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Department of Education

Region IX, Zamboanga Peninsula
Division of City Schools
Southcom National High School
Calarian, Zamboanga City

S.Y. 2016-2017

CONTENT STANDARD: The Learner demonstrates understanding of Pre-colonial Philippine Literature as a means of connecting to
the past; various reading styles; ways of determining word meaning; the sound of English and the prosodic
features of speech; and correct subject-verb agreement.

PERFORMANCE STANDARD: The learner transfers learning by: showing appreciation for the literature of the past; comprehending
texts using appropriate reading styles; participating in conversations using appropriate context –dependent
expressions; producing English sounds correctly and using the prosodic features of speech effectively in various
situations; and observing correct subject –verb agreement.

Contextualizati Assessment
Learning Strategie on Formative Summativ Learning
Topic Performanc Of
Compete Specific Objectives s/ -Localization e Interventio References
Quarter 1 e Tasks Hour
ncies Activities -Indigenization n
*EN7LT-I- A. Classify various
Week 1 a-2.1: literary types in K.W.L. Give at least * Classify 3  Agree/Di *Reflection Peer/Modula *English
* Identify Philippine literature. Picture one legend or Proverbs sagree Paper r Communicati
Proverbs, the myth that you using on Arts and
talk Skills
Myths distinguis B. Differentiate Damiana  Translate
Discussio know of Through
and hing proverbs, myths and Eugenio’s Filipino
Legends features legends. n Zamboanga system. Filipino
of origin. Retell *Role Play to English Literature
proverbs, C. Give the features, this to the *Comic Strip *Pen and Pgs. 31-32
myths the intended purpose, class. paper
and and the setting in *Learning
legends which Proverbs were Plan Grade 7
made. Pgs. 22-26

Agreement Share Skills chavacano rules in Family” nt verb Brainstormin Through sentence then Subject. *(EN7G-I-b-11 ):  Give the rules in Communicati Think. Express whether a statement is true or false based on prior knowledge Contextualizati Numb Assessment Learni Specific on/ er Topic Learning Strategies/Ac Localization Performa Formativ Summativ ng Reference Objectives Of Competencies tivities Indigenization nce Tasks e e Interv s Hours ention Compositio *English Subject. Cite example Booklet 3  Exercise n writing verb Observe Subject-Verb of a containing “My on Arts and /Drills Agreeme correct subject. Plan Grade 7 Agreement Pgs. Pair. 22-26  Determine the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences. Filipino Agreement  Construct g translate it in Verb Answering Literature own NHT English using Agreement Worksheet Pgs. . C. 31-32 sentences KWL the subject- using verb *Learning Subject-Verb agreement.

.UEN7VC-I-b-8: List down * ”Find 3 *Exit slips (Pen and Context Use structural  Define Graphic terms of your Me” *Exercises/ Paper) *Learning Clues analysis to contextual cues organizer/ (Game) Drills Determine Plan. intonations of Deliberat different s on stress 32-35 stress.English originated 7 pgs86- determine the word *Board the dialect which meaning of *Determine the analysis/ Work meaning of are Learning unfamiliar meaning of Semantic unfamiliar considered to Package 7 words.projecti sentences using Listening different *Speech that have *Worksheet English 3 pg on. reading features of depending speech like on the pitch. * Week 2 2.pitch. n marks intonation. clues then use them in Prosodic UEN7LC-I-b-5. stress. used) volume and projection and rate/speed of speech in differing or oral communication situations.2: *”Read features Note the Read Aloud sentences. stress.21-23 using context clues be obsolete using for the new context generation. * Choral Me” changes in *Read the Give the 2 Better of Audio Reading (Words Speech volume. and the different ion meaning and n. and ways of prosodic intonation. speech that *comprehend the stress) affect meaning. unfamiliar words Mapping words pgs. message of the (Sentence speaker by s that use Use listening to its varied Appropriate pitch.intonatio stress.juncture intonation tribes used in when intonation and rate of using our City. punctuatio juncture. the correct pitch.


