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Manuscritos Griegos del Nuevo Testamento

Adaptado de la Enciclopedia Textual Crtica del Nuevo Testamento en lnea, creado por Robert Waltz, y
complementada por otras fuentes, incluido el texto del Nuevo Testamento y Manuscritos de la Biblia
griega, tanto por Bruce M. Metzger, as como la actualizacin ms reciente a la lista oficial mantenida
en el Instituto de Investigacin Textual del Nuevo Testamento en Mnster, Alemania.

Unciales Cursivos
Papiro Leccionarios Explanation
(Maysculos) (Minsculos)

Sigla: e=Gospels a=Acts p=Paul c=Catholic Epistles r=Apocalypse


Aland Contenido Siglo Notas

p1 Matthew III University Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, Univ.

of Penns., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
p2 John VI Mus. Egizio., Firenze, Italy
p3 Luke VI/VII sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p4 Luke III Bibl. Nat., Paris
p5 John III British Library, London
p6 John IV Bibl. Nat. et Univ., Strasbourg
p7 Luke IV? Centr. Nauch. Bibl., Kiev
p8 Acts IV Berlin, Staatl. Mus.
p9 1 John III Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge,
p10 Romans IV Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge,
p11 1 Corinthians VII Ross. Nac. Bibl., St. Petersburg, Russia
p12 Hebrews III Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
p13 Hebrews III/IV British Library, London
p14 1 Corinthians V St. Catherine's monastery at Mt. Sinai
p15 1 Corinthians III Egyptian Museum, Cairo
p16 Philippians III/IV Egyptian Museum, Cairo
p17 Hebrews IV University Library, Cambridge, England
p18 Revelation III/IV British Library, London
p19 Matthew IV/V Bodleian Library, Oxford, England
p20 James III Princeton University Library, Princeton, New Jersey
p21 Matthew IV/V Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania
p22 John III University Library, Glasgow, Scotland
p23 James III University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
p24 Revelation IV Newton Centre, F. Trask Library, Andover Newton
Theological School
p25 Matthew IV Staatl. Mus., Berlin, Germany
p26 Romans VI/VII Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas,
p27 Romans III University Library, Cambridge, England
p28 John III Palestine Inst. Museum, Pacific School of Rel., Berkeley,
p29 Acts III Bodleian Library, Oxford, England
p30 p III Univ. Bibl., Gent, Rijksuniv.
p31 Romans VII John Rylands Library, Manchester, England
p32 Titus II/III John Rylands Library, Manchester, England
p33 Acts VI + P58 sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p34 p VII sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p35 Matthew IV? Bibl. Medicea Laurenziana, Firenze, Italy
p36 John VI Bibl. Medicea Laurenziana, Firenze, Italy
p37 Matthew III/IV University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
p38 Acts III/IV University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
p39 John III formerly: Ambrose Swasey Library, Rochester, New York;
sold 6/20/2003, location unknown
p40 Romans III Inst. f. Papyrologie der Univ., Heidelberg, Germany
p41 Acts VIII sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p42 Luke VII/VIII sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p43 Revelation VI/VIII British Library, London
p44 e VI/VII Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
p45 ea III Chester Beatty Papyrus Chester Beatty Library, Dublin,
Ireland; sterr. Nat. Bibl., Vienna, Austria
p46 p II/III Chester Beatty Papyrus earliest known copy of epistles
of Paul in frequent agreement with Alexandrian witnesses
but also has some Western and some Byzantine readings.
Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland; University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
p47 Revelation III Chester Beatty Papyrus Chester Beatty Library, Dublin,
p48 Acts III Bibl. Medicea Laurenziana, Firenze, Italy
p49 Ephesians III Yale University Library, New Haven, Connecticut
p50 Acts IV/V Yale University Library, New Haven, Connecticut
p51 Galatians IV/V Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England
p52 John II John Rylands Papyrus or Rylands Fragment earliest
known N.T. manuscript, dated about 125 CE. John
Rylands Library, Mancester, England
p53 ea III University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
p54 James V/VI Princeton University Library, Princeton, New Jersey
p55 John VI/VII sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p56 Acts V/VI Wien, sterreiches National Bibliothek, Pap. G 19927
p57 Acts IV/V sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p58 Acts VI see p33

