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Volume XLIX
NEWS15th Street
March 13, 3017
@15th Street News

Issue 7

Club Spotlight: Anime,

fandoms and Gaming Club
By Marshall Niles
Staff Writer

The Anime, Fandoms, and Gaming Club is

a club for anyone who loves to participate in
anything considered nerdy such as video
games, cosplay, anime and similar activities
and interests.
Our club participates in fun activi-
ties, which allows for fellowship amongst
like-minded individuals. Our club greatly
contributes to student life in that we provid-

Photo Courtesy of Devin Keely

ed events multiple times per month, which
are open to the public. Our club hosts meet-
ings twice a month; however, we meet about
six times a month due to our numerous
events, AFG President Devin Keely said.
Keely said students and faculty members
can join the club if they have a D2L ac-
count. Although they are welcome to attend Fandoms are groups of people who strongly favor a particular person, team, fictional series, etc.
to any events and meetings whether or not
they are members of the club. She said not ings dont fall on a time when they have who is currently battling cancer.
to let a busy schedule stop anyone from class or work. AFG meets at 3 p.m. every other Tuesday
attending events hosted by the club. Keely Keely has stated the club is hosting a Nerf in the Tinker Terrace Room. For more infor-
also stated, We have well over 200 mem- war in which the profits will go towards the mation about the club, contact Devin Keely
bers who only come when events and meet- support of Zach McMillan, an RSC alumnus at

Follow us!
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Fine Arts Ou ormance
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Friday, M 5 , 2 01
March 2
Saturday, 0 p.m. CES
a t 7 :3

For ticket information call 736-0364

Get more information at
Trumps First 100 days: Part II
By William Washington
Assistant Editor

International Relations
On Feb. 27 President Donald Trump met with
Teresa May, Prime Minister of the United King-
dom, and addressed the world. Trumps speech
began with how the relationship of Great Britain
and the United States has never been stronger.
Madam Prime Minister, we look forward to
working closely with you as we strengthen our
mutual ties in commerce, business and foreign
affairs. Great days lie ahead for our two peoples
and our two countries, Trump said.
May, in typical English fashion politely reiter-
ated the kind words then segued into Daesh or According to the White House, the one-hour involved, hastening the investigation.
the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and joint conversation between Putin and Trump was Sec. 4(d) gives those countries 60 days to com-
efforts to eradicate their threat. positive and the two counterparts expressed the ply with the order and Sec. 3(e) directs parties
Mr. President, I think you said you were need for mutual cooperation to tackle such chal- involved to inform the president of the list of
100 percent behind NATO, May said, getting lenges as ISIL and Syria. countries recommended for inclusion, but ex-
Trumps words on record. May assured the The Kremlin released a transcript Jan. 28 con- cludes diplomatic, North Atlantic Treaty Organi-
public that she would continue her efforts to current with The White House maintaining, The zation, C-2, and G-1, 2, 3 and 4 visas.
urge the other nations of Europe to step up their two leaders emphasized that joining efforts in Sec. 3(f) introduces an additional list of coun-
support toward their own defense and praised fighting the main threat, international terrorism, tries for similar treatment would be given to the
the two countries relationship. Emphasizing the is a top priority. president. But Sec. 3(g) allows a case-by-case
importance of trade between the two nations, Both sides acknowledged that the relationship basis to be added for the interest of national
May stated she hopes to begin trade negotiations needed repair. The sides stressed the impor- security. Sec. 3(h) and Sec. 4 require Secretary of
after Brexit. tance of rebuilding mutually beneficial trade State and Homeland Security in a joint operation
Trump also spoke with Mexican President En- and economic ties between the two countries with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to sub-
rique Pena Nieto. Trump told the press the talk business communities, which could give an ad- mit reports periodically and institute a uniform
was friendly. ditional impetus to progressive and sustainable standard of screening.
In a 2013 interview with MSNBCs Thomas development of bilateral relations, according to Sec. 5(a) halts the U.S. Refugee Admissions
Roberts, Trump claimed to have a relationship the Kremlin. Program for 120 days to ensure the departments
with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the VP Attends March for Life are not accepting those refugees that pose a
Conservative Political Action Conference in 2014, According to supporters of March for Life, a threat to national security. After resuming the
Trump spoke about receiving a present from Pu- pro-life organization, there was another area USRAP subsection (b) prioritizes claims of reli-
tin and how Putin toyed with Former President which was in need of repair. For the first time in gious persecution, making sure that the religion
Barack Obama. During the 2016 FOX Business history a vice president attended the rally. Mike is a minority in the refugees country of nation-
GOP Debate, Trump talked about Putin going Pence assured the crowd that, Life is winning ality.
into Syria, I got to know him very well because again, and that foreign funding and federal Sec. 5(c) would have gone against an agree-
we were both on 60 Minutes; we were stable funding of abortion would stop under a Trump ment Obama made with Australia Nov. 13, 2016
mates, so we did very well that night. administration. to accept refugees from Australia. The subsection
However, in a press conference on C-SPAN July Trump takes on Terrorism proclaimed that the U.S. would not accept any
27, 2016 Trump, after mentioning that there The same administration wrote and Trump refugees originating from Syria until such time
was a lack of respect toward the U.S. on the signed the Executive Order: Protecting the Na- the president saw fit. But in Sec. 5(d) the EO
world stage, was asked a question involving his tion from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United proclaims the U.S. will accept 50,000 refugees in
relationship with Putin. Trumps response was, States. 2017.
I never met Putin, I dont know who Putin is. Sec. 1 of the order states the purpose of the or- The Secretary of State and Homeland Security
He said one nice thing about me. He said Im a der is to protect the U.S. by rejecting those who are given the power to admit refugees on a case-
genius, I said thank you very much to the news- would do harm to the country and its citizens. by-case basis and give states the choice to do so
paper and that was the end of it. I never met The United States should not admit those who as well in Sec. 5(e, f and g). However, Syria was
Putin. engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including not mentioned in those subsections.
Four days later on Sunday, July 31, 2016 in honor killings, other forms of violence against On grounds of terrorism, as well as any re-
an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos, women, or the persecution of those who practice lated issue, Sec. 6 gives the Secretary of State
Trump denied having any relationship with Putin religions different from their own) or those who and Homeland Security in conjunction with the
again. Trump said the two knew of each other would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or Attorney General to rescind immigrant accep-
and Putin said nice things about him. Trump sexual orientation. tance and the section also applies submission
also told Stephanopoulos during the 60 Min- The EOs policy in Sec. 2 is to protect citizens deadlines.
utes appearances the two were not acquainted, by preventing foreign nationals, who have evil All nonimmigrant visa holders must undergo
admitting, We were on 60 Minutes together, by motives, from entering the country. an in-person interview according to Sec. 8 (a and
the way, not together, together. Meaning he was Sec. 3(a) directs the Secretary of State Rex b). Sec. 8(b) also expands the Consular Fellows
probably shot in Moscow and I was shot in New Tillerson and the director of National Intelli- Program for those nonimmigrants who are willing
York. gence, currently Mike Dempsey, to determine to serve the U.S. with their skill and experience.
The attention brought to the issue was due to the information needed to judge which foreign Sec. 9 calls to review nonimmigrant reciproci-
the Trump campaign working through the GOP nationals should receive any visa, admission or ty agreements to determine the mutual benefit.
platform to prevent the U.S. from giving lethal benefit from the Immigration and Nationality Act. Transparency of these processes is purposed by
weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian and rebel Trumps nominee for director of National Intelli- Sec. 10, which authorizes the release of informa-
forces, according a July 18, 2016 article by The gence, Dan Coats and former Republican Sena- tion every six months, regarding investigations
Washington Post. tor from Indiana still awaits confirmation. and findings of radicalization or affiliation with
With concerns of Russian influence seeming- Sec. 3(b) instructs the Secretary of Homeland terrorism related organizations, gender based
ly behind him, the president was asked again Security along with the Secretary of State to violence or any matter concerning national secu-
about his ties to Putin. Trumps response was submit a report of the review in Sec. 3(a) and rity.
that the relationship could go either way, during compile a list of countries that do not provide There will be an explanation and a brief sum-
the question portion of his press conference with adequate information. While Sec. 3(c) tempo- mary in Trumps First 100 Days: Part III in the
May. rarily reduces exploratory burdens on agencies April issue.
Major Spotlight: Mass
By Bella Kok
Staff Writer

