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Information/Details: neglect occurs when a child Information/Details: gather all the information you By: Jacquera Brown
does not receive proper care, supervision, or can about the suspected incident or incidents and
neglect to report the case to the country department write it up in actual and behavioral terminology.
of social services Notify your direct administrator of the information
you have that cause you to suspect abuse or
After he/she gathers all the information they may
assign case number so be prepared to jot this
Ask the counselor if he/she feels that the child can
go home if the school should retain him/her until the
caseworker appears.
The school nurse under the direction of the building
administrator may photograph any obvious marks
or contusions for evidence.
Once the case is reported you will protable receive
a report of suspected child abuse or maltreatment
form from the department of social services.

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Information/Details: child abuse is very bad and the Information/Details: physical abuse is often the Information/Details: child abuse is a form of child
statistic of neglect is 62.8% most recognizable form of abuse, as visible abuse that includes sexual activity with a minor. It
Sexual abuse 9.3% physical indications may be evident. It can be includes obscene phones calls, text messages, or
emotional/psychological abuse 7.1% defined as an injury or a pattern of injuries to a digital interaction, fondling, exhibitionism, or
Medical neglect 2.0% child that is non-accidental. Included in this exposing oneself to a minor, masturbation in the
Other 14.3% definition may be the following physical signs: welts, presence of a minor or forcing the minor to
burns, bites, strangulations, broken bones, internal masturbate. It also includes intercourse, sex of any
injuries, cigarette burns, immersion burns, and/ or kind with a minor, including vaginal, oral, or anal,
dry burns. producing, owning, or sharing pornographic images
or movies of children, sex trafficking, any other
Emotional abuse is name-calling, ridicule, sexual conduct that is harmful to a childs mental,
degradation, exacerbating a fear, destroying emotional, or physical welfare.
personal possessions, torture or destruction of a pet
and excessive criticism. It also includes or routine
labeling or humiliation or withholding of commun