations, detecting
frauds, policy procedures, quality control and managing internal controls.
Resp2 Ans: I am working in Bank of Islamic from past 11 years prior I was in Bank Alfalah.
Almost from 7 years I am working as a Regional Operational Manager in Bank of Islamic.

Resp3 Ans: I have 22 years of service, joined Bank KASB in 2012, , before merger I worked with
KASB Bank for 3 years.

Resp4 Ans: I was in aviation and joined KASB Bank in 2009 during merger nothing is left to
leader, everything is with the acquirer. Those employees working here their salary is deducted.

Resp5 Ans: I started as trainee officer in union bank and stayed there 6 years as resident
auditor, central operations, coordinate operations department then move to Bank Alfalah and
worked there as central auditor, stayed there for 4 years, in 2004 joined KASB Bank, and
worked there for 11 years. In 2015 there was a merger, birder were Askari Bank, JS bank, Sindh
bank but their due diligence was not so convincing to state bank of Pakistan so Bank of Islamic
takeover the KASB Bank. State bank impose monetorium on KASB Bank. After merger I stayed in
Bank Islamic for 6 months then they ask my resign and now I am in Finca. Leaders should be
empathetic and team player.

Resp6.Ans: Initially I was in Standard Chartered Bank than I joined KASB Bank and I have 14
years working experience. Leaders should be dedicated with their jobs and they should be
honest and secure Bank risk. Leaders first priority should be their organization interest and
their should be no conflict of interest.
Resp7.Ans: I am Head of Risk Management, head of 4 departments in KASB Bank, started
career in 2001 from Union Bank which was acquired by the Standard Chartered Bank,
afterwards in KASB Bank, over viewing the internal controls of the Bank. The merger was not
planned, we were at the back end , due diligence take place one night I was doing my work and
we asked to stop our work from there the real leadership role started, morale of employees
was very down only 4 employees survived rest leave the organization, they have concern about
their job securities. In my department every employee was absorbed as I talked to the main
Head office that employees were proved as an asset of the company. The customers was very
dismayed, as their money was stuck they have the limit of withdrawal of only 300000 but there
was some customers who want money more than their limits so in order to satisfy them bank
managers helped their customers by lending them money on their own as client paid them
later. They also give their guarantees on the behalf of the customers.

Q2: How is leadership practiced before, during and after acquisition?

Resp 1Ans: Leadership encourage open communication with employees, delegate task to
employees and empower the employees after acquisition. My role as a leader was purely in
operations, assist the business line and to make sure that everything should be according to
international laws.

Resp2 Ans: This merger was a team work, taking care of operations, plan up was to take our
employees to KASB Bank to convey the norms of Bank of Islamic. We manage the operational
activity, motivate them. As you can see the merger of NIB Bank and PICIC Bank,there was
shedding of employees. Our bank leader head is from KASB Bank, Regional security head is from
KASB Bank, Head of Risk is from KASB Bank we try to gel in them. There were only 5
resignations rest of the KASB Bank employees were retained.

Resp 3. Ans: Before merger legal risk of acquiring entity should be communicated so we can
identify loopholes. Acquiring entity should review the legal process. Top management of
acquiring company keep me in legal process.

Resp4. Ans: Everything was stopped, all funds are created by the state bank, you have to obey
the rules, bank was sold for Rs 1000 and the share price decrease so drastically.

Resp5. Ans: We didnt have any role they wanted us to perform according to their will they
asked to perpetuate.
Resp6. Ans: There is no major difference among the roles they are approximately same.
Current organization has a greater portfolio which create pressure on leaders as they have to
do safe funding. Now leaders should gel the employees of KASB Bank with them for the
successful running of the organization and for the growth of current organization I.e Bank
Resp7. Ans: After the merger I make sure that my existing staff are absorbed, showing them
that this is a temporary phase. My role become better after merger. I try at my level best to
motivate employees, console them that this is the temporary staff once you adopt this culture
you people dont find anything new and you gel with the. I tried to boost the morale of

Q3: What challenges do leaders face in mergers?

