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Electra Software Limited

Maendeleo House – 7th Floor

P.O.Box 50148 00200
Tel: 254 02 2044632 / 247617
Cell: 0722 940441
Nairobi, Kenya


November 8, 2008
Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: EXACT-The Institutions Management & Accounting Software

Electra Software Ltd is a systems’ developing and integrating company dedicated to the design and
implementation of Desktop Applications, Web based systems and websites. This company has known a
steady growth since its inception in 2003, with several systems supplied and installed throughout
Kenya. The company structure is designed for a flexible and personalized response to custom needs.

We hereby submit our proposal for the supply, installation, training and commissioning of a Institutions
Management & Accounting software called Exact to xxxx.

Why Use Exact

• Save time and be better organized.
• Handles multiple institutions structures
• No limit to the number of student you can manage
• No hidden costs
• No extra costs as you as the organization grow
• Monitors Fees payments (including part payments, Prepayment)
• Efficient data entry screen
• Automatically generates the student outstanding invoices.
• Receipts and payments handled on one screen
• Customizable ledger accounts
• Fast set-up procedure gets you up and running quickly
• Quick and easy reporting
• Planning system ensures you don't miss important items to-do (invoicing,
grading, training, etc)
Exact General Features
Security System - Ability to set up multiple users who may have limited access to specific functions or
forms within the program. Each user will have their own password to gain access when they start the
EXACT-The Institutions Management & Accounting

Module Features

Registration Student Details

-Capture student details - (first name, other names, address, telephone,
gender, nationality, family income, father’s name, mother’s name, guardian
occupation, family income, sponsor Details, student-photo, show student
uniform status).

-Sponsors details like (names, address, occupation, telephone, personal
Details, Contribution Per given Period).

-Captures Nok detail like (names, relationship, address, occupation, telephon
personal Details).

Academic details
-It also captures student academic Details i.e. previous institutions or school
and the grades acquired.

-Invoicing - invoices student according to the agreed amount.

-Student registration for a new class/term

-Search – Able to search a student record by: registration number, first name
other names, department, and course.

-Easily update student record (names, address details, academic performanc

-Navigating through the student record using previous, next, last and first
command button

-Generating student numbers and the invoice numbers automatically.

-Adding prefix and suffix to the student number and invoice number

-Capture student passport/picture at registration

Payroll -Capture employees details (names, Id No, nationality, marital status, gende
pass no, date of birth)

-Employment data (date of employment, job title, pin no, nssf, nhif, statutory

-Assignment detail-(Branch, Department, Section, Subsection, grade,


-Remuneration (basic salary, pay mode, Bank, bank branch, bank account).

-Staff loan-(loan type, principal amount, interest charged, first payment date
period of repayment, outstanding balance)

-Search employee record using (emp no, names, category, employment date
nssf no, nhif no).

-Updating employees basic salary direct on the list view

-Removing employees detail from the list of payroll by making the employee
status to be inactive.

-Capturing banks and their branches

-Grade scale: capture the payee scale and nhif scale.

-Deduct employee’s salary advance, Insurance, Sacco deduction, Loan


-Process payroll by criteria- one can be able to process individual pay slip at

-Pay slips

-Bank Paying detail-view payments/bank transfer detail of each bank, bank

branch and the account number of the employee.

-Nssf summary-generate Nssf summary of all employees and their Nssf


-Nhif summary-generate Nhif summary of all employees and their Nhif

Library -Capture Library items details e.g. item no, detail, date received, and status.

-Update item detail (item cost, borrowed, booked etc).

-Easily issue/return item with the system

-Booking and reservation of Library items

-Update items details’ whenever a transaction occurs.


-Borrowed books list

-Issue not returned

-Item list
Receipting -Search student record using (reg no, first name, other names).

-List of all due invoices per student including course, date, invoice no, amoun
and the fee head.

-Distribute the student amount to the invoices using the fee heads.

-Generate a Quick invoice.

-Allocate student pre payment

-Search student receipt using (receipt number, reg no, date and student nam

-Collection by Bank slip, cheque and cash for a specified period of time e.g.
day, days, weeks or months.

-collection summary by class category, fee head

-Student transaction report –showing the due invoices and the amount paid

-Student aging analysis- shows student transaction history for specified perio
of time.

