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Unit Test 6
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.
1 Complete this report with the terms from the box.
bankruptcy / debt / dividend / earnings per share / forecast /
investment / pre-tax profits / profit margin / recession / shares
Overall, it has not been a particularly good year for Bornan Engineering. (1)_______________
are up by only €1.5 million, and the (2)_______________ for the next quarter is rather gloomy.
However, despite the effects of the global (3)_______________, the (4)_______________ have
increased to €0.56, from €0.49 last year. The meeting of shareholders has approved the payment
of a total (5)_______________ of €0.12 per share.

We do not plan to issue new (6)_______________ in the immediate future as we have decided
to halt our expansion in Central Asia. However, we shall continue to increase our
(7)_______________ in plant and equipment in all our markets.

Our performance in Slovenia has improved significantly owing to two factors. Firstly, our
biggest competitor went into (8)_______________. Secondly, as a result of using a new
distributor, our costs fell, giving us a (9)_______________ of 30 percent on our main product
line. We will use any extra cash to reduce the level of our (10)_______________.

2 Study the sales figures in the box. Then write one word in each space to complete the
report below. The first letter is given.
SALES (in $)
12m 8.5m 10.8m 11m 10.9m 11.5m 16.7m 18.4m
In January, sales (11) s_______________ at $12m and then (12) f_______________ to $8.5m
the next month, when they hit their lowest (13) p_______________ in the first half year.

Sales (14) r_______________ to $10.8m in March and then (15) f_______________ between
$11m and $11.5m in the period April – June.

This was followed by a (16) d_______________ increase in July, when sales jumped (17)
f_______________ $11.5m to $16.7m. The recovery continued in August, when sales (18)
r_______________ a (19) p_______________ of $18.4m.

PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2010 Pearson Longman ELT 1

3% 21 A third of the population lives near the poverty line. ____________________ 30 It costs exactly $4. ____________________ 23 Inflation is up by only 0.Like in preceding years. ____________________ 28 Their debts amount to $3. we expect sales to (20) l_______________ off in the next two months. ___________________ PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2010 Pearson Longman ELT 2 . ____________________ 22 About 3/4 of the shareholders agreed.99. For example: They acquired Santol in 1999. SKILLS: DEALING WITH FIGURES 3 Write the underlined numbers in these sentences in words or as numbers. ____________________ 25 Five hundred and fifteen people visited the trade show yesterday. after which they will probably decline gradually over the autumn and winter months. ____________________ 27 They lost one million three hundred and seventy-five thousand euros. ____________________ 29 They’ve postponed the project till 2015.5%.5bn.28%. nineteen ninety-nine Food prices increased by three percent. ____________________ 26 Profit increased by 18. ____________________ 24 They cost ¥380 each.