Mass Communication is offered at

Rose State College among various op-
tions. This major offers a wide range of
job options to choose from after college
and is a very exciting major. Students
with this major take part in the schools
Mass Communication programs, which
include the 15th Street News, the stu-
dent publication at Rose State.
Mass Communication students are
taught how people relay information
through different media channels to a

Photo by William Washington

large quantity of the public. The infor -
mation is commonly known to be relayed
through outlets such as newspapers,
magazines and television. The minimum
total credit hours needed for an associ-
ate degree in Mass Communication is 62.
This includes 17 hours of program re-
quirements, six hours of support/related
The 15th Street News, located in the Fine Arts building, hires students to create a monthly issue.
requirements and 39 hours of general
education credits. Jeff Conkin is the ad-
viser for this degree and can be found in
the Humanities building. She recounted being able to easily degree offers you. According to the Rose
Darcy Delaney, a former student and transition from Rose State to a four -year State website, Numerous opportunities
Mass Communications Professor and institution without difficulty and being are available to those who earn under -
15th Street News Adviser at Rose State able to use connections she made at graduate or advanced degrees in mass
remembered her journey with her Mass Rose State to work for a local newspaper. communication.
Communication degree. Mass Communication is a broad field For more information, visit the Rose
I have never been disappointed with a that offers many job options. These can State websites Mass Communications
degree in Mass Communication. If any- include photographer, blogger, journalist degree page at or visit an advis-
thing, its enabled me to have a variety of or advertisement management and that er in the Humanities building on the first
career choices and skills, she stated. just brushes the many opportunities this floor.

What are you doing for spring break?

Campus Chat
By Ashley Fansler

Lance Rollins Yecenia Cabrera Antonice Allen Cheyanna Lewis

English Literature Criminal Justice Nursing Biological Sciences

Work on an English Probably homework Im going camping I plan on going down

paper and then do a if I have any classes. to Grand Lake with my
little fishing. Spring cleaning in the boyfriend. Then come
house. back and study for my

OP-ED: Immigration Ban

By Mina Onar on radical Islamic countries but only seven out Delta Airlines and United Airlines fly both
Features Editor of 13 predominantly Muslim countries were domestically and internationally. They may not
banned. employ many pilots and flight attendants from
There is a territory that President Trump the seven banned countries but the impact
targeted, countries that dont share vital in- could be excessively significant on the airlines
terests with the U.S. As you know Turkey is a with a large Arabic-speaking customer base
About a month ago, President Donald Trump major ally of the U.S., and antagonizing them and who fly to several cities in the U.S. such as
signed an Executive Order that would suspend would be a huge mistake. Same thing goes for Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and
Americas refugee program for at least 120 days Saudi Arabia. The ban did not target danger- even Turkish Airlines, which has a very large
and forbid the citizens of seven predominantly ous countries, if we come at it realistically, it Middle Eastern customer population especial-
Muslim countries from entering the U.S. targeted poor weak countries who wont be able ly from Iran, Iraq and Syria. Also their entire
Imagine growing up in a Muslim-populated to cut ties with the U.S. as a result, Amr Alhu- crew, including technical and cabin crew may
country and being stereotyped by other coun- raibi, who has a dual citizenship of Yemen and be impacted when they are not allowed to enter
tries as a terrorist, even though you wouldnt Slovakia and is a student at the University of the U.S.
hurt an ant. Just like that, I found myself Central Oklahoma majoring in Finance, said. The Executive Order from President Trump
wondering if my hometown, Turkey, was on President Trumps immigration ban is not is more about extreme xenophobia, Sen. Ed-
the list of banned countries. Although Turkey actually the first time in which a U.S. president ward Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts,
is not a radical Islamic country, Muslim pop- banned foreigners, especially Iranians from said in a statement. People who were here
ulation is highly significant. The first thought entering the country. On April 7, 1980, former before the ban or people who got the chance to
on my mind were my friends who went back to President Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from enter the country after the ban was lifted are
Turkey for Christmas break. Luckily, I found entering to the U.S after the Iranian hostage concerned about their future travels as well
out that Turkey was not on the list but there crisis where 52 Americans were held hostage as their families, friends or colleagues future
were seven predominantly Muslim countries for 444 days in 1979. It stands as the longest travels. Students who study in the U.S. on the
that were banned from entering the U.S. These hostage crisis in recorded history. When Pres- F-1 visa do not have the right to work outside
seven countries were Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, ident Trumps order was issued, there were of campus and since schools are mostly closed
Sudan, Syria and Yemen. many Iranian scientists who built up their car- during summer, financing themselves could be-
We could evaluate President Trumps immi- riers traveling inside and outside the country come hard. While they cannot leave the coun-
gration ban from many aspects but the first and researching for top universities in the U.S. try, their relatives cannot travel to the U.S.
thing everyone should understand is making such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, either. The ban creates separation between
decisions based on someones gender, race or Harvard University and Johns Hopkins Uni- families and affects companies with foreign
religion is nothing but taking the country back versity. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim employers.
a couple of decades. said the Republicans sweeping ban on people Many Yemenis are also entrepreneurs and
Religion is one of the most controversial sub- seeking refuge in the U.S. is no solution to business owners in the U.S., and they are an
jects and banning millions of innocent people problems. Regional issues cannot be solved by integrated part of the American fabric. Such
because of their religion and culture is a back- closing the doors on people, Yildirim said. decisions create a cut in the solidness of that
ward move. Many people did not think Presi- The Executive Order banned about 134 societal fabric, which results in making the life
dent Trump would actually ban Muslim people million people from entering the U.S., includ- of thousands of American Yemenis harder,
from entering the United States when he first ing valuable scientists, bright students, sick Alhuraibi continued.
talked about his idea during the elections. The children and refugees who are trying to escape All of the citizens of the seven banned coun-
idea seemed like a fanciful idea that couldnt from war zones. When the ban was first issued tries also have to be aware of the upcoming or-
be done. Although many people thought it was Jan. 27, Iranian film director Asghar Farhadi ders, and people should come together against
an odd order to give, the intentions were un- was not allowed to enter to the U.S. to attend any kind of discrimination.
derstandable if we think about the attacks we the 89th Academy Awards. He won the Best My circle of acquaintances showed nothing
have seen in Europe, the Middle East and Af- Foreign Language Film award. In his statement but support and love. The community of Okla-
rica, which were done by the Islamic terror or- for his absence he said, my absence is out of homa is so welcoming and supportive, which
ganizations such as the Islamic State al-Qaida, respect for the people of my country and those makes life easier and convenient, Alhuraibi
Boko Haram and Taliban. Although it is not a of the other six nations who have been disre- added.
fair action to treat every Muslim man, woman, spected by the inhumane law that bans entry It seems like even though the ban is lifted for
child and teenager as terrorists. of immigrants to the U.S. now, President Trump is determined to bring it
Its not right to portray huge groups of Arabs The Executive Order also affected interna- back. He already signed a revised version of the
and Muslims as possible terrorists, Najeeb tional airlines. The U.S. carriers do not fly to first travel ban Monday, March 6. The new ban
Haidari, a Yemeni-American security manager any of the seven countries, nor to the airlines reduces the number of banned countries from
in Yemen, told Reuters news agency. This is of those countries fly to the U.S., but those seven to six, allowing Iraqi citizens to enter
a stupid, terrible decision which will hurt the citizens travel on an array of U.S. or inter- to the U.S., as well as green card holders and
American people more than us or anybody else, national airlines and pass through cities like people who have visas. The new ban will come
because it shows that this president cant man- London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Istanbul and Paris into effect in 10 days, March 16, so that the
age people, politics or global relationships. where they frequently transfer to a U.S. airline. chaos in airports around the world the first or-
It was said that the Muslim ban was issued American carriers such as American Airlines, der created presumably will not happen again.

