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General Conditions- All parts of the construction must comply
with the satisfaction and approval of the Architect/ Engineer and
the Owner.

Construction shall conform with all the requirements of the
National Building Code, as well as the local rules and regulations
of the Municipality/ City of Davao, Philippines.

Clearing the Site- The existing site shall be cleared of rubbish,
roots, and other objectionable matters at least a day before any
construction, staking and excavation.

All objectionable materials must be disposed of as directed by the
Architect or Engineer in charge of the construction.

Staking out the building lines- The lot boundaries, building lines
shall be properly established and all lines, grades shown in
drawing must be established before any excavation is started.
Batter boards and reference shall be erected in a manner that it
would not interfere with excavation.

Excavation- All excavations should follow the grade indicated in
the drawings. The excavation for footing must be made deeper
until the stratum for this safe bearing capacity of the soil is

If/ When water is encountered during the excavation process it
shall be removed by bailing or pumping. Appropriate measures
should be taken to ensure that the surrounding soil articles are not
disturbed and removed.

Backfills- After the concrete has hardened enough to withstand
pressure from fills the material removed form excavations shall be
used for backfill around them.
Backfill and fills shall be placed in layers not exceeding 150mm
thickness, and each layer shall be thoroughly compacted by
wetting, tamping, and rolling.

Concrete works- All concrete shall be mixed thoroughly until
uniform distribution of the cement and aggregates, and should be

deposited as nearly as practicable in its final position.All concrete works shall be done in accordance with the standard specifications for plain and reinforced concrete as adopted by the Government.Class B (1:2-1/2:5) Reinforced concrete beams and slabs . 3 parts fine aggregate and 6 parts coarse aggregate by volume. hard and durable grains. acids. Alternative cement so selected must meet the requirements of Portland and Pozzolana cements. or clean and hard gravel.Class C (1:3:6) Septic vault cover . and approved by the Architect or Engineer in charge of construction. Size of the coarse aggregate to be used shall vary from 20 mm to 40 mm (3/4” to 1-1/2”) .Class A (1:2:4) Concrete slab floor on fill .Class A (1:2:4) Concrete hollow block footings . having clean. salts. Class C concrete shall be a mixture of 1 part cement. care should be taken to avoid segregation of the aggregates. Water to be used for mixing concrete shall be clean and free from injurious amount of oil. plus enough clean water to make the mixture into a pliable paste. alkalis. 2 parts fine aggregate and 4 parts coarse aggregate by volume. 2 1/2 parts fine aggregate and 5 parts coarse aggregate by volume. free from organic matter or loam. Proportioning of Concrete. The following proportions of concrete mixtures shall be used for the various parts of the building. The coarse aggregate for concrete shall consist of crushed rock of durable and strong qualities.Class A (1:2:4) Class A concrete shall be a mixture of 1 part cement. Columns and footings . Cement to be used shall be the Republic Portland cement or any other equivalent brands more readily available in the locality. The fine aggregate for concrete shall consist of natural sand or of inert materials with similar characteristics. plus enough clean water to make the mixture into a pliable paste. plus enough clean water to make the mixture into pliable paste. and other organic materials. Class B concrete shall be a mixture of 1 part cement.

asa Steel Works. and spacing as indicated in the drawings or schedule of steel reinforcements. All reinforcing bars to be used shall be made by Pag. The proportion of the waterproofing compound to a given volume of concrete mixture shall be as recommended by the product manufacturer. Steel Reinforcing Bars.All reinforcing bars to be used this construction shall consist of round deformed bars with lugs or projections on their sides to provide a greater bond between the concrete and the steel. slabs. Concrete Slab Floors on Fill. beams. Side forms of beams and girders may be removed earlier than the bottom form but additional posts or shoring must be placed under the beams or girders until they have attained their strength. scale or other coatings. No metal reinforcement shall be installed in place unless it is free from rust. Forms shall not be removed until the concrete has attained sufficient strength to support its own weight and any loads that may be place on it.Forms for Concrete Works. which destroy or reduce the bond with concrete. Each concrete slab course to be poured shall not be more than one meter wide and each course shall be poured alternately to the indicated floor finish. . The steel reinforcing bars indicated for footings. columns. and other concrete members shall conform to the number. All steel reinforcing bars shall be accurately placed and secured against displacement by tying them together at each bar intersection with gauge no. 16 galvanized iron wire. Forms shall be constructed sufficiently tight to prevent bulging and seepage of water. girders. size.Concrete slabs on fill shall be poured on a gravel bed of not less than 100mm thick.All forms of concrete works shall be properly braced or connected together so as to maintain the correct position and shapes of the concrete members.

