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The Department of Metallurgical Engineering has been in the forefront of metallurgical engineering
education for more than four decades. The department, besides offering quality education to the
students, is actively engaged in research and development activities as well as testing and
consultancy services to local industries. The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate
programs. The undergraduate program in metallurgical engineering was started in the year 1968 and
the postgraduate program in industrial metallurgy was started in the year 1976.

The department is a recognized center for doctoral program leading to Ph.D. degree of Anna
University-Chennai. The department is offering part-time Ph.D program for both internal and external
candidates. Doctoral work is being carried out in the areas of surface engineering, foundry
metallurgy, diffusion bonding, welding metallurgy, powder metallurgy, metal matrix composites and
high nitrogen stainless steels. Twenty two candidates have completed their doctoral program
successfully and twenty eight candidates are pursuing their research.

The department has qualified faculty members with good theoretical background and valuable
industrial experience in diverse fields like welding, foundry, powder metallurgy, heat treatment,
surface engineering and metal forming. The major facilities available in the department include
scanning electron microscope with EDS, Metallograph with an image analysis system, metallurgical
microscopes, in-situ Metallography kit, X-ray diffraction unit, micro-hardness testers, Brinell hardness
tester, digital Rockwell hardness tester, Microtek tensometer (Hounsfield type), UTM, impact tester,
hot isostatic pressing, hot press, hydraulic press, vacuum diffusion bonding set-up, rolling mill,
cupping tester, wear testers (pin-on- disc, dry sand-rubber wheel test rig, and slurry abrasion test rig),
heat treatment furnaces, (including a programmable high temperature furnace and two vacuum
furnaces), high frequency Induction heating unit, plasma spray equipment, salt spray chamber, stress
corrosion testing machine, Potentiostat, ball mill and attritors for mechanical alloying of metal
powders, Pin-on disc and other wear testing facilities, foundry sand testing equipment, NDT
equipment like eddy current tester, industrial endoscope, ultrasonic A scan flaw detector, ultrasonic
C scan system, magnetic particle testing facility and dye penetrant testing facility.

In addition to these facilities, the department also has access to foundry and heat treatment facilities
at the PSG Neelambur Foundry Division as well as the central mechanical testing facilities in the Civil
engineering department. Further advanced software for foundry industry- PROCAST and software for
metal forming operations- ANTAREUS have been installed in the CAD/CAM center of the college. The
department also has a computer lab with Thermocalc software for thermodynamic calculations. The
students of metallurgical engineering not only use the departmental facilities but also use the central
facilities of our college. The members of faculty of the department participate regularly in
international and national conferences and the students are also encouraged to participate in various
conferences by presenting technical papers.

The laboratory facilities in the department include metallography and other material characterization
facilities, tensile testing, corrosion testing, wear testing facilities, heat treatment, metal forming, non-
destructive testing, powder metallurgy, sand testing, welding and computational materials
laboratories. The department has the Metals Testing and Research Center, involved in education of
industrial personnel, industrial testing and consultancy. The center is also actively engaged in
collaborative research and development work with industries and R&D organizations.

A brief on research activities

The department is actively engaged in collaborative research and development with industries in
Coimbatore and Chennai. The department also interacts with R&D institutions like Indira Gandhi
Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory
(DMRL), Hyderabad and Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore, Salem Steel Plant,
Salem, Research and Development Centre for Iron and Steel (RDCIS), Ranchi, in areas like
mechanical alloying, surface engineering, diffusion bonding and corrosion. The department has also
signed an MoU with IISU-ISRO, Trivandrum in a research work related with diffusion bonding of
magnetic materials.

Major areas of research

Boriding and Multicomponent boriding
Development of high nitrogen stainless steels
Development of porous castings
Diffusion bonding of dissimilar and magnetic materials
Equal channel angular pressing /Severe plastic deformation
High strength steels
Mechanical alloying
Metal matrix composites
Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization
Surface engineering
Weldability studies on advanced materials

A brief on consultancy and testing activities

The department has been actively engaged in industrial consultancy and testing services for the
industries in and around Coimbatore. These services include failure analysis and damage
evaluation, project evaluation and process scheduling, micro structural evaluation and testing for
mechanical properties. Some of the areas where testing and consultancy activities are regularly
carried out are listed below:
Corrosion testing (IGC testing as per ASTM and EN standards)
Flow line study in forged components
Macro examination
Mechanical testing tensile, hardness, micro hardness, impact testing
Metallurgical failure analysis of critical components
Micro examination
Non-destructive testing
Quantitative metallography
SEM and EDS analysis
Wear testing pin on disc, Rubber wheel abrasion testing and slurry abrasion testing
X-ray diffraction analysis
Consultancy on
o Casting related problems
o Composite materials
o Failure during service
o Heat treatment problems
o Material selection and alternate materials
o Metal forming related problems
o Powder metallurgy
o Welding related issues

S. No. Name & designation with e-mail id Year of Areas of specialization

highest qualification joining
1 Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan, Ph.D Heat treatment
Professor and Head 1986 Surface engineering
Physical metallurgy
2 Dr.V.Ramaswamy, Ph.D Iron and steel making
Professor Metallurgical failure
Selection of materials
3 Dr.S.S.Mohamed Foundry engineering
Nazirudeen, Ph.D 1988 Heat treatment
Professor Failure analysis
4 Dr.V.Balusamy, Ph.D Welding metallurgy
Associate Professor Non- destructive testing
5 Dr.R.Subramanian, Ph.D Physical metallurgy
Associate Professor 1987 Composite materials
Powder metallurgy
6 Mr.J.Krishnamoorthi, M.E Metal joining, Materials
Assistant Professor (S.Gr) 2000 characterization,
Iron and steel technology
7 Mr.K.Thillairajan, M.E Surface engineering
Assistant Professor 2003 Thermodynamics
Physical metallurgy
8 Mr.J.Anburaj, M.E Foundry metallurgy
Assistant Professor 2005 Tool steels and special
9 Ms.R.Sivasankari, M.E Metal forming
Assistant Professor Physical metallurgy
Mechanical behavior of
10 Mr.B.Anandavel, M.E anandavel1977@ Materials Characterisation
Assistant Professor 2010 Metal Casting, Heat
11 Ms.M.Kavitha, M.E Nanomaterials
Assistant Professor 2010 Powder Metallurgy
Heat treatment
12 Dr.V.Udhaya Banu, Ph.D Nanocomposites
Assistant Professor 2010 Mechanical Alloying
Materials Characterisation
13 Mr.T.Satish Kumar, M.E Metallurgical Failure
Assistant Professor Analysis
Composite Materials
Welding Technology
14 Mr.N.Esakkiraja, M.Tech Simulation and Modeling
Assistant Professor Corrosion Engineering
15 Mr.A.Gowrishankar, M.Tech amgshankar85@ Mineral Beneficiation
Assistant Professor 2012 Non Destructive testing

2.1 Higher study

S.No. Name of faculty Programme Year of joining & status

1 Mr.J.Krishnamoorthi Ph.D 2005, Thesis submitted
2 Mr.K.Thillairajan Ph.D 2007, Ongoing
3 Mr.J.Anburaj Ph.D 2007, Thesis submitted
4 Ms.R.Sivasankari Ph.D 2008, Ongoing
5 Mr.B.Anandavel Ph.D 2011, Ongoing
6 Ms.M.Kavitha Ph.D 2011, Ongoing
7 Mr.T.Satish Kumar Ph.D 2012, Ongoing