-Receipting- on payment the receipt is printed showing the amount paid,

amount distribution, course, receipt date and

-Posting all the payment to journal transactions

Human Staff details
resource -Capture employees details (names, idno, nationality, marital status, gender,
pass no, date of birth, home address, department, section, sub section)

-Capture employees Nok details(name, address, contacts)

-Academic qualification-(Primary attended and certificate awarded, secondar

college/university )

-Employment history- All the employers and reason for leaving

Staff Transactions
-Staff training (Training type, course, certificate awarded, training date, cost
training, sponsor, responsible staff while on training).

-Staff promotion (promotion date, promotion base, designation and section).

-Staff leave (leave date, contact person while on leave, no of days, )

-Staff appraisal (performance rating, grade description, performance categor

comments and recommendation).

- Sick leave (staff no, medical card no, time in, time out, leave date)

-Disciplinary case( reason, action taken, officer, date, detail)

-Staffs master listing.

-Basic salary and job group

-Staff leave balances

-Staff training reports

-Disciplinary reports

Inventory Stocks
-Capture stock details(code, reorder level, category, location, unit price )
-Settings (category, location, parking units,
stock items, suppliers)
-Transaction(requisition, quotations, local purchase order, good received not
issues, transfer, adjustment)
-Requisition (Requisition No, department, staff, date, item, description, qty).
LPO(local purchase order)
-LPO (lpo No, supplier, procurement location, tender No, staff, date, item,
description, qty, unit price ).
GRN(good received note)
-GRN (Grn No,lpo No, supplier, procurement location, Delivery Note, staff,
date, item, description, unit , qty, unit price )
-Issue (, procurement Center, Issue date, Staff issued, item, description, unit,
qty, unit price).
Transfers (transfer No, Location from, Location to, staff, date, item, qty, unit)

-Stock take (generate stock taking sheet, Post adjustment)

-Stock level report
-Stock reconciliation report.

-Good received note report

-Local purchases order report(lpo)

-Outstanding lpo

-Stock transfer report

Accounts -Create type of accounts(income, general ledger, expenses, revenue, asset,

petty cash, capital asset)
-Shows cash request, approved cash and the paid cash detail (payee, date,
mode of pay, transaction, allocation and amount)
-Journal –booking of vouchers, imp rest and payment journals
Accounts Payable
- Accounts Payable (Supplier bills/Invoices ,Payments, Credits, student’s Agin
Analysis, Purchase orders)
Account receivable
-Accounts Receivable (Features beyond, standard student billing, student
invoices, Credit/refund ,Cash receipts, Bank receipts, talents sales
Aging Analysis
-Aging: Categorize accounts by days outstanding
General Ledger
-General Ledger (Flexible chart of accounts,
Cost centers, Journal entries, Petty cash entries ,Deposit slips ,Bank
reconciliation, Cheque Register ,Cash request approval, Budgets)

Financial Reports
-Financial Reports(Robust reporting for schools’ financial reporting needs
-Includes dozens of ready-to-use reports



Electra Software LTD was founded in 2003 on a simple premise: We wanted to turn our passion
for computer technology into a successful business.
We have achieved this goal by providing small and medium sized businesses with logical and
effective solutions to the complex technology issues facing their business today. We develop
customized solutions and plans that address the needs and goals of each client, and always strive
to develop long-term relationships founded on commitment, superior service, professionalism and
technology expertise.

Our Vision
Through the proper utilization, implementation, and maintenance of Information Technology, we
believe that we can reduce our customer's expenses and increase their profits while enhancing
their business and lives.
Our Mission
To be the Kenya's leading provider of customized and optimized Information Technology
Solutions, Services, and Consulting to small-to-medium sized businesses that add exceptional
customer value through its innovativeness and high quality.
Guiding Principles
v Are we still striving relentlessly to improve what we do and how we do it?
v Will it earn and be worthy of our client's honesty and trust?
v Does it leverage the Electra brand to build trust in our community?
v Will it improve our client's business and save them time or money?
v Can all company and individual actions be compared to a world-class service

1. Business Software Consulting

Our team of consultants can help you get the best out of your investment in popular accounting
software e.g. QuickBooks, Systematic and Pastel. We can train your staff, advise on the
implementation and usage, help in backing up, advise when transferring data and operations from
one software to another customize reports and generally be there for
you when you need help.

2. Website Design Development & Hosting

Our team of web developers will come up with custom designed web-enabled applications can turn
envisioned profits into reality. From the basic shopping cart to the most complex e-commerce
configurator; from the simplest database solution, to the most complex web application.

3. Desktop Applications Development

Electra's experienced developers are available to assist you in determining, targeting and solving
your software application needs. We will develop for you high quality custom applications timely
and cost effectively.

