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Prof. aldo Rodriguez

About the author

Aldo Rodriguez is a Uruguayan Fulbright Scholar, adult educator, teacher trainer, and mentor teacher with fourteen
years of experience in the field of Adult education. He holds an MA in Adult Education and he is currently attending
a doctoral course on Educational Psychology at Northern Illinois University. He also has experience as a researcher
in pedagogical and methodological issues regarding students development, curriculum development, motivation
and assessment, having presented nationally and internationally in several conferences, seminars and meetings.

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Thematic unit:


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Conversation circle: the teacher sets 5 seats at the front of the class. Teacher invites 5 students to go
to the front and discuss a question for 2 minutes. All the students sitting at the front must
participate; the rest of the class must remain silent. After the discussion ends, 5 new participants sit
at the front and discussion continues.

Situation: There is a worldwide competition to decide which of the four inventions on page 2 of
Macmillan Topics Communication is the most valuable. Which one do you think it is? The computer?
The telephone? The radio? Or the TV? Give reasons to support your answer

1. During the competition judges gave the reasons that follow in favor of one or the other.
Work in pairs and decide what the judges were referring to: the computer, the telephone,
the radio or the TV. Be prepared to say why.

1- It was one of the most important inventions because we could talk to people that were far away
from where we were.
2- In some countries, this product has revolutionized the market. Some companies became
paperless and that contributed a lot with the protection of the environment. Bill Gates was one
of the pioneers in this movement.
3- I believe it was the most salient invention for its time. Even though it does not have an image,
you can get the latest news instantly and you can use it wherever you want.
4- I think that after the radio, this was the most important gadget as we could actually see what
was going on in many parts of the world.
5- It also helps informal learning. Nowadays there are shows that help you understand the nature,
the animals, and people.
6- It was interesting how the size changed over the years. My grandfather used to have a very big
one that worked with very big batteries but now my son has one that is a pocket one and he
uses it with earphones.
7- The digital era has made important modifications to it. Now we have some more features like
voicemail, answering machine, and you can also identify who is trying to reach you.
8- For me, it is the most outstanding invention as it has impacted not only on science but also on
other areas like writing. With the new social networks things like nodding, hugging, kissing,
shaking hands, frowning, laughing or smiling is mostly done by emoticons than people and that
really is a big revolution.

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2. Listen to 4 conversations and find what is wrong with each person. Write the number of the
problem in the corresponding box below.

1- One of the keys in my laptop keyboard is not working.

2- Loss of the screen display.
3- The camera does not pick up the ambient light properly.
4- The image is blurry on the TV when he puts a DVD movie.

Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker

1 2 3 4

3. These are the answers to the problems in the previous exercise. Match them. You can check
your results at home.

a- The movie is 3D and you are not wearing the 3d-glasses

( Source:
b- Extreme cold (Source:
c- The connector for it may have lost contact with one of the ribbons, or the ribbons themselves
may have broken or damaged. (Source:
d- Reinstall the drivers from the internet

Problem Problem Problem Problem

1 2 3 4

4. This is a problem a person encounters with his laptop. Read it and give him some piece of
advice. You have some useful language to help you.

I had my laptop on my lap, and as I turned around, the laptop almost dropped to
the ground, causing me to grab it by the keyboard to prevent it from falling. I
thought everything was okay, until I pressed the "c" key and discovered it didn't
Useful language:

If I were you, I would I would recommend you to.

You should I think you may

Why dont you I think you can

Rodriguez, A. Page 4
1: Read the text on page 3 Macmillan Topics 4: These are some examples of good
(Communication) and answer the following communication. Complete the phrases with
questions. phrases from the box below.

1- How many kisses do people in Paris give? 1- If you ___________ a present, say thank
2- Do you know any place where people kiss? you.
Which place? 2- Whenever you _________ by a new
3- In which situations do people shake hands customer, say good morning.
in your culture? 3- When talking to a girl it ________ to be of
4- What other ways of communicating and bad manners to ask the age.
greeting people do you have in your 4- If you go to the US, physical contact,
country? __________ to exist between people you
5- Is the way we greet affected by gender? dont know.
5- If you go to Brazil, you will ________ more
2: Mark these words related to feelings either than once.
with a smiling face or a sad face 6- Rubbing noses __________ in our culture.
Happy excited amazed
interested embarrassed intimidated
nervous thrilled bothered
sad ridiculous astonished
is said
is not supposed
3: How would you feel in these situations? Use are given
the words from the previous exercise to be kissed
complete answer these questions. is not used
1- If you kissed a person and accidentally are approached
rubbed his/her nose?
2- If you hugged a friend you have not seen for
a long time?
3- If you had an important meeting with the
President of the country?
4- If your favorite singer visited your school?
5- If you were told to say some words during
his/her visit?

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Writing Activity:

Pre-writing 1: There are some situations described below. Which ones are embarrassing for you?

- Your teacher asks who studied for class and you are the only one who didnt
- You go to the store to buy some stuff and when you pay with your credit card the payment is
- You go dancing with friends and you get buzzed
- Your parents look at your personal messages, emails, and browsing history on your computer.
- Your friends invite you to practice a sport and you are the worst player of the team.

Pre-writing 2: Why do you think the chosen are embarrassing situations? Discuss in groups of three
students, take notes, and write a short justification.


Pre-writing three: Think of your own embarrassing situation and jot down some information.

The embarrassing situation was:

When? Where? Who with? What happened? Why embarrassing?

Rodriguez, A. Page 6
Write about an embarrassing situation you went through in your life. Tell when it was, where it was,
were you alone or with more people, what happened, and why it was embarrassing.

There are many situations in life that are quite embarrassing. The
one I am going to write about happened when

At that moment I was _________________________________________________


And what really happened was that


It was absolutely embarrassing because


Reflection: Complete the following phrases with easy, not so easy, OK, mildly difficult, difficult, or
impossible to be performed.

This writing activity was:

The process we used to do the task made it:

The topic was:

Without the pre-writing activities the writing activity would have been:

Rodriguez, A. Page 7

Divide the class into six groups. Each group is going to be assigned a different way of communicating
of the ones described on pages 4-5, Macmillan Topics (Communication): emails, Messenger, the
Internet, Google, e-commerce, and blogs.
The groups read the information given to each of the means of communication and they are going
to discuss on at least one or two more positive aspects of the means and at the same time the
members are going to think of feasible ways to overcome the criticism toward that means.
The groups choose one spokesperson to represent the group.
In turns, the different groups are going to defend their means of communication. After all the
groups present their findings the whole class writes down the name of the means of communication
whose arguments were stronger.

Extension and opportunity for self-directivity

After having read and listened to all the arguments in favor or against each of the six means of
communication, the students individually choose one of them and write a short explanation for their
choice. Students need to go further in their research and add new information from new sources they

This can be an example

In my opinion, XXXXXXXX is the most important/essential/revolutionary/ outstanding/ relevant/ means

of communication in modern times.

Some of the reasons for my choice include the following. First, . Second, .. . Third, .
Finally, .

In conclusion, .

Your opinion about the future

How do you envision communication in the future? What would the new means of communication be?

Working with the group from class, create and design a new means of communication that might be
used in the future. Make a presentation including visual aids, the purpose of the invention, the cost, the
impact on society, and its usefulness. Your presentation should be about 15 minutes long.

Rodriguez, A. Page 8
Vocabulary in context

1- There is an article about Safe Surfing the Internet, read the part of the article transcribed below, and
fill in the blanks with the corresponding word or phrase from the bubble.

Log off junk mail pals stranger curious join spam

when using the computer, and especially when you are connected to the internet it is important that
you are very careful with the way you use it. One sensible precaution you have to take is that when you
receive (1)_________________ or mail that you do not trust you should discard it. Also, when you
receive mail from one of your (2) _______________ but the subject is not clear or somehow weird you
should discard it anyway. It is more likely that if the sender is a (3) ______________ the message might
be (4) ___________. Sometimes, being a (5) __________ surfer is the main cause to be bombarded with
viruses. That is why it is so essential to (6)_______________ secure web pages and do not forget to
(7)______________ when you finish using your computer.

2- A-Look at these peoples profiles and write next to them whether they might be familiar or not with
chat rooms.

a- Sofia is a 60-year-old grandma. She had not been much acquainted with technology until her
grandson moved to another country. At that moment, she started communicating with her
grandson electronically.
b- Robert is a 12-year-old digital-native kid. He started using computers at the age of 2. He now has
an XO computer, he also uses a cell phone, and an ipod all day.
c- Alba is a grown up woman. She neglects technology as a useful tool and she believes that means
of communication such as the regular telephone, books or letters were much more creative
than computers.

B- Who might have said what follows? Label the sentences with Sofia, Robert, or Alba.

- Some years ago, it was believed that the telephone, along with the television, were the most
revolutionary gadgets of the time.
- If I had known how easy it was to use a computer, I would have used it before.
- It would have been quite boring if I had been born before computers were invented.
- My dearest grandson told me to take some classes when he gave me a computer as a present.
- If the internet connection fails, it is not easy for me to communicate with my friends.
- Before being acquainted to it, the way I used the computer had been based on trial and error.
- I am now a Google+ user. Google+ was created as a reaction to some social networks.

Rodriguez, A. Page 9
- If social networks hadnt been created, peoples private lives would have been more protected.
- Childrens creativity was killed the day computers were invented.

C- Time to reflect on what Sofia, Robert, and Alba have just said: (Number the sentences 1-9)

- Which of these statements express ideas that are contrary to what actually happened?
- Which of these statements do not have the person who actually performed the activity?
- Which of these statements express something somebody else said?

D- Complete the sentences with your own ideas

e.g If I had lived in Pre-Historic times, I would have missed my cell phone.

a- If the chip had not been invented,

b- Chatting wouldnt have been possible

c-The i-generation emerged

d-Texting became


E- Project
After reading the article Safe Surfing on page 6 Macmillan Topics (Communication) use some of the
ideas the author gives and design a brochure to be delivered on the Safe Surfer Day.

Dont forget to include:

Relevant information
Creativity in the design
Links or web pages you find useful for surfers to safe surf.

Rodriguez, A. Page 10
Look at the following text-message dialogue between Gabby and Dan:

Gabby: Hey Dan, wazup?