2.2. Conference/ Workshop/ Training programme conducted by faculty

S.No. Name of faculty Title of programme Period
agency (if any)
Dr.P.C.Angelo Two day National conference on - 01.02.2013-
1 Mr.T.Satish Kumar Quality Control in Metallurgical 02.02.2013
Mr.N.Esakkiraja Industries
One day National conference on - 04.05.2013
2 Advanced Materials and

2.3. Conference/ Workshop/ Training programme attended by faculty

S.No. Name of faculty Programme Organizer Period

1 Dr.V.Balusamy ISTE Workshop Introduction MHRD National 25.06.2012-
to Research Methodology Mission on 04.07.2012
Education through
ICT, IIT Bombay
2 Dr.V.Balusamy TEQIP Sponsored FDP on GCT, Coimbatore 02.10.2012-
Dr.R.Subramanian Vibration and Tribology 08.10.2012
related issues in industrial
TEQIP sponsored FDP Non GCT Coimbatore 09.10.2012-
traditional optimization 15.10.2012
techniques for research and
industrial needs"
3 Mr.K.Thillairajan Computational Fluid Dynamics MHRD National 12.06.2012-
Mission on 22.06.2012
Education through
ICT, IIT Bombay
4 Mrs.M.Kavitha Exigent Apprehensions in Dept. of Automobile, 22.06.2012-
Scaling up & Stacking Fuel PSG Tech 23.06.2012
5 Ms.M.Kavitha Innovative strategies to PSG Tech 15.09.2012
Mr.N.Esakkiraja excel in teaching
2.4. Special lectures delivered
S.No. Name of faculty Title of programme Topic Organizer Date
Welding of dissimilar
1 Dr.V.Balusamy Welding Course University, 10.09.2012
metals and alloys
Advanced Materials Nanostructured Pollachi Institute
2 Dr.V.Udhayabanu for Engineering materials by of Engineering 03.11.2012
Applications Mechanical Alloying and Technology

2.5. Faculty involvement in other activities

S.No. Name of faculty Activity / Role Organization

1 Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan Faculty advisor Material Advantage Society, PSG Tech
Faculty advisor ISTE- Students Chapter, Coimbatore
Treasurer The IIM, Coimbatore Chapter
Board of studies
Anna University , Trichy
2 Dr.V.Ramaswamy Chairman The Indian Institute of Metals, Coimbatore
Advisor Steel Authority of India
3 Dr.S.S.Mohamed Member of Board
Anna University, Chennai
Nazirudeen Studies
4 Dr.V.Balusamy BHEL - PSG - PG Certificate course on Welding
and Quality Engineering
Secretary The Indian Institute of Metals, Coimbatore
5 Mr.J.Krishnamoorthi Chapter
Faculty Advisor Metallurgical Engineering Association, PSGTech

2.6 Book Published

S. No. Name of faculty Book Title Publisher

1 Dr.P.C.Angelo Materials Elsevier Publications, 2013, ISBN No.
Professor and Dean Characterization 9789351070283


3.1 Equipment addition in existing laboratories (costing `. 25,000 and above)

Cost in INR
S.No. Laboratory name Equipment details
1 Metallography Lab Metapol variable double disc grinder-2nos 0.75
Inverted Metallurgical Microscope with plan optics 1.75
with photographic attachment
2 Casting Lab Cast decant cast set up 1.83
High temperature box furnace 4.73
3 Non Destructive Portable sterio zoom optrascope,Ultra scope 9.1, 0.40
Testing Laboratory microscope camera cellular, de vision software
4 Mechanical Testing Fatigue Testing Machine 1.20
3.2 Sponsored research activities

Year of Grant
S.No. Project title Investigators commencement Duration in INR
& status (lakhs)
1 Development of Super Dr.S.S.Mohamed
Austenitic Stainless Nazirudeen
Steel with higher PREN Dr.V.Balusamy NRB 2009
2 years 16.28
value for severe Mr.J.Anburaj New Delhi In progress
chloride environment
2 Development of Strong Dr.V.Ramaswamy DRDO 2009
High Strength Bainitic Dr.V.Balusamy New Delhi In progress 3 Years 14.38
3 Development of Al-Si- Mr.J.Anburaj
Mg alloy components Dr.S.S.Mohamed
using Rheocasting Nazirudeen AICTE 2009
3 years 9.35
process for automobile New Delhi In progress
and aerospace
4 Synthesis, Ms.Monika Mohan
Characterisation of Dr.R.Subramanian
DST-WS 2010
Nickel based superalloy 3 Years 13.08
New Delhi In progress
equivalent to PM 1000
by Mechanical alloying
5 Processesing of Dr.P.C.Angelo
functionally gradient Dr.S.S.Mohamed
DRDO 2011
materials through a Nazirudeen 2 years 29.79
New Delhi In Progress
novel cast decant cast Mr.J.Anburaj
process Mr.B.Anandavel
6 Combustion synthesis of Dr.R.Narayanan
UGC 2011 1
Strontium substituted Dr.R.Subramanian 1.50
New Delhi In progress years
HA for biomaterials Ms.M.Kavitha
7 A Study on Weldability Dr.V.Balusamy
of super austaintic Mr.K.Thillairajan 2012
stainless steels (SASS) Mr.A.Chandrasekar NRB In Progress 3 years 22.87
using SMAW and GTAW
8 Modernization of Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan 2013
powder metallurgy and In Progress 1 year 13.00
advance materials lab
9 An attempt to improve Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan
the fatigue property of Dr.V.Udhayabanu
AICTE- RPS In Progress 1 year 9.16
borided medium carbon
low alloy low alloy steel
3.2.1 Sponsored research activities Abstract
Development of cast super austenitic stainless steel with higher PREN value for severe chloride
environment applications

The proposed research focuses on the development of a new kind of cast super austenitic stainless
steel which is desperately required for marine applications. Super austenitic stainless steels are
materials with higher PREN (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number) and required for chloride
atmospheres. This material is generally imported from developed countries and the quantum of
manufacture is very limited in India. This steel offers higher mechanical properties combined with
excellent corrosion resistance in chloride environment. Some of the stainless steels like modified
austenitic stainless steels (ASTM 316LN, 304 LN) and duplex stainless steels are widely used in many of
engineering applications, however, they suffer with localized corrosion resistance as well as undesired
formation of secondary phases (such as sigma phase) during fabrication and production. In order to
overcome these problems, a new alternate alloy (super austenitic stainless steel) will be developed
and characterized for corrosion resistance and other required properties. The primary part of this
project is to develop cast super austenitic stainless steel with the following range of composition and
compare the properties with the available wrought stainless steel.

Development of strong high strength bainitic steels

Due to rapid changes in market requirements, the properties and performance capabilities of high
strength steels required for various applications have undergone significant changes in recent years.
For example, to meet the demand for high strength steels in various applications, new processing
methods with improved steel making practices have been developed using lean chemistry alloy design
and advanced thermo mechanical controlled processing techniques, to introduce low carbon bainite
microstructure and also fine ferrite grain size. The aim of the proposed project is to develop a simple
alloy chemistry that will be normally transformed at low temperature to obtain the bainitic structure
which will have the necessary mechanical properties for possible use as an armor material because of
its high hardness and tensile strength.

