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Spot the difference

Can you find the six differences between these two images?

Word ladder
Can you get from the word at the top to the word at the bottom of the ladder by changing one letter to make a new word at each step?

The giggler

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Q: When is it illegal to be asleep? A: When it’s a kidnapping. Q: What’s the only fruit that’s visible from space? A: The grape wall of China. Q: What are pirates’ clothes made of? A: Yaaarrn.

Did you know?
★ The youngest competitor in the Olympics was a 10-year-old called Dimitrios Loundras who won a bronze medal for gymnastics at the 1896 games in Athens. The oldest Olympics competitor was Oscar Swahn, who was 72 when he took part in a shooting event at the 1920 games in Antwerp.


Number sequence
Can you work out what comes next in this sequence?

Book club
A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons, by Cressida Cowell I enjoyed this book a lot because it is about vikings and is extremely funny. There are lots of dragons in it and you can even learn their language, dragonese. No need to worry if you don’t know anything about dragons, the book will tell you. I rate it 10/10 as it makes you want to keep reading the whole book. It also has characters that are really alive. Review by Tatum Parden, age 8. Email a review of your favourite book to g2kids@guardian.co.uk
Yesterday’s answers What am I? Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig, Nemo, Shrek Crack the code Throw in the towel The riddler Tulip

2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 ...
For answers see tomorrow’s G2

Become a BuTTerfly BreeDe
If your parents grow vegetables, they probably hate caterpillars eating their cabbages. But these grubs will turn into beautiful butterflies called “cabbage whites”. So why not help your parents by removing the caterpillars and rearing them yourself? Step 1 Get a fish tank or plastic box, with a secure cover that lets in air, such as cling film with small holes in it. Step 2 Place the caterpillars with cabbage or broccoli leaves in the tank. Keep at room temperature somewhere bright but not in direct sunlight. Step 3 Provide fresh leaves when needed. Caterpillar poo is


small and dark – sweep this off the leaves before it becomes mouldy. Step 4 When the caterpillars are about 20 days old, they will pupate. The chrysalis is soft at first, then hardens and changes colour. After a week, a butterfly will emerge. Handling butterflies damages them, and it is difficult to keep them in captivity. They will have a much happier life if you take your tank to a nice spot, open the lid and let them fly away. Note: Only breed “cabbage whites”. If you find other caterpillars on different plants it is best to leave them where they are. Patrick Barkham

SIX plaNTS ThaT BuTTerflIeS loVe . . .
• Buddleia • Ivy • Sweet william • Lavender • Wild flowers • Long grass

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