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Relationship Requirement Document

1 DRM Discover and Rediscovering

1.1 Process Overview

It happens with everyone in this world, while we are going about our everyday life all of a sudden we come
across that one person who remains part of our life forever. From teenage years weve had a vivid image of how
that special someone is going to be like. You are as real as those dreams can get. Beautiful yet it's scary to see
that dream come true; exciting but with nervousness and it's love so there are huge expectations.

In this process, you and the me have characteristics of dynamic variable. The dynamic variables assume new
characteristics and shed some or all of the past characteristics. The usual RDBMS for its limitations cannot be us
ed and all business rules and validations are to be configurable on the fly. The UI of the application should have
AI to auto change its colors, themes to enrich user experience.

The requirements however are very rudimentary in nature.

1.2 Business Process Flow

Under Design

1.3 Process Details

Marketing Program
Business Process Identifier DRM


Process Users/Actors

Me Role: Create, Recreate, update all the experiences

Description: Addressing your complaints/Request/Enquiries

You Role: Approve/Reject/Need Revision/Delete

Description: Verify and reciprocate all actions

System Players



Woman CBS

Experience/Ignore/Change environment
1.4 Relationship Requirements
Business Step Name Requirement Description

DRM01 Companionship between you and me

DRM02 Personal connection between you and me

DRM03 A long lasting journey together

1.5 Relationship Rules and Validations

S. No. Process Description
Step Ref#
1. DRM01 Both of us to express ourselves
2. DRM01 Both of us to be approachable towards each other
3. DRM01 Both of us to be helpful
4. DRM01 Healthy communication by both directly addressed and one to one
5. DRM01 Shakeups and vibrations being emotional animals accepted
6. DRM01 Being honest and loving beings which we are, to show this side to one another.
7. DRM02 Both of us are emotionally available for each other
8. DRM02 To be dedicated and committed to each other
9. DRM03 Build a world of our own
10. DRM03 More than love respect for each other; If love fades then respect protects from any

1.6 Non Functional Requirements

Business Step Name Requirement Description

NF01 Agile methodology to be used and product backlogs to be maintained for


NF02 BMC Remedy ticketing tool for issue management