Development of Al-Si-Mg alloy component using semisolid Rheocasting process for automobile and
aerospace applications

Rheocasting is a semisolid casting process in which molten metal is agitated strongly as it begins to
solidify. This creates a globular, highly viscous material that is very fluid even when over 60% of the
metal has solidified. This is an innovative one-step semisolid processing technique for manufacturing
near net shape components of high integrity directly from liquid. Rheocasting process has been
specifically applied to develop various light metal alloys include Al and Mg base alloys. The significance
of rheocasting component show zero porosity, fine and uniform microstructure and have better
mechanical properties compared to that of conventional die casting processes. In this project, Al-Si-
Mg alloys will be produced by Rheo- diecasting (RDC) process. The solidification behaviour of Al-Si-Mg
alloys will be studied under semisolid conditions. The characterization will be carried out on RDC
samples by checking its porosity level, microstructures and mechanical properties. Its suitability for
automobile and aircraft applications will be studied.

Synthesis, characterisation of nickel based superalloy equivalent to PM1000 by mechanical alloy

The ever increasing demand for hotter, stiffer, stronger and lighter than traditional materials in high
technology industries has been the driving force for the design and development of advanced
materials. Superalloys form an important class of material developed for high temperature
applications such as turbines. Different efforts made over the years to increase the operating
temperature which include, solution strengthening by the addition of refractory alloy additions,
precipitation hardening of iron base, nickel base, cobalt base alloys. However excessive amounts of
refractory alloying additions resulted in alloys which could not be worked while precipitates in
precipitation hardening alloys became overaged at high temperatures losing their strengths. In order
to overcome these limitations oxide dispersion strengthening (ODS) with additions of thoria, yttria
have been studied. ODS alloys find extensive applications especially in the field of power generation,
nuclear, aerospace and defence sectors.
The present work involves the preparation of an alloy using elemental powders of Chromium(20wt%),
Iron(3wt%), Titanium(0.5wt%), Aluminium(0.3wt%) and Nickel(balance) along with Yttria(0.6wt%)
which are subjected to attrition milling in an argon atmosphere. The powders prior to and after
consolidation are characterized using optical, SEM, TEM, XRD, EDAX analysis to evaluate the alloying
behavior, phase distribution and defect structures formed during MA.

Processing of Functionally Gradient Materials (FGM) through a novel Cast- Decant Cast (CDC)

The Functionally Graded Material (FGM) is processed using a novel and low cost Cast-Decant- Cast
(CDC) method. The main objective of this project is to investigate the feasibility of FGMs on the
following two different alloy combinations through CDC method.
1. Al-Si alloy (A356) with two varying silicon contents [High Si and Low Si i.e., alloy A and alloy B
respectively] will be cast to produce an FGM with contradictory material properties.
2. To produce the three layers in a cross section of the casting consisting of Al-10-50 % SiC at outer
on interface layer / gradient composition and morphology of the particles in the FGM
casting.layer, Al-15% Si at middle layer and Al-7% Si in the core.
3. To study the effect of processing parameters like pouring temperature, decantation time,
mould cooling etc.

Combustion synthesis of Strontium substituted Hydroxyapatite for Biomaterials

Combustion synthesis via a novel method used for producing porous powders. This involves the
synthesis of the powders using stoichiometric amounts of the reactants and fuels like urea and
glucose. The reaction takes place by the evolution of gases to form a fluffy product. By balancing the
process parameters, it is possible to obtain the desired product stoichiometry, porosity and
mechanical properties. The product is usually crystalline and therefore secondary crystallization
treatments are not required. This method is simple and uses economical raw materials with minimum
process parameters, which can be controlled. International study on Sir-HAP is moving faster whereas
in India, emphasis on combustion synthesis of Sir-HAP has to be encouraged to reduce the cost of the
implant materials for its safe use in Bio-medical applications.

A study on weldability of super austenitic stainless steels (SASS) using SMAW and GTAW processes

Super austenitic stainless steels can cause difficulties during arc welding due to micro segregation of
Mo leading to corrosion and solidification cracking. Current techniques to solve these problems are
mostly based on the selection of filler metals with a higher Mo content to compensate the Mo
depleted region in weldment of SASS. However, the influence of filler metal compositions and
welding parameters on the resultant microstructures and corrosion resistance of SASS weldments
are not established well. In the present proposal, it is planned to conduct a detailed welding study to
relate the key welding parameters, including the filler metal compositions, with Mo segregation and
hot cracking. The weld samples will be prepared using GTAW and SMAW processes. The
susceptibility of solidification cracking will be determined by conducting varestraint testing during
welding of SASS. The micro segregations of prepared weld specimens will be studied by optical
microscope, SEM with EDS and EPMA. The pitting corrosion of weldments for both processes will be
studied in 3.5 wt % acetified concentrated sodium chloride solution by potentiodynamic
polarizations method as well as immersion testing method as per ASTM G 48. After conducting
detailed investigation using these tests, procedures will be established to weld the SASS plates using
SMAW and GTAW processes. The established procedure will include selection of appropriate
electrodes/filler metals, heat parameters and other essential parameters and precautions.

Modernization of powder metallurgy and advance materials lab

The proposal aims at augmenting the existing powder production, characterization, and
consolidation facilities in order to give better exposure to the students regarding the scope and
application of powder metallurgy. The scope of the laboratory will be expanded to include ceramics
and composite materials and nanomaterial using powder route. Students will get first hand practical
knowledge in the synthesis and characterization, consolidation and property evaluation of advanced
materials like composites and nanomaterials, enriching their scope for employment, higher studies
and research and development (R & D).

An attempt to improve the fatigue property of borided medium carbon low alloy low alloy steel

Research Promotion Scheme is aimed to create research ambience in the institutes by promoting
research in engineering sciences and innovations in established and newer technologies; and to
generate masters and doctoral degree candidates to augment the supply of research experience
faculty and research personnel in the country.
Research and development activities are considered as an essential component of higher education
because of their role in creating new knowledge and insight and imparting excitement and
dynamism to the educational process, as well as make them need based in view of the national
requirements. The objective of this scheme is to create and update the general research capabilities
of the faculty members of the various technical institutes. The proposal should include a specific
project theme with a clear statement of the objectives, details of equipments and other research
facilities proposed to be acquired and the expected deliverables from the project.

3.3 Doctoral research

Supervisor with
Short title / Year of registration &
S.No. Candidate designation &
Area of work status
Jan 2005, completed
1. M.Prince Surface engineering Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan on 23.07.2012
2. T.Sivakumar Surface engineering Professor Jan 2008, In progress
PSG CT, Coimbatore on on 23.07 on
3. M.S.Tamilarasan Surface engineering Jan 2012, In Progress
4. P.M.Kavimani Duplex stainless steels Jan 2002, In progress
Superaustenitic stainless Jul 2007, Thesis
5. J.Anburaj
steel submitted
Jul 2007, completed
6. B.Chokalingam Alloy cast iron Dr.S.S.Mohamed
on 23.07.2012
Weldability of super-
7. A.Chandrasekhar Professor Jul 2007, In progress
austenitic stainless steel
PSG CT, Coimbatore
8. D.Premkumar Austempered ductile iron Jan 2008, In progress
9. D.Noorullah Austempered ductile iron Jul 2008, In progress
10. B.Anandavel Casting Engineering Jan 2011,In progress
11. Syed Ibrahim Casting Engineering Jul 2012, In progress
Supervisor with
Short title / Year of registration &
S.No. Candidate designation &
Area of work status
12. Mahesh Casting Engineering Dr.S.S.Mohamed Jul 2012, In progress
Govindaraj Nazirudeen
13. Quality control Professor Jul 2012, In progress
PSG CT, Coimbatore
Jul 2003, Thesis
14. R.Padmanaban Welding engineering
Jan 2005, Thesis
15. J.Krishnamoorthi Diffusion bonding
High strength Bainitic
16. K.Thillairajan Associate Professor Jul 2007, In progress
PSG College of
Equal channel angular
17. B.Praveen Technology Jan 2008, In progress
pressing of Ti alloys
18. R.Sivasankari MIAB welding Jul 2008, In progress
19. V.Gopalakrishnan Metal Joining Jan 2011,In progress
P. G.Dhanarajan Welding of the Nickel
20. Jan 2013, In progress
base alloys
21. K.P.Dhanabala Metal matrix composites Jan 2005, Thesis
krishnan submitted
K.Somasundara Hybrid metal matrix
22. Jul 2007, In progress
Vinodh composite
Metal matrix composites Dr.R.Subramanian
A.Shanmuga Jul 2007, Thesis
23. with intermetallic Associate Professor
sundaram submitted
dispersoids PSG College of
24. N.Thennammai Composites Technology Jul 2008, In progress
Coimbatore Jul 2008, completed
25. S.Venkat Prasat Composites
on 21.08.2012
26. T.Thirumalai Composites Jul 2010, In progress
27. Monika Mohan Mechanical Alloying Jul 2010, In progress
28. M.Kavitha Biomaterials Jul 2011, In progress
29. T.Satishkumar Metal matrix composites Jul 2012, In progress
30. S.Vetrivel Metal matrix composites Jul 2012, In progress

3.3.1 Doctoral research Abstract

Some studies on laser boriding of nickel and chromium electroplated AISI 1020 Steel
Supervisor Candidate
Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan, Professor and Head Mr.M.Prince

In this research work low carbon steel (AISI 1020) was electroplated with nickel and chromium and
subsequently laser borided using boron containing paste. Laser multi component boriding was able
to produce thick boride coating. XRD studies confirmed formation of iron borides, chromium
borides, nickel borides, iron carbides and chromium carbide. The boride layer hardness was in the
range 1390 HV to 2190 HV at a 50g load. The toughness as well as fracture toughness of laser
treated multi component boride layer was also tough as compared to continuously borided steel.
The wear resistance of multicomponent laser borided layer is better than continuously borided
layer. In similar manner corrosion resistance is also better.
Studies on development of microalloyed cast steels
Supervisor Candidate
Dr.S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, Professor Mr.Chokkalingam

The effects of microalloying on hardness, tensile strength, room temperature impact energy and
elongation of low carbon as cast steel have been investigated and compared with non-microalloyed
as cast steel.. The results show that the addition of the microalloying elements in the cast steel in
normalized form increases the hardness to 200HV and tensile strength to 780MPa, while decreases
the percentage elongation to 14% and room temperature impact energy to 14% respectively . This
method of alloying refines the microstructure of the cast steel in as cast form. In this study, Taguchi
method is used to find out the effect of micro alloying elements like vanadium, niobium and
titanium on the hardness and tensile strength of the normalized cast steel. The signal to noise ratio
and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are used to investigate the effect of these micro alloying elements
on the mechanical properties of the micro alloyed normalized cast steel. The results indicated that
in the micro alloyed normalized cast steel both these properties increases when compared to
unmicroalloyed normalized cast steel. The effect of niobium addition was found to be significantly
high to obtain higher hardness and tensile strength when compared to other micro alloying
elements. This research clearly showed that micro alloyed steel has better mechanical properties in
as cast and normalized forms than the non-microalloyed cast steels.

Dry sliding and friction wear behaviour of Aluminium Metal Matrix composites
Supervisor Candidate
Dr.R.Subramanian, Associate Professor Mr.Venkat Prasad

The necessity to develop new materials with better mechanical and tribological properties led to
the development of Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs). Matrix material selected for the present
study was AlSi10Mg alloy and the reinforcements were fly ash and graphite particles of size 53 to 75
m. AlSi10Mg alloy was reinforced with fly ash in varying amounts (3 wt.%, 6 wt.% and 9 wt.%)
along with 3 wt.% graphite to synthesize the hybrid composites through stir-casting technique
(liquid metallurgy). Unreinforced aluminium alloy as well as aluminium alloy reinforced with 3 wt.%
graphite (Al/3Gr) were also cast for comparison with the hybrid composite. Optimization of EDM
parameters for Al/9FA/3Gr hybrid composite using Taguchi DOE showed that peak current, pulse-
on-time (Ton) and flushing pressure were the main factors contributing to Surface Roughness (SR),
Material Removal Rate (MRR) as well as Tool Wear Rate (TWR) in the order of importance listed.
Multiple linear regression models were developed, which could be effectively employed to predict
the SR, MRR and TWR. Optimal parameter combination, determined by Grey relational analysis for
obtaining the maximum MRR as well as minimum SR and TWR (multiple responses) was 10 A peak
current, 1.5 kg/cm2 flushing pressure and 480 s Ton.

3.4 Consultancy

Amount in
S.No. Name of faculty Industry Title of work
INR (lakhs)
Dr. S.S.Mohamed Expert Opinion on usage
1 N.S.Toolings, Coimbatore 0.01
Nazirudeen of S.G.Iron
M.M.Gears Pvt. Ltd. Defect Analysis of two
2 Dr. P.Gopalakrishnan 0.02
Coimbatore gear samples
Dr.S.S.Mohamed L.G.Balakrishnan & Bros Failure Analysis 0.08
3 Nazirudeen & Limited , Coimbatore
Dr.S.S.Mohamed Larsen & Toubro Limited Failure Analysis 0.02
Nazirudeen Coimbatore
Amount in
S.No. Name of faculty Industry Title of work
INR (lakhs)
5 Dr.V.Balusamy ATS Elgi Limited, Coimbatore Failure Analysis 0.04
Mrs.R.Sivasankari Failure Analysis 0.04
6 ATS Elgi Limited,Coimbatore
Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan Asawa & Co Failure Analysis of a gear 0.30
Dr.V.Balusamy Coimbatore box
Dr.S.S.Mohamed Amarjothi Spinning mills Fire Damage Analysis
8 Nazirudeen Ltd., Erode Report
Mr.K.Thillairajan Aquasub Engineering Hardenability Stdies 0.09
Dr.S.S.Mohamed Adwaith Laksmi Industries Metallographic Analysis 0.03
10 Nazirudeen Coimbatore
Dr.S.S.Mohamed Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd,
Failure Analysis 0.03
11 Nazirudeen Erode
Dr.V.Balusamy ATS Elgi Limited Failure Analysis 0.03
Mrs.R.Sivasankari Coimbatore
Mr.K.Thillairajan Aquasub Engineering Hardenability studies 0.03
Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan Ropeway and Resorts Failure analysis on rope 1.00
Dr.V.Balusamy Private Limited, Kolkatta car return sheave shaft
Dr.R.Subramanian Pricol, Coimbatore Failure Analysis 0.04
ELGI Equipment Limited Failure Analysis 0.02
16 Nazirudeen
LUK India Private Limited Failure Analysis 0.06
17 Nazirudeen
Servall Engineering works Failure Analysis 0.02
18 Nazirudeen
private ltd., Coimbatore
Mr.K.Thillairajan ELGI Equipment Limited Failure Analysis 0.03
Mr.K.Thillairajan Servall Engineering works Failure Analysis 0.03
private ltd., Coimbatore
Dr.R.Subramanian Bimetal Bearings Limited Failure Analysis 0.02
Mr.K.Thillairajan Coimbatore
Dr.S.S.Mohamed V.R.Foundries Failure Analysis 0.04
Nazirudeen Coimbatore
Bull Machines Pvt Limited Failure Analysis 0.03
23 Nazirudeen
ELGI Equipment Limited Failure Analysis 0.03
24 Nazirudeen
Amount in
S.No. Name of faculty Industry Title of work
INR (lakhs)
Dr.S.S.Mohamed Sakthi Auto Componenet Pvt
Failure Analysis 0.04
25 Nazirudeen Ltd, Tirupur

