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Longman Dictionary

of Contemporary English
With 2 fantastic CD ROMs

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English helps advanced learners
understand and communicate effectively.

Teacher Support
• Instant dictionary lessons available on the CD-ROM
• Download extra resources and activities from the Companion Website at
Upper Intermediate — • Help students improve their exam skills by teaching them how to work

with the self-study sections on the CD-ROM.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 4th Edition
Flexi with CD-ROM 978 1 4058 1128 6
Paper with CD-ROM 978 1 4058 1126 2
Paper 978 1 4058 0673 2
CD-ROM Network Version (up to 50 users) 978 1 4058 0682 4
CD-ROM Network Version (up to 100 users) 978 1 4058 0683 1


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ldoce.000 examples natural word show words combinations in meaningful in definitions contexts.indd 3 13/02/07 10:50:56 . and collocation boxes show how words are used together ‘Signposts’ help you find the meaning you want – fast! Clear definitions using only 2000 of the most Word Focus commonly used Boxes and words Usage notes help you choose the right word and avoid The Living Dictionary Your link to living language The only dictionary to show spoken and written frequency – with the 3000 most frequent words Dictionaries highlighted in red. LONGMAN corpus NETWORK 57 56-57 Ldoce. Real life 63. www.

effective concept to expand vocabulary The Longman Essential Activator® isn’t just ‘good’ – it’s ‘perfect’.indd 2 13/02/07 10:51:29 . the arts and popular culture • 80. ‘suitable’ and ‘excellent’ for anyone needing to expand their vocabulary.the Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture is recommended for teachers and learners who want a full language dictionary and in-depth knowledge of English spea- king culture. places. with many full colour photographs Proficiency Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture Dictionaries Cased 978 0 582 85313 3 Paper 978 0 582 85312 6 Longman Essential Activator® Second Edition A unique.000 cultural and encyclopedic entries covering people. • Over 15. every time • Includes the Longman Writing Coach on CD ROM Intermediate Longman Essential Activator® Paper with CD-ROM 978 1 4058 1568 0 Cased with CD-ROM 978 1 4058 1569 7 Paper 978 1 4058 1559 8 58 58-59 Dictionaries. history.000 words and phrases with clear definitions • Full colour feature pages on topics including festivals. • Two colour throughout. Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture Third Edition From the Atkins Diet to the iPod and to Jamie Oliver . as well as the grammar and usage notes to make sure they are used correctly • Clear definitions and plenty of natural examples help learners choose the right word. special days and key events in British and American history Upper Intermediate . • From just a few basic words your students will learn thousands of new words and expressions. geography.

The Topic Activator is a highly effective tool that groups key vocabulary for topics such as the environment. Students learn real-world business English from thou- sands of example sentences which are taken from authentic business sources. IELTS. Vocabulary Building Students can focus on vocabulary for common exams topics. 59 58-59 Dictionaries.longman.indd 3 13/02/07 10:51:30 . whether they are students of business English or people already in work. as well as students preparing for advanced level exams in English. computers and the media. www. Upper Intermediate Writing Skills – Advanced Students can work on improving their essay writing skills with the Essay Longman Business English Dictionary EDITION NEW The new edition of the Longman Business English Dictionary gives students an in-depth knowledge of all the vocabulary they need to survive in today’s fast- paced business environment. CAE. The interactive CD-ROM provides interactive exam practice for BEC and BULATS. which contains relevant vocabulary and collocations for essay writing Longman Exams Dictionary with examples from authentic academic writing. Upper Intermediate Dictionaries – Advanced Longman Business English Dictionary Paper 978 0 582 85312 6 Paper + CD-ROM 978 1 405 85259 3 Cased + CD-ROM 978 1 405 85260 9 Longman Exams Dictionary The Longman Exams Dictionary is ideal for students who need English for academic purposes. Cased with CD-ROM 978 1 4058 5136 7 Paper with CD-ROM 978 1 4058 5137 4 Paper 978 1 4058 1860 5 Exam Practice The dictionary increases your students’ chances of exam success with over 35 hours of interactive exam practice and feedback for FCE. TOEIC ® and TOEFL ® on the Longman Exams Coach CD-ROM.