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his (Tuesday) morning (we) wel- couples first children. The internet couldnt stop congrat- while covering such news (with women

T comed Ella and Alexander

Clooney into (our) lives,
George and Amal Clooney told a mag-
Meanwhile, Amal, 39, a successful
human rights lawyer, has been work-
ing throughout her pregnancy, using
ulating the couple who tied the knot in
Italy in 2014. At the same time, specu-
lation was ripe over how the late-in-life
continually being pitted against each
other and their own bilogical clock)
but also the changing trends in par-
azine in a statement. Ella, Alexander her platform to bring attention to caus- dad would finally embrace fatherhood. enthood (medical, and bilogical), and
and Amal are all healthy, happy and do- es close to her heart, a Hollywood mag- Celebrity pregnancies and babies are how the celebs choose to handle and
ing fine. They jokingly added that the azine report added. In March, she urged continually put under the scanner in present this news and their kiddos to
first-time father is sedated and should the UN to prosecute Islamic State ter- Hollywood, and whats revealed under the media. Heres a look at some the
recover in a few days. These are the ror group for genocide. the microscope isnt just the gender bias baby-crazy coverage so far...


or all the fuss that greeted babies Ella and Alexander Clooney,
F they may end up the warm-up act to this summers block-
buster. Beyonce also is expected to give birth to twins any day
now, turning motherhood into the biggest celebrity story of the
year despite the striking contrast in styles of the two women who
have become the focus of a baby-obsessed public.
Music superstar Beyonce, 35, has delighted in displaying her
belly in Instagram photos and stage performances, whereas Amal
Clooney, 39, made it clear during her pregnancy that she would
like fans to focus more on her work than her baby bump.
It is a marked change from Beyonces first pregnancy, with George and
now 5-year-old Blue Ivy, when the singer was so rarely pho- Amal Clooney
tographed that it spawned unfounded conspiracy theories that
the Single Ladies star had faked her condition.
This time, Beyonce announced she was expecting twins a
year after her Lemonade album chronicled her response to wide-
spread reports of infidelity by husband Jay Z. What better sign
to show to the world that you and your husband are a unit than
to say, Hey Im pregnant. Were back on track again. And twins
is even better, said Berkeley Kaite, professor of English at
McGill University in Montreal said of the news.
Amal, however, a top-flight humanitarian lawyer based in
London, shunned the limelight that comes from being the spouse
of the dashing Oceans Eleven actor, who in the past had de-
clared he did not want kids. Clooney having children is ex-
citing to many people because hes perceived as a guy who
took a while to settle down, and with an amazing woman who
is very interesting, said JD Heyman, deputy editor of a Hol-
Beyonce lywood entertainment magazine.


elebrity pregnancies became big business af-
E veryone cant stop talking about how George Clooneys fa-
therhood comes at the ripe age of 56. With tweets like At C ter actress Demi Moores nude, seven-month
pregnant photo shoot for a magazine in 1991
56 years old, George Clooney is now a first time father to twins.
Im already exhausted just thinking about it.(@ohpeetie), fol- sparking off a trend that was followed by many
lowing the birth announcement. However, with Mick Jagger celebs after. The photo of Moore proudly caressing
having his eighth child at the age of 72, and others like Clint her belly was included in a magazine list of 2016
Eastwood and Larry King welcoming kids post 60, it isnt the 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All
dads whove had to worry about bad rap. Time, where it was hailed
More than 25 years on, motherhood remains a double-edged as showing that materni-
sword with assumptions about what women should or should not Mick ty could be both empower-
Jagger ing and sexy and for chang-
do, says Ann C. Hall, co-editor of the 2009 book Mommy Angst.
Women have a lot of baggage... Everyone is happy, but on the other ing what had been a rel-
hand there is a whole host of expectations, and a lot of judgment, said Hall. atively private affair
Some of us want to figure out what they are going to do with these babies. How Moore into a public event.
are they going to negotiate their careers and their maternity? There arent really any hard and fast rules for ne- Since then, the
gotiating that any more, which is great and liberating but also anxiety producing, Hall said. celeb-magazine baby
Beyonce and Amal also highlight the trend towards older mothers, which comes with worries over infertili- deals have evolved be-
ty and the growth of the estimated $3 billion to $4 billion US fertility market as women delay having children. yond pregancy shoots, to
According to the 2017 National Vital Statistics report, birth rates for women ages 30 to 44 in the US were the the celeb babys first exclu-
highest in 2015 since the early 1960s. Singer Janet Jackson became one of the oldest Hollywood new mums, sive photos. The pics of Jen-
welcoming her child at the age of 50 this year. nifer Lopezs twin babies
Jennifer Max and Emme fetched $6
Childless celebrities undergo equal scrutiny, as highlighted by Jennifer Aniston in a 2016 open letter object- Aniston Shakira
ing to the endless media speculation over whether she is, is not, or will ever be pregnant. million, while Brangelinas
We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child... we dont need to be married, or mothers tots Vivienne Marcheline
to compete. We get to determine our own happily ever after for ourselves, Jennifer wrote. and Knox Leon were sold
to a mag for $14 million.