Spring in Oklahoma
By Emily Siddiqui home even more important than the TV. And if or tornadoes is the practice of stopping vehicles
Staff Writer youre traveling, if theres a warning, its going to under highway bridges. While this may be a tem-
go off, and its going to tell you exactly where you porary solution for the clamor of ice rocks hitting
need to be, he said. the windshield, it is in no way advisable. Not only
Many people download helpful weather apps to is it an unsafe location during a tornado but it
their smartphones and that is better than noth- also blocks the flow of highway traffic, putting
ing but it should be considered that apps can many peoples lives in danger. If a storm is espe-
sometimes fail, for multiple reasonsso a weath- cially heavy, oncoming highway users may not be
The delightful days of spring are fast approach- er radio remains the most dependable option. able to see very far ahead and could unintention-
ing and so are the chances of severe weather. Travelers, whether within the state or elsewhere, ally collide with cars parked under an overpass.
From floods to wildfires to earthquakes to torna- should also make sure to learn their accommo- Another thing people tend to do is get out of their
does, natural disasters are nothing new for sea- dations emergency plan and what is considered cars and camp out under the bridges. This is the
soned Oklahomansbut changes to the weather, to be the safest spot in the area. opposite of what to do during a tornado. If there
especially here in tornado alley, can happen in a While emergency procedures in the state have is no lightning, it is best to get into a ditch or
flash. There are several things residents should improved greatly over the years, it is everyones another low area but not high up under a bridge.
keep in mind to be prepared and to keep them- responsibility to make sure a specialized plan is If lightning is close, however, staying in the car
selves and others safe this storm season. in place and is practiced regularly, inclusive of is the safer option. Although doing so does not
While forecasts for tornadoes are really just everyone in the home, school, office or any other completely eliminate the chances of being struck,
estimates made several months in advance, there gathering place. The day a tornado watch is in the metal of the car is what provides protection
is a general pattern the jet stream follows every effect is not the day to start looking for a shelter. from a strike, according to Carano.
year. Steve Carano, Geosciences Coordinator and You hear people say all the time, well, we didnt Sometimes, despite paying attention to the
Professor at Rose State College and part-time know. We had no warning, Carano said. weather forecast and following guidelines, people
meteorologist for KOCO Channel 5, gave some in- The truth is, there are several ways to stay may find themselves out on the road when a tor-
formation on what to expect for the coming year. informed, including local TV and radio stations, nado attacks. What Carano recommends, in this
Typically, mid-March through mid-June is social media sites and outdoor tornado sirens. case, is to slowly pull off to the side of the road
our tornado season here in Oklahoma, Carano The siren policy in Oklahoma has actually and watch for a few moments.
explained that this is because, early in the year, changed fairly recently. Rather than sounding for If the tornado is getting bigger, fatter, wid-
storms start in the south, then move their way an entire county, as they did in the past, now the er, its coming towards you. You need to turn
up throughout the months. There have already sirens only sound for specific zones experiencing around and go, or if its too late to turn around
been several destructive storms in the southeast a tornado warning. and go somewhere else, then you need to get out
U.S. this year. Texas experienced an outburst Instead of crying wolf when the sirens go and get into a ditch, he said.
of twisters on Feb. 20, causing thousands to be off, now it actually means something, Carano Contrary to what one might think, it may
without power and damaging more than 575 explained. As The Oklahoman reported in May be difficult to determine how close it really is,
homes in San Antonio, as the city reported on its 2016, several residents complained that they especially with rain or debris flying around.
website. had not heard their outdoor sirens and therefore Tornadoes also move much more quickly than it
People coming from out of town or who are oth- were completely unaware of nearby tornadoes. appears from afar, so it is crucial that people do
erwise unfamiliar with Oklahoma weather should It is very important to remember, however, that not try to outrun them with their cars. Of course,
take steps to ensure they are not caught off these sirens are meant to alert people who are normal citizens should not attempt to chase a
guard. As Carano emphasized, one of the most outside and not necessarily those who are inside tornado. That is a job for highly trained individ-
vital things to have, no matter where you are, is a building. Anyone staying inside should remain uals. Even if it is done for the sake of a weather
a portable NOAA weather radio. up-to-date on the weather forecast via a televi- update photo, there is no photo worth risking
Its probably the best thing you can ever buy. sion or radio. ones life for. Its not time to be famous. We dont
Its just as important as a smoke detector in your A common phenomenon during hailstorms want you to become a statistic, Carano said.