Dan: Yo, Gabby! Im gud, u?

Gabby: Gud 2. R u back from DC? How wuz it?

Dan: it was awesome, thanx

Gabby: Wat did u do there? Waz it fun?

Dan: Yea, tons! We went 2c the Smurfs in IMAX

Gabby: OMG, I wanna c that! How wuz it?

Dan: Idk, it wuz aite. Kinda corny.

Gabby: K. What else did u do?

Dan: We went to see the White house. Almost ran in2 Obama!

Gabby: lol! So cooooooool!

Dan: ROTFL, I kno!

Gabby: Soundz like a fun trip

1: Read the text and match the words from the text with the corresponding meaning

Awesome The place where the US president lives

The Smurfs A blue creature

IMAX Wonderful

Corny A cinema

White House Not very cool

2: Answer the following questions:

1- Where did Dan go? How do you know that?

2- Which two places did he visit where he went?
3- What was the Smurfs like?

Rodriguez, A. Page 11
Read the second part of the conversation

Dan: it wuz cool, but those were the only fun thingz we did.

Gabby: Ur bff went2, rite?

Dan: Yea. We had a lot of fun 2gether

Gabby: Thatz cool. Ur glad 2 b back in da city, rite?

Dan: Yup! But itz been crazy hot here.

Gabby: Yea itz hittin 40 2day.

Dan: Yea im stayin inside

Gabby: 4 real

Dan: g2g. ttyl

Gabby: C u l8er.

3: Are these statements true or false? Give evidence for your answers.

1- Dan went with some boyfriends.

2- Dan finds that the city is so hot that he feels a little uncomfortable.
3- If you were with them, you would need to wear a coat
4- In order to prevent from the heat, Dan stays in.
5- Gabby and Dan agreed on talking later that day.

4: Dan has texted you some messages. Answer his messages by using some of the vocabulary you have
learned and your own ideas.

Dan: Hey, waz up?

You: _____________________________________________________________________

Dan: r u happy to b back at school?

You: _____________________________________________________________________

Dan: Wat did u do during da summer vacations?

You: ______________________________________________________________________

Dan: LOL! Ttyl, c u!

Rodriguez, A. Page 12
Lets complete the following crossword puzzle about non-verbal communication.




N- There is a traffic ________ on the corner of the school.

O- The international color to call peoples attention is __________

N- When people are telling something it is not true sometimes they _____ their eyes to show that.

E- The most extreme color to prevent people from a possible danger is _________

R- Ambulances and police cars usually indicate their activity by turning on their ___________

B- Some of the non-verbal language is conveyed through _________ language.

A- When there is soft music in a film, it is usually a __________

C-this color usually expresses depression or a bad mood.

O- it is an octagonal-red and white sign commonly known as the _______ sign.

Rodriguez, A. Page 13
M- This is a typical way of expressing feelings and non-verbal communication. Sometimes it has lyrics.

M- In every public place in Uruguay there is a ___________ sign as a law banning this activity was
passed some years ago.

I-The white lines drawn from one sidewalk to the other at the corner is called the pedestrian _______

A-This is a face

T- Non verbal communication done with the face is by means of ___________

O- _______ are used to indicate direction in traffic signaling.

Take a camera (it can be any camera or your cell phones camera) and go to
the street.

Take pictures of different examples of non-verbal communication.

You should also take pictures of any expressions your friends or your
relatives make to convey meaning.

After you have 15 pictures, representing a wide range of non-verbal

expressions prepare a presentation. Dont forget to include music, and any
other component you consider important. NO WORDS CAN BE ADDED.

In class:

Presentation sharing:

Give your presentation to your teacher

The teacher will project all the presentations.
Take notes of all the common features from the presentations
Think of at least one outstanding aspect other classmate considered (indicate his/her name)

Rodriguez, A. Page 14
Flowers, Colors, and technology as a means to express emotions

The old way?

Look at these flowers. Label the pictures using the words in the bubble.

Rodriguez, A. Page 15




What do these flowers mean? Use the same words from the bubble to complete the following

1- ______________ , when variegated, are used to express that the person you love has beautiful
eyes. If the color is different, the meaning is also different.
2- When many children are birthed out of a family, ______________ are a symbol in the family.
3- Both, humility and return to happiness are represented by the ___________________.
4- _________ are the most commonly known romantic flowers. The darker the color is, the
strongest the flavor of this flower is.
5- When people have a secret desire to be with someone, they send _______________ as a
6- It is a popular flower among girls. They symbolize loyalty and purity. You use ________s petals
to determine if someone loves you and how much the person loves you.
7- ________________ are not only used as flowers which represent best wishes but also as a
8- _______________ have a very ambiguous meaning. They are very popular in Uruguay.
9- A new relationship can be symbolized with a bunch of _________________.
10- The most popular sweet-smelling flower used for weddings is __________________.

Check your answers by reading the text in this link:

What is the national flower in your country? Why? What does it symbolize?

Write a short article (250 words) about it. Find information in the internet, encyclopedias, and books.

Rodriguez, A. Page 16
Flowers were the means to express feelings in the past. They are still in use but with the appearance
of technology there are other ways of expressing feelings. Jot down at least 5 of those:

Way of expressing feelings, when? why? what for?






Task 1- Emoticons are one of the most widely used means to express feelings. Read the ten sentences
that follow and circle the two that are not true.

1- An emoticon is a facial expression made with symbols from the keyboard.

2- An emoticon is used to convey the mood of the writer and to provide context to the words.
3- The word emoticon is the result of the fusion of the words emotion and icon.
4- Emoticons are a new way of communicating feelings.
5- The first person who used emoticons to express emotion was Scott Fahlman as a joke marker.
6- Many sites use GIF or PNG files because they are more transparent and lighter.
7- The emoticon o///o symbolizes a surprised blush.
8- The emoticon (*_*) is commonly used in Western culture.
9- English-language emoticons are also known as anime style.
10- In Japan there is a wider variety of characters that can be used as emoticons.

Task 2- Reading: Go to page 11 Macmillan Topics (Communication) and say whether DS, LP, or EL was
the protagonist of the following situations:

1- The protagonist gave wrong information to another person

2- The protagonist approached a different person
3- The protagonist criticized somebody elses piece of cloth.

Task 3- Mark the following sentences true or false. Give the evidence in both cases.

a- One of the reasons why people get offended is the wrong choice of words.
b- The text can certainly be found on a magazine.
c- D.Ss new boyfriend was so angry that he asked her to break up.
d- LP knew the woman in the car was going to work at his school.
e- EL hugged somebody different to the person expected.

Rodriguez, A. Page 17
f- The main drawback of whale-watching is that peoples actions prevent whales from listening to
each other.
g- When chatting with friends in a crowded room, it is better not to use complicated nor complex
h- Whales are imitating humans behavior.


Listen to four people talking about embarrassing situations they have been through. Number the
sentences to indicate who talks about each of the following situations.

1- He attended a party wearing weird clothes.

2- She talked to the wrong person
3- They were so happy they broke their present.
4- Her dog bit her boss.


Listen to the four people again and take notes.

When? Where? Who with? What happened?

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

Speaker 4

Rodriguez, A. Page 18
Task 1- Read the story of English on pages 12 & 13 Macmillan Topics (Communication) and put the
following events in order:

- British English mixed with Native American words due to the need of new words to name new
- American English strongly influences British English.
- The British Empire expanded immensely and so the English language did.
- People went west to look for gold.
- The US became a cosmopolitan country as a result of the immigration from varied countries.
- People emigrated from Britain as a consequence of their religion.
- Mark Twain used African-American language in one of his books.
- Some varieties of English were created.
- Asian English became part of British English.
- The United States became independent from Britain.
- English became the language of the government.

Tasl 2- Look at the following phrases and decide whether they are part of American English or British

Elevator colour film movie queue sidewalk mom apartment centre cookie

Favorite store shop cellphone Shopping centre line rubbish mailman postman

American English British English

Rodriguez, A. Page 19

Task 1: Complete the following chart by writing the corresponding name next to each invention. The
names are in the bubble below the chart. There are two extra names you do not need to use.

Invention Inventor
The Ipod
World wide web (www)
Computer chip
Cell phone
Wi Fi
The Photo Camera
The digital Camera
The webcam
The USB flash drive

Cambridge University Tim Barnes-Lee Apple Inc. Jack Kilby

M-Systems/Phison Electronics/Trek Technology/Netac Technology Steve Sasson

Fusajiro Yamauchi Vic Hayes Martin Cooper Frederic Scott Archer

Sir John Harrington Niklas Zennstrom & Janus Friis

As it is said in the previous task there are two extra names. Which of the following items did those two
people invented?

Rodriguez, A. Page 20
Complete the following texts that may help you find the correct answers to the previous task.

The water-closet was invented in the 16th century during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in England. The
inventor was the Queens godson and therefore he (1)_________ a prominent person at her court. Even
though he (2)_______ most popularly _________ as the inventor of the flush toilet he was a great poet
and politician. The flush toilet was created to dispose human waste by using water to flush it through a
drainpipe. Those drainpipes (3)_______________ to a disposal system or treatment systems.

Many differences in its use (4)_________________ all around the world due to cultural variations. For
example some trains in Europe are not using the vacuum system. As a consequence, flush toilets
(5)______________________ only on the go and outside big cities. However, these trains are quite
(6)___________________ nowadays. In the US the governments (7)___________________ with the
water that is used in each flushing, so many laws (8)____________________ to reduce the amount of
water used and protect the environment.

Nintendo was founded in the 19th century. The game (9)______ originally _________ with cards and
each card was hand-made. Nintendo was developed into a videogame by the founders son in law and
later president of Nintendo Co which (10)__________________ as the third most important company in
Japan. However, the company has expanded into a wide range of areas including hotels, taxis, and a TV
network. The electronic era of Nintendo is set in 1974 when the first color video game was produced.
Nowadays, three-dimensional videogames have been produced by this remarkable company.

Obsolete became has been concerned

is known Was played have been passed

has been listed are permitted

Must be connected have been adopted

Rodriguez, A. Page 21
What are the advantages and disadvantages of face to face communication?

Group work: Get in groups of three students and jot down at least three advantages and three
disadvantages of face to face communication. Include the reasons for your choices.

