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Title: The Necessity of Social Media

I. Introduction (paragraph1)

A. Hook: As time goes by, social media becomes an essential way to connect

each other.

B: Connecting information: In the old days, people were used to contacting

with people through writing letters. However, nowadays, with the progress of

society, the development of social media is unavoidable. The rise of social media

is a growing trend in the Internet in recent years. Whether it's foreign Facebook

or Twitter, or micro-blog, it has dramatically changed people's lives and brought

us into the era of social networking. Among younger users, the use of these tools

is nearing universal, such as 86% of 1829 year olds using social media everyday

(Madden, 2010). Social media is a tool and platform for people to share ideas and

experiences with each other. Every single day, millions of individuals interact

through social media. (Van Dijck, Jos, 2013). Thus it can be seen how important

the social media is in our daily life.

C: Thesis statement: Therefore, the advantage of social media shows in these

three reasons.


A: Paragraph 2

1.Topic sentence: The first advantage of social media is its connectivity and

convenience for people.

2.Supporting idea 1: No matter wherever or whenever, people can contact

with anyone they want.

Supporting idea 2: Social media can help people make more friends.

B: Paragraph 3

1.Topic sentence: The second advantage is that social media can play a

significant role in education and government.

2.Supporting idea 1: Social media can do a lot of contribution on education.

Supporting idea 2: People can get more information from government

through social media.

C: Paragraph 4

1.Topic sentence: Social media can allow companies to function better.

2.Supporting idea 1: Social media can increase companies transparency so

that customers can protect their own rights better.

Supporting idea 2: Social media is an excellent customer service channels

for companies.

D: Paragraph 5

1. Counterargument: The opponents of social media probably say that

people rely too much on social media will lose some opportunities to

communicate with people around us.

2. Refutation: However, on the contrary, there are a lot of people who are

too shy to speak. Social media becomes a better way for them to communicate

with others.
III. Conclusion (Paragraph 6)

Restatement: In conclusion, the advantages of social media far outweigh the


Opinion: However, before using social media, people have to think about both

good and bad effects and then use it rationally. Social media makes life easier, and

it has brought us huge benefits. At the same time, it makes the world more bright

and colorful.