Vindhya Tiwary steps Not Vaishnavi Dhanraj, SUNNY

into Roop Durgapals
shoes in Waaris 3 BIG but Purvi Mundada in
t has barely
joined the cast of
REPLACEMENTS I ts almost as if Sunny
Leone has gone back in
time. The actress, who is
shooting for Splitsvilla in
Waaris as the new
antagonist and the
her. The role will
now be essayed by
Vindhya Tiwary.
ON TV Rehaan
Jim Corbett National Park,
is deprived of the one thing
that defines our lives today
internet and mobile tech-
nology. We hear that she
travels 10-15 km every day
just to make phone calls to
Roop says, We
parted ways over
Rehaan Roy Roy Purvi
Sunny Leone
her family and friends.
Sunny loves to update her
creative differ-
ences. Producer
Devyani Rale con-
in, Rupin followers on social media,
and though she tries her
best to keep in touch with
firms, Roop has
been replaced by
Pahwa out them on a daily basis,
seems like she is finding it
Vindhya. Both the
channel and the pro-
duction house felt
of Ek Vivah hard to keep up.

that she and Neel Vindhya Tiwary

Motwani (the male
lead) didnt look ISHQBAAAZ AS
good together. Also, t was reported
the character has a certain
requirement and she didnt
seem to fit the bill. Tbefore
V show Ek Vivah Aisa
Bhi is also going to see
a replacement just
an important Rupin
I that Vaishnavi
Dhanraj has been
roped in to play T he makers of Ishqbaaaz have
roped in Ankit Raj, who was
Vindhya says she has Champa in Ekta last seen in Khoonkhar, as the
sequence that will define its Pahwa
mixed feelings about replac- K a p o o r s second hero. The actors charac-
ing Roop. The actress adds, storyline. Rupin Pahwa will Chandrakanta. ter will be on par with Nakuul
The makers have high make way for Rehaan Roy, who However, the latest Mehtas on the show.
expectations from me and I will play the new Sahil Mittal on development is that Ankit says, Unlike my
will work hard to live up to it. the show. Producer Nivedita Basu con- the actress has made Vaishnavi previous roles, this happens to
Roop firms the news, saying, For the past one month, Rupin had
Its unfortunate that Roop has Durgapal way for Purvi Dhanraj be a serious one. I play a business
been replaced; I have never stepped been telling me that he wanted to go back home because of some Mundada. Vaishnavi tycoon, who is extremely protec-
into anyones shoes in my career so far. family issues. I did admonish him and try to make him under- chose not to comment tive about his family. Ankit
But I believe everything happens for a good stand how daily soaps work, but he was adamant. My hunt for on the news. With his entry, a new family Raj
reason and I wish her all the best. replacement has finally ended with Rehaan. will be introduced on the show. Neha.Maheshwri
Rupin remained unavailable for comment.

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