Advantages of face to face communication Disadvantages of face to face communication

Working in the same groups, write a paragraph about the advantages of face to face communication.

Face to face communication has some advantages. ___________________________________________


Now, on your own, write a paragraph about the disadvantages of face to face communication. Dont
forget to include a topic sentence.


Now, write an essay on the advantages and disadvantages of face to face communication. Include:

- A first paragraph introducing the topic.

- A second paragraph talking about the advantages
- A third paragraph talking about the disadvantages
- A fourth paragraph stating the conclusion.

Rodriguez, A. Page 22
Legend of Icarus

In order to escape the Labyrinth, Deadalus made a set of wings

for his son and himself. The wings were forged out of wax and
feathers. With the wings, the father and son were able to fly
out of the Labyrinth to freedom. Before alighting, Deadalus
gave his son a serious warning. He told him not to fly too close
to the sun. If he were to do so, Deadalus explained, the wax
that held his wings together would melt, rendering them
useless, and Icarus would fall from the sky to his death.

Icarus, however, was overcome by the incredible feeling

of flight. He was so taken by the experience, the he flew
higher and higher. He flew so high that he became perilously
close to the sun. Just as his father warned him would happen, the wax within his wings was rendered
into a useless liquid. The wings fell to pieces and Icarus descended from the sky. The water into which
Icarus is said to have fallen is near Icaria, a Grecian Island in the Aegean Sea. The island is named for
the legendary flying man. Icaria is southwest of the island of Samos


Read the Legend of Icarus and put the following events in order.

a. Deadalus thought of possible ways to escape from there.

b. People gave the island the name of the character.
c. Icarus didnt pay attention to his fathers warning.
d. He came up with an idea, he thought of making some wings for him and his son.
e. The wings melted and he fell down from the sky.
f. Deadalus and Icarus were put in the Labyrinth.
g. He fell into the water near Greek.
h. Deadalus made some wax and feather wings.

1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8-

Rodriguez, A. Page 23
LEONARDO DA VINCI from churches to fortresses). His studies from
this period contain designs for advanced
The illegitimate son of a 25-year-old notary, Ser weapons, including a tank and other war
Piero, and a peasant girl, Caterina, Leonardo vehicles, various combat devices, and
was born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy, just submarines. Also during this period, Leonardo
outside Florence. His father took custody of the produced his first anatomical studies. His Milan
little fellow shortly after his birth, while his workshop was a veritable hive of activity,
mother married someone else and moved to a buzzing with apprentices and students.
neighboring town. They kept on having kids,
although not with each other, and they Alas, Leonardo's interests were so broad, and he
eventually supplied him with a total of 17 half was so often compelled by new subjects, that he
sisters and brothers.. usually failed to finish what he started. This lack
of "stick-to-it-ness" resulted in his completing
Growing up in his father's Vinci home, only about six works in these 17 years, including
Leonardo had access to scholarly texts owned by "The Last Supper" and "The Virgin on the
family and friends. He was also exposed to Rocks," and he left dozens of paintings and
Vinci's longstanding painting tradition, and projects unfinished or unrealized (see "Big
when he was about 15 his father apprenticed him Horse" in sidebar). He spent most of his time
to the renowned workshop of Andrea del studying science, either by going out into nature
Verrochio in Florence. Even as an apprentice, and observing things or by locking himself away
Leonardo demonstrated his colossal talent. in his workshop cutting up bodies or pondering
Indeed, his genius seems to have seeped into a universal truths.
number of pieces produced by the Verrocchio's
workshop from the period 1470 to 1475. For Between 1490 and 1495 he developed his habit
example, one of Leonardo's first big breaks was of recording his studies in meticulously
to paint an angel in Verrochio's "Baptism of illustrated notebooks. His work covered four
Christ," and Leonardo was so much better than main themes: painting, architecture, the elements
his master's that Verrochio allegedly resolved of mechanics, and human anatomy. These
never to paint again. Leonardo stayed in the studies and sketches were collected into various
Verrocchio workshop until 1477 when he set up codices and manuscripts, which are now
a shingle for himself. hungrily collected by museums and individuals
(Bill Gates recently plunked down $30 million
In search of new challenges and the big bucks, for the Codex Leicester!).
he entered the service of the Duke of Milan in
1482, abandoning his first commission in Back to Milan... after the invasion by the French
Florence, "The Adoration of the Magi". He spent and Ludovico Sforza's fall from power in 1499,
17 years in Milan, leaving only after Duke Leonardo was left to search for a new patron.
Ludovico Sforza's fall from power in 1499. It Over the next 16 years, Leonardo worked and
was during these years that Leonardo hit his traveled throughout Italy for a number of
stride, reaching new heights of scientific and employers, including the dastardly Cesare
artistic achievement. Borgia. He traveled for a year with Borgia's
army as a military engineer and even met
The Duke kept Leonardo busy painting and Niccolo Machiavelli, author of "The Prince."
sculpting and designing elaborate court festivals, Leonardo also designed a bridge to span the
but he also put Leonardo to work designing "golden horn" in Constantinople during this
weapons, buildings and machinery. From 1485 period and received a commission, with the help
to 1490, Leonardo produced studies on loads of of Machiavelli, to paint the "Battle of Anghiari."
subjects, including nature, flying machines,
geometry, mechanics, municipal construction, About 1503, Leonardo reportedly began work on
canals and architecture (designing everything the "Mona Lisa." On July 9, 1504, he received

Rodriguez, A. Page 24
notice of the death of his father, Ser Piero. Architect of the King by Francis I in France. His
Through the contrivances of his meddling half last and perhaps most generous patron, Francis I
brothers and sisters, Leonardo was deprived of provided Leonardo with a cushy job, including a
any inheritance. The death of a beloved uncle stipend and manor house near the royal chateau
also resulted in a scuffle over inheritance, but at Amboise.
this time Leonardo beat out his scheming
siblings and wound up with use of the uncle's Although suffering from a paralysis of the right
land and money. hand, Leonardo was still able to draw and teach.
He produced studies for the Virgin Mary from
From 1513 to 1516, he worked in Rome, "The Virgin and Child with St. Anne", studies of
maintaining a workshop and undertaking a cats, horses, dragons, St. George, anatomical
variety of projects for the Pope. He continued studies, studies on the nature of water, drawings
his studies of human anatomy and physiology, of the Deluge, and of various machines.
but the Pope forbade him from dissecting
cadavers, which truly cramped his style. Leonardo died on May 2, 1519 in Cloux, France.
Legend has it that King Francis was at his side
Following the death of his patron Giuliano de' when he died, cradling Leonardo's head in his
Medici in March of 1516, he was offered the arms
title of Premier Painter and Engineer and


Read this text about Leonardo Da Vinci and answer the following questions.

1- Why was Leonardos life unusual since the beginning?

2- How was living at his fathers home influential in his life?
3- In paragraph 3, the author talks about new challenges and big bucks. What does this phrase
4- Why did Leonardo have problems to focus on a particular subject or study?
5- How did Leonardo manage to support himself after his fathers death?
6- After reading Leonardos biographyWhat is your opinion about the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci
to modern times?

Why were these numbers important for Leonardo?








Rodriguez, A. Page 25
Word Search: In the square there are ten words related to planes. Find them and circle them. Then
complete the sentences that follow.


1- The ________________ is at the front of the aircraft and from there the _________ controls the
2- When preparing for ______________, the _________________ sign is turned on so the
passengers fasten their seatbelts.
3- Planes usually line up until the control tower gives the _____________ permission to
4- Before boarding any plane, all the passengers need to go to the _____________ desk to get
their tickets, weight their luggage, and _______________ the permitted luggage.
5- During the flight and until the planes ____________, the ____________ is working really hard.
They serve food and soft drinks to all the passengers, help with customs and migration forms,
and they are open to any passengers request.
6- Recently, the USA passed a law that states that the ______________ cannot fly again up to 10
hours upon ______________.

For discussion:

1- What would life have been if planes hadnt been invented?

2- Would internet on itself have produced the globalization process?
3- If electronics hadnt been developed, we wouldnt have lost our childrens creativity and joy.
4- If traveling by air were cheaper, there would be fewer accidents.
5- If Europe and the USA hadnt developed aviation, we wouldnt have had planes as a means of
transport nowadays.

Rodriguez, A. Page 26
Look at these words related to different means of communication. In each line there is one that is the
odd one out. Circle the odd one out and say why.

1- Blog web page email Facebook

Why? _________________________________________________________________________

2- XO Ipad IPOD e-tablets

Why? _________________________________________________________________________

3- Hacker smuggler burglar thief

Why? _________________________________________________________________________

4- Ethics Caesar Encrypting number

Why? _________________________________________________________________________

5- Decode write send steal

Why? _________________________________________________________________________

There are several problems in keeping information secret. Write pieces of advice to people who suffer
some of those problems.

1- Hacked passwords

2- Stolen cell phones

3- Lost credit cards

4- Secret codes or language among people talking next to you.

5- Shared credit card information

Rodriguez, A. Page 27
Expressing with Graffiti

The following are some graffiti but they are incomplete. Choose suitable words from Macmillan Topics
Communication page 17.

Include one more example of graffiti you would like about any topic you want.

Rodriguez, A. Page 28
Being a teenager.

In the 1900 Nowadays In the future


- Get in groups of three.
- One of the members is going to be a parent (an adolescent from the past), the other one is
going to be an adolescent (nowadays), and the third member is going to pretend to be an
adolescent of the future.
- Create a dialogue trying to use ideas and language related to each generation.
- Take 10 minutes to create the dialogue
- Whenever you have doubts, ask the teacher for clarification.
- Practice the dialogue for 5 minutes

Rodriguez, A. Page 29
Animal Communication
Look at the video in the link that follows:

Watch the first minute of the video and answer the following question:

This segment of the program is about:

1- How to avoid bad experiences with pets

2- How to know what pets think
3- How to identify a pet.

Watch up to minute 2.30 and circle the words from the bubble you identify in the interview.