3.5 Library

S.No. Library Books Back Book International National Gratis

volume bank journals journals journals
1 Department Library 184 - - - - -
2 GRD Library -
5421 1816 382 1 14 -
Metallurgical Engineering

3.6 Board of studies

S. No. Date Agenda External experts

Discussions on scheme Dr.M.Kamaraj
of PG programme Professor, Department of Metallurgical
2013 regulations. & Materials Engineering, IIT Madras,
Chennai 600 036
1 13.10.2012
Introduction of new Dr.A.Rajadurai
electives for UG, PG Professor , Department of Production
and Research engineering, MIT Chrompet chennai-600 044
programme Dr.V.Muthupandi
Professor, Dept of Metallurgy & Materials
Discussions on syllabus Engineering , National Institute of Technology,
of PG programme Trichy - 620 015
2013 regulations. Dr.G.Bhuvanasekaran
2 31.03.2013 Sr.DGM, WRI, BHEL, Trichy 620 014
Introduction of new Mr.R.Sampath
electives and one Technical Director, Yoke Engineering
credit courses Private Limited ,F21, Sreevatsa Square,
Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore

3.7 Research publications

3.7.1 Papers published in international journals

1. S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, P.G.Venkatakrishnan, T.S.N.Sankara Narayanan, Electroless Ni-B-P Ternary
Alloy castings: Preparation and Evaluation of characteristic properties, European Journal of Scientific
Research, Voll.82 No.4,2012.
2. S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, A.Chandrasekar, J.Anburaj, Solubility of Nitrogen in Super austenitic stainless
steels during air induction melting, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, ISSN 1059 9495,
3. S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, S.Venkatesh, A.K.Shaik Dawood, R.Karthikeyan, Development of Porous
Aluminium Foam for making commercial vehicle leaf spring, Engineering Science and technology, ISSN :
2250-3498, 2012.
4. S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, M.Makeshkumar, P.Dhanapal, Investigation on micro alloyed steels,
International journal of Advanced scientific research and technology, 2012.
5. J.Krishnamoorthi, Balusamy. V., P.C.Angelo, Vinothkumar. R, B.Ravisankar, Diffusion Bonding of Ti-6Al-4V
alloy with Inconel 718, European Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN 1450-216X Vol.83 No.2 (2012),
3.7.2. Papers published in national journals
1. S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, J.Anburaj, R.Narayanan B.Anandavel, A.Chandrasekar, A study of melting
practice of high nitrogen super austenitic stainless steels using conventional induction melting
technique, Indian Foundry Journal, Vol:58, No.5, 2012.
2. S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, A.Chandrasekar, J.Anburaj, V.Balusamy, B.Anandavel A weldability study on
Super austenitic stainless steels using SMAW and GTAW processes, National Journal of Technology,
Vol.8, No.1, 2012.
3. S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, P.Dhanapal, A.Chandrasekar, Multi Response optimization of carbidic
austempted ductile iron production parameters using Taguchie method, Journal of the Institution of
Engineering (India), Series D, Vol:93, 2012.
4. M.Kavitha, Nagalakshmi, Rajesh Kannan, Corrosion behavior of Nickel base superalloy Haynes 230 and
weldment, Journal of Welding Research Institute, ISSN : 0970-447, Jun 2012.

3.7.3. Papers presented in international conferences

1. J.Anburaj,S.S.Mohamed Nazirudeen, R.Narayanan B.Anandavel, A.Chandrasekar, The Influence of

precipitation phases on mechanical properties of aged high nitrogen super austenitic stainless steel
forging, 11 International Conference on High Nitrogen steels and interstitial alloys (HNS 2012, held at
2. M.Kavitha, J.Boopathy, R.Pari,.P.C.Angelo, Preparation on nano fluids by mechanical method, American
Institute of Physics, Conference proceedings, 2012.

4.1. Student strength

S. No. Class No. of students

1 BE Metallurgy - I Year 61
2 BE Metallurgy - II Year 74
3 BE Metallurgy - III Year 74
4 BE Metallurgy - IV Year 70
5 M.E Industrial Metallurgy I Year 16
6 M.E Industrial Metallurgy II Year 18
7 M.E Industrial Metallurgy Part Time II Year 16

4.2. Association activity

Metallurgical Engineering Association

S.No. Topic Chief guest & affiliation No. of Date

1 Steel making in SAIL Mr.V.Senthil kumar, Retail Marketing 120 18.07.2012
Officer, Steel Authority of India
Limited, Coimbatore branch
2 Solvus 2013 Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan 100 22.08.2012-
Professor and Head 24.08.2012
3 Teachers Day Event Dr.V.Balusamy, Associate Professor, 46 05.09.2012
Dept. of Metallurgical Engg., PSGCT
4 A national level Shri.N.Dhanasekaran, NDT 170 05.01.2013-
workshop on consultant, Trichirappalli and students 06.01.2013
Nondestructive testing Shri.S.Gunasekaran, senior engineer, from 32
welding research institute (WRI), engineering
BHEL, Trichirappalli colleges
4.3. Activities of technical society student chapter
The Indian Institute of Metals
S.No. Topic Chief guest & affiliation No. of Date
1 Learning Materials science Dr. Radhakrishnan, Director for the 100 30.07.2012
from Nature Chemistry, Materials and Life
Sciences Team, Landon IP Inc.,
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
2 Prof. Brahm Prakash Dr.P.Shankar, Principal, College of 35 teams from 11.08.2012
Memorial Material Quiz 2012 Engg, Savita University, Chennai 14 schools
3 Microstructure - Property Dr.Vaidehi Ganesan, Senior 120 16.08.2012
Correlations in Materials and Scientist, Indira Gandhi Centre for
Engineering Components Atomic Research, Kalpakkam
4 Recent Trends in Furnace Dr. Shantanu Chakrabarti, Ex- Head 100 23.08.2012
Technology Technologist, Coated Product
Division, TATA Steels, Jamshedpur
5 Role of Metallurgist at Dr. Elayaperumal, Metallurgy 100 24.09.2012
design stage of large scale Consultant , Mumbai
process Industry
6 Deformation and Fracture Prof.Jacques Foct, Univesite de 250 26.09.2012
Science et Technologies De Lille,
De Ascq Cedex, France
7 Release of Magazine, Dr.S.S.Ramakrishnan 100 01.10.2012
MET HUB Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Karunya University, Coimbatore
8 Functional Structure Dr.R.Arockiakumar 60 26.11.2012
Materials Functional Structure Materials
High Temperature Materials Unit
National Institute of Materials
Science (NIMS), JAPAN

