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Recent discovery and discussion on the pending ASICBOOST patent infringement has

attracted widespread attention in the Bitcoin community. Many condemned willful patent

infringements committed by some bitcoin chip and miner manufacturers. In fact, the patent

inventor claimed its worldwide priority date at the end of 2013. The corresponding PCT

application was published in May of 2015 and is entitled to provisional rights in those PCT

participating countries including the U.S., China, Europe, and Korea since its publication date.

To date, no individual or business entity has been authorized to use or sell products

based on the ASICBOOST patent application, yet some bitcoin miner manufacturers have

implemented various features of the pending ASICBOOST patent in their mining hardware and

firmware potentially infringing the pending ASICBOOST patent. They have not only seriously

violated the legal rights of the owner of the pending ASICBOOST patent, but also gained unfair

advantage in this business sector. Additionally, the potentially infringing products

irresponsibly put innocent consumers at various legal and commercial risks.

Therefore, our law firm is authorized by the patent holding company to make this

general announcement. All parties related to the potential patent infringement, such as Bitcoin

chip makers, Bitcoin miner manufacturers and their sales representatives shall immediately

cease production and sales activities of any products in connection to the pending patent

application. The infringers should contact our firm and disclose their production and sales

records related to our patent pending technology since 2015. Otherwise, we will have no

choice but to take legal actions to protect the legal rights of the patent holding company,
including but not limited to seeking compensation of all losses and damages since the patent

was published.

Meanwhile, people in possession of knowledge regarding the potential infringement

are welcome to contact us. Lets work together to stop those infringement activities and make

the Bitcoin community a better world.

Jun Ye, Esq.

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