Humans animal communication

Mind waves simple

Voice facilitate communication

Loyal picture visualization

Dialogue body language

Rodriguez, A. Page 30
Watch the whole interview and choose the best answer a, b, c, or d for questions 1 to 10.


a- Animal communication is when animals connect among themselves.

b- Animal communication occurs when people understand what the animal wants to convey.
c- Animal communication is a mind to mind connection between a person and an animal.
d- Animal communication is when animals use their sounds to threaten other animals.


a- Animal communication is very effective when linked with intuition.

b- Animal communication is very effective when linked with observation.
c- Animal communication is very effective when linked with systematization .
d- Animal communication is very effective when linked with creativity.


a- Human intuition helps people foresee things that will happen to other people.
b- Human intuition helps people get more money.
c- Human intuition helps people develop oral communication with other people.
d- Human intuition helps people develop body communication with other people.


a- By means of animal communication the expert knows about pets everyday life.
b- By means of animal communication the expert knows about the pets ancestors.
c- By means of animal communication the expert knows about the pets feelings.
d- By means of animal communication the expert knows about what other animals eat.


a- She can also see how animals behave.

b- She can also see the animals personality.
c- She can also see the animals habits.
d- She can also see if the animal is ill.


a- One thing that animals do not communicate is their fears.

b- One thing that animals do not communicate is their feelings.
c- One thing that animals do not communicate is their secrets.
d- One thing that animals do not communicate is their masters secrets.

Rodriguez, A. Page 31

a- The expert works with dogs, cats, and horses.

b- The expert works with wild animals.
c- The expert works with her animals.
d- The expert works with any domesticated animal.


a- She is asked to work with horses to work on their performance.

b- She is asked to work with horses to alleviate their pain.
c- She is asked to work with horses that compete in horse racing.
d- She is asked to work with horses with behavioral problems.


a- She always works in isolation.

b- She never works in isolation.
c- She sometimes works in groups.
d- She doesnt like working in groups.


a- She realized she could communicate with animals 6 years ago.

b- She realized she could communicate with animals 10 years ago.
c- She realized she could communicate with animals 15 years ago.
d- She realized she could communicate with animals a couple of years ago.

Animals and more animals. Animals in everyday language. Read the following idioms about animals
and match each idiom with its corresponding meaning.

- As awkward as a cow on roller skates - To not choose the correct or winning person
- As blind as a bat - To continue fighting a battle that has been won
- Ahead of the pack - Blind
- As busy as a beaver - Very awkward
- As crooked as a dogs hind leg - Dishonest
- As gentle as a lamb - Very gentle
- As gruff as a bear - Very stubborn
- As poor as a church mouse - Smart and clever
- As sly as a fox - unsociable
- As stubborn as a mule - Very busy
- Back the wrong horse - To be more successful than the rest
- Beat a dead horse - Very poor
- Bet on the wrong horse - To support someone that does not win or

Rodriguez, A. Page 32
Complete the following situations with the corresponding idiom in the correct way.

1- We should have supported the other candidate. I think we ___________________________.

2- We were ____________________ when we were arguing with our boss.
3- Pete is as _____________________________________. He is always in front of the computer
and he doesnt like to talk to people.
4- He is undoubtedly ________________________________. He was the best student in the class
and I think he is now the best professional.
5- He didnt use to have anything to eat, he was homeless. He ___________________________
but now he is really rich.

If I had been born an animal, I would have been.Complete the following sentences with your own

If I had been born a tiger, I would have ______________________________________

If I had been born a monkey, I would have ___________________________________

If I had been born a turkey, I ______________________________________________

If I had been born a mouse, _______________________________________________

If I had been born a _________, ____________________________________________

It would have been ______________________________________________________

How your life would have been if you had been born an animal? Write a short paragraph.


Rodriguez, A. Page 33
Listen to Cele who dreamed of being a mythical animal. While listening complete the chart below.


Where she lived

Time of the year she described



What she loved from being that animal

Her favorite activities

Her less favorite activities

Rodriguez, A. Page 34
For the Busy Business-Parent
Whimsical Bedtime Stories for Children of All Ages
Courtesy of Home Office Mall

Reading for pleasure: The Dolphin And The Shark

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a shark named Simon and a dolphin named Dudley. They
lived in the ocean, not too far from a beautiful sandy beach, a tall lighthouse, and a dark, murky swamp.

Now Simon and Dudley knew each other, but they weren't the best of friends! Dudley had two
sisters, and they played together and took care of each other, and were very happy in the cool
blue water.

But Simon swam alone, he had no brothers or sisters, and no one to play with, and that made him
very grumpy. And so he spent his days swimming lazily, feeling sorry for himself, and just being

Simon's favorite thing was to attack Dudley and his sisters. He would dive deep in the water,
lurking near the bottom, and then, when he saw the dolphins playing near the surface, he would
swim as hard as he could toward them and try to bite their tails! But the dolphins always saw him
coming, and they would come up out of the water, and stand on their tails, and whistle and
giggle, the way dolphins do, and they always managed to keep just out of reach of Simons big
sharp teeth.

I don't think Simon really wanted to catch them, do you? Because if he caught them and ate
them, well... he wouldn't have any fun anymore. But you never know about sharks, so Dudley
and his sisters were always on the lookout for Simon the grump.

Rodriguez, A. Page 35
One day, while Dudley was swimming by himself, and Simon was chasing him, they got very
close to the shore. Dudley leaped out of the water with Simon right behind him, and they both
saw something very strange on the beach. There, leading out of the swamp, were strange tracks
in the sand! Dudley stopped swimming, and Simon stopped chasing, and they floated and
wondered about the unusual footprints in front of them.

They had never seen marks like that before! "I wonder if it was a duck billed platypus?" said
Dudley. "I don't think so" replied Simon, "I'll bet it was a Red Breasted Hairy Headed Knee
Walker!". But since neither of those creatures were seen in those parts very often, they kept on
wondering. They thought maybe it had been a Big Bellied Widget Gobbler, or a Black and White
Thingy, or perhaps a Hooty Snooty Crawler. But they just weren't sure what had made those
funny, large footprints!

All of a sudden they heard something coming; something was shuffling along the beach. They
could almost see it now, it was getting closer and closer, and then, there it was! It was even
stranger than anything they had thought of! There, coming at them, getting nearer and nearer

......a by golly great big green alligator, wearing a funny hat and raggedy overalls! And he was

Well, they thought this was the funniest sight they had ever seen, but then, they heard music too!
And the music was getting louder and louder, and out of the corners of their eyes they saw....oh,
it just couldn't be!

There, coming out of the swamp, was a frog playing a banjo! And over there, walking towards
them up the beach was a raccoon playing a fiddle! And soon the three strange animals were right
in front of Simon and Dudley, and the frog strummed his banjo, and the raccoon fiddled his
fiddle, and the great green alligator danced, and they were all having a wonderful time!

Rodriguez, A. Page 36
Simon and Dudley were flabbergasted, and befuddled, and they just floated, and watched and
listened as the alligator danced to tune after tune. And Dudley clapped his flippers, and Simon
applauded with his fins, and they thought they had never had so much fun.

The music and dancing lasted all afternoon, and the sun was beginning to set when the two
musicians and the dancer started to go their separate ways. The frog went back to the swamp, the
raccoon trotted off down the beach, and the alligator went into the rocks near the lighthouse.

The shark and the dolphin watched them go, and were a little sorry that the wonderful show had
to end. And as they watched, they thought about what they had seen.

Simon had been thinking especially hard about what had occured. He had seen three very
different creatures getting along well, and being the best of friends. He had seen how happy they
were together. And he had seen himself floating side by side with a dolphin, both of them
enjoying the same music and dancing. Simon thought about how lonely his life was, swimming
all alone, with no friends, and being grumpy. He had thought very, very hard about these things.
And so, he decided what he must do, and he turned slowly toward the dolphin, and swam very
slowly up to him, and began to tell him what he thought.

The sun was a brilliant yellow as it came up out of the sea the next morning, and the sky was a
beautiful shade of blue. And if someone had been standing on the shore, looking out over the
water, they would have seen four fins cutting through the waves. They would have seen three
dolphins and a shark, but the shark wasn't chasing Dudley and his sisters, he was playing with
them! For Simon had told Dudley how tired he was of being lonely and grumpy. He told him
how badly he wanted some friends. And he told him how wonderful it had been to see the frog,
and the raccoon, and the alligator, playing and dancing and being the best of friends. And Simon
thought that if three creatures as different as those could do it, well, he and the dolphins could

Now they all swam together, and played together, and took care of one another, and were very
happy. And once in a while, when the sun and the clouds and the sea were just right, they would
be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the frog, and the raccoon, and the great green alligator
playing and dancing in the sand.

This story was told to me by a Red Breasted Hairy Headed Knee Walker that I know. You may
not believe him, but I do. I have never known a Red Breasted Hairy Headed Knee Walker to tell
a lie

Rodriguez, A. Page 37
Look at the text A to Z on pages 20-21 Macmillan Topics (Communication) and complete the following

The different steps Characteristics

Working with vocabulary: What do these words in the text mean?

Its (line 2 page 20)

Kanji (line 7 paragraph 2 p. 20)

Ideograms (line 2 paragraph 1 p.21)

Byblos (line 1 paragraph 2 p. 21)

Canaanite (lines 3 and 5 paragraph 2 p. 21)

Greek (line 5 paragraph 1 step 2 p.21)

Rodriguez, A. Page 38
Thematic unit:



relative worth, merit, or importance: the value of a collegeeducation; the value of a queen in chess.

monetary or material worth, as in commerce or trade: Thispiece of land has greatly increased in

the worth of something in terms of the amount of otherthings for which it can be exchanged
or in terms of somemedium of exchange.

4-equivalent worth or return in money, material, services, etc.:to give value for value received.

5-estimated or assigned worth; valuation: a painting with acurrent value of $500,000.


Rodriguez, A. Page 39
What are the most important values for you?

Game: Value Auction


Fake money
Cards with values written on them
A banker that can be the teacher or a student.


- The teacher delivers the money so every student in the class has the same amount of
- The teacher will show a card containing one value, e.g. love and affection. Students bid
until one of them buys it. If the student offers the total amount of money he/she was
given initially then the value is sold to that student.
- When the auction finishes, students can trade their values. For example if I have love
and affection I can sell part of it (some students will still have money) or you can donate
if you want, or exchange with another value e.g. I exchange with a classmate 10% of

After the game is finished the teacher can set a discussion on the role of values in society,
which values are the socially-most valued, which are the ones the students value and why.