4.4. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities


S.No Name Roll no Post/Rank

1 M.Manibharathi 12Y115 Cadre
2 P.Mohan Kumar 12Y116 Cadre
3 Poonthamil 12Y119 Cadre
4 R.Rishi Harsha 12Y123 Cadre
5 S.Vijayanivashini 12Y225 Cadre
6 S.Sasipriya 12Y127 Cadre
7 M.Abijesh 11Y101 Cadre
8 R.Dhamodharan 11Y105 Cadre
9 K.Gubendhiran 11Y109 Cadre
10 K.Imayavaramban 11Y112 Cadre
11 E.Gobinath 11Y202 Cadre
12 G.R.Niragulan 11Y210 Cadre
S.No Name Roll no Post/Rank
13 M.Saravana Kumar 11Y217 Cadre
14 S.Nishanth 11Y211 Cadre
15 P.Gokul 09Y104 CUO

2. NSS Name Roll no Post/Rank

1 R.Guhanath 11Y110 Joint Secretary
2 S.Vasanth Kumar 12Y133 Volunteer
3 M.Ashwin Kumar 12Y206 Volunteer

3.YRC Name Roll no Post /Rank

1 S.S.Yuvaraj 09Y133 Secretary
2 S.Mayilvahanan 09Y112 Executive Member

4.Hostel Council Name Roll no Post/Rank

1 S.MayilVahanan 09Y112 General Secretary
2 D.Jawahar 10Y107 Council Member
3 N.Priyadarshini 09Y102 Council Member
4 S.Sethu Prasanth 10Y220 Library Council Member
5 P.Sri Balaji Viswanath 10Y221 Library Council Member

5. Students Union Name Roll no Post/Rank

1 S.Subhachandhar 09Y127 Advisory committee member
2 S.Sethu Prasanth 10Y220 Advisory committee member

6. Sports

S.No Name Roll no Post/Rank

1 U.Thendralarasu 09Y226 Secretary
2 P.Krishnamoorthy 09Y209 Captain-Volleyball
3 D.Gowtham 09Y205 Captain-Hockey
4 K.Gowtham 09Y105 Captain-Kho-Kho


S.No Name Roll no Club/Association Post/Rank

1 R.Arul Vigneswar 09Y202 Rotaract Club Public Relations Officer
2 Kumar Gaurav 09Y110 Pathshala Secretary
3 P.Manikandan 10Y401 CAP & Nature Club Joint Secretary
4 P.Sri Balaji Viswanath 10Y221 Tamil Mandram Joint Secretary
5 G.Pradeep Kumar 09Y214 Culturals Organiser
S.No Name Roll no Club/Association Post/Rank
6 S.Sethu Prssanth 10Y220 Metallurgical Engineering Joint Secretary
Association (MTEA)
7 S.Bhuvaneswari 10Y102 MTEA Joint Secretary
8 R.Soorya 11Y124 MTEA Deputy Secretary
9 Abirami Priyadarshini 11Y102 MTEA Deputy Secretary
10 M.Lalith Kumar 10Y114 The Indian Institute of Joint Secretary
Bommanan Metals (IIM)
11 P.Aparna 10Y101 IIM Joint Secretary
12 Syed Ghazi Sarwat 11Y108 IIM Deputy Secretary
13 R.Sunantha 11Y126 IIM Deputy Secretary
14 M.Lalith Kumar 10Y114 ISTE Joint Secretary

4.5. Awards won by students

4.5.1 Awards won by alumini (world level)

S. No. Name of student Roll No. Event Award Awarded by Date

1 Chandra Prakash M 08Y103 7 Virtual I prize in
World Steel,
Manjunathan S 08Y209 Steel making Grand 19.02.2013
Brussels, Belgium
Challenge Final

4.5.2 Awards won by students

S.No. Name of student Roll No. Event Award Awarded by Date

1 P. Aparna 10Y101 Technical Quiz I prize
Metallurgical 05.09.2012
Engineering association
2 S.Bhuvaneshwari 10Y102 Technical Quiz II prize 05.09.2012
3 S.Bhuvaneshwari 10Y102 Paper Presentation III Prize WDC 14.02.2013
4 K. Mala 10Y115 Paper Presentation III Prize WDC 14.02.2013
5 K.C. Sowmiya 10Y126 Materials Quiz III Prize ISTE 11.08.2012
6 Tripti Kumari 10Y132 Paper presentation I Prize Metallurgical
Prasad Engineering association
7 Tripti Kumari 10Y132 Paper presentation II Prize
WDC 14.02.2013
8 Tripti Kumari 10Y132 Table Tennis III Prize Centies-KPR Engg.
Prasad College
9 B. Bhanushree 10Y203 Metallograph I Prize Metallurgical
Engineering association
10 P. Divya Janani 10Y205 Kho-Kho II Place Intra College(PSG Tech) 13.08.2012
11 S. Kalaivani 10Y209 Paper Presentation I Place Solvus 24.08.2012
12 S. Kalaivani 10Y209 Paper Presentation II Place WDC 14.02.2013
13 Lakshmi Suresh 10Y211 Paper Presentation I Place WDC 14.02.2013
14 Lakshmi Suresh 10Y211 Industrial Problem I Place Metallurgical
Solving Engineering association
15 L. Nirmal Raj 10Y214 II Place WOOTZ 4 04.03.2012
16 P.Sri Balaji 10Y221 Metallography I Place Solvus 24.08.2012
17 Viswanath
N.Venkata 10Y130 Industrial Problem II Place
WOOTZ 4 04.03.2013
Vignesh Solving
S.No. Name of student Roll No. Event Award Awarded by Date
18 M. Santhosh 11Y442 General Quiz I Place Solvus 24.08.2012
19 M. Santhosh 11Y442 Metallography I Place Kriya13 05.02.2013
20 M. Lalithkumar 10Y114 Metallography II Place Solvus 24.08.2012
21 Bommannan 10Y114 1 Minute RJ I Place Intrams 16.09.2012
22 Manibharathi M 12Y115
23 Shenkis J 12Y128
24 Pradeep Raj K 12Y219
25 Ragul R 12Y122
26 Karthik Raja A 12Y113
27 Nagarajan K 12Y217 3rd Place Civil tournament,
Cricket 15.02.2013
28 Gaddam Arun PSG Tech
29 Mahendran P 12Y114
30 Om Kumar Singh 12Y117
31 Mohan Kumar P 12Y116
32 Arul A 12Y105
33 Abishek C 12Y201
34 Ramesh Krishna U 12Y220
35 Arun Karthik S 12Y205 Story, Screen Play 1st Place
Hostel day 09.03.2013
36 Ajith Kumar S 12Y101 and Direction of a
37 Sivaganapathy Short film
38 2nd Place Annual Sports Day,
Pradeep Raj K 12Y219 Javelin Throw 07.03.2013
PSG Tech
39 Vijayanivashini S 12Y225 Kit Layout 2 Place
40 English essay
Vijayanivashini S 12Y225 2nd Place NCC Interwing
writing 15.03.2013
41 Vijayanivashini S 12Y225 rd
Foot Drill 3 Place
42 Sasipriya S 12Y127

