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Gen2 Regen Upgrade

Xizi Otis, April 2010


Gen2 Regen 1000kg,1.75m/s configuration upgrade

Controller and drive upgrade to ACD2 MRL
E&I panel change to mini size
Introduce OTIS PM door operator NGSOK as Standard door operator
Layout changes accordingly

Gen2 Regen extended to 2000kg, 1.75m/s

Added Regen function to 1150~2000kg as standard
Introduced Otis optimized Gen2 machine
Introduced OTIS E3 qualified HN6000 progressive safety
Other configuration (Controller& drive, E&I panel, door operator) as per Gen2 Regen

Gen2 (1150~2000kg up to 1.75m/s,Non-regen) completely phase out

Note: Gen2 Regen up to 2000kg is officially sales release on April 1st 2010 and Gen2
sales phase out at the same time
Configuration Upgrade

 Gen2 Regen 1000kg configuration upgrade

 Gen2 Regen extended to 2000kg to replace GeN2
Machine Upgrade

GeN2 GeN2-Regen

ABA20220AS ABA20220BD
Apply to 1150kg to 2000kg Gen2 Regen only

- OTIS optimized Gen2 Machine from the same

supplier as GeN2
- Noise and vibration performance is improved
- Otis Optimized Gen2 machine for 1000kg will
be introduced later once its available
Controller Upgrade

&Previous Gen2 Regen up to 1000kg

-OTIS global new controller for

MRL product
-More compact
- OH-CONB604B MRL will be
phase out

OH-CON4424 (For GeN2) ACD2-MRL Controller

OH-CONB604MRL(for previous Gen
2 Regen up to 1000kg)
Apply to 630kg to 2000kg Gen2 Regen
Regen function is added

GeN2 GeN2-Regen
&Previous Gen2 Regen up to 1000kg

-OTIS global integrated regen

drive for MRL
- More compact
- OH-CONB604B MRL will be
phase out
Non-Regen drive(OH-CON4424)
Otis Regen drive for previous
Gen2 Regen up to 1000kg ACD2 MRL regen drive
Apply to 630kg to 2000kg Gen2 Regen
E&I PANEL Upgrade

& Previous Gen2 Regen up to 1000kg


Apply to 630kg to 2000kg Gen2 Regen
Door Operator upgrade

GeN2 GeN2-Regen
&Previous Gen2 Regen up to 1000kg

Apply to 630kg to 2000kg Gen2 Regen


- NGSOK is OTIS global PM operator

- DO2000 is still optional
Safety Gear Upgrade


STD:HN6000B/C Apply to 1150kg to 2000kg only

- HN6000B/C are OTIS global E3 safety components

- Bigger running clearance. Ride quality is improved
and false tripping is eliminated
- 9672D/E are still optional
Layout Changes
New Controller & Drive Architecture

Previous Gen2 Regen

(OH-CONB604MRL controller)

GeN2(OH-CON4424 Controller) g~20

New arrangement is easier for controller and

drive inspection
E&I PANEL cutout size

GeN2 GeN2-Regen
Apply to 630kg to 2000kg Gen2 Regen

Top floor

Min E&I PANEL size reduced, the cutout 1600(H)x250(W).

New Bracket Spacing for top floor


Apply to 630kg to 2000kg Gen2 Regen

Top floor brackets
-Stronger rail bracket made machine more stable
- Noise and vibration is improved
Back up
ACD2 MRL Introduction

 Integrated Regen controller

Improve aesthetics and performance
OTIS WWE (World Wide Engineering) lead design
OTIS global source and SSI management

Drive E&I Panel Controller

210W x 540H x 90D 320W x1300H x 160D
Duty Table
Controller Operational Parameters

Feature Values Feature Values

Baseline Product GCS -EN Max Speed (m /s) 1.75

Operation Control Max 8 Car Group Max Duty (kg) 2000

Drive Maximum # of Stops 24
Door Maximum # of Opening 32
LWD Analog LWD Service Tool OTIS SVT

Machine Opt. GeN2 Rescue operation MRO*

Position Reference Photo-sensor
Max Rise (m) 75

Note: MRO function is standard. ARO function should be offered as an optional function after June 2010.
Parameter Target
350 @ 1.0m/s
Min. Floor Distance (mm)
500 @ 1.5m/s ~1.75m/s
Max Floor Distance (m) 11
Maximum Acceleration (PMT measurement: m/s2) <1.2
Maximum Jerk (PMT measurement: m/s3) 1.0
Maximum Starts Per Hour 180@ 1.5m/s ~1.75m/s,
40% duty cycle
Speed Tolerance (%) 5
Stopping Accuracy (mm) Typical/Maximum 3/ 5
Max In Car Noise (dB), Fan Off 52
Noise at Top landing with door closed. (dB) Average 52
Max Vertical Vibrations (mg) @ normal speed
System Requirement
 Power Supply

Supply Voltage 380/400/415/440Vac 10%

Frequency 50/60Hz 2Hz

Note: TN-S (five wires net = 3 phases +neutral +earth)

For 220/460V power supply, there need an extended additional transformer in system.
Application Environment

 Max Elevation:
1000m: full performance
2000m: Reduced performance(1% of rated running current per 100m)

 Operating Humidity
95% non-condensing

 Operating Temperature range (machine room):

Product Advantages

 Operational controller based on GECB (Global Elevator Control Board)

+ Motion controller based on GDCB (Global Drive Control Board)
 CAN-bus communication interface between operational and motion controllers
 External system interface following global SIMBA
 Energy effectiveness from the regenerative drive
 Mini E&I Panel
 Easily expandable computing core with high-speed 32bit CPU