You can also include these phrases on the board and ask the students whether they know their
meaning or not:

- Labor market
- Globalized world
- Shopaholic
- Workaholic
- Fashionable clothes
- The ruling market
- Eating disorders.

Note: if the students are not familiarized with these terms, the teacher can ask them to google
them and have a definition for the following class in order to take part in the discussion.

Rodriguez, A. Page 40
What do you prefer?
Buying fashionable expensive clothes or a nice well-fit bargain?

Buying things in a boutique or in a street market?

Going to a shopping mall or to a store?

Asking the seller for opinion about what you are about to buy or do previous research and dont

Lets go shopping! Go to Macmillan Topics Consumers p.3, read the text, discuss the questions
with a classmate. As homework, do consumer spy activity at the bottom of the page.

A very well-known journalist is asked about the new trends on these issues. Here is his
answer. Please, fill in the gaps with one word from the square. There are more than needed.

Well, the way people buy nowadays has drastically changed. It is not like in the old times when
we were ____________; nowadays customers do a lot of e-commerce as they use the
________ to buy things instead of going to the store. A big consequence of this is that people
need to buy things with ___________because __________ is no longer accepted for these

The stores target at a larger audience by promoting their goods in the internet and selling
things at a much lower price. Goods are now very __________, pretty cheap, but also somehow
____________. Things are made to last less. An important role has played the __________ and
______________ of the environment. People now buy ___________ things, with __________
packaging and ____________ wrapping.

Disposable / protection / Window-shopping / resources / preservation / internet / organic /

credit cards / cash / fashionable / recyclable / garbage / reusable / client / manufacturer.

Rodriguez, A. Page 41
In the following two articles you are going to read about two very common problems
adolescents face in modern times: Bulimia and Anorexia. Read the texts and fill in the gaps
with relevant information for discussion.



Bulimia Anorexia

Definition: Definition:

Causes: Causes:

Symptoms: Symptoms

Possible treatment Possible Treatment

Rodriguez, A. Page 42
Fashion of the 1920s.

Fashion of the 1930s.

Fashion of the 1950s 1960s

Rodriguez, A. Page 43
Fashion of the 1980s

Fashion of the 1990s

Group activity: According to the photos given, what were the main characteristics of fashion in
the 20s, 30s, 50s &60s, the 80s, and the 90s? Work in 6 groups and analyze the characteristics
of fashion in each decade and include the present as well. Then, report to the class. While
reporting, the other groups will take notes of any common feature.

For class further discussion: you may need to do some research to answer to these questions.
You can start by reading pages 4-5 Macmillan Topics Consumers.

What are the features of those moments that are still in?

Why was fashion changing? What were the influences on fashion?

How do you see fashion nowadays?How do you envision fashion in the future? Do you know
any alternative fashion like ecologic fashion?

Rodriguez, A. Page 44
Look at these two pictures.

What are they?

a- Just pictures
b- Advertisements
c- Jokes
d- Warnings


Watch this clip:

After watching the clip and looking at the pictures, what do you think about the following?

What is the effect these pictures want to produce on people?

How do they influence peoples behavior?

What type of them do you prefer the most?

Do you remember any ad that was a really good one? Was it printed or filmed?

What is the most persuasive ad you have seen?

Rodriguez, A. Page 45
Go to Macmillan Topics Consumers pp. 6-7, read the article and complete the following

Ads are.

Intriguing ads focus on

Persuasive ads suggest

Challenging ads usually target..

Why does the writer say?

Dont let the advertisers fool you

Why does he put real people between inverted commas?

Why does he say that social conscience ads remind us of the negative side of consumer world?

Why shock ads do not sell anything?


Get in groups of three.

Choose a product you may create.

Make an advertisement for it. It can be a poster or a short clip.

Present the new advertisement to the class the following class.

Rodriguez, A. Page 46
This small car has revolutionized the car industry in the United States and Europe. Enter its web
page and complete the fact file about it.

Smart car facts

Type of Smart cars that exist (go to full page)

Miles per gallon on a Highway

Type of transmission

Safety cell characteristics

Why built small

Ways to connect to Smart car

Other characteristics

Rodriguez, A. Page 47
Go to Macmillan Topics Consumers p.9 and jot down three facts about renting a Smart car that
shocked you or interested you from the reading.

Share your findings with a classmate.

In Macmillan Topics Consumers p. 8 you will find a text about Mobile Soaps. Read the text and spot
the mistakes in the sentences that follow.

Soap operas are very popular in many countries in the world.

People in the Netherlands stay at home because they are soap operas fans.

With the innovative way of airing the episodes, people receive a couple of episodes a day.

Viewers can enter a competition and if they win, they are awarded some money.

This new app is for free for users of a specific telephone company.

The soap company will send updates to the consumer.

As seen in the previous activity phones can do anything and you can do anything with phones.

List some of the things you can do with your phones, smartphones, etc.


Of those things you can do with your phone, which is/are the
most important? Why?


Rodriguez, A. Page 48
From Alexander Graham Bell to the iPhone era. Compare the telephone at its beginning and now.

The old telephone The new telephone


For more information read p. 14 Macmillan Topics Consumers.

For reflection:

Do you think all the technological advances in the telephone were

for good?

Do you see any downside in it?

How has the telephone development changed peoples lives?

How has it affected the methods of payment, information, and


What is your ideal phone? Describe it briefly.


Rodriguez, A. Page 49
Innovation: friend or foe?

What do you consider as the advantages of innovation?

What do you consider as the disadvantages of innovation?

Think of at least one advantage and one disadvantage. Then, share your thoughts with a classmate
and exchange opinions.

The students write on the board the advantages and disadvantages of innovation. Students will
avoid repeating their answers.

Individual work: from all the advantages and disadvantages on the board choose the ones you agree
more from each category.

Some people believe that innovation has also brought some modern problems such as eating
disorders, depression and stress.

Go to Macmillan Topics Consumers p. 21 and read about the three problems.

What are the most common symptoms of each problem?

How does the article suggest facing them?

Which one is the most popular in Uruguay in your opinion? Why?

Do innovation, propaganda, and the media influence these modern issues?


How do you think society can react to these modern social problems?

Rodriguez, A. Page 50
Write a 120-word essay on the advantages and disadvantages of Innovation. These ideas may help

Innovation is considered

Some of its disadvantages/advantages


Some of its disadvantages/ advantages include


In conclusion,


Rodriguez, A. Page 51
With all this innovation, how do we see the world? What is the real state of our planet? Are we
environmentalists? Do we take care of the environment?

Macmillan Topics Consumers p. 15 talks about the topic.

Which are the three main problems the author lists:

1. ______________________
2. ______________________
3. ______________________

Do you agree with those three main problems? Are they applicable to Uruguay? Do you know of any
way to solve the problem that has been implemented in the country?

In some Latin American Countries, the problem of garbage production and poverty are hand in hand
issues. There is an organization that is working on the topic. The organizations name is International

Here you have a video on the problem of garbage, poverty, and childhood and how this organization
addresses the topic:

After watching the video until minute 4, answer these questions, please:

1. Why do people go the dumps?

2. Why Monday is a good day to go?
3. The United Nations estimates that 15 to 25% of the Central American population lives in gross
poverty, true or false?
4. What impressed the narrator most when he went to the dumps?
5. What happened in 1992?

Resume the video on minute 4 and say if these statements are true or false:

1- The organization built 120 simple but new houses

2- More than 200 adults attend the local school and they are given breakfast and lunch.
3- The children celebrate Christmas in July.
4- With housing and food, now children are learning more skills.
5- More than 70 kids daily receive day care while their parents work.

After watching the whole video, get into small groups and discuss possible solutions to the problem of
garbage, childhood, and poverty in Uruguay.

Rodriguez, A. Page 52
Project I:
For the following class, design a toy which is made with recycled materials.

Display all the toys and invite people to see them.

Put all the toys together and take it to an orphanage or children association to
make some children happier.

Project II:
Go to Macmillan Topics Consumers pages 16-17 and do this 4-mission project

Is health an important value for us?

Survey: What is the most important thing for you?

Ask 10 people about the order they would give to these life issues

Money Health Love

Result of the Survey

Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Rodriguez, A. Page 53
Go to Macmillan Topics Consumers p. 20 and read the text.

How is the reality in Uruguay? What are the similarities? What are the differences?

Design a routine of exercise to be fit

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

You also need to design a dietary plan for the week

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Rodriguez, A. Page 54
Thematic unit:


Working life is a thematic unit that is going to be pieced together with ideas from the three books.
However, Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism is going to be the leading one. It is known for everyone
how tourism is a very important industry and source of economic resources for Uruguay. For that
reason, this is the orientation the teacher and the students are going to identify while reading

Rodriguez, A. Page 55
Some jobs:

Look at the following jobs and write means of transport under each job. Some means of transport
can be used under more than one job. (The words are on page 2 Macmillan Topics Travel and

astronaut driver pilot captain rider Ticket sailor


Class work:

1- What is the type of holidays you prefer?

If you like Beach holidays, go to the left corner at the back of the classroom.

If you like Adventure Holidays, go to the right corner at the back of the classroom.

If you like Package Holidays, go to the front corner of the classroom.

2- In the groups that were formed by answering the question discuss about the most memorable
holiday you have ever had. Include who you went with, where, when, what you did there, and
other interesting details.
3- After you finish, share with the class the story you liked the most.

Individual work:

Go back to your seats and draw the following chart on your notebook or portfolio.

Beach Holidays Adventure Holidays Package Holidays

Rodriguez, A. Page 56

Write down ten words or phrases related to each of those types of holidays. You can use words you
remember from the discussion or words you take from Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism p. 2.

The Jigsaw Story

Each student takes a sheet of paper and writes the first line of a Vacation Story. When all the
students write the first line, the teacher asks to pass the sheet of paper onto the next classmate.
The classmate who receives the story can: 1- add something to the sentence written previously; 2-
correct any mistake you spot in the sentence previously written; or 3- add another sentence to
continue the story.

Then, the teacher asks some volunteers to read their stories.

The liar

Read about Richards holidays and find ten mistakes. They

are not grammar mistakes, they refer to the story.