4.6. Final year project work

4.6.1. PG Project

S.No. Roll No. Name Title Guide Industry /Institute

1 11MY01 S.Anbhu Rheo casting of Al-Si alloy Mr.J.Anburaj -
2 11MY02 T.Arun Magnetically impelled ARC Mrs.R.Sivasankari -
Nellaiappan BUTT Welding and
Characterization of Low
alloy steel (T11) tubes
3 11MY03 S.Dhanasekhar Study of weldability of Dr.V.Balusamy Vikram Sarabhai
nickel base super alloy Space Centre,
67Ni19Cr4W (XH67) by Trivandrum,
GTAW process Kerala
4 11MY04 T.Dhilip High Temperature Dr.V.Balusamy Honeywell
Prabhakaran Oxidation Resistance Technology
coating for Turbo charger Solutions Lab Pvt
application Ltd, Bangalore
S.No. Roll No. Name Title Guide Industry /Institute
5 11MY05 C.Durendran Development of Dr.S.S.Mohamed -
Functionally Graded Al-Si Nazirudeen
Alloys by cast decant cast
6 11MY06 M.Iyyappan Development of Strong Mr.K.Thillairajan -
and Tough Bainite in
medium carbon steel Co-
Alloyed with Al and Co in
Shorter transformation
7 11MY07 Jayakrishnan Particle size effect on Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan -
Nampoothiri heterogeneous nucleation
and grain refinement of
Mg-3 Al alloys
8 11MY08 Synthesis and Mr.T.Satishkumar -
S.G.S.Karthikeyan Characterization in IN-Situ Dr.K.R.Ravi
9 11MY09 K.Loganathan Mechanical and wear Dr.R.Subramanian CSIR-NIIST
properties of calcium Material Science
added Mg-Si alloys and Tech Dvision,
10 11MY10 S.Muralidharan Study on Aluminium alloy Mr.J.Anburaj -
produced by direct
thermal method
11 11MY11 R.Rajeshkumar Grain refinement of Dr.V.Udhayabanu -
Aluminium Graphite Dr.K.R.Ravi
composite using friction
stir processing
12 11MY12 K.Ravichandran Mechanically induced Mr.A.Gowrishankar -
phase transformation in Ni Dr.V.Udhayabanu
based binary system using
high energy ball milling
13 11MY13 P.Sankar Synthesis of Nano Mr.J.Krishnamoorthi -
Subbaiah crystalline MgO powders Dr.V.Udhayabanu
using high energy ball
milling and subsequent
heat treatment
14 11MY14 P.Sasikanth Development of Dr.P.C.Angelo -
functionally graded Mr.J.Anburaj
materials by castdecant
casting technique
15 11MY15 P.Sathis Kumar Optimisation of foamimg Dr.S.S.Mohamed -
agents for production of Nazirudeen
aluminium foam
16 11MY16 T.V.Srinivasa Simulation of thermal Mrs.M.Kavitha Honeywell
perumal properties of stainless Technology
steel alloyed with copper Solutions Lab Pvt
and molybdenum Ltd, Bangalore
S.No. Roll No. Name Title Guide Industry /Institute
17 11MY17 R.Sudhish Physical Simulation of heat Dr.V.Ramaswamy Vikram Sarabhai
affected zone of 18 Ni 250 Space Centre,
maraging steel welding in Trivandrum,
a tubular furnace Kerala
18 11MY31 N.Vigneswaran Comparative studies of Mr.N.Esakkiraja Best Heat
carbonitriding and ferritic treatment
nitrocarburizing of steel Services,
and Alloys Coimbatore

4.6.2. UG project (regular)

S.No. Roll No. Names Title Guide Industry

1 09Y101 Ahmadu navfal S Study of heat treatment
09Y102 Chenjor sona process parameters in Dr.V.Ramaswamy DMRL,
10Y424 Rajavignesh S banitic steels Hyderabad

2 09Y103 Ganesh kumar A C Studies on impact toughness

09Y109 Karthick N K of DSS based on the Mr.K.Thillairajan
09Y116 Naveen S austenite ferrite ratio -
09Y117 Pownsamy U
3 09Y114 Mohanraj N Effect of cyclic extrusion and
09Y214 Muralidharan K compression on hardness, Mr.J.Krishnamoorthi
09Y227 Thinesh kumar S tensile strength and -
09Y204 Arun kumar P corrosion rate of IMI 834
titanium alloy
4 09Y104 Gokul P Effect of addition of minor
09Y211 Krishnamoorthy P alloying elements on grain Mr.T.Satishkumar
10Y423 Raja V P refinement of magnesium
09Y203 Arun K alloys
5 09Y105 Gowthaam K Synthesis and
09Y106 Gowtham balaji R characterization of Ni-Al2O3 Mr.A.Gowrishankar
09Y133 Yuvaraj S S thin film coating by pulsed -
09Y122 Santhosh sivan M electrode deposition
6 09Y107 Indhuja shree G Characterization of
09Y108 Kandhapriya V magnetically impelled arc Ms.R.Sivasankari
BHEL, Trichy
09Y115 Nandhini P butt welded (MIAB) low
carbon steel weldments
7 09Y110 Kumar Gaurav Synthesis and Ms.M.Kavitha
09Y130 Venkatram characterization of Sr-Zr
prakash A Hydroxyapatite. -
10Y403 Sanjay G
09Y228 Vijayganth G
8 09Y111 Manshiya P A comparative study on Al-
09Y121 Sandhiya S A 7Si alloy produced by Dr.S.S.Mohamed
09Y209 Janica devi J Rheocasting and gravity die Nazirudeen
09Y219 Rashmi C casting.
S.No. Roll No. Names Title Guide Industry
9 09Y112 Mayil vahanan S A study on weldability of Materials &
09Y118 Rajivprasath K 15Cr-5Ni 3.5 Cu PH stainless Dr.V.Balusamy Metallurgical
10Y421 Arunkumar S steel welded by GTAW. Group[MMG]
10Y401 Manikandan P Vikram
Sarabhai Space
10 09Y119 Ramakrishanan P Comparative study of gravity
09Y215 Naveenraj N die casting, squeeze casting Mr.J.Anburaj
09Y224 Srinath K S & Rheocasting of Al-4Cu
10Y426 Vishnu vardhan H alloy.
11 09Y120 Renish S Repeated upsetting and Dr.V.Udhayabanu
extrusion (RUE) for
aluminium graphite
12 09Y123 Seenivasan R Synthesis of electro-catalytic Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan
oxides by spray pyrolysis.
13 09Y124 Siddartha Synthesis and
SrinivasanN Characterization of Li-Doped
09Y205 Balaji ZnO by sonalysis. Dr.R.Subramanian
Vigneshwaran K -
09Y217 Prithiv M
10Y425 Venkatesh K
14 09Y128 Udhayakumar P Synthesis and
09Y206 Deepan N characterization of Co- Dr.R.Subramanian
09Y207 Gawtham D Doped ZnO coloured -
09Y216 Pradeep kumar G ceramic) by hydrothermal
15 09Y131 Vigneswaran B MIAB welding and
09Y201 Abishekh R V metallurgical Dr.V.Balusamy
09Y223 Sivabalan S characterization of low -
10Y402 Rajesh kumar R carbon low alloy (TII) steel
16 09Y210 Koushik T Ternary alloy containing Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan
lesser quantity of platinum
for direct ethanol fuel cell
17 09Y213 Manuvidhya R Oxidation and hot corrosion
09Y218 Priyadharisini N resistance of Ni based super Dr.P.C.Angelo -
09Y222 Shiny Philip alloys
18 09Y220 Rinesh H Synthesis and Mr.N.Esakkiraja
09Y226 Thendralarasu U characterization of Ni-Ti
shape memory alloys