p59 John VII Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York

p60 John VII Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York
p61 p VII/VIII Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York
p62 Matthew IV Univ. Bibl., Oslo, Norway
p63 John V/VI Staatl. Mus., Berlin, Germany
p64 Matthew II/III + P67 Magdalen College, Oxford, England
p65 1Thessalonians III Ist. di Pap., Firenze, Italy
p66 John c. 200 Bodmer Papyrus 2 Mixed type of text that varies
between Alexandrian, Western, and Byzantine from
section to section. Bodmer Library, Cologny-Geneva,
p67 Matthew II/III see p64
p68 1 Corinthians VII? Ross. Nac. Bibl., St. Petersburg, Russia
p69 Luke III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 2383), Oxford, England
p70 Matthew III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 2384), Oxford, England
p71 Matthew IV Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 2385), Oxford, England
p72 c III/IV Bodmer Papyrus Bodmer Library, Cologny-Geneva,
p73 Matthew VII Bodmer Library, Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland
p74 ac VII Bodmer Library, Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland
p75 Luke early III Bodmer Papyrus 14 "Textually the manuscript is of
importance in showing that the Alexandrian type of text
characteristic of the fourth-century codices Vaticanus (B)
and Sinaiticus () was current at the beginning of the
third century" (Metzger, Manuscripts, 68). Resides in
Bodmer Library in Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland.
p76 John VI sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p77 Matthew II/III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 2383), Oxford, England
p78 Jude III/IV Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 2384), Oxford, England
p79 Hebrews VII Staatl. Mus., Berlin, Germany
p80 John III Fundacin S. Lucas Evang., Barcelona, Italy
p81 1 Peter IV S. Daris, Tieste, Italy
p82 Luke IV/V Bibl. Nat. et Univ., Strasbourg, France
p83 Matthew VI Bibl. de l'Univ., Louvain, Belgium
p84 e VI Bibl. de l'Univ., Louvain, Belgium
p85 Revelation IV/V Bibl. Nat. et Univ., Strasbourg, France
p86 Matthew IV Inst. fr Altertunskunde, Cologne, Germany
p87 Philemon III Inst. fr Altertunskunde, Cologne, Germany
p88 Mark IV Univ. Cattolica, Milan, Italy
p89 Hebrews IV Bibl. Medicea, Firenze, Italy
p90 John II Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England (P.Oxy. 35233)
p91 Acts III Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
p92 p III/IV Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt
p93 John V Ist. di Pap., Firenze, Italy
p94 Romans V/VI Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt
p95 John III Bibl. Medicea, Firenze, Italy
p96 Matthew VI sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
p97 Luke VI/VII Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland
p98 Revelation II? Institut Franais d'Archologie Orientale, Cairo, Egypt
p99 p c. 500 Chester Beatty Papyrus Chester Beatty Library, Dublin,
p100 aP: Jc2 III/IV Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4449), Oxford, England
p101 eP: Mt3 III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4401), Oxford, England
p102 eP: Mt4 III/IV Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4402), Oxford, England
p103 eP: Mt5 II/III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4403), Oxford, England
p104 eP: Mt6 II Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4404), Oxford, England
p105 eP: Mt7 V/VI Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4406), Oxford, England
p106 eP: J8 III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4445), Oxford, England
p107 eP: J9 III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4446), Oxford, England
p108 eP: J10 III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4447), Oxford, England
p109 eP: J11 III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4448), Oxford, England
p110 eP: Mt12 IV Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4494), Oxford, England
p111 eP: L13 III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4495), Oxford, England
p112 aP: Act14 V Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4496), Oxford, England
p113 pP: R15 III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4497), Oxford, England
p114 pP: H16 III Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4498), Oxford, England
p115 p116 rP: Ap 17 pP: III/IV VI/ Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4499), Oxford, England;
H18 VII sterr. Nat. Bibl., Vienna, Austria
p117 pP: 2K19 IV/V Staats-u. Univ. Bibl., Hamburg, Germany
p118 pP: R20 III Univ., Seminar fr gyptologie, Cologne, Germany[TOP]

Uncials (Majuscules)

