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Vazquez, Sergio

Period 3
Weekly Vocabulary Response

Lesson 24: Words Relating to the Old or the New

1. Antediluvian 2. Contemporary 3. Antiquated 4. Inception 5. Antiquity 6. Innovation

7. Archaic 8. Novel 9. Obsolete 10. Unprecedented 11. Relic

GPS Technology

Most people living in this novel8 period in time are utilizing the Global

Positioning System (GPS) in their daily lives more than ever before. This innovation6 has

transformed countless lives, providing many with precise location accuracy to be used in apps

such as Google Maps for daily commute. Copying directions by hand is now obsolete9 thanks to

GPS tracking that prompts a user the fastest method to arrive to their destination. Having to

memorize routes is also archaic7 now since Google Maps is at their disposal at any given

moment. Smartphones also utilize this contemporary2 breakthrough to determine ones specific

location and matching it with the nearest time zone to provide the most accurate time. The

Sundial is now a relic11 of the past as this newest technology provides more precise and accurate

results. Romans used to operate this antiquity5 to tell time using the Suns location and the length

of the shadows they measured on the sundial. This almost antediluvian1 method of time-telling

has been replaced over the centuries numerous times; however, the GPS is the most veracious

and reliable at this present moment.

The inception4 of this system began in the late 1970s when satellites were first placed in

orbit around Earth although they did not became open to the public until the 1990s. Many people
were skeptical of it when it was first made open to the public because it was unprecedented10 and

practically the first of its kind ever in the civilization of humans. People were unsure how they

felt of other people knowing their precise location and viewed it as iniquitous. This antiquated3

form of thinking has been shut down for the most part as people are becoming more and more

aware of the importance it has in a modern 21st century society.