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One of the biggest problems in our country is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting
poorer. The main reason behind this is that those belonging to the poor classes are so engrossed in
earning their livelihood to make their ends meet that they overlook the importance of seeking
education. Instead of sending their kids to school, people from the poor classes send them to work as
for them more working hands in the family means more income. As these kids grow they have no other
choice but to indulge in menial tasks such as cleaning and sweeping due to lack of education and the
trend continues.

In order to break this vicious circle, the government of India has come up with the concept of adult
education. All those adults who could not seek education during their childhood and want to get
educated later in life can enrol for the adult education program. As part of this program, both basic
education as well as vocational training is imparted to empower the individuals to shape a better future.
It is the sole choice of an individual as to what he wants to opt for.

Directorate of Adult Education initiated in India from the National Fundamental Education Centre (NFEC)
established in the year 1956. Since then the government has continually been making efforts to
promote adult education in the country. A number of schools including ones that offer night classes
have been opened to provide adult education. Also various means and modes are being used by the
government to emphasize the importance of seeking education and the efforts have not been futile.
Several individuals have come forward to make the most of this opportunity and the number is on the
rise. With this, the number of educational activities being offered has also seen a significant increase.

While many seek education to get good employment opportunities and earn their livelihood, a number
of people especially women have come forward to seek adult education just to become more aware and
help raise their children more efficiently. Apart from this, adult education also helps in the following

Better job means increased income which means you can take better care of your family.

Education makes a person more aware about what is happening around and empowers him to bring
about change in the society.

Uneducated and unemployed individuals are more drawn towards criminal activities. Education can help
curb these problems to some extent.

Education is also one of the first steps towards building a strong and progressive nation.