Aland Date
Roman numeral
Number Contents indicates Notes
century of
Common Era

01/ eapcr IV Codex Sinaiticus discovered at St. Catherine monastery

at Mt. Sinai in mid-19th C. In addition to the NT, it
preserves part of the O.T., the Epistle of Barnabas, and
part of the Shepherd of Hermas. A member of the
Alexandrian type of text. "In the New Testament,
particularly in the Gospels and Acts, Sinaiticus and
Vaticanus very frequently agree against the
overwhelming majority of later manuscripts"
(Metzger, Manuscripts, 78). British Library, London.
02/A eapcr V Codex Alexandrinus arrived in England in the early 17th
C. as a gift to King James I from the patriarch of
Alexandria. Text is mixed: Byzantine in the Gospels,
Alexandrian (with some Western readings) in the
Epistles. Metzger states it has the best text available for
the Apocalypse. British Library, London.
03/B eapc IV Codex Vaticanus its N.T. text is regarded as the purest
example of the Alexandrian type of text. Vatican Library.
04/C eapcr V Codex Ephraemi text had to be restored in modern
times after it was scrubbed off so the manuscript could
be reused for the text of treatises and sermons of
Ephaem, a fourth-century Syrian church father.
Bibliothque Nationale, Paris
05/D ea V/VI Codex Bezae or Cantabrigiensis Greek-Latin text in
parallel columns. One of the leading witnesses to the
Western text. Has more distinctive readings than any
other known N.T. manuscript, including "the free addition
(and occasional omission) or words, sentences, and even
incidents" (Metzger, Manuscripts, 89). Cambridge
University Library.
06/D p VI Codex Claromontanus Bibliothque Nationale, Paris
06/Dabs1 p IX
07/E e VIII Codex Basiliensis Universit Bibliothque, Basel,
08/E Acts VI Codex Laudianus 35 A Greek-Latin text of Acts.
Bodleian Library, Oxford
Ep p IX-X Codex Sangermanensis St. Petersburg, Russia
09/F e IX Codex Boreelianus University Library, Utrecht,
010/Fp p IX Codex Augiensis Trinity College, Cambridge, England
011/G e IX Codex Wolfii A British Museum, London
012/Gp/G3 p IX Codex Boernerianus Saxon State Library, Dresden,
013/H e IX Codex Wolfii B Hamburg, Germany
014/Ha/H2 Acts IX Codex Mutinensis Grand Ducal Library, Modena, Italy
015/Hp/H3 p VI Codex Coislinianus Laura monastery, Mt. Athos, Greece
016/I p VI Washingtonensis (or Freerianus) Freer Gallery of Art,
Washington, DC
017/K e IX Codex Cyprius Bibliothque Nationale, Paris
018/Kap/K2 apc IX Codex Mosquensis History Museum, Moscow, Russia
019/L e VIII Codex Regius Bibliothque Nationale, Paris
020/Lap/L2 apc IX Codex Angelicus, formerly designated G Angelican
Library, Rome
021/M e IX Codex Campianus Bibliothque Nationale, Paris
022/N e VI Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus deluxe MS with gold
ink for contractions of God and Jesus. Imperial Library,
St. Petersburg, Russia (and numerous other museums)
023/O Matthew VI Codex Sinpopensis deluxe MS written with gold ink on
purple vellum. Bibliothque Nationale, Paris
024/P e VI Herzog-August Bibliothek, Wolfenbttel, Germany
025/Papr/P2 apcr IX Codex Porphyrianus Public Library, St. Petersburg,
026/Q e V Herzog-August Bibliothek, Wolfenbttel, Germany
027/R e VI Codex Nitriensis British Museum, London
028/S e 949 Vatican Library, Rome
029/T e V Codex Borgianus (+ 0113, 0125, 0139) Collegium de
Poppaganda Fide, Rome
030/U e IX Library of San Marco, Venice, Italy
031/V e IX Codex Mosquensis John 8:39-end is in cursive writing,
hence the designation 250e. History Museum, Moscow, Russia
032/W e IV-V Codex Washingtonianus Mixed text: Byzantine in
Matthew and last two-thirds of Luke; Western in first half
of Mark; Caesarean in the rest of Mark; and Alexandrian
in the first third of Luke and most of John. The rest of
John was added later and is a mix with some Alexandrian
and some Western readings. Freer Gallery of Art,
Washington, DC
033/X e X Codex Monacensis University Library, Munich, Germany
034/Y e IX University Library, Cambridge, England
035/Z Matthew VI Codex Dublinensis Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
036/ e X Bodleian Library, Oxford
037/ e IX Codex Sangallensis Striftsbibliothek, St. Gallen,
038/ e IX? Codex Koridethi Byzantine text in Matthew, Luke, and
John; Caesarean in Mark. Institute Rukopisey, Tbilisi,
039/ e IX Codex Tischendorfianus III Bodleian Library, Oxford,
040/ Luke VI Codex Zacynthius British & Foreign Bible Society,
041/ e IX Codex Petropolitanus State Public Library, St.
Petersburg, Russia
042/ e VI Codex Rossanensis Curia arcivescoville, Rossano, Italy
043/ e VI Codex Beratinus Staatsarchiv, Tirana, Albania
044/ eapc IX? Codex Athous Laurae Laura monastery on Mt. Athos,
045/ e IX Codex Athous Dionysiou Dionysius monastery on Mt.
Athos, Greece
046 Revelation X Codex Vaticanus 2066 Vatican Library, Rome
047 e VIII Princeton University Library, Princeton, New Jersey
048 apc V Vatican Library, Rome
049 apc IX Laura monastery on Mt. Athos, Greece
050 John IX National Library, Athens, Greece
051 Revelation X Pantokratoros monastery on Mt. Athos, Greece
052 Revelation X Pantokratoros monastery on Mt. Athos, Greece
053 Luke IX Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, Germany
054 John VIII Vatican Library, Rome
055 e XI
056 apc X
057 Acts IV/V Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany
058 Matthew IV sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria
059 Mark IV/V + 0215 sterreiches National Bibliothek, Vienna,
060 John VI Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany
061 p V
062 Galatians V
063 e IX + 0117
064 e VI + 074, 090
065 John VI
066 Acts VI
067 e VI
068 John V
069 Mark V
070 e VI + 0110, 0124, 0178, 0179, 0180, 0190, 0191, 0193,
071 Matthew V/VI
072 Mark V/VI
073 Matthew VI + 084
074 e VI see 064
075 p X
076 Acts V/VI
077 Acts V
078 e VI
079 Luke VI
080 Mark VI
081 p VI see 0285
082 Ephesians VI
083 e VI/VII + 0112, 0235
084 Matthew VI see 073
085 Matthew VI
086 John VI
087 e VI + 092b
088 p V/VI
089 Matthew VI see 0293
090 e VI see 064
091 John VI
092a Matthew VI see 0293
092b e VI see 087
093 ac VI
094 Matthew VI
095 Acts VIII + 0123
096 Acts VII
097 Acts VII
098 2 Corinthians VII
099 Mark VII
0100 John VII see 963

