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Renewable Energy Presentation - Extra Credit Assignment

The last couple of weeks we have focused on potential and kinetic energy. For extra credit, I want
you to research renewable energy. Most of the energy we consume today comes from
nonrenewable sources and will not last forever. You will need to find and use at least 2 different
resources to make a presentation or video explaining the details and pros/cons of a renewable
energy source of your choice. The sources can be articles found on the web, in
books/magazines, or excerpts from videos. However, the sources must be reliable and
educational (Wikipedia is neither reliable or educational). Good resources to use are typically
.edu or .org websites, scientific journals/magazines (can be found online), and even videos on
YouTube uploaded by scientific or educational groups such as National Geographic.

You can use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or any other presenting tool for your presentation.
If you choose to make a video, you can still use slides but you will present on the video instead of
in front of the class.

Your presentation must include at least 5 slides, must have at least one picture per slide, and
must be between 3-5 minutes total to get full credit. Make sure to summarize and not plagiarize
your resources. You must include a resources page at the end that lists any websites, videos,
articles, magazines, or books you used to get your research.

Ex: I found 2 different articles, one on the pros and one on the cons, discussing the use of wind
energy to generate power. I used those 2 articles to summarize the benefits of using wind energy
as a source of power as well as the negatives to this source. I found pictures online and created a
slideshow that included a few of the main points from the articles.

Examples of renewable energy resources are listed below. You may choose one of the following
sources or any other legitimate renewable energy source that is not listed.

- Solar energy
- Wind energy
- Hydroelectric power
- Biomass
- Geothermal power
- Tidal energy
- Ocean Thermal energy
- Wave energy
- Hydrogen and fuel cells
- Nuclear fusion

A checklist to get full credit is listed on the back of this sheet. This assignment is due this Friday,
May 19th. If you receive full credit, it will replace your lowest grade and add 10 points to 2 other
low grades.
Renewable Energy Presentation - Extra Credit Assignment


1. ____ At least two resources were used and cited in the resource section at the end of this
assignment. (2 pts)

2. ____ A PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, video, or other presenting tool was used to
make the presentation. (2 pts)

3. ____ At least five slides are on the presentation. (5 pts)

4. ____ At least one picture is on each slide of the presentation. (5 pts)

5. ____ The information included in the presentation discusses the positives and negatives
of the renewable energy source. (2 pts)

6. ____ The presentation lasts between 3 and 5 minutes long. (1 pt)

7. ____ A resources section is included at the end of the presentation. (1 pt)

8. ____ The presentation was turned in on the due date -Friday, May 19th. (2 pts)