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National Land Use Database: Land Use and Land Cover Classification

3. Index using Land Cover Baseline Descriptions of Land Cover

Baseline Classification of Land Cover NLUD Land Cover Classification

Tilled and fallow land 1.0 C010 Cropped land

Land parcels with a single crop species 1.1 C011 Field crops
Horticulture 1.2 C013 Horticulture
Non-cropped 1.3 C012 Fallow land
Cropland with woody perennial crops 2.0 C014 Orchards
Orchard 2.1 C014 Orchards
Vineyard 2.2 C014 Orchards
Hops 2.3 C014 Orchards
Soft fruit 2.4 C014 Orchards
Trees and shrubs – nursery stock 2.5 C014 Orchards
Grass 3.0 C020 Grass
Recreational and similar non-agricultural mown grass 3.1 C023 Recreational and amenity grass
Intensive and agriculturally improved grass 3.2 C021 Improved grass
Permanent non-intensive grass 3.3 C021 Improved grass
Semi-natural calcareous grass 3.4 C022 Unimproved grass
Acid grass (non-moorland) and bracken 3.5 C022 Unimproved grass
Moorland and mountain grass 3.6 C022 Unimproved grass
Unmanaged lowland grassland and tall herbs 3.7 C022 Unimproved grass
Heathland and bog 4.0 C040 Heathland and bog
Heathland 4.1 C041 Heathland
Bogs 4.2 C043 Bog
Drier northern bogs 4.2.1 C043 Bog
Saturated bogs 4.2.2 C043 Bog
Woodland and shrubland 5.0 C030 Woodland and shrub
Woodland 5.1 C030 Woodland and shrub
Conifer Woodland 5.1.1 C031 Conifer woodland
Mixed woodland 5.1.2 C032 Mixed woodland
Broadleaved woodland 5.1.3 C033 Broad-leaved woodland
Managed coppice 5.2 C033 Broad-leaved woodland
Coppice-with-standards 5.2.1 C033 Broad-leaved woodland
Pure coppice 5.2.2 C033 Broad-leaved woodland
Shrub 5.3 C034 Shrub
Shrub on dry or moist ground 5.3.1 C034 Shrub
Swampy shrub and carr 5.3.2 C034 Shrub
Felled woodland 5.4 C030 Woodland and shrub
Land ploughed for afforestation 5.5 C030 Woodland and shrub
Inland rocks and screes 6.0 C051 Inland rock
Wetland and water 7.0 C060 Water and wetland
Still water 7.1 C061 Standing water
Lake 7.1.1 C061 Standing water
Reservoir 7.1.2 C061 Standing water
Pond 7.1.3 C061 Standing water
Running water 7.2 C062 Running water
River 7.2.1 C062 Running water
Canal 7.2.2 C062 Running water
Wetland 7.3 C063 Freshwater marsh
Fen and marsh 7.3.1 C063 Freshwater marsh
Flush 7.3.2 C063 Freshwater marsh
Coastal features 8.0 C070 Coastal features
Sea/Estuary 8.1 C071 Sea and coastal waters
Inter-tidal soft coast without vegetation 8.2 C072 Inter-tidal sand and mud
Vegetated soft coast 8.3 C070 Coastal features
Salt marsh 8.3.1 C073 Salt marsh
Dune 8.3.2 C074 Dunes
Hard coast with little or no vascular vegetation 8.4 C075 Coastal rock and cliffs
Maritime vegetation 8.5 C070 Coastal features
Transport, built, urban and industrial 9.0 No match to single NLUD land cover
Transport 9.1 C090 Permanent made surfaces
Discontinuously built land 9.2 No match to single NLUD land cover
Agricultural buildings 9.2.1 No match to single NLUD land cover
Residential buildings with gardens 9.2.2 No match to single NLUD land cover
Commercial and industrial buildings 9.2.3 No match to single NLUD land cover
Public services and facilities 9.2.4 No match to single NLUD land cover
Continuously built land 9.3 C081 Building
Residential buildings without gardens 9.3.1 C081 Building
Commercial and industrial buildings 9.3.2 C081 Building
Public services and facilities 9.3.3 C081 Building
Vegetated waste land, derelict land, allotments 9.4 C101 Multiple surface
Hard areas without buildings 9.5 C094 Other made surface
Quarries and other extractive industries 9.6 No match to single NLUD land cover