0101 John VIII

0102 e VII + 0138
0103 Mark VII
0104 e VII
0105 John X
0106 Matthew VII + 0119
0107 e VII
0108 Luke VII
0109 John VII
0110 e VI see 070
0111 2 VII
0112 e VI/VII see 083
0113 e V see T/029
0114 John VIII see 965

0115 Luke IX/X

0116 e VIII
0117 e IX see 063
0118 Matthew VIII
0119 Matthew VII see 0106
0120 Acts IX
0121(a) p X see also 0121b, 0243
0121b p X see 0243
0122 p IX Hort's Od
0123 Acts VIII see 095
0124 e VI see 070
0125 e V see T/029
0126 Mark VIII
0127 John VIII
0128 Matthew IX
0129 1 Cor IX see 1575

0130 e IX
0131 Mark IX
0132 Mark IX
0133 e IX see also 0273
0134 Mark VIII
0135 e IX
0136 Matthew IX + 0137
0137 Matthew IX see 0136
0138 e VII see 0102
0139 e V see T/029
0140 a X
0141 John X
0142 apc X
0143 Mark VI
0144 Mark VII
0145 John VII
0146 Mark VIII
0147 Luke VI
0148 Matthew VIII
0149 Mark VI see 0187
0150 p IX
0151 p IX
0152 Formerly T1 (talisman)
0153 Formerly O1-20 (ostraca)
0154 Mark IX
0155 Luke IX
0156 2 Peter VIII
0167 1 John VII/VIII
0158 Galatians V/VI
0159 Ephesians VI
0160 Matthew IV
0161 Matthew VIII
0162 John III/IV
0163 Revelation V
0164 Matthew VI/VII
0165 Acts V
0166 ac V
0167 Mark VII
0168 e VIII
0169 Revelation IV
0170 Matthew V/VI
0171 e III/IV
0172 Romans V
0173 James V
0174 Galatians V
0175 Acts V
0176 Galatians IV/V
0177 Luke X
0178 e VI see 070
0179 e VI see 070
0180 e VI see 070
0181 Luke IV/V
0182 Luke V
0183 1 VII
0184 Mark VI
0185 1 Corinthians IV
0186 2 Corinthians V/VI + 0224
0187 Mark VI
0188 Mark IV
0189 Acts II/III
0190 e VI see 070
0191 e VI see 070
0192 see 1604

0193 e VI see 070

0194 e VI same as 0124 (for which cf. 070)
0195 John VII same as 0100
0196 e IX
0197 Matthew IX
0198 Colossians VI
0199 1 Corinthians VI/VII
0200 Matthew VII
0201 1 Corinthians V
0202 e VI see 070
0203 e IX see 1575

0204 Matthew VII

0205 Titus VIII see 1575

0206 1 Peter IV
0207 Revelation IV
0208 p VI
0209 pc VII
0210 John VII
0211 e IX
0212 (e) III Diatessaron (?)
0213 Mark V/VI
0214 Mark IV/V
0215 Mark IV/V see 059
0216 John V
0217 John V
0218 John V
0219 Romans IV/V
0220 Romans III
0221 Romans IV
0222 1 Corinthians VI
0223 2 Corinthians VI
0224 2 Corinthians V/VI see 0186
0225 2 Corinthians VI
0226 1 V
0227 Hebrews V
0228 Hebrews IV
0229 Revelation VIII
0230 Ephesians IV
0231 Matthew IV
0232 2 John V/VI
0233 e VIII
0234 Matthew VIII
0235 e VI/VII see 083
0236 Acts V
0237 Matthew VI
0238 John VIII
0239 Luke VII
0240 Titus V
0241 1 Timothy VI
0242 Matthew IV
0243 p X + 0121b
0244 Acts V
0245 1 John VI
0246 John VI
0247 c V/VI
0248 Matthew IX
0249 Matthew X
0250 e VIII
0251 c VI
0252 He V
0253 Luke VI
0254 Galatians V
0255 Matthew IX
0256 John VIII
0257 e IX
0258 John IV
0259 1 Timothy VII
0260 John VI
0261 Galatians V
0262 1 Timothy VII
0263 Mark VI
0264 John V
0265 Luke VI
0266 Luke VI
0267 Luke V
0268 John VII
0269 Mark IX
0270 1 Corinthians IV/V
0271 Matthew IX
0272 Luke IX
0273 John IX formerly part of 0133
0274 Mark V
0275 Matthew VII
0276 Mark VIII see 962

