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Use prepositions, IN , ON , AT.

My birthday is
________________September so, I need
to organize a big party for it. I will turn
24 __________September 23rd. I dont
know whos going to be ___________my
party, but I want to send my party
invitations ____________12 O Clock,
otherwise, my friends wont be ready
______the weekend to celebrate with

__________my birthday I want to have a big band playing my favorite songs, making me
feel great. And when the party is over, I want to dance with my fiance and feel that
everything is worthy because it is shaken me right to the core.

Today________the evening I am going to buy everything that is necessary for my party, I

think, nothing is guarantee but I will turn this party into a big celebration.

I think this celebration will go down through the years because we will have so much

I think itll be nice if I set tables ______________groups of five and I write a note with their
names _________it.

When I was younger __________the age of 15 my mom organized a party _________the

country, it was awesome, and nobody wanted to leave, but ___________midnight my
mom said, It is enough guys, go home and get some rest. I dont need you to go
home so late.

I can recall those memories every single day when everything was simpler and nicer
and sometimes hard. Nowadays I think things have made me stronger because I can
deal with every situation.

I am very interested ________having all my friends ________the party with me that I am

going to spend my entire afternoon __________the phone sending messages

Im keen _______ listening to rock music that Im considering to bring the best band to
my party, my friends will adore it that I dont mind spending too much money on it. The
weather is often terrible _______London due to rainy days _________ every season, so I
need to rent a big party room to avoid getting wet.

_______the moment I am making the most of every time in my life, such spending time
with my family, friends and my fiance . I love what I do and I cant stand getting mad
for anything.

What I have planned for my party is this:

__________the beginning of the party I am going to say a welcome speech.

__________lunchtime playing nice music to enjoy it.

__________the middle of the dance floor I am going to set a big table with my cake.

__________a corner of the room I am going to set the bar.

__________the other side of room I am going to hang a big picture of me______ the wall.

__________night I am going to cheers with all my guests.

_________the end of the party I am going to dance with my fiance and ask her to marry
me at the rhythm of the song Love me now.