4. Database Design

Electra Software Ltd is experienced at designing, developing, and supporting the majority of
today's database systems including MySQL, Interbase, FireBird, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle,
PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. In addition to designing databases, we can consult, install, and
deploy the required hardware necessary to house your database and enable it to be remotely
managed via a wireless device, which allows you and your client’s greater access to critical
information in real-time.

5. IT Strategy Consulting

Leveraging Information Technology is high on the list of most business agendas. Electra
understands that the key to leveraging IT is in not only understanding its capability but also
where it adds value to a business. You can rely on us to help you set priorities when undertaking
IT initiatives and to answer pressing questions which affect your bottom line.

6. Open Source Consulting

Electra can provide valuable consulting, implementation and support on how to integrate open
source software in your business. We can help you setup Linux, Sendmail, MySQL, PostgreSQL,
Apache, PHP, Samba ,Linux Firewalls and other Open Source Projects hosted at SourceForge.


1. InsurancePro

A fully featured customizable financial system for insurance brokers and Agents.

2. Titan

A customizable system for managing cabs and car hiring operations. Integrates with Electra
Accounts to post Revenues and Expenses to the General Ledger, Accounts Receivables and

3. SmallTalk

A customizable system for managing the Front Office and Back Office operations of a Savings and
Credit Societies (SACCOs)

4. TourSoft
A customizable system for managing the tours and fleet operations of a tour firm.

5. Sphinx Real Estate Management System

Sphinx is a system for real estate agents who manage properties on behalf of their clients

6. Plato Stock System

A stocks management system

7. Atari Fleet Management System

A fixed assets management system



Benningways Insurance Brokers Implemented InsurancePro Mr Simon Njogu
Ltd (Nairobi & Muranga Management System. Accountant
Branches) Tel : 060-30147

Fred Blank Insurance Brokers Implemented InsurancePro Ms Janiffer Ngocho

Ltd Management System. Tel : 020 600757/9

ClientPride Insurance Agencies Implemented InsurancePro Mr Tony Wachira

Ltd Management System. Director
Tel : 020-4442513

Swiftlife Insurance Agents Implemented InsurancePro Mr Harris Muiruri

Management System. Director
Tel : 020 210247

Pekem Insurance Agents Implemented InsurancePro Mr Peter Kiarie

Management System. Director
Tel : 020-316618

Liferidge Insurance Agents Implemented InsurancePro Ms Joan Waweru

Management System. Director
Tel 020-218047

Appletree Insurance Agents Implemented InsurancePro Mr Richard Wachira

Management System. Director
Tel : 7121205

Genemed Insurance Agencies Implemented InsurancePro Mr Bernard Oduge

Ltd Management System. Director
Tel : 020-249358
JimCab Services Implemented Titan – A cab Mr Richard Wachira
Management System. Director
Tel : 7121205

Golden Harvest Mills Implemented a production and Mr Anez

management reporting solution Director
Tel : 020 558582
National Water Conservation Implemented A stock Mr Charles Karuru
and Pipeline Corporation management system and a Vote Finance Controller
book management system.
Tel 556600
Lighthouse Hospital Implemented Nightingale – A
hospital Management System.

Virgin Tours Ltd Implemented Titan – A cab Mr Hussein

Management System. Director
Tel : 2734932

Game Trackers Ltd Implemented SafariMIS to Mr Levis Kimotho

manage their client database Systems Administrator
and plan their safaris. Tel : 251771

Discount Cash and Carry Implemented Sapphire Stock Mr Falid

Supermarkets Management System for Director
managing the receipting,
issuing, counting, intra-branch
transfers of stock items across
their chain of supermarkers and
branch shops.

Obama Enterprises Implemented a Distribution Mr Sammy

Management Software Director

Kenya Association of Hotel Conducted Training in Mr Wambua

Keepers and Caterers Quickbooks Accounting System Financial Accountant

Somali Redcross Developed their website at Mr Afe Project Manager

Pentapharm Pharmacies Ltd Developed their website at Mr Denis IT Manager
Implementation Time plan

It is envisaged that the project will take 3 months.

Financial Proposal

Item Particulars Amount(Kshs)

1 System Delivery, Supply, Installation & Customization
o Accounting 30,000
o Registration 10,000
o Library 20,000
o Payroll & Human Resources 20,000
o Inventory 20,000
o Receipting 10,000

2 Training 10,000

3 1 year support free

Total Total 120,000

Electra Software Ltd 020-247617 / 2044632