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Paige Castelhano

Sept. 28, 2016

Salinity of Water and Seed Germination

In the experiment, we tested how salinity of water affects seed germination. My

hypothesis was if the salinity is 0 ppt, then the most germination will occur because salt will dry
out the seeds. My hypothesis was not correct, and the seeds that were given 3 ppt salinity
water thrived most, in the highest quantity.

Our groups control was water with 0 ppt salinity water. The variables were beans given
3 ppt, 6 ppt, and 12 ppt salinity water. In each of the four petri dishes, we put ten kidney beans
and 14 mL of water, with a filter underneath. The dish with 0 ppt had all 10 beans germinate
after 3 days. The dish with 3 ppt had all 10 beans germinate after 3 days, but they were thriving
more than the 0 ppt. The dish with 6 ppt had all 10 seeds germinate after 3 days as well, but
some were barely sprouting. Finally, the dish with 12 ppt had only 7 germinated seeds after the
3 days.

I believe that the 3 ppt seeds grew the most because if the seeds are given too much salt, they
will dry out. If they were given too little salt, the beans wont receive the nutrients they need.
However, compared to other groups data, we may have needed to test more trials in case we
had unknown and invalid variables.

To make our experiment more valid, I think every group should have decided on the
same amount of water (in mL) to add to the seeds, as that is a large factor. A certain group had
consistently low germination numbers for all water, while ours were very high percentages. I
think this is because of the amount of water used. Also, it would be easier if we had already,
accurately measured water for 9, 8, 6, 4, 2, and 3 ppt water. This way, inaccurate measuring
would not become a variable.