502: DOOR PANEL Panel Doors.seasoned. It will be treated before the application . Design shall be based to the drawing. All unexposed lumber for framing. It shall be opened accordingly based to the working drawings. It shall be opened accordingly based to the working drawings. SFM 500: DOORS AND WINDOWS: 501: DOOR SASHES All door sashes shall be well. SFM 500: FLOOR FINISH SCHEDULE 501: Apo Floors tile or by other tile product of good quality shall be used in tiling the ground floor level of the building and for all toilet floors and walls. tanquile plywood veneers on both sides.Concrete hollow blocks to be used in this project shall be BHCL Concrete hollow blocks. Sliding Glass Door.hollow core and solid. SFM 600: WALL FINISHES 601: All walls are to be plastered with 10mm thick concrete plaster and painted with 3 coats of quick drying enamel or gloss. semi. Concrete hollow blocks to be used for walls above the ground floor shall be 150mm thick for exterior walls and 100mm thick for interior walls. shall be 100mm thick. All exterior concrete hollow blocks to be used for ground floor walls shall be at least 150mm thick while concrete hollow blocks for interior walls unless otherwise indicated. 503: WINDOWS Windows shall be steel casement with 12mm square bar grill and 1/4 inch thick transparent Poohreun Si In glass. Core. windows and door jambs shall be Apitong. shall be at least 150mm. Shall be of powdercoat type with aluminum frame and 1/4” thick transparent Poohreun Su In glass.Concrete Hollow Blocks. For interior CHB walls with plumbing pipes and fittings shall be located. flush type. Decorative tile shall be used for exterior flooring. Exterior doors shall be of kiln dried Tanquile.

703: It will accented with cornices. plumbing fixtures. mouldings. the drawings for the work are diagrammatic and shows the location. provided such alternate is approved by the architect such as PVC pipe for sewer and drainage pipes. SFM 700: CEILING FINISHES 701: All ceiling shall be of 1/4” thick Boral Plaster Boards on appropriate metal framing. tough. 903: Fixtures.m. 905: Materials.All fixtures shall be installed complete with accessories shut. The paint to be used shall be Boysen Paint. The dimension of tile is 420mm x 330mm and have tile coverage of 10.Floor drains shall be high grade strong.5 tiles/sq. 904: Drains. grained metals with adjustable screwed cover nickel plated. Trademark or weight. and equipment.In general. Use in plumbing system shall cast. with neutralizer and to be applied with patching compound before applying the paint. SFM 900: PLUMBING FIXTURES 901: Plumbing and Drainage Drawings. type and classes of product when so required. etc. accessories. trap.Trade Resources for sewer lines and water lines.Materials to be used shall be of good quality such as Techno. and device. pressure relief valves. fixture. SFM 800: ROOFING Roofing shall be of extruded concrete roof tile with fused Pewter Gray color coat. type the size of piping. 602: Exterior wall shall be finished with wood like vinyl tile on some specific parts of the building. 902: General. Alternate materials allowed.Product to be used shall of Artis Meier for all toilet and bath fixtures and valves. . 702: Puttied and painted with 3 coats of Boysen Quick Drying Enamel. Each length of pipe fittings. and even. and lighting accessories. stamped or indelibly marked on it manufacturer.

SFM 1000: ELECTRICAL WORKS 1001: The drawings given herewith shows the layout requirements only.PVC conduit Philippine made schedule.40 a) PhilFlex only using THHN wire coating. the contractor shall at once remedy all defects and errors and any additional test may be required shall be done at expense of the contractor. e) Lighting fixtures. 1002: a. and finish coating.All lighting fixture shall be borne out by the owner.Rust free sheets. .After the installation of all electrical system and reported in writing by the contractor to be studied for acceptance. All works shall be done in accordance with requirements of the latest edition of the Philippine Electrical Code. Conduits. intermediate. Code and the National Safety Code and Local Ordinances. b) Pull box.matic standard to toggle type with beveled or stamped face plates of polished or lacquered bake lite or equal. Should it fails to do so. convenient outlet and other materials shall be of good quality in terms of illumination and lifespan. standard locknuts painted with red lead primer.All flush switches shall be quit. f) Test. 1004: Electrical installation shall be guided and to be supervised by a professional electrical engineer and he shall be responsible and liable in all electrical work to be done. 1003: Lighting fixture. It will be purchased accordingly based to the quality of product and its label. outlet box junction box. fillers. primers. SFM 1100: GENERAL PAINTING 1101: Painting and surface finishing shall be interpreted to mean and include sealers. c) Wall switches and receptacles. test shall be performed in the presence of the Engineer-in-charge for assessment in accordance with the requirement of this specifications. d) Convenience outlet shall be THREE PRONG type designed with a ground wire.

SFM 1300: FIRE CODE REQUIREMENTS 1301: All interior wooden structures shall be applied with Fire stopper Fire Retardant solution applied as per manufacture’s specifications. except as otherwise specified shall be 3 coat work. 1102: All paint and accessory materials incorporated in or forming a part their shall be subject to the prior approval and selection for color. 1103: In connection with the Architect’s determination of color or tint of any color or tint selected or required shall in no instance be a subject for an additional cost of the owner. one primer and finish coat. tint. SFM 1200: GRILLS AND STEEL WORKS 1201: Steel grills shall use 3/16” x 1” flat bars and 1” x 1” tubular with cast iron design as specified on the plan or by the owner. 1104: Painting of all surfaces. Prepared by: Carlo Ibuyan . except as otherwise specified shall be 3 coat work. finish or shade by the architect. As far as they relate to this project shall likewise be complied with. one primer and finish coat. All other requirement as of the FIRE CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES. 1202: It shall be finely welded and grinded painting of all surfaces.