Underline every mistake you find. There is an example


Hi everyone, my name is Richard and I am an American

backpacker and scientist. I came to Uruguay last month
riding my trekking bike. I have been to many wonderful
places in Uruguay because I am carrying out some research.
Now, I am on vacation at Arapey hot springs. I really enjoy the cold water of the swimming pools as
well as the friendly people who live here. In the US I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is the
biggest city in the US. It is so popular among tourists that it is always full of them. Even though I do
not speak English or Spanish I can communicate well there.

Traveling is my favorite free time activity. I have visited many places in the US including Philadelphia,
Madrid, Washington, Young, Denver, and Dover. When I travel I forget about my job as a waiter and
I do many things. If I had had more time when I visited those places, I would have visited more
museums, historical places, and some well-known places for entertainment. I am a fan of
architecture and I really admire how Uruguayans built the new airport in Malvin, Montevideo.I read
it is one of the ten most beautiful airports in the world, and it is indeed.

Yesterday, I had an adventure holiday trip to Arapey Sea and I went fishing, canoeing, and jet-skiing.
It was a lot of fun! I will be leaving Uruguay very soon so I hope I can visit some other famous places
like Colonia, Cordoba, the beaches on the east coast, and some historical places in Montevideo. Well,
I have to leave now, I would like to thank you for your time and I want to say your country is great!

Rodriguez, A. Page 57
Read page 3 Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism and try to guess who has each of the following


Future zoo keeper

Manager in a big company out of town

Elementary school student, businessmens son


Middle school student

Graduate student

Tourist guide

Reading Comprehension

The Graduate student wants to apply for a Retail Store Manager position. Here is part of the ad,
retrieved from
related-to-being-a-retail-store-manager.html. Read it carefully and do the tasks that follow.

What Is a Retail Store Manager?

The retail store manager is an individual who oversees the daily operations of a retail
establishment. That individual is responsible for overseeing the daily work of subordinate
employees, ensuring that customers have a pleasant shopping experience and completing
many other duties necessary to run the store in an effective and efficient manner.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Retail Store Manager?

There are many duties this individual is responsible for completing and each duty in and of
itself is vital to the smooth operation of the store. The first main duty of a retail store
manager is overseeing the hiring, firing and maintaining of personnel. These individuals are
ones who make the store a success and it takes a strong manager to ensure that the perfect
individuals are hired to fill sales associate positions, clerical positions and other important
job titles. In addition to these tasks, the retail store manager must see to it that each
individual is adequately trained to fill their job title and supervise the work that they do
throughout their employment at the store.

Another important duty and/or responsibility of the retail store manager deals with the

Rodriguez, A. Page 58
money that comes into the store and goes back out as well. The retail store manager is
responsible for handling the turning in of cash at the end of each sales associates day and is
required to ensure that all the money is accounted for in the end. In addition, a retail store
manager is usually responsible for paying the employees and ensuring that the paychecks
match the hours worked by each individual. Meticulous records are needed to be kept by the
retail store manager to ensure that all money which has come into the store is accounted for
and sales associates and other store employees are paid as they should be.

Inventory is another responsibility of a retail store manager. Since there needs to be goods
in stock to sell, it is imperative that the retail store manager check the inventory on a
frequent basis and make sure that orders are in when they are supposed to be. In addition to
checking retail store stock and ordering goods, the retail store manager also needs to be
responsible for paying for the goods which are ordered as well as keeping track of how much
is spent on procuring the goods.

One very important duty of the retail store manager relates to customer service
responsibilities. From time to time, shoppers within the retail store will ask to speak with a
manager whether it be to issue a complaint regarding their shopping experience or provide a
compliment to an employee or the store itself. The retail store manager is the higher up
individual in the retail ranks who provides an ear to customers who wish to express either
their pleasure or displeasure regarding an aspect of the store. Therefore, the retail store
manager must be extremely well versed in matters of customer service.

The retail store manager is also the pertinent individual at a retail store who confers with
the higher up individuals on the corporate level. Since the retail store manager is on the
premises on a daily basis, they are the best individuals to let the corporate office know how
that particular store is doing. This relates not only to sales but to employer-employee
relations as well. This individual is also the one who handles occupational safety and
employee relations within the store and relates any issues back to the head office.

Lastly, the retail store manager is the person at a particular retail store who may handle
advertising and promotional displays. The retail store manager is one who must make their
individual store shine when it comes to presenting various promotions in a favorable and
enticing manner. Although they may not be responsible for drafting the advertising
materials, they should be knowledgeable in how to display the information so that it has the
maximum amount of potential possible.

Rodriguez, A. Page 59
What are the main duties of a Retail Store Manager?

Write down at least 9 of the duties described in the text.

Which of those duties is the most difficult to hold and why?


Imagine you are at the job interview with some representatives from the Corporation. Answer the
following questions with your own ideas and taking the text into account.

1- If you were chosen for the position, how would you keep record of the store economy?
2- If a new machine were brought to the store, what action/s would you take with the employees
who would work with that new machine?
3- If you thought some employees are guilty of stealing goods, what should you do?
4- If the store were so crowded that the employees you have are not enough, what should you do?

Sharing what you think

After answering the questions from the previous exercise on your own, get in groups of three students.

Roleplay: one of the members of the group is going to ask the question, the other two students are
going to answer the questions. The student who asks may ask follow up questions to clarify what the
other two students say. Then, students switch roles to continue asking the questions.

Decision: When you finish, decide among the group members, who can be the applicant chosen for the
position advertised.

Rodriguez, A. Page 60
A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant by David Silverstein

(Abridged adapted version) (To be used with Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism p. 4)

A day on the job. For a flight attendant that could mean...a trip to Paris...or an emergency
landing. It can be fun, an adventure, or both...but is it work?

Ive found that working for a major airline this past year has been one of the hardest jobs I
have ever had, and yet one of the most enjoyable. The schedule and the passengers
challenge me in ways I never could have imagined.

But nothing beats hanging out in Las Vegas for 24 hours with a company-paid hotel room
and expense money. The thousands of us flying encounter many different experiences
during the course of a day. This is a day (well, technically a trip) in my life...

For discussion

1- Do you think being a flight attendant is fun, adventure, or something negative?

2- Why do you think the author finds a dichotomous vision of the job, both as the hardest and the
most enjoyable?
3- If you had the chance of choosing any job, would you choose to be a flight attendant?

5:45 P.M. Friday: The Assignment

Among flight attendants, seniority determines status as a lineholder or reserve. Lineholders

have a flying schedule set at least one month in advance; they know when and where they
will work and on what types of aircraft. The airlines use reserves to fill open flying time and
to cover positions vacated by lineholders calling in sick or on holiday. If you are a relatively
new flight attendant, like me, you can expect to sit reserve for a couple of years.

Flight attendants often receive a set schedule (known as a block) after less than two years,
but at some bases, flight attendants can sit reserve for more than ten years. As a reserve
flight attendant, my "work day" begins with a call from a crew scheduler. Each airline
operates differently; at mine, schedulers call reserves on-duty to ask what trips they want
to fly the following day.

7:30 A.M. Saturday: Check-in

This morning, I go down to the crew room below the airport concourse in Philadelphia. Each
base has a crew room complete with couches, computers and supervisors offices. Pilots and
flight attendants also have boxes or folders there for company mail.

Before starting a trip, a crewmember must check in for it. First things first, I use the
computer to sign in for the trip. If you do not sign in an hour before the trip departs, you
are liable to get written up by your supervisor. Since boarding begins 30 minutes prior to
departure, theres not much time to spend in the crew room, but I have a few minutes to

Rodriguez, A. Page 61
check my box for memos and chat with friends. I head to the plane to meet up with the rest
of the crew.

Communication between the cockpit and the cabin plays a vital role in maintaining a safe
environment, and the crew briefings at the beginning of a trip set the tone. Once on the
airplane, Becky, the lead flight attendant, briefs Mike and me on safety procedures,
delegates announcement responsibilities and confirms that we have our emergency
manuals. Afterward, the captain conducts his briefing, reviewing safety-related issues, flight
time, weather, and what he likes to drink.

Ready, Set, Go: Inflight

About 30 minutes prior to departure, the agent working our flight comes down the jetway to
begin boarding. Boarding tends to provide the biggest headache, especially considering I do
not get paid until that door is shut. With a nearly full flight, it is pretty much guaranteed
that space in the overhead bins will go quickly. Tensions mount, but bags need to be

Though the company no longer requires passenger counts, many pilots prefer to have them.
When you see the flight attendant slowly coming up the aisle silently moving his or her lips,
sometimes motioning his or her hands, that flight attendant is taking a count. As easy as it
may seem, it often takes more than one count to get it right.

Once all the overhead bins are shut and the passengers are seated, the flight is ready for
departure. Before shutting the door, the agent hands Becky a copy of the manifest, which
lists first class passengers, passengers with special needs or meals, and gate connections.

We arm the exits, enabling the slides to inflate if the doors are opened. After the safety
video and a final cabin walk-through, the three of us strap into our jump seats and I
practice my 30-second review, which includes evacuation commands and door operation
procedures. It is still a thrill when we taxi onto the runway and the engines roar. You learn
to recognize the strange (and initially scary) noises as just the lavatory toilet seat coming
down or unused hangars banging in the closet.

Once we level-off at 10,000 ft, I head to the back and help Mike prepare for the breakfast
service.. In the back galley, we brew coffee, cook the meals in the ovens and set up the
carts. Since the beverage cart comes stocked with cans of sodas and juices, we just add a
few things on top such as some cream and sugar for the coffee. Once the meals finish
cooking, we begin serving from the front of the cabin to the back.

Finishing the service, I settle in the back row with a book, assisting in the cabin as needed.
Passengers occasionally bring cups and other trash back for me to dispose of as they head
to the toilet, but the remainder of the long flight is a coffee break of sorts for us.

Service in first class is usually more involved. With 12 or fewer passengers on the smaller
jets, it also tends to be more intimate. No carts are needed, and food and beverages are
presented in china and glassware. Various types of people fly first class, but that cabin
mostly fills up with business people and other frequent flyers. Celebrities occasionally make
an appearance. A friend served Sissy Spacek once, and another flew with the members of
the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Rodriguez, A. Page 62
Are these statements true or false? Underline the evidence.