19 09Y225 Syed Subahan I B N Methanol electro oxidation Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan

on transitional metal nitrides
in direct methanol fuel cells
20 09Y113 Mohana K B E Tribological studies of Mr.K.Thillairajan
09Y212 Malathy R anodized ADC
S.No. Roll No. Names Title Guide Industry
21 09Y125 Sowmiya T A study on factors Mr.K.Thillairajan Indo Shell Cast
09Y126 Srimathi S influencing the formation of Private
cementitie in thin walls of Limited,
ductile iron castings Coimbatore
22 09Y127 Subhachandhar S Numerical simulation and Dr.V.Udhayabanu
experimental validation of
GTAW of 304 L SS
23 09Y132 Yaadhav Krishnan A Thermo Mechanical fatigue Dr.P.Gopalakrishnan Honey Well
life prediction of D 55 Technology
turbine housing material Solutions
24 09Y129 Vengatesan G Development of insitu Ni- Dr.V.Udhayabanu
09Y202 Arul Vigneswar R Al2O3 nano composites by IIT, Madras
spark plasma sintering.
25 09Y208 Harini K Investigation of wear and Dr.P.C.Angelo
tribo corrosion behavior of
304L SS, Ti alloy and Zr alloy
26 09Y221 Sahyujah S Failure analysis of carbral Mr.N.Esakkiraja Integrated
10Y422 Ashwin V pivot pin, springs and Coach Factory
welded bogie joints in a train [ICF],
compartments Perambur,

4.7. Competitive exam

S. No. Exam No. of students appeared No. of students qualified

1 GATE 20 10
2 CAT 1 1
3 GRE 10 10
4 TOEFL 3 3
4 TANCET 2 2

4.8. Placement

S. No. Name of company No. of students

1 Bharat Forge Limited, Chennai 1
2 CAP-Gemini, Chennai 2
3 CTS, India 8
4 IBM, Bangalore 4
5 JSW Steel Limited, Bellary 17
6 Murugappa Groups, Chennai 3
7 Same Deutz-Fahr India (P) Ltd, Ranipet 2
8 Sterlite Industries (I) Ltd. Vedanta Resources Inc, Tuticorin 1
9 Tata Steels Limited. Jamshedpur 3
10 Wipro Technologies, Chennai 5
4.9. Industrial training and project
4.9.1 Short term training

S. No. Name of company No. of students & Period Area of training

1 Tata Steel, Jamshedpur 3 (UG) 2 months Steel Making
2 VIZAG Steel Plant, 4 (UG) 14 days Blast Furnace
3 Ammarun Foundries, 58 (UG) 31.01.2013 Basic Metal and Steel
4 Defence Metallurgical Research 50 (UG) 26.11.2013 Deveopment of new
Laboratory, Hyderabad materials
5 Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited, 50 (UG) 27.11.2013 Manufacturing
6 International Advanced Research 50 (UG) 28.11.2013 Powder Metallurgy
Centre for Powder Metallurgy
and New Materials (ARCI),
7 Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.(HAL), 35 (UG) 25.01.2013 Manufacturing
8 Carborundum Universal Ltd., 61 (UG) 27.04.2013 Manufacturing

4.9.2 Project work / Internship

No. of students
S. No. Name of company Period Area of work
& course
1 Rashtriya Ispat Nigam 3 (UG) 03.06.2013 15.06.2013 Basic Metal and Steel
Limited, Vishakapatinam
2 Defence Metallurgical 3 (UG) 08.05.2013 - 12.06.2013 Materials Research
Research Laboratory,
3 Hyderabad
Ambattur Heat Treaters 5 (UG) 04.05.2013 11.05.2013 Heat Treatment
Private Limited, Chennai
4 Indira Gandhi Centre 1 (UG) 04.05.2012 11.05.2012 Materials
For Atomic Research, Characterization
5 Integral Coach Factory, 1 (UG) 16.01.2013 23.01.2013 Manufacturing
6 Integral Coach Factory, 4 (UG) 07.05.2013 14.05.2013 Manufacturing
7 IP Rings Ltd. Chennai 5 (UG) 13.05.2013 18.05.2013 Manufacturing
8 JSW Steel Limited, Bellary 3 (UG) 16.11.2012 22.11.2012 Basic Metal and Steel

9 JSW Steel Limited, Chennai 5 (UG) 05.05.2012 - 19.05.2012 Basic Metal and Steel
10 JSW Steel Limited, Chennai 8 (UG) 13.05.2013 24.05.2013 Basic Metal and Steel
11 Larsen & Toubro Ltd., 2 (UG) 13.05.2013 - 04.06.2013 Manufacturing
12 L&T Valves, Kancheepuram 4 (UG) 06.05.2013 - 11.05.2013 Manufacturing
No. of students
S. No. Name of company Period Area of work
& course
13 Rashtriya Ispat Nigam 1 (UG) 14.05.2012 - 26.05.2012 Manufacturing
Limited, Vishakapatinam
14 Steel Authority of India 5 (UG) 19.05.2012 25.05.2012 Steel making
Limited , Salem
15 Vickram Sarabhai Space 4 (UG) 15.05.2013 30.06.2013 Corrosion
Centre, Kerala
16 Kerala Minerals & Metals 5 (UG) 17.05.2013 20.05.2013 Processing
Ltd (THE), Kollam
17 Steel and Industrial 5 (UG) 13.05.2013 16.05.2013 Operations
Forgings Ltd, Thrrisur
18 GTN Engineering, 1 (UG) 09.05.2013 20.05.2013 Maufacturing
19 Bharat Heavy Electricals 2 (UG) 13.05.2013 19.05.2013 Welding
Limited, Trichy
20 Rashtriya Ispat Nigam 7 (UG) 20.05.2013 01.06.2013 Manufcaturing
Limited, Chennai
21 JSW Steel Limited, Chennai 11 (UG) 08.05.2013 14.05.2013 Basic Metal and Steel

4.10. PSG Tech students pursuing higher studies

S. No. Name of student Degree pursuing University

1 Preetam Baabu R B MS University of Waterloo, Canada
2 Shri Nishanth R MS RWTH Aachen University, Germany
3 Pari R M.Tech IIT, Kanpur
4 Nikil Shajan M.Tech IIT, Roorkee
5 Iniya Priya MBA BMSB university, Bangalore
6 Meena Dimple Paul M.E PSG Tech, Coimbatore
7 Sritharanandh G PGDW WRI & PSG Tech, Tamil nadu
8 Pon Sindu A A M.E PSG Tech, Coimbatore

4.11. No. of students passed out

Year UG PG Year UG PG Year UG PG Year UG PG

1983 11 1991 20 5 1999 19 5 2007 32 1
1984 19 8 1992 21 6 2000 6 1 2008 32 10
1985 10 3 1993 24 4 2001 21 6 2009 30 6
1986 19 4 1994 18 6 2002 19 2 2010 38 21
1987 18 2 1995 19 6 2003 30 9 2011 35 15
1988 15 3 1996 31 5 2004 31 9 2012 60 18
1989 8 4 1997 13 2 2005 34 6 2013 70 18
1990 17 4 1998 22 2 2006 33 13

S. No. Activity No.

1. National conferences conducted 02
2. Sponsored research projects ongoing 09
3. Sponsored research projects completed till date 27
4. Scholars pursuing doctoral research 31
5. Total no. of doctorates produced till date 24
6. Book Published 01
7. Papers published in international journals 05
8. Papers published in national journals 04
9. Papers presented in international conferences 02
UG 70
10. No. of students passed out
PG 18