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The ruins of mankind are often dramatized in the recently popular Post-

Apocalyptic genre surge. This genre describes the decimation of the human

population and describes the wasteland left by the wake of the apocalypse.

The apocalypse comes in many forms ranging from a virus outbreak to an

alien invasion. With whatever form the author chooses to end humanity with,

the author has a wide variety of techniques and tropes at their fingertips to

use. One such author is George RR Martin whose story, Dark Dark were the

tunnels, adds on to these techniques and adapts the tropes to his likings.

Martin successfully shares on his interpretation of the apocalypse

through the use of literary devices to enhance the flavor of his text,

post-humanism themes to add on to the genre, and the use of hyper

violence and love to attract and compel an audience

Literary devices: imagery, diction, tone, perspective (cultural


Post humanist themes: evolved humans, companionship,


Hyper violence hatchway article, love, Darwinism to attract

young adult category

On the forefront of literary, George RR Martin employs the techniques

of imagery, tone, and different perspectives to enhance his hand made psot-

apocolyptic universe. (1st quote ~ Imagery) There was a roar, a flash. Then

a second Got It. A damn rat(98). This quote describes the brutal murder of
Hssig by Von Der Stadt. The vivid roar and the flash prompts readers to think

about the barrel of a firearm when it is fired ~~ more elaboration. (2nd Quote

~ diction + elaboration) (3rd Quote ~ tone + elaboration) (4th Quote ~

perspectives) Martin uses a interesting take on telling the story by purposely

weaving in two different perspectives into the story. One of the perspectives

is Greel who states that But These men were not quite men. Their minds

were crippled, and much, much of their thought was alien to Greel. (95) This

is an interesting quote seeing that readers would most likely think that Greel

is primitive compared to the two scientists. The fact that the perspective of

Greel about the scientists attempts to break down initial thoughts and

barriers relating to cultural relativism (~eleaborate)

Moving forward, Martin advances the genre of post-apocalypse by

adding his spin to post-humanism as well as using a host of other trademark

tropes. (1st quote~ post-humanism) Dont worry They were clearly sub-

human. Men once, maybe. But no more. Degenerated said by Cliffonetto

(99). This quote describes the description of Greels people according to

Clffonetto ~~ elaboration. (2nd quote ~ companion ship) In dark were the

tunnels, Greel depends majorely on his companion Hssing. This is evident in

the quote Hssing died. His mind-brother died. The fire-men killed his mind-

brother (99). This quote shows readers that Hssig, a rat, meant more to

Greel than being a companion, Hssig was his brother. (~Contrast with Sand

and Slag way of the post humans with the dog). (~Techonolgy quote,

comparison between how Sand Slag thing evolved with technology after
inhabitable earth vs how Greel and his people live without technology after

inhabitable earth)

Furthermore, Martin tackles more adult, abstract, and dark themes

such as hyperviolence, love, and darwinism to attract a young adult

audience. (1st quote) He struck. And struck again. Wildly, madly. Blow after

blow, thrust after thrust(99). This is a vivid description of Greel attacking

Von. The end result is tugging at the uniform He ripped away the fabric to

expose the torn flesh(99). (talk about hyperviolence and why it is called, the

hatthway article about audience and violence). (~no love quote yet, may

change theme later on). (3rd quote about darwimism) (Quote about how greel

are hunter-gatherer people or how his people adapted to the radiation above

ground)? (need to re look at the themes tab for adult themes) (am I allowed

to re use quotes??)

With all things considered. George RR Martin advances the post-

apocalyptic genre by adding his own personal universe to the mix. (talk

about how he does text, advance genre, attract audience)