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Seasons of Love For SSA¥ and Piano Performance Time: Approx. 2:30 ed by Words and Musie by A JONATHAN LARSON range ROGER EMERSON Rock Ballad (J = 90) BKaiS) Am? Gm? CTsust FC Dm AmBHald Am? Gm? C7sus¢ Dm C Dm Am Hushed but intense 5 Soprano I Soprano ive hun - dred twenty-five thou = sand six hundred min - ules, Badd) Am? Gm? Cisust F Cc Dm Am five hun- dred twen-ty-five thou - sand Byesds) Am Gm? C7sust = Dm C Dm Am ‘Available for SATB, SAB, SSA and 2-Part ‘Show Trax CD also avaliable Do oT 6 1996 FINSTER & LUCY MUSIC LTD. CO, Puorocory| 'o2007 née LUCY MUS Bicaid9) Am? € Soprano I Five hundred twen-ty-five thousand six hundred min - utes: how do you measure, C Dm AmBxakis) Am? 4 a ae SSprano I ‘meas-ure a year? — Alto on Pape SS his, in exps— of cof- fee; a be Gm? Cisust Dm C DmAm BHadd9) Zs = eS Se rey Gm? Cisust FC Dm Am lp See Sew a es J ¥ 5e — a — +: ty Ss in inch-es, in miles, in laugh-ter in strife? — i = In five huncdred twen-ty-fivethou-sand gt ped grat Byam? oy C Dm Am Bball) Am 4 e eS AGE = six hun-dred min - utes; how do you meas-ure the life? — + GmT Clsust FC Dm Am Biel) Amt Gm? Cisust Dm f : fi : : : zg. ca 2 eae pert CARE Or Sea sons of love. Bwadd9yC Bald) Sea-sons of love. Gm? C7sust FC DmAm Bid) Am? Gm? C7sust Dm C Dm Am I Opt. Solo mf Five hunedred ewencty five thou-sand six hun-dred min = utes, five hun-dred twenty five thou-sand Sop. Sop. I] mf a Oo. C Dm Am BMid9) Gm? C7sust F An? 3 Five hun-dredtwen-ty fivethou-sand six hun-dred min - utes; how 00. C Dm AmByed Gm C7sust FC DmAm af do you mea-sure the life of @ wo-man ora man? _ Im truth that she learned or in a. ~~ 00. Dm Am Bias) Bo. ge. end opt, Solo All ” Unis, In brid-ges he burned or the way that she died. f° ws 00. Gm? C%sust Dm C DmAm 2 to sing out though the slo - ry nev remem - ber a year in the life Sea-sons of BualdVC > Boa) Am? = i rrf a e Se a SS Sea-sons of Jove, Sea-sons of Gm? Clsust F © Dm Am BM) Am? Gm? Clsust Dm CsDm Am Opt. Solo crese, poco a poco Five hun - dred twen-ty-five thou - sand Sop. 1 love. Sop. IT crese. poce aipocd. cerese. poco a poco five hun-dred twen-ty-five thou - sand Tov love. Boas) Five hundred twen-ty-five thou - sand six hum - dred tutes; = >> === Vai 1 a ae how do you meas-ure, mid-nights, in Noo —= —_——— 5 é fo = SS a in inch - es, in miles) in laugh - ter in——_ strife? —— In love. eer et oe ; => eg —S= tS 7 fe bv Sea- sons of er Am? Ga? Cfeust_ Dm © Dm Am i oO é = 3 = ¢ ¢ — - —_ ESE = at +; == == n five hun dred twen-ty-flive thou - sand six hundred min = utes; oye. Unis, Botaid9) Gm? CTsust F end opt. Solo Sop.1 Unis. Sop./ PP" How about Re-mem-ber the Re-mem-ber the —taaccos A aot molto rit. 2 ‘SEASONS OF LOVE - SSA