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Film Log Sheet

Production name: The Pill

Date of filming: 29th April-2nd May

Location(s): Cheese and Grain, The OId Gas Works

Cast and Crew Present: Libby Turner, Christy Meape, Toby Boudains-Bourne, Ben
Charlesworth, Joe Gander

Scene Shot no Shot length Comments Use Y/ N


1 1 20 seconds VHS intro effect yes

1 2 4 seconds Mid shot- Joe looking anxious yes

1 3 5 seconds Long shot- Joe, Christy and Toby playing yes

cards at party

1 4 3 seconds Mid shot- Joe gets more anxious yes

1 5 7 seconds Mid shot- drug dealer gives Joe the pill yes

1 6 3 seconds Mid shot- Joe gets more anxious yes

1 7 2 seconds Extreme close up to close up - joe takes yes


1 8 5 seconds Extreme close up- Joes eyes after drug yes

1 9 5 seconds Close up of clock and cactus- build up of yes

drug intensity

1 10 6 seconds Close up- Joes increasing expressions yes

1 11 6 seconds Low angle- drug completely takes over yes

1 12 4 seconds Over the shoulder shot- shows what Joe yes

is seeing on the drug

1 13 5 seconds Low angle shot- shows the audience that yes

what Joe is seeing is not the reality

1 14 3 seconds Point of view shot- show frantically looking yes

around showing audience what he is

1 15 3 seconds Point of view shot- close up of alien yes

1 16 3 seconds Close up of Joe from aliens perspective yes

1 17 2 seconds Low angle- makes Joe seem superior yes

1 18 6 seconds Low angle close up- Joe strangles Ben yes

1 19 5 seconds Title Page- The Previous Day yes

1 20 8 seconds High angle mid shot- Joe, Christy and yes

Toby talking about going to the party the
next day

1 21 3 seconds VHS sound and visual yes