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Turnkey Service Provider for silo cleaning and blockage clearing and purchase
of related equipments for the Asia-Pacific Region

Holcim Group Support (S) Pte Ltd - Corporate Procurement Company Version 1.0
152 Beach Road, # 19-06/08 Gateway East, Singapore 189721 Confidential Nov/2008

General Information

Pneumat Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd, Singapore was founded

by Pneumat Systems, Inc. USA in 2007. They offers
complete solution to solve problems relating to material
Build up, clogging and rock breaking and virtually for all
manufacturing, processing and construction industry.

With 25 years of experience, the Pneumat manufacturing

facility for silo cleaning equipments is located in Mankato,
USA. Pneumat has offices strategically located throughout
the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Middle East
region to service and support customers globally.

Pneumat range of product and services are :

Total Silo Cleaning & Silo Blockage Clearing /

Top down approach with BINWhip
Bottom up solution with CARDOX System

Cement Gypsum Sugar Animal Feed Coal
Fertilizer Ore Powder Dust Ash Lime

Build-up & Blockage Clearing / Unclogging

The technologically advanced CARDOX System is capable
of effectively removing build-ups in preheaters in a safer,
faster and easier manner. There is no human exposure to
the dangers associated with conventional methods such as
high pressure water jetting.

Strength. Performance. Passion. 1/1

fact pack Product and services for silo cleaning Company Confidential

Preheaters Cyclones Inlet Chambers Coolers
Feed Pipes Rotary Kilns Precalciners Riser Ducts

Rock Excavation
The CARDOX System is a reliable solution in areas which
are located within sensitive surroundings where the use of
explosives is prohibited.

Rock Breaking Trenching Tunneling Concrete
Demolition Underwater Excavation

Pneumat Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd., Singapore has

executed numerious jobs of silo cleaning and blockkage
removing in the APAC region. The List of Customers

Holcim Vietnam, Malaysia,
Lafarge Malaysia, Philippines,Indonesia
Cemex Philippines
Heidelberg Indonesia

Metal and Minerals

Xstrata Falcondo (Dominic Republic)

Power & Gas industry

ExxonMobil Castle Peak Plant (China)

Product Highlights

Cardox System
Effective blockage cleaning preventive maintenance tool, can operate during plant operation
No endanger to human safety
Eliminates dangers associated with water blasting and poking
Eliminates dangers associated with shotgun and manual kiln ring removal
Safer, faster and easier

BIN Whip System

Effective silo cleaning tool, operates from top of silo
Easy setting and dismantling
Hudraulic driven thus can reverse rotation, enabling guidance into corners and expanding the
width of cut
Safer, faster and easier

Strength. Performance. Passion. 2/2

fact pack Product and services for silo cleaning Company Confidential

Highlights of this Regional Frame Agreement

Validity period

st st
This Frame Agreement is effective from December 1 , 2008 valid till December 31 2009

Products and services covered (Refer Annexure 2 of Frame agreement)

Turnkey service provider for silo cleaning and blockage clearing

- Pre-inspection of silo before mobilization
- Mobilisation & demobilization of crew members & equipments
- Complete takeover of job site and project management
- Adherence to Environment, Health and safety policy and procedure as per Holcim guide
line, which includes submission of documents on Method statement, Risk assessment, site
permits, log sheet

Supply of silo cleaning equipments

- Cardox system along with consumables
- BIN Whip with all accessories

Supervision/Consultancy services
- Supervision services at cost, applicable if OpCo buys the equipment and need only
supervision services

Prices for Product and Services (Refer Annexure 3 of Frame Agreement)

Prices for product and services are firm during the tenure of agreement

Attractive Volume Rebates

To encourage greater use of the FA, there is an attractive volume rebate of upto 5% corresponding
to the total spend value achieved in any given year

Payment terms
30 days from the date of invoice for all projects

- 10% advance upon issuance of Purchase Order

- 20% after Mobilisation of equipment & manpower at site
- 70% after successful completion of job

Delivery and other highlights

Normal mobilization time 30 days from the date of issue of Purchase order
In case of emergency, mobilization to take effect within 15 days, however if equipment needs to be
air freighted will attract extra cost to Holcim
Delivery of equipment within 10 weeks
Penalties for late delivery: 0.5% per week upto 5% maximum

Strength. Performance. Passion. 3/3

fact pack Product and services for silo cleaning Company Confidential

What is to come?
What is our next step?

Procurement Officers can support the implementation by:

Work closely with your local Occupational Health & Safety responsible to ensure that you take full
benefits of this regional Frame Agreement and to ensure compliance.
HGRS CP Procurement Lead will be available for support, if required.


The parties have agreed to treat all business information confidentially and not to divulge any such
information to a third party unless authorized in writing by the disclosing party. The affiliates of Holcim or
Shell shall not be considered as third parties, provided that they are bound by the same confidentiality
obligations as the contract parties.

Pneumat Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Regional Key Account Manager,

Name: Mr. Bryan Yeo
Phone: +65 65332330
Fax: +65 65332340

Holcim Group Support Ltd.

Regional Procurement Manager, Holcim Group Support (S) Pte Ltd.

Name: Mr. Kamal Kishore Agrawal
Address: 152 Beach Road, #19-06/08 Gateway East, Singapore 189721
Phone: +65 62952415
Fax: +65 62951576

Distribution For Information

Group Company Area Management
Procurement Officers Group Company CEOs
Group Company Technical Group Company CFOs
Directors HGRS CP

Silo Cleaning Equipments

Strength. Performance. Passion. 4/4