Resp1Ans: The main challenge face during merger was hindrance to accumulate the different
culture. Inculcate the dominant culture which is the culture of acquirer as people dont like
Resp2Ans: First challenge was of the motivation level of KASB Bank employees, their perception
and culture difference. We made many compromises and retain them even we dont have
certain positions available but we create those positions only to accommodate them.
Resp3Ans: The threat was that how the acquiring entity will treat us, staff fear, attitude,
employee demotivation and the process of motivating the depressed employees. Another
threat was the client age, clients have fear whether they get their money back or not. Leaders
need to maintain a continuous working atmosphere, within the merging entity, so that the
business does not suffer. This includes motivation to the staff, watching relevant business
matters, discouraging rumors, etc.
Ans: To keep your under command motivated, branches are created. It is a force merger.
Ans: One of the challenge was that role of KASB is diluted, you cannot contribute on your full
Ans: We faced the challenges of difference in culture among the two entities one is Islamic and
other is commercial. The biggest challenge which employees face was of demotivation, the
morale of the employees were very low the leaders or top management should take measures
to motivate the employees and gel them.
Ans: Insecurity of the job, how you can gel up with new management, there is a second culture
because we were commercial and they are Islamic. Islamic Bank is growing more as State Bank
is focusing more on Islamic Bank. Here the girls are not allowed to talk to boys but to some
extent we inculcate our culture too.
Q4: How does the institutional context of a merger shape, facilitate or constraint leadership
Ans: There are some areas of limit which should not be crossed by leaders as there is limitation
of empowerment. Giving the empowerment is facilitation, coordination also became a
significant part. I have seen 3 mergers in my career those mergers were more friendly and
smooth as compare to the merger of KASB Bank and Bank of Islami.
Ans: Major was that whole HR team was sitting here just to tell them that we want to gel in but
not to acquire you. We do some seminars in Garrison we invite all the employees of KASB Bank
and have an interactive session with them. The merger of Prime Bank and ABN Bank, the ABN
Bank was not so much compromising as we were, we invite KASB employees on every occasion
but all the time they made their alone groups and standalone not ready to gel in. There was a
downsizing but we gave them opportunity by creating new positions in order to retain them.
Ans: Top management call the meetings to discuss the issues, that how you deal with clients. I
have not been part of any merger before. Employees generally face the fear of termination of
their services, on account of occurrence of surplus staffing in the acquiring entity, because of
the staff of merging entity. The employees face difficulties in having working relationship with
the acquiring entitys staff, because of general hostile merger issues. The institutional context
of merger shapes the leaders positively, as it provides processes exposure to them. The senior
management did make efforts through official communications with the staff of the merging
entity that their interest is being watched and will be looked after properly.
Ans: We were not allowed to do anything. State bank had forced the bank Islamic to acquire,
employees were concerned about job security. Top management of bank Islamic were force
employees of KASB Bank to sign blank appointment letter and then they slash 30% of salary.
Bank Islamic did nothing and they were ruthless and aggressive. There is tremendous difference
between the staff of Bank Islamic and KASB Bank.
Ans: It was not a classical merger the leaders cant participate, employees confidence
undermine and it was a hostile merger. Salaries deducted without the consent of the
employees, law states that you cannot fire people before 3 years but they violate the law, cut
down the functional roles of the employees. The entire role of management was of only Bank
Islamic not of KASB.
Ans: The top management constraint our potential and capabilities. I have seen the merger of
Union Bank and Standard Chartered Bank this merger was a rapid merger take place within few
days same like this merger there is a merger of KASB Bank and Bank of Islamic, as we can say
that this is not a merger this is some kind of an acquisition, as employees were not treated
fairly, the packages of employees were revised, there is deduction in facilities. The leaders are
still doing efforts to improve the situation of the current organization.
Ans: Bank Islamic for girls is a good institute as they show flexibility, I have seen the merger of
Emirates was taken over by the Union Bank, here culture and acceptance are constraints.
Acceptance of the culture made easy for me to adjust here. I always tried to observe the people
and to accommodate between them.

Q5: How do leadership practices influence a merger experience?

Ans: My role is to assimilate the environment to make the merger successful. Leaders handled
the merger in a planned manner, professionally and set a good example.
Ans: First lesson learned was of patience, person who is standing in front of you is not willing to
work but we have to adjust him due to some family constraints. This merger is a success Bank
has grown, people didnt knew Bank Islami but know we capture some good customers and we
capture these customers from door to door. We didnt stop the money of the customers
although people withdraw billions of cash.
Ans: Leaders have to portray them as a role model, need to keep yourself compose, maintain
the contact with employees. Merger is a success, business is in running condition, employees
were absorbed and clients are intact. I learned management lesson through the process that
one should remain composed, upto mark, vigilant etc. This merger was a success as it keep the
business running, the employees were absorbed, and the clientele also remain intact.
Ans: We keep patience only otherwise we fight having no positive results. I always rely on Allah
that everything will be good. Bank Islamic is a interest free banking and KASB was an interest
seeking bank, both have different cultures they cannot merge.
Ans: I would suggest that take the money and run. As they slash the salaries of the employees
of KASB and there is no growth in merger and acquisition. The acquirer should properly
evaluate the human resources and validate them what they think. They undermine the strength
of employees and not properly gauge the potential of employees. Not much success as this is
detriment as employees need to be convinced as in some situations ethics are more important
than earning only profits. Customers were highly disturbed by the monitorial as they were not
able to withdraw their money they can only withdraw 30000 in a year it was a brutal act for
Ans: Overall there is no role of leadership as State Bank take all the actions in respect of all
merger process. State Bank strictly regulate after the merger. As leader consistency is most
important and updation with the State Bank. Merger is not unsuccessful but it is one of the kind
of imposed merger because means that one organization is demolishing as it had its own
clients, they have their own networking, different ways of doing work and most importantly
they have different cultures and perspective of the employees.
Ans: Yes leadership influence a merger experience, because there was a great leadership as you
are acquiring new culture, you should motivate your employees on both sides as there is more
chances of fraud so leader need to be vigilant. Main leader has the responsibility to make the
merger successful. As you cannot merge east and west as there is a big difference of culture
and acceptance. In shape of numbers it can be successful but if we look at the perspective of
culture than it is unsuccessful.