0277 Matthew VII/VIII

0278 p IX
0279 Luke VIII/IX
0281 Matthew VII/VIII
0282 Philippians VI
0285 p VI + 081
0289 p VIII?
0291 Luke VII/VIII
0292 Mark VI
0293 Matthew VI + 089, 092a
0294 Acts VI/VII
0296 pc VI
0298 Matthew VIII/IX
0299 John X/XI?
0301 John V
0307 eP: MtMcL21 VII Citt del Vaticano, Vat. gr. 2061
0308 rP: Ap22 IV Ashmolean Museum (P.Oxy. 4500), Oxford, England
0309 eP: J23 VI Inst. f. Altertumskunde, Cologne, Germany
0310 pP: Tt24 (g-k) VI ? Univ. Library, Cambridge, England
0311 pP: R25 VIII-IX De Hamel Collection, Cambridge, England
0312 eP: L26 III-IV De Hamel Collection, Cambridge, England
0313 eP: Mc27 V De Hamel Collection, Cambridge, England
0314 eP: J28 VI De Hamel Collection, Cambridge, England
0315 eP: Mc 29 IV-V De Hamel Collection, Cambridge, England
0316 aP:Jd30 (g-k) ca. VII Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
0317 eP: Mc31 VII (?) University Library, Cambridge, England
0318 eP: Mc32 (g-k) Pierpont Morgan Library, New York [TOP]

Cursivos (Minsculos)