conversation. meaning ve  Differentiat of the . Number Topic Learning SpecificStrategies/Activi Contextualiza Performance Of Assessment Learning Reference Quarter 1 Competenc Objectives ties tion Tasks Hours Interventi s ies Localization on Summati Indigenization Formative ve EN7RC-I-a- Week 3 7: Use the Scan for Brainstorming Scan and skim * Video Ad 2 *Worksheet *Pen and Scanning appropriat specific information (Giving tips on on Getting paper Learning Plan information Think-Pair-Share Grade 7 pgs and e reading found in a local Skimming and Important 100-101 Skimming style .2: in daily lives and different its meaning idioms in meaningful use them in a idiomatic a Use sentences. Gallery Walk newspaper and Scanning) details *Writing a (scanning.) for and one’s hypothesis purpose made while reading a text. Journeying List down some 3 *”PAIRING *”Use *Brainstorming through Idiomatic  Use local  Perform a Game” Me” Literature and Expressio Idiomatic *Team Game expressions role play Matching (Use the Language n EN7V-I-c. intensive as basis for reading conjectures etc. background information *Book Report Log speed knowledge through reading. or schema reaction paper. expressio sentence) appropriate  Use ns *Fill in the Idiomatic common  Group appropriat Expressions idiomatic Presentati e Idioms in a variety expressions on of basic in different (explainin interpersona communica g what is l tion the communicati situations. expressions used in your using the idiom to chosen Pgs 51-52 Tournament 7. Use present those Learning skimming.10.

e the idioms meaning of used) each idiomatic expression Contextualiza Number Topic Learning Specific Strategies/Activi tion Performanc Of Assessment Learning References Objectives Quarter 1 Competenc ties Localization e Tasks Hours Formative Summative Interventi ies Indigenization on . situations.

2: literary used by the Explain the devices in known local literary the given writers in devices material Zamboanga used City *differentiat EN7LT-I-f.3: literary Determine device the tone. 222-223 Literary the the given and determine paper narration NHT Genres different text. *Identify the literary devices 2.Week 5 EN7LT-I-a. *explain the technique. *determine Cite examples English Across Continents 2: Describe the genre of Concept Map of a tribal story Story Frame 2 *Pen and Create a Pgs. e each 2. n of Literary different genres genres and literary Group during the *differentiat devices) devices pre. Literary Devices Identify the EN7LT-I-e. what genre it Pantomime (Identificatio using the literary Brainstorming belongs to. literary and devices purpose of used in the the author given text. . e the varied Presentation colonial literary period genres in the given.2.2. mood.

you can see in Zamboanga EN7SS-I-g. 89. Signs and signs. example *cite given) example of each part of a paragraph. other signs different road ol to its prohibited in our signs and meaning signs. “Draw the 2 oad/ 1.2: Give Sign” philippine_government/list_of_ Week 7 the *Cite Think-Pair-Share Flash Cards Identify traffic_signs_in_the_philippines/ meaning of examples containing Pen and the given 5-1-0-30228 Brainstorming Road given signs of road signs and Paper symbols.90 Parts of Recognize of a simple Graphic sentences using constructed (Identify parts of a a the parts paragraph Organizer your mother paragraph what part paragrap Simple of a simple tongue then of h using Paragra paragraph *differentia Group translate them paragraph graphic ph te each Presentation to English is the organizer sentences. Picture Talk symbols Matching and symbols prohibited the Symbols (road signs. Contextualiza Numb Topic Learning Specific Strategies/Activi tion Performan er Assessment Learning References Objectives Quarter Competenc ties Localization ce Tasks Of Formativ Summati Interventi 1 ies Indigenization Hours e ve on Week 6 EN7WC-I-f. . *enumerat Brainstorming Write at least 5 Presentatio Pen and Give the Journeying Through Literature and Language 2.8.1: e the parts simple n of own 2 paper different Pgs. http://www.) surroundin symbols that gs. and Write the sign/symb signs.affordablecebu. etc.

14. Contextuali Number Learning Specific zation/ Assessment Learning Topic Strategies/Act Performan Of Competenc Objective Localizatio Summativ Interventi References Quarter 1 ivities ce Tasks Hours Formative ies s n e on  Determine T-Chart Week 8 EN7OL-I. and tag tag questions. questions EN7VC-I-h- 10: Determine the truthfulness and accuracy of the material viewed .4: question Team Game yes-no in the given Worksheets Pgs 35-37 Yes-No and Use the  Construct Tournament questions and constructing question is a on Yes-No Tag rising a tag translate 5 Yes-No Yes-No and Tag Questions intonation questions them to your question question or Questions pattern  Answer own dialect. And 5 tag a Tag with Yes-No the given questions question. Brainstorming Give at least 5 Use a t-chart 3 Identify if Answering Essential English a tag 7 g1.

Prepared by : IMELDA V.I . QUINTOS MT.