RSC Severe Weather Procedure Survival Kit Everyone should assemble and keep ready a
survival kit in case of a natural disaster emer-
By Hana Ahmad-Coleman gency. This kit can be kept at home, in the
therapy dogs. The Village staff has already office, or can be taken on the go. According to
Staff Writer taken steps to further preparation for se- the American Red Cross, a kit should include,
vere weather. at a minimum, the following items:
According to Neal, We are planning to Water: one gallon per person, per day (three-
conduct an emergency preparedness pro- day supply for evacuation, two-week supply
The season is approaching where cold gram for staff and residents. We have TV for home)
and hot air meet, thus creating tornadoes. coverage in the Clubhouse and each staff Food: non-perishable, easy-to-prepare items
It is going to be important that Rose State member has weather radios. (three-day supply for evacuation, two-week
students, faculty and anyone on campus Neal also suggested that students down- supply for home)
know where to take cover in the event of load apps like the Weather Channel and Flashlight: Battery-powered or hand-crank
severe weather. News 9 to keep up with weather changes. radio (NOAA Weather Radio, if possible)
For students that live in The Village, He also suggested following the Nation- Extra batteries
which is on campus apartment-style hous- al Weather Service on Twitter to receive First aid kit
ing, students have various ways of staying tweets about severe weather. Medications: (seven-day supply) and medi-
alert about severe weather. For those who are not Village residents, cal items
In the event of severe weather on cam- there are places to seek shelter on the Multi-purpose tool
pus, residents will receive a RAVE alert main campus. According to the Rose State Sanitation and personal hygiene items
(Rose States emergency notification sys- College Emergency Procedures guide, Copies of personal documents (medication
tem), and a Remind 101 text, Joseph students and faculty are instructed to list and pertinent medical information, proof
Neal, Coordinator of Residence Life, said. take cover in designated areas on campus. of address, deed/lease to home, passports,
RAVE alerts are for the main campus; Each building has its own shelter locations birth certificates, insurance policies)
whereas, Remind 101 texts are only for and those locations are posted near each Cell phone with chargers
Village residents. Students that live on building exit. The manual also instructs Family and emergency contact information
campus are advised to go to the safe room people in the event that they cannot get to Extra cash
located in the Clubhouse. The safe room the nearest shelter, to lie flat in the closest Emergency blanket
can accommodate 170 people and the two ravine or ditch. Map(s) of the area

The Sixth Mass VOLUNTEER

extinction At Rose State

By Kat Tabak
young fish are in decline due to being ac-
Circulation Manager

15th Street
cidentally tangled up and caught in nets
that are placed by fisherman to collect
commonly harvested fish.
Loss of habitat and access to food are
Over time, certain species of animals also impacted by the climate change due

have either become endangered or gone to the increase or decrease in rainfall.
extinct; however, in the last year there has Certain areas are getting more rain an-
been a significant increase in animals that nually than they did before, while other
have become extinct and animals that are areas are receiving less rain annually in
heading toward extinction. comparison to before. The inconsistency
There are a variety of factors that play is destroying certain plants and terrains
a part as to why this increase has been
taking place. These factors can be broken
that are home to many species of animals
that are now either endangered or extinct. If you are
into two main categories: people and envi-
On top of the climate issues these an-
imals are currently battling, humans Interested in writing,
The reason any animal or any organ-
ism for that matter, goes extinct is due
poach (hunting for sport) and cut down
forests (destruction of habitat including Photography, graphic
to a change in their environment that
occurs at a rate that exceeds their abil-
wetlands). These actions drive animals
further into endangerment and extinction. design,
ity to adapt to those changes. When I
say changes, I mean that in a very broad
The endangerment and the extinction of
certain rhino species like the West African Journalism, web
sense, Cory Rubel, Rose State zoologist
professor, said.
Black Rhino have been declared extinct
due to poachers and the Southern White design, fashion or
The recent change in the climate, such
as the increase in temperature, is one of
Rhinos are extinct in the wild and very
few are still alive in captivity currently. simply like
the environmental factors that have been
affecting certain species of animals, espe-
There are many more countless animals
that are already or are heading toward newspapers, visit
cially marine mammals, fish and certain
types of sea dwelling invertebrates and
becoming either endangered or extinct
and this is something that will most likely Fine Arts, room 110 to
reptiles. As the temperature continues to
increase, the temperature of the ocean
continue to happen at a faster pace over
time unless some form of intervention fill out a
also increases. This in certain areas af-
fects how acidic the water is and can also
takes place.
I think there are some simple and basic volunteer form.
affect the amount of available oxygen to
which these animals have access.
actions humans can take to help minimize
the impact we have overall on the environ- Contact us at
Overfishing and bycatching due to hu-
mans are also causing a large negative im-
ment, Rubel added. Habitat destruction
is wholly controllable from a human per- 15thstreetnews@
pact on marine life. Dolphins, sea turtles,
seabirds, sharks and certain species of
spective and something that immediately
preserves species ability to survive.

Pets of the Week

Are you missing a pet? Oklahoma City Welfare has partnered with the 15th Street News to re-
unite owners with their lost pets or for adoption purposes. If you recognize a pet, contact OKC
Animal Welfare at 297-3100 or Visit the shelter at 2811 SE 29th OKC, OK.

Photos Courtesy of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare

Womens History Month

By Michelle Rojano pressing women. In colonial times, women coined her the title Bloody Mary. She is
Editor-in-Chief who lived outside the social realm dictated considered one of the most feared persons in
by religion were once hanged and accused history.
of witchcraft. Currently, there are countries Feminism means campaigning for the
where women risk death if they refuse to equality of genders. Feminism fights for
Historically, women have been viewed as cover their hair and neck to show modesty. human rights. The United States Constitu-
inferior to men, but women have showed Many religions call for the subjugation of tion states every man is created equally and
throughout time to be just as capable. Many women to men and this ideology spills over has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit
influential historical figures include Harriet to the sociological and economic realm, of happiness. Unfortunately, this alienated
Tubman, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth and Brockmeier said. In the Christian faith, women. For years the document was not
countless others. you see very few women in leadership roles meant to represent women. Feminism is
For a long time, women were missing from in the Church. There are no female priests, the movement that argues women have the
the history books. They were skipped over or therefore no female bishops or cardinals in same capabilities and rights as males.
written out as if they are not important. the Catholic Church. Many Protestant faiths Whether you have a high-powered career
Our story wasnt being recorded. Virginia lack any women in the role of pastor, dea- or go to college or are a stay-at-home mom,
Woolf, on visiting Oxford decades ago, no- con, elder or any other position of power. feminism gave American women choices. We
ticed that in the library that houses Shake- The Muslim faith allows some truly barbaric were able to have a say in the direction of
speares works and huge collections of other practices against women in the name of God our lives and take responsibility as a fully
works, the voice of women were missing. including honor killings, female genital mu- functioning citizen, Brockmeier said.
There were no books about women or writ- tilation, discrimination and domestic abuse. To be a feminist does not mean to hate
ten by women, Rose State History Profes- The truth is, even today, women are mak- men, to look down on housewives or to
sor Michelle Brockmeier said. Not much ing history. Despite losing the presidency, hate religion. A large part of an individuals
changed since Woolfs day until the late 20th Hillary Clinton made history and inspired development and behavior is based on their
century. Finally, our society is willing to many women around the country. For the relationship with their mother.
acknowledge the contributions of its women. first time in history women were able to see Being a mother is a position of power. De-
We are half the population yet our voice was how feasible it is for us to hold office. spite being look down upon by many for cen-
silent. As little girls, women didnt have books turies, being a mother means having control
Many iconic books were written by wom- telling us the great victories and deeds that of the future. It is common for mothers to
en authors during this time like Pride and women had done. Clinton had finally shat- nurture and care for their children. In a lot
Prejudice and many poems by Emily Dickin- tered that. From that moment on, every little of households the responsibility of raising
son. These works are now required reading girl in America, regardless of race or ethnic- a child is left to the mother alone. Women
in many schools and teach students across ity, saw that a woman could be a president. play a major role in the influencing of male
the nation the principles of poetry and litera- If she can do it, so can I, Brockmeier said. figures.
ture, but even in the past 20 years there has The womens march was another historical Thomas Edison was sent home by his
been sexism in literature. Joanne Kathleen event. Many women around the world took teacher because he was difficult. His moth-
Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, a stand to protect their rights and promote er pulled him from school and taught him
published her book with her initials instead equality. at home. He later became the inventor of
of her full name leaving it J. K. Rowling. Not all countries took as long as the the lightbulb, alkaline batteries and several
According to an interview with 60 Minutes, United States to acknowledge womens other innovations.
Rowling stated she was advised by her pub- abilities. Queen Mary took to the throne in There is a famous saying: Behind every
lishers to only use her initials so that boys 1553. She became the first woman in En- good man is a good woman. However, wom-
would read her books. glish history to hold such a position that en no longer have to stand behind men to
But change has also occurred since 1997. wasnt because of marriage. Her harsh reign make a difference in the world.
Women authors have stopped hiding their
gender for book sales. Many of the best-sell-
ing books are written by women authors.
Blockbuster films have been made out of
these books like Twilight, The Girl on the
Train and The Hunger Games.
Courses like Womens History are now
available so people can give women recog-
nition they deserve and also see the step-
by-step process that took place to get where
females are today. From being property to
obtaining the right to vote and not getting
an education to winning the popular vote in
a presidential election, women like Susan B.
Anthony and Jane Addams fought tirelessly
for decades for womens suffrage.
Throughout history, and even today,
women are not adequately represented in
the U.S. government. According to the Cen-
ter of American Women and Politics, there
are currently only 104 women in the United
States Congress. There are 83 in the House
Photo courtesy of Professor Brockmeier

of Representative and 21 in the Senate. This

translates to almost 20 percent of the total
members of Congress. Equal representation
means that there should be at least 267
women in congress. According to
in 2014 there were 162 million women living
in the United States and 157 million males.
Politics has left women without a strong
voice representing them for decades for a
long time but religion also has a role in re-
The Womens March on Washington, D.C., is an example of history evolving all around us constantly.

Swim Club
Rose State Swim Club first began Fall 2016. Since then, they have
competed in against other colleges. To join the club, contact Blake
Shawn at 733-7350.

Photos courtesy of Emily Siddiqui

Spring Break
Reminders First Day of Spring St. Patricks Day
March 13-18 Rose State campus will be St. Patricks Day will be March 17.
Spring will officially begin March 20 this year.
closed for Spring Break. Classes will resume St. Patricks Day is the day St. Patrick was believed
March 20. to die. It is an Irish holiday that has been celebrated
for centuries.

Bacon Chicken Alfredo Fried-egg, Ham and Cream
Cheese Sandwich

Ingredients Ingredients

2 cups of chicken stock (from 32-oz carton) 2 ciabatta bread or your choice of bread.
2 tablespoons ranch dressing and seasoning mix Smoked ham
8 oz cream cheese, cut into 1-inch pieces, softened Eggs
2 cups shredded deli rotisserie chicken Cream cheese
2 cups uncooked rotini pasta (6 oz) Tomato
1 cups shredded Cheddar cheese (6 oz) Oregano
6 slices bacon, crisply cooked and crumbled (about 1/2 cup) Salt

Instructions Instructions

In a skillet, stir chicken broth and ranch dressing with a whisk until well All you have to do is to fry eggs and while frying slice up
blended. Add cream cheese; cook over medium-high heat 1 to 2 minutes the tomato, and spread cream cheese on to your bread. Af-
or until cream cheese just starts to melt. Add chicken, pasta and 1 cup of ter the eggs are all done, build up your delicious sandwich.
the Cheddar cheese. Heat to boiling. Cover; cook over medium heat, stirring Oregano is a great way to finish this recipe so make sure to
occasionally, 14 to 16 minutes or until pasta is tender. Remove from heat. season both your tomato and cream cheese well. Hope you
Top with bacon and remaining 1/2 cup Cheddar cheese. Let stand 1 to 2 enjoy and have fun on Spring Break!
minutes or until cheese is melted.

Rose State Alumna Wins

Broadcasting Award
By Bella Kok how Rose State felt like a family. It was com- For several years now TJ, Janet and J-Rod
Staff Writer forting being on a campus where people want- have won this award.
ed you to succeed. I also knew the people that It is such an honor to receive this award be-
I attended Rose with, which made me feel like cause the judges are professionals brought in
I fit in. from other states. They are not just people who
After Rose State, Janet attended the Univer- know us or listen to us daily, so it is an honor
Janet from TJ, Janet and J-Rod in the morn- sity of Central Oklahoma in Edmond where to have received this award. Janet said.
ing from the local radio station 102.7 FM also she got her bachelor's degree in broadcasting. Janet also mentioned the importance of the
known as KJ103, is a Rose State College alum- Janet described her experience at UCO as, community to KJ103.
na. Janet (who prefers to not have her last Going from a small campus, like Rose State, We do a lot in the community to make sure
name listed) graduated from Rose State in the to a big campus, like UCO, was daunting. I that everybody is involved. It feels like a big
year 1996 with an associate degree in Broad- felt like I questioned if I really fit in at UCO. family.
casting. Janet said that she wasnt sure what Though she felt like that at first her time at For more information about a career in
career she wanted to pursue when she started Rose State and UCO paved her path into her broadcasting, visit the Rose State website or
at Rose State. career as a radio personality. Oklahoma Asso- speak to an adviser in the Humanities build-
My mom told me to grab a class catalog and ciation of Broadcasters is an association that ing. For more information on the radio show
find a class that sounded interesting. That is each year rewards deserving radio personali- TJ, Janet, and J-Rod in the morning, visit
how this all started. she explained. I loved ties with the Personalities of the Year award.

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By Alexis Harris teams that everyone knows will go far in the one team does not mean they cannot enjoy
Sports Photographer tournament, but watch out for the under- watching other teams succeed.
dogs. Just last year, the Villanova Wildcats I love seeing how teams you would have
won the national title. never thought of can go further than you
I root for the teams that nobody pays at- imagine, said die-hard Kansas Jayhawk fan
tention to and enjoy seeing how far they go, Brittany Danielle.
Basketball fans rejoice, March Madness is said Norm Harris, sports fan, when asked March Madness can be fun for everyone.
finally here. Beginning March 14 and end- what he was most excited for during March Many people try to foretell who they believe
ing April 3, NCAA basketball will invade the Madness. will win the Natty by completing their brack-
screens of televisions around the world. Keep a close eye on the teams no one sus- ets ahead of time. Rarely does anyone end
The road to crowning the NCAA National pects to make it past the first round. Gon- up with the perfect bracket because anyone
Championship team begins with 64 teams zaga, Baylor and Maryland are just three can win or lose on any given day.
battling for the title. Selection Sunday 2017 teams for which viewers should keep a look Download the official NCAA March
took place March 12 and was streamed live out. Once the tournament officially starts, Madness Live app on any mobile device to
on and broadcast nationally. The ranks do not matter. The possibility of an stay updated or download a bracket from
madness kicks off in Dayton Ohio and ends unranked team winning against a ranked Why not get involved in
in Phoenix Arizona with the Final Four. team is extremely high, thus explaining the the Madness and fill out your bracket? Join
While the Top 16 seeds were released, the madness part. the Madness and share picks on Facebook.
game selections are not finalized. There are However, just because someone is a fan of com/15thStreetNews.

Aries Mar. 21- Apr. 20 Leo July 23- Aug. 23 Sagittarius Nov. 23- Dec. 21

Focus on your career or career goals. Per- Your love life may have been unstable in the Take the time to enjoy life. Change whatever
sistence and determination will get you far. past but that will change soon. Focus on your is making you unhappy, whether it is your job
Remember to take occasional breaks goals and the right person will find you. or your path in life. Now is the time to take a
to recuperate. leap of faith.

Taurus Apr. 21- May 21 Virgo Aug. 24- Sept. 23 Capricorn Dec. 22- Jan. 20

Family is going to play a big role in your Something or someone is holding you back This year has a lot of great things in store
success this year. Do not be afraid to lean on from success. Analyze your life and situation. for you. Enjoy it. Take all the opportunities
them. They will give you the best guidance. Figure out the culprit. It may be the differ- that are available for you. You will succeed
ence between a great year and a horrible one. in whatever you put your mind to.

Gemini May 22- June 21 Libra Sept. 24- Oct. 23. Aquarius Jan. 21- Feb. 19

A quarter into the year and a lot is happen- Difficult choices are upon you. Remember to Despite a rough start to the year, the future
ing. Although you may feel overwhelmed, a thoroughly analyze the situations and choic- is bright for you. Be wary of those around
break will come soon. Take the time to orga- es. Look for guidance in your family you. Trust your instincts. They will get you
nize yourself and to relax. This year will and friends. through the rough times.
be productive.

Cancer June 22- July 22 Scorpio Oct. 24- Nov. 22 Pisces Feb. 20- Mar. 20

Hard times are coming. Remember that the This year may seem no different than the The year is going to be uneventful for you.
best people to trust are family. You may lose last, but there are huge changes in store for You will accomplish many short-term goals.
several of friends you thought would never you. Take every opportunity you receive. Take the time to spend with those that
leave but it will be in your best interest. Trust those around you who have proven matter most.
themselves worthy.

Letters To The Editor Letters to the Editor are ran as-is.

migration. The above mentioned controversy with a variety of nationality issues and they
Dear Ms. Michelle Rojano:
has prompted me to write about this subject. had to work with immigration governmental
My name is Annette Newton. Im a stu- Most taxpayer money is beyond Trump's offices almost every day.
dent finishing my prerequisites to enter the control. But a relatively small portion of the I believed it is a long and tenuous process
nursing program at Rose State College. Im federal budget involves grants distributed but attainable. Why should people be exempt
attending a class called American Federal by agency and cabinet heads appointed by from obeying the law when other people with
Government and one of my assignments is Trump and those programs could be affect- the same predicaments follow the law?
to write a letter to the editor about an issue ed. In my opinion, sanctuary cities should
relating to a current discussion by the media. not exist or be funded. It has nothing to do
I decided to write about sanctuary city, a city with race gender identity, it has everything to Respectfully yours,
where local official policy is to not cooperate do with the rule of law. I have many friends
with federal authorities when a criminal is in from different parts of Mexico, Honduras and Annette Newton
custody and need to be turned over to im- more. Many of those individuals lived in U.S.

Dear Editor: brought to us by people who cant afford to The only way to create a no-kill nation is
end their beloved companions suffering at a by becoming a no-birth one. That's why PETA
Kind people are outraged by the cruelty veterinarians office, and more. operates three mobile veterinary clinics,
that was filmed on the set of A Dogs Pur- These are the very animals who are often which have spayed or neutered more than
pose, and they realize that there is a world turned away by shelters with limited-admis- 139,000 animals (and counting) at little to no
of difference between terrorizing a dog for a sion policies because they would make their cost to their guardians in the last 15 years.
movie scene and providing a painless end to euthanasia statistics seem less appealing. Everyone can help, by spaying and neuter-
animals who are suffering beyond hope, as To learn more about the dangerous policies ing, adopting, and supporting shelters that
PETA does. promoted by Nathan Winograd, visit www. welcome every animal in need. Visit www.
PETA is honored to operate a shelter of to learn more.
last resort and provide a merciful end to suf- the-facts.
fering for cats and dogs who would otherwise We deliver adoptable animals to local Sincerely,
face cruel and painful fates. We take in dogs shelters and have found excellent homes
who have been chained 24/7 for their entire for many animals ourselves. Our dedicated Daphna Nachminovitch
lives and are dying from advanced heartworm rescue team is always on call, providing free Senior Vice President, Cruelty Investigations
disease, feral cats who are ravaged by feline veterinary care, food, water, doghouses, straw Department
immunodeficiency virus or other contagious bedding, flea and fly-strike prevention, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
and fatal diseases, animals who have been more to forgotten, neglected animals. (PETA)

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