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Jibachha Sah
M.V.Sc (T.U.)
Jibachha Veterinary Hospital,Bharatpur-
Note the tumours at feather follicle root in early Skin tumors are characteristics lesion of Mareks
stage Disease (MD)
Toe clutching is characteristic symptoms of
mareks disease
Paralysis of birds growing layers birds may
suspect Marek's Disease(MD)
Note the atrophied breast muscle in MD
infected bird, weight loss and sword shape Atrophied breast muscle is also alarming sign of
breast bone are initial hallmarks of disease. MD
Enlarged sciatica nerve are a characteristic
Note the sciatica nerve is normal bilaterally, lesion of MD
when lameness present become swollen.
Note the tumours in proventriculus,there was
Note the tumours in proventriculus and lungs also hemorrhage
Note the tumours in heart and liver
A typical lesion in Marek's disease sometimes
shown in proventriculs known as "Bottle neck
In case Mareks when early diagnosis is not done
and use of aminoglycoside antibiotic and
sulphonamide leads to urates deposition in
ureter,ultimately may birds suffer from gout also. Note tumours externally visible on
Note the prominant tumours lesion in liver, this Tumors in kidney in MD
lesion was shown when 4 th poultry was done
Tumors in spleen, proventriculas Nodular tumors in Liver in MD
and gizzard in MD
Tumor s in air sac in MD