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Name Achievement Test en to the conversations. Look at the pictures. Then listen again and write the letter of the picture that matches each conversation. "Listen to the conversation. Then correct answer. d the movie Baample: Scott o 4. Billy o 5. Kristen o 6, Jessica o 7. Alan c Match the mot Example: an animated film 8. a musical ____ 9. 10. " 12. 13. 14 an action film a comedy a documentary — a drama a horror film _ a science fiction film yen again and check the didn’t ike the movie ” eae oe rem genres with the correct descriptions. has a lot of singing and dancing . gives true facts and information is made with a series of pictures, models, etc . is frightening or scary is funny and makes people laugh tells a serious, emotional story has a jot of adventure and violence . ells a story about something that might happen in the future UNIT 2 = Achievement Test (continued) Name. Complete the letter with words from the box. still for sofar always lately since just_reeently | Dear Nathan, example; How ate you? Ihave recently _ moved to San Diego! T've lived here two months. It's great! Ive wanted tolivein California, Thave an apartment, but I haven't bought any furniture, The neighborhood's great! There's a movie theater right down the street. I’ve gone to the movies six times 1 I've ‘é gotten back from London. It was a business trip. Next week I'm going to Buenos Aires. I'm excited because I haven't been there ___ 1998 What have you been up to ______? Write soon! 2 Your friend, Marsha UNIT 2 = Achievement Test (continued) Name Use the informat the chart to complete each sentence. Write what the people would rather (y/) or would rather not (X) do. v x Anna renta DVD go to the movies Kevin get tickets for the late show go to an early show We see an animated film see a science-fiction film You eat dinner before the show | get popcorn at the movies ‘Amy and Sarah_| listen to Madonna's music| watchMadonna in a movie ample; Anna____Would rather rent __a DVD. 22. Kevin to an early show. 23. Wea science-fiction film 24, You ________ dinner before the show. 25. Amy and Sarah Madonna's music than watch her in a movie. UNIT 2 = Achievement Test (continued) Name a Read the article. Then read it again and answer the questions. THE MOST POPULAR : ove Gen Movie Genre Everyone has their favorite kind of movie. But whot kinds of movies are the most popular? A look at the list of the top ten money-making movies of al time provides some information about the most popular genres. Do you know the genre and ftle ofthe top money-making movie in history? t's 0 dramo, ond the movie is Titanic. Only one other drama hos mode it into the top-ten list. That movie is The Passion of the Chuist, ‘coming in ot number seven. ‘Some dramas really ore unforgettoble, but mast of the movies on the list are action films, science fiction films, ‘or 6 combinotion of the two. These include two Star Wars movies, two The Lord of the Rings movies, E. T. The LatreTenesial, SpiderMan, ané Jurassic Pork. These movies use | ‘adventure, excitement, ond sometimes violence fo ctact people fo them. es There's only one onimated film in the top-ten list. At number ten, i's REE Finding Nema. ‘And here's something interesting: Some of the movies onthe top-ten list have hlrious ports, but none ofthe movies ore comedies. The list does not include ony torr films, documentaries, or musicals, Tare | boswave Games Te] Example Which movie has made more money than any other? Titanic 26. Which two dramas does the article mention? 27. What are two of the genres on the top ten money-making list? 28, What re two genres that are not on the list of top ten money-making movies? Read the article again. Circle the word or phrase that correctly completes each sentence. Esample: There are more (@Famad/ musicals) on the top-ten list. 29. The Passiow of the Christ made more money than (Finding Nemo / Titanic). 30. The article is about movie genres that (have made a lot of money / are thought-provoking or unforgettable) UNIT 2 = Achievement Test (continued) Name — Read the situations. Write at least one sentence for each situation. 31. You arrive late to meet your friend. Apologize and give a reason for being late. 32. Your friend has asked you to recommend a good movie. Describe and recommend a movie you have seen or heard about recently. 33. You are going to a movie with a colleague. Ask about your colleague's preference for @ horror film or romantic comedy.