1- There are two types of status among flight attendants.

2- Depending on the flight attendants status, he/she has a different and more or less permanent
3- There is a standardized working day for all the airlines.
4- The first thing a crew member must do is to check his/her mail box.
5- Having a good working atmosphere and connection is essential among crew members.
6- Boarding starts an hour before departure.
7- Some companies still require counting the passengers.
8- He prepares breakfast after departure.
9- The author does not work after finishing the service.
10- The author has met many celebrities while working.

Read the second part of the account and complete the text with the words from the bubble.

Gas, Food, Lodging: The Layover

We arrive in Raleigh-Durham at 8:00 P.M. I take Mike and Becky to the restaurant where I
once waited (1)_________. My old boss gives us dinner on the house, certainly a welcome
treat on our first-year (2)_________. We have an early start again the next morning and
there is not a whole lot to do near the airport in Durham, so we dont stay (3)________

On an overnight, the airline provides each crewmember with his or her own hotel room.
Long (4) ___________ (at least 15 hours off) land you at a decent hotel downtown, near
the beach or some sort of shopping venue. For shorter layovers, you will usually stay at or
very near the airport. My (5)___________, both the pilots and the flight attendants, stay
together the entire trip--layover and all.

Some airlines work a little differently, putting flight attendants and pilots in separate hotels.
The airline also (6) ____________ meals, if you count the expense money paid for the trip.

12:40 P.M. Tuesday: Check-out

The next few days of the trip are surprisingly (7) ____________. The video system on the
Airbus, sophisticated as it is with its automatic preprogramming, occasionally malfunctions.
Threatened with having to do the safety demo the "old-fashioned way," we manage to play
the video manually.

At the end of day two, as the plane pulls off the runway at National Airport in D.C., I
persuade Becky to (8) ____________ the arrival announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to our nations capital," she says, instead of the scripted "Welcome to Washington,
DC." I cannot tell if anyone notices. By the end of the fourth day, most of the giddiness has
been replaced with exhaustion.

At the end of the last leg, we (9) ___________ in Philadelphia. The trip is now over. I am
released from duty 15 minutes later. This rest period lasts at least eight hours and is
guaranteed to be free from phone contact from schedulers. Leaving the (10)____________,

Rodriguez, A. Page 63
I head out to the employee parking lot, pick up my car and head home. Back in my room, I
unload my bags and unplug the phone.

David Silverstein, a recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, is a first-year flight attendant with a
major airline and a staff writer for

Layovers salary airport tables out- crew land- spice up- uneventful- covers

Suggestion: After working with this information you can go to page 4 and link it with this text like:
David has traveled to many places around the world. Have a look at the pictures on page 4 and label
them with the numbers given. What do these places have in common?

You can finish with the reading activity proposed at the end of page 4 Macmillan Topics Travel and

After reading the texts on pages 5, 18-19 cross the things that are not true about youth hostels.

1- Hostelling international has programs and projects at different levels though they are inter-
2- The building of HI in Brasilia is different from the rest of the buildings in South America.
3- People from European countries are frequent visitors to the Youth Hostel in Brasilia.
4- English is the lingua franca among the hostel visitors.
5- Youth Hostels are classified into 3-star hostels, 4-star hostels, and 5-star hostels.
6- The purpose of Youth Hostels goes beyond accommodating people, it has a cultural component.
7- Hostels were created at the end of the first decade of the twentieth century.
8- Hostelling International provides individuals with cars and gas to move around the cities.
9- At present, dorms are really big. There are about 8 beds in each room.
10- Hostels have been set in old houses in the outskirts of cities.

At the Brazilian branch of Hostelling International the position of manager is vacant. Paul Jones wants
to apply for the position. Look at his resume. Please pay attention to:

where his personal information is written

Where the most important information for the reader is located.
Where his educational background is put
Where other relevant information is put.
Look at the verbs expressing the different actions from previous positions.
Is chronology important? How?

Rodriguez, A. Page 64
Paul Jones

6 Pine StreetArlington, VA 12333

555.555.5555 (home)
566.486.2222 (cell)

Key Holder, Montblanc
April 2008 - Present

Opened new specialty boutique

Placed orders to restock merchandise and handled receiving of products
Managed payroll, scheduling, reports, email, inventory, and maintained clientele book and records
Integrated new register functions
Extensive work with visual standards and merchandising high-ticket items

Sales Associate, Nordstrom - Collectors and Couture Departments

July 2006 - April 2008
Merchandised designer women's wear
Set-up trunk shows and attended clinics for new incoming fashion lines
Worked with tailors and seamstresses for fittings
Scheduled private shopping appointments with high-end customers

Bartender, Jigg's Corner

February 2004 - July 2006

Provided customer service in fast-paced bar atmosphere

Maintained and restocked inventory
Administrative responsibilities included processing hour and tip information for payroll and closing

Bachelor of Arts, Ramapo College, Arlington, VA

Computer Skills

Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Experience with social media and internet research

Retrieved from:

Rodriguez, A. Page 65
Do you think this applicant is a good candidate for the position? Why? Why not? Read the resume and
justify your answers.

There is another vacant for the position in Uruguay. Write your own resume bearing in mind that you
are going to be hired for a managing position. You can use the given resume as an example.

Lets workwith our bike!

Rodriguez, A. Page 66
In the four pictures above there are some professions represented. Label each picture with one of the
words in the square.

Nurse postman policeman sharpener

Who could have been most likely to have the problems described below? Write one of the professions
from the ones listed in the previous exercise next to each sentence.

1- As most of them are disposable nowadays I am having less and less work.
2- It would be difficult to carry some dangerous material like syringes in my backpack and
sometimes in my pockets.
3- As bikes were heavy I couldnt move fast and therefore, if there was an emergency it was
almost impossible to arrive in time. Many people died in the meantime.
4- People were usually waiting for me at the door but some of them complained if it took me
long to deliver their parcels and letters.
5- As I am older now, I cannot go out when it rains because I easily get sick.
6- When I was not in duty I had to follow a rigorous physical training to be fit, sometimes
chasing people is not an easy task when you only have a bike
7- When we grew older we were told to stay at the station as we were not in physical
conditions to ride a bike for a long time.
8- Sometimes, when delivering newspapers, dogs would chase us and in some cases we were
also bitten.

What would you have done if you had been in these peoples shoes?

e.g. if I had been carrying out syringes, I would have never put them in my pockets, it is too

1- ___________________________________________________________________
2- ___________________________________________________________________
3- ___________________________________________________________________
4- ___________________________________________________________________
5- ___________________________________________________________________

The five sentences you have just written + the one given are examples of:

a- Future ideas b- imaginary situations c- counterfactual situations

To express by means of this type of sentences you have to use:

a- If +past perfect, conditional perfect b- if+ past, would

Rodriguez, A. Page 67
You need a part time job while attending school. You are offered a job repairing bikes. In order to be
successful in this new job you need to know the parts of it. Label the bike with the words given.

Frame- seat- Stem seat rails- handlebars- Gyro Headset peg- chainring- fork seat post crank -
wheel - grips levers

To check your answers go to:

Which of the bikes parts are made of metal?

Which of the bikes parts are made of leather?

Which of the bikes parts are made of rubber?

Rodriguez, A. Page 68
You new boss gave you all these instructions. You are telling a friend about them. Finish the
sentences below.

You have to arrive on time, if you arrive late you are discounted the minutes.
You will receive a payment every fortnight.
It is important you treat the clients in a very friendly way.
You must wear a uniform
I need your parents to fill out a form.

Hey Fred, yesterday my new boss gave me all the instructions for my new job. He told me I
_________________________ and if I arrived late ___________________________. The best part is
that _________________________ a payment every fortnight. He insisted on the fact that
___________________________________________________________ . He also
_________________________________ a uniform and he __________ my parents _________________
a form.

At the shop you find Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism and you open it on pages 6-7. There, you
have The Bicycle Story. Read it and tell a friend a summary of it.


Rodriguez, A. Page 69
Get in small groups: Look at the poster about Troy.

Discuss: Have you watched that film? Who were the main characters?
Who played the roles of the main characters? What was the plot of the
film? What type of film was it? Where was it set? Which part of the film
did you like best?

What is your general opinion about the film?

After you discuss, choose a spokesperson who will report to the class
what you remember about this film.

This is the plot of the film. Read it to know more about the film.

It is the year 1250 B.C. during the late Bronze age. Two emerging nations begin to clash
after Paris, the Trojan prince, convinces Helen, Queen of Sparta, to leave her husband
Menelaus, and sail with him back to Troy. After Menelaus finds out that his wife was taken
by the Trojans, he asks his brother Agamemnom to help him get her back. Agamemnon
sees this as an opportunity for power. So they set off with 1,000 ships holding 50,000
Greeks to Troy. With the help of Achilles, the Greeks are able to fight the never before
defeated Trojans. But they come to a stop by Hector, Prince of Troy. The whole movie
shows their battle struggles, and the foreshadowing of fate in this remake by Wolfgang
Petersen of Homer's "The Iliad." Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj


On the following page you have 6 pictures, 5 correspond to Troy, one of them does not. Spot the one
that does not correspond and try to guess the film that pic belongs to.
Then, with the remaining pictures try to guess what is going on in each of them.

Watch the film to check your answers.

Rodriguez, A. Page 70
After watching the film, jot down the three moments you liked most.

1- ____________________________________________________________
2- ____________________________________________________________
3- ____________________________________________________________

Opportunity for self-directed learning: Did you know that there were several mistakes, goofs, and
bloopers in this film?

Go to the following web page and you can read and see pictures of the 221 mistakes that were found in
the film:

Rodriguez, A. Page 71
Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism on pages 8-9 refer to Troy while talking about the Odysseus.
Read the text and spot similarities and differences with the film.

Similarities Differences

In the text it says that the travel from Troy to the kingdom of Ithaca became so famous that it was
called an Odyssey. This term odyssey is modernly used to refer to a long and complex piece of travel.

Read the second article that refers to Marco Polos trip from Europe to Asia and determine if this trip
can be called an odyssey and why. It is important you give reasons from the text to support your


Have you ever had any trip that could be called an odyssey? If yes, where? When? Who with? What
happened? Why was it tedious?


