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A. Introduce the Main Characters

B. To give an Important Object
C. To give the Tone and Mood
D. Arouse Curiosity
E. To give the Type of the Story
F. To give the Setting


A. Introduce the Main Characters

B. Introduce the Setting
C. To Set the Tone and Mood
D. Introduce the Problem


The Gift of Magi by: O. Henry

IV. ANALYSIS OF MY POEM FROM EITHER ( Asia, Philippines, America,

Europe )

All but blind by: Walter de la Mare


Succession Failed


Introduce the main Characters

The Hack Driver by Sinclair Lewis

Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson

To give an Important Object

The Dolls House by Katherine Mansfield

The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov

To give the Tone and Mood

Liberty or Death by Patrick Henry

Procrastination by Martial

Arouse Curiosity

Two Slaps In the Face by Ferenc Molnar

The Eye Of A Needle by Gilda ordero-Fernande

To give the Style of the Story

The Three Stages Of Life by Andre Maurois

The Gift Of The Magi by William Sydney Porter

To give the Setting

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Brazil by Ronald Carvalho


Introduce the Main Character

The girl sat tensely on the edge of the Consulate bench, her face carefully
devoid of expression. The bird-of-paradise pattern was gaudy on her aloha shirt, the

thong sandals look slovenly on her feet and on her head, riding the loose curls, was
perched a big hibiscus flower. Her hands were tightly fisted in the pockets of her old
jeans as she listened to the older woman seated before the passports clerks desk.
She looked at the woman, then at the clerk with one eyebrow slightly raised.


Introduce the Setting

One of the first places Julia always ran to when they arrived at G was the dark
walk. It was a laurel walk, very old, almost gone wild, a lofty midnight tunnel of
smooth sinewy branches. Underfoot, the tough brown leaves were never dry enough
to crackle. There was always a suggestion of damp and cool trickle.


To Set the Tone and Mood

You will agree with me, no doubt, that the degree of your cultural
development- not to mention your character- can best be judged in terms of your
sense of values- both moral and aesthetic- as revealed not so much in your
pronouncements in your actuations- especially at the critical moments of your life.


Introduce the Problem

Ever since the day Pao pulled off the red strings wound tight around my two
stiff little pigtails and sent me howling to my mother, we have not been able to do
without each other. Most of the time there lay an unfinished quarrel between us;
and, neither willing to let it rest, we stubbornly sought each other for a chance to
renew it. Now in our life together, the contrary pull of our will and thought continues
still to spice with excitement the deep accord of our marriage.



The Gift of Magi

By O. Henry

It was written by William Sydney Porter or famously known as O. Henry, a

great American short story expert. It is a famous Christmas story. It is about a

young married couple who were very much in love. Christmas was fast approaching

and they wanted to give a present to one another yet they are very poor and had no

money for any presents. So each one, without telling the other, decided to sell

his/her most famous possession. The girl prized above all else was her long golden

hair. She went to a hairdresser and had it cut off. She, then, sold it to buy a lovely

watch chain for her husbands watch.

He, on the other hand, went to a jeweler and sold the only watch he had to

buy two combs for his beloveds hair.

On Christmas, they exchanged their gifts. At first they cried and then they

laughed. There was no hair for the comb, and no watch for the watch chain.

But there was something more precious and that was the idea behind their

gifts: each had deprived self to give the best to the other.

This is my favorite short story because it teaches us that a gift is something

that is not only given through a material wealth. A gift also have to come from the

heart. It is the thought that counts, as a famous line says.

Therefore, a gift is no gift if it does not cost us something, if it does not

contain a part of ourselves. A gift that can only be given by a magi(wise).

ANALYSIS OF MY POEM FROM EITHER ( Asia, Philippines, America,
Europe )

All but blind

By: Walter de la Mare

All but blind

In this chambered hole.

Gropes for worms

The four-clawed Mole.

All but blind

In the evening sky,

The hooded bat

Twirls softly by.

All but blind

In the burning day,

The barn owl blunders

On her way

And blind as are

These three to me,

So, blind to Someone

I must be.


In this poem the author describes three members of the animal kingdom that
are considered to be blind by the Human World, yet it manages to get quite well.
De la Mare speak first about moles, who despite its blindness, sustain itself by
eating the worms that it Gropes for in its cambered hole.

Next, the writer talks about the Bat, another creature that, in our point of
view, seems to be lacking the sense of sight, yet it can navigate and fly freely
without difficulty in the sky. The same as true with the barn owl, it can manage to
get quite along well. Indeed the senses of the Mole, Bat and the Barn Owl do have
might be even more acute than the gift of sight as we envision it.

De le Mare is saying that sight is different thing to different people (or

creatures in general ). Just as we think that this three animals are blind because
they do not see as we do, so others might think we are blind because we do not
see as they do. In metaphorical sense, sight is understanding.

Succession Failed

She owns the title but not the feeling

He told her the sweet words but its lacking
He courted her but shes not the he loved
Cause theres another girl who holds the gloves.

At the middle of the process he felt lazy

He knew that it was a simple intimacy
But he continued because of a friends advice
And finally heard her Yes in a surprise.

Exchanges of I love you didnt exsist

On that three days they both resist
No cell phone calls and messages from her those days
But he didnt taught to shout a mayday.

The fifth day was the climax

He messaged her through the chat box
The tiny green light disappeared in a sudden
Leaving his message labeled seen.

He scroll down and this flashes from the school

She change her profile picture but with a scream
Someone else was right behind her back
Their pose was like of that Rose and Jack

What just happened was all a beautiful mess

It was something that he didnt guess
The feeling makes him feel like his drowning
Nothing that he was just a flame

But it was not the reason of his grief

Still, the preceding girl was the chief
He taught another lady will heal it
But it was the exact opposite

Pouring out again the poured feeling is difficult

Heartache will always be the result
He cant let that frosted blood get out of his heart
It will always be painted on it like an art.

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