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Datos sobre migracin en el mediterrneo

Segn Frontex:
Migraciones por la ruta del Mediterrneo por ao.

Segn Human Right Watch:

More than 12 000 people lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea during their migration
to Europe, 5 022 of them in the year 2016

Segn The UN Refugee Agency:

Total de llegadas por mar a la Unin Europea

Segn Organizacin Internacional para las Migraciones:

72,028 arrivals to EUROPE 2017

71,029 by sea
999 by land
(updates as of 31 May 2017)
1,650 dead/missing - Mediterranean 2017

387,739 arrivals to EUROPE 2016
5,098 dead/missing - Mediterranean 2016

Recent trends
Countries of first arrival to Europe
Country Previous week Current week
18 24 May 25 31 May
Italy 4,513 9,933 120%
Greece 405 575 42%
Bulgaria 4 4 -
Sum of arrivals 4,922 10,512 114%

Main nationalities of arrivals (in descendant order):
To Italy: Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia (April 2017)
To Greece: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Algeria, Afghanistan (April 2017)
To Bulgaria: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey (April 2017)

Other countries:
Hungary: In the period from 25 to 31 May, 17 arrivals were registered. This represents a 55% increase from
the previous period (11 registered arrivals, from 18 to 24 May).
All other countries on the route have not registered any flow of migrants.



In April, EU+ countries recorded 49 916 applications for international protection.

El ao en que ms aplicaciones de asilo se recibieron fue 2015 (180 000 aproximadamente) y

desde agosto de 2016 (de 136 000 decayeron a 60 000 para diciembre del mismo ao) las
aplicaciones han empezado a disminuir.

In April, the top-three citizenships of origin of applicants was composed of Syria, Afghanistan and

Syria Syria has been the main citizenship of origin of applicants in the EU+ since April 2015. In
April 2017, 6 371 Syrian applications were recorded, 26 % fewer than in March. This is among the
lowest monthly totals since the beginning of 2014. Syrian nationals represented 13 % of all
applicants in the EU+ in April 2017. However, they remained widespread throughout the EU+ with
19 out of 26 reporting countries counting Syrian nationals among their top-three citizenships of

Afghanistan In April 2017, Afghan citizens lodged 3 330 applications in EU+ countries. This was
35 % fewer than in March. Similarly low numbers of applications lodged by Afghans were observed
in first half of the 2014. Afghanistan remained the main citizenship of claimed UAMs (14 % of
total). Twelve out of 26 EU+ reporting countries had Afghan applicants in their national top-three

Nigeria In April 2017, despite a 25 % decrease in the number of applicants to 2 971, Nigeria was
the third-ranked country of origin. The number of Nigerian applicants exceeded Iraqi applicants,
the citizenship group that was in the top three in the previous month. However, only three EU+
countries counted Nigerian applicants among their top-three citizenships.
Segn Missing Migrants Project: