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Mayor Taylor, City Council approve Conceptual Alamo Master Plan

SAN ANTONIO (May 11, 2017) Today Mayor Ivy R. Taylor and City Council unanimously
approved the Conceptual Alamo Master Plan.

I was ready to move forward with the conceptual master plan today. Every member of City
Council joined me in taking action showing our commitment to work with our partners, the State
of Texas and the GLO, she said.

The Mayor thanked George P. Bush, Speaker Joe Straus, the San Antonio delegation and the
Texas Legislature for supporting the Alamo in its time of need, as well as Gene Powell of the
Alamo Endowment for his leadership.

We can all agree on the importance of preserving and enhancing the building that has come to
be known as the Alamo, the mission church of San Antonio de Valero, said Mayor Taylor.

I am pleased to see that the team has listened to community concerns and made a number of
significant changes and improvements, such as dramatically increasing the amount of shade in
the plaza. I also want to note that, moving forward, well be looking at design solutions to create
a sense of enclosure, rather than deciding today to proceed with a glassed-in plaza. I remain open
to the full range of solutions that the design team might bring forward.
Councilwoman Gonzales Motions for Amendment to Alamo Master Plan, Votes to

SAN ANTONIO (May 11, 2017) In response to constituents concerns over a design
proposal within the Alamo Master Plan's presentation, Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales
motioned for an amendment to the guiding principles that suggested to keep the plaza a
more open and welcoming civic space. Councilwoman Gonzales prefaced the motion
with remarks highlighting the importance of the Tejano legacy in the fight for Texass
independence and the need to design improvements to the Alamo Plaza without
closing it off to the community.

Although I agree with the approved guiding principles of the Master Plan, I wanted to
add an extra layer that would allow the design of the Alamo Complex and Plaza
to remain dedicated to the historic use as a public civic space.