Aland Date
Roman numeral
Number Contents indicates Notes
century of
Common Era

1eap eapc XII Lead MS of "Family 1," also known as or f1 or "The Lake
Family" after scholar Kirsopp Lake who identified them in
1902. Rest of group are cursives 118, 131, & 209.
1r Revelation XII Officially renumbered 2814
2ap apc XII Officially renumbered 2815
4e e XIII
5 eapc XIV
6 eapc XIII
7e e XII
13 e XIII Lead MS of "family 13," also known as f13 or "The Ferrar
Group," after scholar William H. Ferrar, who identified the
first four of them in 1868. Rest of group are cursives 69,
124, 174, 230, 346, 543, 788, 826, 828, 983, 1689, and
16 e XIV
18 eapcr 1364
21 e XII
22 e XII
27 e X
28 e XI
33 eapc IX called "Queen of the Cursives" Alexandrian text with
some Byzantine readings
35 eapcr XI
36a Acts XII Officially renumbered 2818
38 eapc XIII
42 apcr XI
43 eapc XIII
60 er 1297 60r officially renumbered 2821 (60e is still 60)
61 eapcr XVI First Greek MS discovered with "heavenly witnesses"
passage (1 John 5:7-8). Metzger says it "gives every
appearance of having been produced expressly for the
purpose of confuting Erasmus" who had refused to print
it in his edition of the Greek NT because not one Greek
MS had the reading.
69 eapcr XV Member of "Family 13" (f13)
71 e XII
81 apc 1044
82 apcr X
88 apcr XII
91 apcr XI
93 apcr XI
94 apcr XII
103 apc XI
104 apcr 1087
110 apcr XII
115 e X
118 e XIII Member of "Family 1" (f1)
124 e XI Member of "Family 13" (f13)
131 eapc XIV Member of "Family 1" (f1)
138 e XII
141 eapcr XIII
157 e XII
160 e 1123
162 e 1153
165 e 1292 CE
172 apcr XIII/XIV
174 e 1052 Member of "Family 13" (f13)
175 eapcr X
177 apcr XI
179 e XII
180 eapcr XII, XIII
181 apcr XI
185 e XIV
189 eapc XIV, XII
201 eapcr 1357
203 aprc 1111
205 eapcr XV
206 apc XIII
209 eapcr XIV, XV Member of "Family 1" (f1)
213 e XI
216 apc 1358
218 eapcr XIII
221 apc X
225 e 1192
226 eapc XII
229 e 1140
230 e 1013
235 e 1314
241 eapcr XI
242 eapcr XII
245 e 1199
249 John XIV
250 apcr XI
251 e XII
254 apcr XIV
255 apc XII
256 apcr XI/XII
257 apc XIII/XIV
262 e X
263 eapc XIII
265 e XII
267 e XII
270 e XII
273 e XIII
280 e XII
291 e XIII
307 ac X
314 apcr XI
317 John XII
319 apc XII
321 apc XII
322 apc XIV
323 apc XII
326 apc XII
330 eapc XII
336 apr XIV
337 apcr XII
346 e XII Member of "Family 13" (f13)
348 e 1022
349 e 1322
365 eapc XII
367 eapcr 1331
372 e XVI
378 apc XII
383 apc XIII
384 apc XIII
385 apcr 1407
386 eapcr XIV
397 John X/XI
398 apc XI
399 e IX/X
423 e 1556
424 apcr XI
429 apcr XIV, XV
430 John XI
431 eapc XI
432 apcr XV
436 apc XI
440 eapc XII
441 ap XIII Bound with 442 (hence their common numbering)
442 pc XIII Bound with 441 (hence their common numbering)
443 e XII
451 apc XI
452 apcr XII
453 ac XIV
456 apcr X
459 apcr 1092
460 apc XIII
462 apc XIII
467 apcr XV
469 apcr XIII
472 e XIII
473 e XIII
476 e XI
477 e XIII
482 e 1285
485 e XII
489 eapc 1316 Hort's 102a
491 eapc XI
495 e XII
506 eapcr XI
517 eapcr XI/XII
522 eapcr 1515
536 ea XIII
543 e XII Member of "Family 13" (f13)
544 e XIII
545 e 1430
547 eapc XI
565 e IX Hort's 81
579 e XIII
582 eapcr 1334
597 e XIII
598 Luke XIII
610 ac XII
614 apc XIII
616 apcr 1434
617 apcr XI
620 apcr XII
623 apc 1037
627 apcr X
628 apcr XIV
629 apc XIV
630 apc XIV
635 apc XI
639 apc XI
642 apc XIV
655 e XI/XII
659 e XII
660 e XI/XII
661 e XI
664 eapcr XV
669 e X Private collection
676 e XIII Muenster
680 eapcr XIV
692 e XII
699 eapcr XI
700 e XI
713 e XII
716 e XIV
726 e XIII
743 ecr XIV
757 eapcr XIII
788 e XI Member of "Family 13" (f13)
792 er XIII
794 eapc XIV
808 eapcr XII
821 John XVI
823 eapc XIII
824 eapcr XIV
826 e XII Member of "Family 13" (f13)
827 e XIII
828 e XII Member of "Family 13" (f13)
850 John XII
869 John XI
872 e XII
876 apc XII
892 e IX
911 apcr XII includes 2040
913 apc XIV
915 apc XIII
917 apc XII
919 apcr XI
920 apcr X
922 eapcr 1116
927 eapc 1133 +2618
935 eapcr XIV
941 eapc XIII
945 eapc XI
954 e XV
983 e XII Member of "Family 13" (f13)
986 eapcr XIV
990 e XIV
994 e X/XI
998 e XII
999 eapc XIII
1006 er XI
1009 e XIII
1010 e XII
1012 e XI
1038 e XIV
1047 e XIII
1067 apc XIV
1071 e XII
1075 eapcr XIV
1079 e X
1082 e XIV
1093 e 1302
1094 eapcr XIV
1099 apc XIV
1108 apc XIII
1149 eapc XIII
1170 e XI
1175 apc XI
1187 e XI
1188 e XI/XII
1194 e XI
1195 e 1123
1200 e XII
1207 e XI
1216 e XI
1219 e XI
1223 e X
1229 e XIII
1230 e 1124
1241 eapc XII
1242 eapc XIII
1243 eapc XI
1245 apc XII
1253 e XV
1278 e XII
1279 e XI
1292 eapc XII
1293 e XI
1295 e IX
1311 apc 1090
1319 eapc XII
1321 e XI +487
1342 e XIII/XIV
1344 e XII
1346 e X/XI +2150
1354 eapc XIV
1355 e XII
1365 e XII
1375 e XII
1391 e XIII
1396 e XIV
1402 e XII
1409 eapc XIV
1424 eapcr IX/X
1432 e XII Muenster
1505 eapc XII (colophon has false date of 1084)
1506 ep 1320
1515 e XIII
1518 apc XV lost/recovered as 1896
1522 apc XIV Join with 1890
1525 apc XIII
1542a e XIII
1542b e XII
1546 e 1263?
1555 e XIII
1573 eapc XII/XIII
1574 e XIV
1579 e XI
1582 e 949
1588 e XIV
1597 eapcr 1284
1604 e XIII
1606 e XIII
1610 apc 1364
1611 apcr X?
1646 eapc 1172
1654 e 1326
1675 e XIV
1678 eapcr XIV
1689 e 1200 Member of "Family 13" (f13)
1704 eapcr 1541
1709 e X Member of "Family 13" (f13)
1728 apcr XIII
1732 apcr 1384
1734 apcr 1015
1735 apc XI/XII
1738 apc XI
1739 apc X Copied by a monk named Ephraem. To make this copy,
Ephraem used a manuscript containing a large number of
notes drawn from early church fathers, but none later
than Basil (329-379 CE), suggesting a relatively early
date for 1739's exemplar. Its text often agrees with
p46 and B.
1740 apcr XIII
1758 apc XIII
1765 apc XIV
1778 Revelation XV
1795 apcr XII +2349
1827 apc 1295
1828 apcr XII
1829 ac XI
1831 apc XIV
1835 ac XI
1836 pc X
1837 apc XI
1838 apc XI
1841 apcr IX/X
1845 apc X
1846 pc XI
1852 apcr XIII
1854 apcr XI
1859 acr XIV
1862 apcr IX
1867 apc XII
1872 apcr XII
1873 apc XII +2556
1874 apc X
1876 apcr XV
1877 apc XIV
1881 pc XIV Despite its later date, often agrees with 01 and 03
1884 Acts XVI
1888 apcr XI
1891 apc X +2162
1898 apc X Join with 1875
1906 p 1056
1908 p XI
1912 p X
1955 pr XI
1957 pr XV This is the manuscript which supplies the missing part of
1962 p XI
1984 p XIV
1985 p 1561
2005 apc XIV
2014 Revelation XV
2015 Revelation XV
2016 Revelation XV
2017 Revelation XV
2018 Revelation XIV
2019 Revelation XIII
2020 Revelation XV
2023 Revelation XV
2026 Revelation XV
2027 Revelation XIII
2028 Revelation 1422
2029 Revelation XVI
2030 Revelation XII
2031 Revelation 1301
2033 Revelation XVI
2034 Revelation XV
2036 Revelation XIV
2037 Revelation XIV
2039 Revelation XII
2040 apcr XII Join with 911
2042 Revelation XIV
2043 Revelation XV
2044 Revelation 1560
2045 Revelation XIII
2047 Revelation 1543
2048 Revelation XI
2050 Revelation 1107
2051 Revelation XVI
2053 Revelation XIII
2054 Revelation XV
2056 Revelation XIV
2057 Revelation XV
2058 Revelation XIV
2059 Revelation XI
2060 Revelation 1331
2061 Revelation XV
2062 Revelation XIII
2064 Revelation XVI Same volume as 561

