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Learning activity 1

Evidence: Take a break

Select a celebration around the world and describe it according to the format.
Include images to illustrate your ideas. You can find and example in Introductory
material section 1. Describing celebrations and special occasions around the
world. You have to make your description in minimum 250 words.

Aspects Descriptio Image
What it is Carnival of
celebrated. Barranquilla
, Which is
the most
folklore and
culture in
Is the
most big
carnival in
the world
after the Rio
de janeiro
in Brazil

Where and It is
when it is celebrated
celebrated. in the city of
in the
month of
begins on

. monocuco. they organize comparsas and floats for the parades. masks. dances. scribble. flashy colors of celebration. dance until they can not. laughter. people use traditional disfrases such as marimonda costumes. What The people people do. before the ash Wednesday . What In this people carnival wear. there is popular music. showy dresses. each comparsa with a folkloric dress that identifies them.

the queen of the carnival is chosen And to the king momo. the people enjoy concerts and the human warmth of the settlers of the Colombian coast.people walk the streets of barranquilla dancing and enjoying each one of the sounds. The people also participate in the famous guacherna that takes place the Friday before the Saturday of carnival and battle of flowers which is considered the carnival opening .

event. is also considered cultural heritage of the nation and oral and intangible heritage of humanity. because it expresses all the variety of culture and folklore of the Colombian coast of my beautiful country Colombia. shows the cultural . Why it is a This special celebration celebration is important .

Leave a comment for the instructor (optional). 3. 2. When you finish your work. our history. send the file to your instructor through the platform as follows: 1. Click on Examinar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. Remember to check the learning . richness of Colombia. Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Make sure the file is attached. Click Enviar. 4. Is an important commercial and promotional engine of our country an event that attracts tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy it and enjoy it boosting the economy of the Colombian coast. Click on the title of this evidence.

. know how to develop them and deliver them in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities. Criterios de evaluación Describe celebraciones con la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos.