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Ritchie Community League Meeting

Thursday May 3, 2017


Location: Ritchie Community League - Small hall

Time: 7:00-9:00pm
1) Introductions and Welcomes

2) Opening Business 7:00-7:05

a) Call to order Laura

b) Approval of the minutes from March 2nd, 2016 1 7:05-7:15

c) Approval of agenda

3) Guest speaker Joseph Moreau School Jonathan MacKay -


4) Standing Reports

a) President Laura

b) Treasurer (not in attendance) see attachment

c) Hall Coordinator Keri

i) Review of report

d) CRC Report see attached not in attendance

e) Abundant Communities Caroline

f) Civics Max

5) AGM Planning Laura

a) Recruitment of 2017/18 Board of Directors
b) Potential restructuring of Board positions

6) Updates

a) Hall fundraising Committee progress update Max

b) Mill Creek Clean-up cleanup crew Leah

c) Mill Creek Clean-up BBQ request for budget Tammy

d) 4-Corners traffic light conversations Tracy

e) Bike racks (see attached from Julia) decision required Tracy in-lue of

f) Hall Coordinator recruiting Laura

Ritchie Community League Meeting
Thursday May 3, 2017

g) Volunteer appreciation Angie

h) Soccer season update David

i) Big Bin event David

7) New Business

a) Open for inputs All

CRC Report print copies from Susan
Hall report
Treasurers Report March 2017