20th -27th August
ur eyes are our window to the world, what we see in others is a mirror to our own
self. What happens when those glasses are blurry or covered with dust and all we see is just an
unclear vision and a distorted image to the outer world?

Self-awareness and emotional balance are crucial skills not only for employability but also
for the successful management of our private and social life of young people. Until we go deeper
in the journey of self-discovery, we will never be able to work with our conflicts and those of others
as youth worker.

Are we dreaming big enough to empower youth for a
better world and compassionate society?

Emotional Intelligence [EI] can be defined as “the capacity to be aware of, control, and
express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically”.
EI is especially used by youth workers/leaders to help young people first and foremost understand
themselves and what they are going through. Moreover, the spillover effect of this heightened
emotional awareness will be reflected in the young persons’ bettered relationships, whether being
when entering in an intimate relationship, within their families or at the place of their future work.

Through non-formal learning methods such as art activities and outdoor experiences, you will have
the possibility to learn these tools via a more hands-on and learner centered approach. The project
aims in giving space to youth workers/leaders to delve into their inner selves, so you yourself can
experience what it means and feels like to understand your needs, to realize your true potential
and aspirations.

The training course will gather 35 youth workers/leaders from 10 countries: Malta, Italy,
France, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia in Malta between the 20 -
27 August 2017. Where you will be all be living in one house, which will lead you to break
stereotypes and work as a team. If you choose to come for this course you should be willing to
open up to yourself, self-reflect on your life and be motivated to improve your weak areas for you
to become a more complete and satisfied youth worker.

Important: Together with our French and Polish partners in order to make this training course more
inclusive, we have decided to open our doors and invite two youth leaders/workers with special
needs together with the accompanying persons to take part on this training course.

 To equip the participants with first-hand insight into youth partici-
pation both on local and European level in the sphere of artistic ex-

 Use ‘storytelling’ as an effective tool to work with young people and
improve their lives and their involvement in social & civic action.

 Increase the awareness and ability to understand the needs of other

 Using the art of dancing to support the intellectual and emotional
expressions of our bodies and mind.

 Create new network with other organizations to propose future Art
projects both on a local and European level.

n your way here

Malta is a tiny Island with a lot of history, which goes back thousands of years
( Malta is also well known for its beautiful shores and kindness of the
people (I hope you would agree with this statement after the training course as well).

The climate is not too cold in winter and piping hot in summer. In August – We can expect
anything from Sun and heat, heat and sun, did I mention it’s going to be warm  Temperatures
usually range between 30-40 degrees. However, not to worry, our 4 star accommodation is fully

Malta although small in its size we are proud to have our own unique language (which is
Semitic in its roots but influences by Italian, French and English), we also speak English as well, so
don’t worry, you don’t need to learn Maltese!!

 Practicalities and Costs

For this training course we will be hosted in the central part of Malta. The hotel chosen will
be Bella Vista Hotel ( To get to the venue is relatively
easy. However, we do organize transport to- and from- the airport if you arrive on the official
arrival- and departure- day of the training course. Otherwise, you will have to make yourself
to the hotel, either by bus or airport shuttle transfer.

For Public Transport: which will cost around 2.00 €, or else you can book the
shuttle bus from the airport directly to the hotel for roughly 5.00 € one-way.

Airport Shuttle Transfers


*In Malta the currency we use is EUR so make sure you will have some euros handy when
you arrive.

Once at the hotel, you will be greeted by the receptionist and then meet for dinner @
7:00pm. Accommodation is full board, towels and sheets are included. As regards to adaptors,
we use the UK system for our plugs, see photo below.

UK 3 pin adaptor example