2065 Revelation XV
2067 Revelation XV
2073 Revelation XIV
2074 Revelation X
2075 Revelation XIV
2080 apcr XIV
2081 Revelation XI
2082 Revelation XVI
2083 Revelation 1560
2084 Revelation XV
2127 eapc XII +1815
2138 apcr 1072
2143 apc XII
2145 e 1145
2147 eapc XI
2148 e 1337
2174 e XIV
2186 cr XII
2191 eapc XII
2193 e X lost
2200 eapcr XIV
2259 Revelation XI
2286 Revelation XII
2298 apc XI
2302 Revelation XV
2329 Revelation X
2344 apcr XI
2349 apcr XII Join with 1795
2351 Revelation X
2352 Revelation ?
2377 Revelation XIV
2412 apc XII
2427 Mark XIV?
2430 e XI
2432 Revelation XIV
2464 apc IX/X
2492 eapc XIII
2495 eapcr XIV/XV
2542 e XIII
2641 e XIV Shields Library, University of California at Davis, Davis,
2813 e XIII Private collection
2857 2858 e eP: Mt33 1272 XII Kreml-Museum, Moscow, Russia, 11968 oxr. 10567 op.
Moskau, Puschkin-Museum, Samml. Golenischtschev, N
2859 eP: L34 XIII Puschkin-Museum, Moscow, Russia, Samml.
Golenischtschev, N 4792
2860 e XI Orlando / FL, The Scriptorium, VK MS 901
2861 e ca. 1300 Durham, Duke Univ. Libr., Gr. 64
2862 e 1150-74 Durham, Duke Univ. Libr., Gr. 84
2863 e XII Cambridge/ Mass., Harvard Coll. Libr., fMS Typ. 294 (fol.
2864 Revelation XI/ XII Cambridge/ Mass., Harvard Coll. Libr., fMS Typ. 294 (fol.
2865 ap XII fol. 217- Cambridge/ Mass., Harvard Coll. Libr., fMS Typ. 491
219: XIV
2866 eap ca. 1300 Oslo/London, The Schyen Collection, MS 2932
2867 eP: J35 XIV Paris, Bibl. Nat., Gr. 194A, fol. 2-9 (fol. 11-315: 303)
2868 e XIII Bukarest, Rumn. Akad., 1543
2869 e XI Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 1
2870 e 1090 Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 2
2871 e XII Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 9
2872 e XI/XII Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 10
2873 e 1280/81 Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 11
2874 eap 1305/06 Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 13
2875 e 1314/15 Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 14
2876 e XIV Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 15
2877 e XIV Athos, Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 17
2878 eP: L36 XII Portland/Oregon, Donald Brake, Multnomah Bibl. Sem.
2879 eK XII Oxford, Corpus Christi College, 30, fol. 5-334
2880 eP: LJ37 XIII Zypern, Paphos, Neophytou, MS 11 [TOP]

Aland Date
Roman numeral
Number Contents indicates Notes
century of
Common Era

U- +a
sel IX

esk XIII

ep XII Monastery of St. Catherine at Mt. Sinai

U- sel 861/862?

U- +a
sel IX

U- P XII includes 0276

P XI includes 0100

U- P IX includes 0114


U- PsO X










U- a
P IX includes 0129, 0203, 0205

1596 V

P IV includes 0192

1683 e XIII Sizable portion of this manuscript is palimpsest of Codex

0233, an 8th C. gospels uncial manuscript.

1684 e XIII

1685 ea XV Muenster
2005 e X Muenster

2137 e XII Muenster

2208 e XIXII Muenster

U- sel 995/996

2404 le XI/XII Oslo/London, The Schyen Collection, MS 1982

2405 l P38 XII/ Oslo/London, The Schyen

XIII Collection, MS 1979/4

2406 l P39 XIII/ Oslo/London, The Schyen

XIV Collection, MS 1979/5

2407 l P40 XIII Madrid, Bibl. Nac., 4729,

Cod. 178, fol. 1-2; 363-364

2408 lesk XIII Madrid, Bibl. Nac., VITR.

26-4, Cod. 348

2409 l P41 XI Wien, sterreiches National Bibliothek,

Theol. Gr. 211, fol. IV 291

2410 l P42 X Wien, sterreiches National Bibliothek,

Theol. Gr. 268, fol. II. 1.2

2411 lP XII Durham, Duke Univ. Libr.,

Gr. 89

2412 l XII/XIII Duke Univ. Libr., Durham, North Carolina

2413 U-l P43 ca. The Schyen Collection, MS 2858, Oslo/London

2414 lesk XII (zuletzt: London, Christies)

2415 l P44 XII Boston Univ., School of Theology Libr., s.n., fol. 84 Oslo /
London, The Schyen Collection, MS 2933, fol. 105

2416 lsk45 XI San Marco d'Alunzio / Messina, Cod. Haluntinus, gr. 1 -

2417 l P46 X/XI Iraklion/Kreta, Hist. Mus., s.n.

2418 la 1330 Sofia, 'Ivan Dujcev' Research Centre, 193, fol. 335-373
(fol. 1-334: 2249)

2419 l P47 XII Athos, Esphigmenu 31, fol. 289-291 (fol, 1-288: 985

2420 l P48 XII Paulu 5, fol. 148-149 (fol. 1-147: 1096), Athos

2421 U-l k P49 IX/X Pg Krakau, Bibl. Jagiellnska (Fonds der Berliner Hss.),
Graec. Oct. 3, fol. 267-269 (fol. 1-266: 653)
2422 l XI Pg Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 3, Athos

2423 l XI Pg Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 4, Athos

2424 l XI Pg Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 5, Athos

2425 l XI/XII Pg Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 6, Athos

2426 l XII Pg Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 7, Athos

2427 l XII Pg Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 8, Athos

2428 l XIII Pg Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 12, Athos

2429 l 1340/41 Pg Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 16, Athos

2430 l 1444 Pap Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 18, Athos

2431 l 1647 Pap Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 19, Athos

2432 l 1668 Pap Vatopediu, Skevophylakion, 21, Athos

2433 l sk P50 XII/XIII Pg Krakau, Bibl. Jagiellnska (Fonds der Berliner Hss.),
Graec. Oct. 3, fol. I-IV (fol. 1-266: 653)

2434 l sk P51 XIV/ XV Pap Donald Brake, Portland, Oregon; s.n. Athos, Vatopediu
866, fol. 1-4 (fol. 1-283: l 1126)

2435 U-l P52 X Pg

2436 U-l P53 X Pg Corpus Christi College, Oxford, England [TOP]

Aunque todas las ediciones modernas del Nuevo Testamento utilizan el mismo sistema
de numeracin (la creada por Ren Caspar Gregory), en el pasado no fue as. El primer aparato
que us los nmeros Gregory fue el de Souter; antes, todas las ediciones - incluyendo las
principales ediciones de Tischendorf y Von Soden - utilizaban otra nomenclatura. El funcionario
Kurzgefasste Liste tiene mesas para torneado "Nmeros Tischendorf" en nmeros Gregory, y
permite la conversin de ida y vuelta entre los nmeros Gregory y Soden.

Gregory-Aland Numbers The first column of the table is "Gregory-Aland Numbers."

These are the current numbers, listed in numerical order, as catalogued in the Kurzgefasste
Liste and used in the modern editions. This list, initiated by Gregory and continued by Aland,
and is the only one currently being maintained.

Contents A summary of the contents of the manuscript. e=Gospels, a=Acts, p=Paul,

c=Catholic Epistles, r=Apocalypse. Lacunae are not noted.

Date The period during which the manuscript is believed to have been written. A roman
numeral indicates a century of the Common Era and is that used by the most recent
paleographers; an arabic numeral indicates an exact date, based on a colophon within the
document. Dates are generally from the first edition of the Kurzgefasste Liste and should be
checked against subsequent editions and updates, or detailed studies, but other sources have
been consulted.
Comments Some of these comments indicate the current location of a manuscript.
Others describe interesting facts about it. Still others explain a manuscript's relationship to
other documents. Finally other comments report the varying designations for the same

Further Note Over the years many manuscripts have moved, scholars have changed
their catalog numbers, or revised their dates. Some manuscripts have suffered damage. Some
catalogs contain typos. Please send to me any errors or updates you might discover. Thanks.

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