Q6: What major events or activities during the post merger period triggered significant
emotional responses from the selected employees?
Ans: Employees of KASB Bank were struggling and sinking, they have no monetary benefits
given to them which made the employees frustrated. In order to overcome this situation we try
to make the employees understand that this is the part of life, make them mentally strong and
ask them to be confident about their abilities and accept the challenges.
Ans: Manager Operations of KASB, he was one of the highly paid but after merger he was so
positive that when he get the letter of hiring we hire him with the same amount of salary which
was a heavy amount due to which he said he dont want to leave us. Banking market is small,
the repute of KASB Bank damaged but our bank any fraudulent assets.
Ans: There was resentment for the acquiring entity, negative impact of acquirer as they feel
themselves superior, reduce the perks and privileges.
Ans: Bad responses, when colleagues get notice to leave with in 24hrs, everybody was
threaten, even the salary of regional head was deducted, no incentives in 3years only and in rs
3000 invested. My role as a leader to improve the security, improve admin I generate an idea of
guard less branches saved up to 5 to 7 crore and monitor through Karachi head office. I am not
positive, slash our pays, 317 branches increase probability.
Ans: We had never given a chance to handle the situation, we were just there to perpetuate
and one morning we get letter to leave. No opportunity, no positivity
Ans: There is some positive effect too as they do Islamic Conventional tanning, they conduct
written test, they promote some employees and other negative aspect is employees reduction,
salary deductions, reducing the perks and privileges from the employees which made the
employees demotivated and lower their morale. Leaders should make up the minds of the
acquired employees that what challenges they have to face.
Ans: Firstly, it is culture and second the salary incentives. For me the experience was good , as
Islamic Bank need high resources which help me and improve chances of growth. Being Islamic
they dont prefer women to meet the men, and women are highly secured as I am sitting in
Head office seat in Lahore not not in Karachi.
Q7: What was the reaction of the employees during and after merger engagement and
resilience during and after merger?
Ans: Whatever you do, you need some acknowledgment. In the beginning the top leadership
held some meetings and they throw some ideas but there is some sought of discrimination
among the employees, top leadership want to retain people and dont want them to go
because of merger. Top leadership has to some extent motivate employees, held meetings, give
training's to employees after merger to make them part of culture.
Ans: We address their problems, we gel in with them and teach them Bank Islamic culture, our
senior staff trained them.
Ans: Reaction of employees was not good as they have been conveyed the message
communicated that there is no threat and engage them.
Ans: They didnt engage any one with them and try to shed of, no discussion.
Ans: Top management of Bank of Islamic need to be talking, engaging and discussing the
merger with the employees as sometimes the weakest link become a stronger one. Gradually
convince the people as this was a traumatic incident as this was sympathetic, some people
went to court that under law that merger is not took place as it should be.
Ans: The reaction of employees were not good, the top management done some 50% of work
to motivate and settle the employees, they entertain some employees and not others.
Ans: The top management didnt retain our top management but lower staff is mostly retained.
Salary is the major problem, they hear all nonsense. Employees were highly dismayed after the
merger they were feeling as they have been jailed and all their rights are snatched they were
tensed about their job securities.

Q8: What happens to employees creativity and innovation during and after merger?
Ans: During merger employees were highly depressed, the top management tried to motivate
them to some extent which help in reviving the creativity and innovation of employees.
Ans: Employees of KASB Bank has their own views, we really appreciate them, we dont impose
the decisions we encourage them to come up with new ideas and we get good business and
good clients of KASB. We have formal and informal gatherings, we send our team to outskirt
areas and meet people over there, visit every branch. We take our team along, we grow them.
Ans: There are two different processes, by discussion the exposure increases, we get to know
about the improvements. We provide guidance to clients in legal perspective, we convey law to
minimize the obstacles. The tasks can be completed by eliminating the hostile atmosphere,
increase positivity and employees previous experiences can add value in their current
experience. Employees creativity and innovation increases during and after the merger, as they
come across many instances where systems are better between the institutions where they can
adopt for the betterment of the business, organization, experience etc.
Ans: Zero creativity, no incentives, no innovation and no recognition. We can only overcome
salary by having faith on Allah. After merger I have to give 100%because of my survival,
motivate employees, by providing incentives, there is carrot and stick situation. Bank Islamic
has one man show named as Hassan bil Garami (CEO)
Ans: Bank Islamic has grown as they have something or have opportunities which KASB Bank
employees didnt have for KASB the situation is detrimental. You should console the employees
internally in this monitorial situation and leader has a pivotal role both internally as well as
Ans: In Islamic point of view there is a creativity, after every 6 months they revised the Islamic
Shariah policies. We complete the task and proposals as they given us. The merger should be
not forced or rapid it should be announced so that employees make up their mind that whether
they will be on job or not. Secondly two different banks, merger should be of same culture, as
employees faced great pressure.
Ans: It was an innovative experience as Bank Islamic is purely new experience and new field.
This is the challenge, how quickly you observe the culture. Keep eye on opportunities, how
good is your networking that help you in accommodating in the organization and its culture.