Rodriguez, A. Page 72
Sometimes people travel for pleasure, but there are many more reasons for traveling. What can those
causes be?

Think of possible causes and write them down here:

1- _________________________________________________--
2- _________________________________________________
3- _________________________________________________

In Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism page 10 there are two reasons to travel: exploration and
emigration. Read the text and answer the following questions:

a- What is the main objective of these two types of trips?

b- Are there modern ways of traveling?
c- Why do these types of traveling attract people?
d- Do you know any downsides for these two types of trips?

Immigration has turned into a big problem in some countries. Thousands of people die while trying to
cross the border from Mexico to the US through the desert.

Watch this clip from the Mexican film 7 Soles to know something more
about the issue:

Opportunity for self-directed learning: Surf the web and find more information about the problems
immigration is producing in different countries. Make a poster and present your findings.

Nowadays, there are new ways of traveling. Some of them are described on page 11 Macmillan Topics
Travel and Tourism.

Read the text about three new ways of traveling and compare them. In your opinion which is the
nicest? The most interesting? The most appealing? The one you would like to make? The one you
have already made?

Rodriguez, A. Page 73
Are these sentences true in our reality? Why?

If they are learning a foreign language, students often go on exchange visits with students from a
different country.

School trips are often connected with something they are studying.

Doing practical research is much more interesting than learning a lot of facts.

Here you have three maps with some information. In pairs, guess the places we are talking about.

18 official languages
Spicy food
New Delhi
Religion, cast, and language
Taj Mahal
Former British colony.

One of Europes most romantic cities

It is a wealthy and historical place
Antonio Vivaldis hometown.
Threatened by flood tides
Touristic place

Rodriguez, A. Page 74
South America
2,430 ms above sea-level
Urban Incan Empire creation
Andres mountains
Rich archeological site in Urubamba
Example of mans interaction with land
In the midst of a tropical forest.

What do you know about these three cities? Get in groups and jot down what you know from them.

City 1

City 2

City 3

Do guidebooks tell the real story of places? Do you think that touristic places are all beauty and
harmony? Having many touristic places in Uruguay are there any negative aspects you see in them?
Does the touristic perspective differ from the view of native people in the area?

Discuss in groups about this issues.

Rodriguez, A. Page 75
In Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism there is an article that I want to share with you. This article
talks about the differences people see between what tourism advertises and what native people see
in those places. Read pages 12 & 13.

Does the text go along with what you said or contradicts it?

Research: The touristic place I like or I live in.

You may live in a touristic place in Uruguay. Try to find information about what touristic brochures,
advertisements, and web pages say about that place. Find out what people from the place think and
believe by asking people, surveying, and interviewing. Having the texts on the book as an example,
prepare a short power point presentation in small groups. Present your findings to the class.

Class Project: We are tourist guides!

The teacher divides the class into 8 groups.
Each group chooses one city they are going to be the tourist guides of.
After all the groups choose a city, read Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism page 14 and discuss on
all the issues they will include in their information station. You can include information on activities
to do, a map of the city, sports, places to visit, natural attractions, and strange things about the
When people travel they like to get souvenirs. Which are the most traditional souvenirs people buy
when traveling to a touristic place? Read Macmillan Topics Travel and Tourism p. 17 to know more
about the topic. As a group, decide on a souvenir you want to give in your station. Create it for the
following class. You have to explain people how to make it before giving it as a souvenir.
They will discuss what posters they can make, if they want to create a slideshow of pictures, and
brochures to deliver.
The following class, the different stations are going to be set and students are going to take turns to
give information and to visit other cities stations.

Rodriguez, A. Page 76

Rodriguez, A. Page 77
Thematic Unit: Understanding the media.

Task 1 page 3: Telephone (1-7), computer (2-8), radio (3-6) and TV (4-5).

Task 2 page 4:

Speaker 1 2 Speaker 2 1 Speaker 3 3 Speaker 4 4

Task 3 page 4: problem 1 (c) problem 2 (b) problem 3 (d) problem 4 (a)

Task 4 page 5:

1- Are given
2- Are approached
3- Is said
4- Is not supposed
5- Be kissed
6- Is not used

Vocabulary in context:

Task 1 p.9:

1- junk mail
2- pals
3- spam
4- curious
5- join
6- log off

Task 2A p.9:

a- might be familiar
b- might be familiar
c- might not be familiar

Task 2B p. 9-10

1-Alba 4-Sofia 7-Robert

2-Sofia 5-Robert 8-Alba

3-Robert 6-Sofia 9-Alba

Rodriguez, A. Page 78
Task 1 p. 11

Awesome= wonderful

The Smurfs= a blue creature

IMAX= a cinema

Corny= not very cool

White House= The place where the US president lives

Task 3 p. 12

1. T
2. T
3. F
4. T
5. T

Puzzle on Non verbal communication p. 13



Rodriguez, A. Page 79
What do these flowers mean? p.16

1- Tulips
2- Orchids
3- Lily of the valley
4- Roses
5- Gardenias
6- Daisy
7- Sunflowers
8- Hydrangea
9- Lilac
10- Stephanotis

Task 1 p.17 Emoticons

Number 4 is false because emoticons have been popular since the 19th century.

Number 8 is false because (*_*) is Chinese or Asian.

Task 2 p. 17 Reading

1- LP
2- EL
3- DS

Task 3 True or false pp.17-18

a- T
b- T
c- F- it doesnt say if he asked to break up
d- F- he realized who she was when he went to school
e- T
f- T
g- T
h- T/F depending on the evidence

Rodriguez, A. Page 80
Task 4- Listening p.18

When? Where? Who with? What happened?

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

Speaker 4

Task 1 p.19- Put the events in order. While reading, the teacher can check the order of the events.

Task 2 p.19

American English British English

Elevator (lift BrE) Colour (the u is used in BrE)
Movie Film
Sidewalk (pavement BrE) Queue
Mom (mum BrE) Centre (center AmE)
Apartment (flat BrE) Shopping center (Mall AmE)
Cookie (biscuit BrE) Rubbish (trash AmE)
Favorite Postman (mailman AmE)
Store (shop BrE)
Cell phone (mobile phone BrE)
Line (queue BrE)
Mailman (postman BrE)

Rodriguez, A. Page 81
Task 1 p. 20

Invention Inventor
The Ipod Apple Inc
World wide web (www) Tim Barnes-Lee
Computer chip Jack Kilby
Cell phone Martin Cooper
Skype Niklas Zennstrom & Janus Friis
Wi Fi Vic Hayes
The Photo Camera Frederic Scott Archer
The digital Camera Steve Sasson
The webcam Cambridge University
The USB flash drive M-Systems/ Phison Electronics/ Trek Technology/
Netac Technology.

Task 2 p.20

The two extra names are Sir John Harrington who invented the water-closet in 1596 and the other
extra name is Fusajiro Yamauchi who created the Nintendo Company.

Task 3 p. 21 Fill in the blanks

1- Became
2- Is known
3- Must be connected
4- Have been adopted
5- Are permitted
6- Obsolete
7- Has been concerned
8- Have been passed
9- Was played
10- Has been listed

The Legend of Icarus p. 23

1- F
2- A
3- D
4- H
5- C
6- E
7- G
8- B

Rodriguez, A. Page 82
Why were the numbers important for Leonardo Da Vinci. P. 25

1452- He was born

1477- His father apprenticed him to the renowned workshop of Andrea del Verrochio in Florence

1504- His father died

1516- His patron died / He stopped working in Rome.

51- He began working on the Mona Lisa

17- He spent 17 years in Milan, leaving only after Duke Ludovico Sforza's fall from power in 1499

67- He died.

Word Search, p. 26


Complete the sentences p. 26

1- Cockpit/pilot
2- Departure/seatbelt
3- Captain/take off
4- Check in/check in
5- Land/ crew
6- Pilot/ arrival

Cross the odd one out p.27: A possible reason

1- Email. The others are public or pseudo public ways of communicating.

2- XO, the other devices use a touch screen system
3- Smuggler. The others rob something.
4- Ethics. The others are codes to preserve information secret.

Rodriguez, A. Page 83
5- Steal. Because you can decode, write and send a message but not steal a message.

Animal Communication p. 30

Task 1 p.30

The segment of the program is 2- how to know what pets think

Task 2 p.30: the words mentioned are:

2:30/mind/humans/intuition/ visualization/animal communication/voice/facilitate communication/

picture/ loyal.

Task 3 p. 31

1- C
2- A
3- A
4- A
5- B/D
6- D
7- D
8- A
9- C
10- B

Idioms about animals p.32

- As awkward as a cow on roller skates: awkward

- As blind as a bat: blind
- Ahead of the pack: to be more successful than the rest
- As busy as a beaver: very busy
- As crooked as a dogs hind leg: dishonest
- As gentle as a lamb: very gentle
- As gruff as a bear: unsociable
- As poor as a church mouse: poor
- As sly as a fox: smart and clever
- As stubborn as a mule: very stubborn
- Back the wrong horse: support someone that does not win
- Beat a dead horse: to continue fighting
- Bet on the wrong horse: to not choose the correct or winning person.

Rodriguez, A. Page 84
Complete with the corresponding idiom p. 33

1- Backed the wrong horse

2- Beating a dead horse
3- Gruff as a bear
4- Ahead of the pack
5- Was as poor as a church mouse.

Listening p. 34


Where she lived

Time of the year she described



What she loved from being that animal

Her favorite activities

Her less favorite activities

Rodriguez, A. Page 85
Thematic Unit: Values

What do you prefer (p. 41)

Well, the way people buy nowadays has drastically changed. It is not like in the old times when
we were window-shopping; nowadays customers do a lot of e-commerce as they use the
internet to buy things instead of going to the store. A big consequence of this is that people
need to buy things with credit cards because cash is no longer accepted for these transactions.

The stores target at a larger audience by promoting their goods in the internet and selling
things at a much lower price. Goods are now very fashionable, pretty cheap, but also somehow
disposable. Things are made to last less. An important role has played the protection and
preservation of the environment. People now buy organic things, with recyclable packaging and
reusable wrapping.

The rest of thematic Units Value and Working life do not need a key.

Rodriguez, A. Page 86