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SS STRoDucTioN iets ukulele Friends! ea book Gy act as our uide- we "Te lele world as lear rd ppl iv plays ith-This book Feo tn fered i have al? the answers - i vst o book" for you slong sour youre Part ae art reference, be As wpa ‘work et st the t feseong,n tof ee are links hare tt 1 “ipa teal 4 the. Videes iW in ort here: Tinyur', ai hatk ylist Find more our stufh at: WWW. quietamericanmusic. com 4 er piigse Feel free, to email us at a ny time, ith questions: inte Bttaner nine com Enjoy | = Gab, 4 }) 0° ia TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION FEO corps “BUFFALO GALS" “IT ANT GONNA RAIN NO Moke.” ° LETS PLAY SOME MELODIES Si2tS & ys of UeVleles “nu Cikcie BE UNBROKEN” \O THEORY: EIT ond WC cHorps . “capeness LOVE. Tips FoR TANNING USING Sa net ty PLAY NELODIES | . A TMH i Nove SiN UpDLeLe HISTORY D CHORD & "DOWN BY THE FiVERSIDE” . CDOWN IN THE VALLES” evo “DOWN iN THE VALLEY" THE "CHATTANOOGA" STRUM. "NINE POUND HAMMER & "A TiskeT Cet” i ARRANGEMENT... Pen Choe WHAT T wou You DowA DRUNKEN GailoR..25 IN’ a ee music Th ar SEVERE H chords) A APL & BLUES" . pe 22 ms fig : Cc’, oe “iM BuckE TS ‘see iN it ' “a 2 UKE. FREQUENT! ea Ast fered pr eulenes 33-34 "MUSIC ALONE. SHA\ a wel on ed wales” MI T TREORY* Note NAMES By FRET Posit WN... af BC 4 “BURY Ne: BENEATH The willow". . ° 221-40 seiko aan IN ay Cie feevies . AD DUCTIO oe TINGLE Bel Nelo ; e bee “RW WOpp SINPRON "THEME . . 4 W WORLD es " StEy EVO + BASIC CHORD 8 SPECIAL THANKS. 2 2. A Farr of THe Ves Strings up‘ HeADsToG fers BRIDGE FRETBOARD TUNERS. SRE SPSTRING’C’ ATH sTrING “G" FRETBOA eo 6h» —_ { r ~? IND ice” ——— 4 JST STRING “A” Cits closest tothe floor when holding your ke) iNQe! PAYING Posifion FING E wuper ge ee — His rR sr ve Ns) 10 DAL With A STRAP “tat “lip os : P rm MKC " tesa hier () WHAT Apout TUNING ? The Strings of the uke are commonly 4,CE,A. ou have a piano ov electronic “tuner, match. these notes: a PETS oy hy By hn Frets arethe ey bars ‘Te le eperdicular + i 0 UEP pas er don jot eld Sf you press the SS sag — TI eS shar aN jr hand fmat@— rr? ¥ ined. TE you press 0 lightly, he tone, At Zour blcey = . ) @) 0 OF ne SINE y Ay 4 Music | YT @ Your. fist CHD, “F’ UA [St FinlgeR. acs LH 2wp FINGERS Make sure your left hand Fingers only touch the. shin 5 Ne are assigned to. Yher pen’ strings must ring Free! *With yori ht thumb or 1st Finger, strum down (towards tesa ea eat a tte fat AMM WN? YE RFEL vor fe ve7d core IF I YoUP SECOND CHORD c' | The hard part 1s switching, ” between-the two. Try it | ais EB Ted "Spon ke ih ii PM fFr77 Jers1|cr/\c11/ pA YoUp FIRST Sollq: BUFFALO GALS a Here are Wet the luries and chords, which e e 7 rd ; =, i844 : sea We thetes Sami tar" congy” in uke land. "4 pn / é Fae walking dora the sfreef ‘own the, Areet, om the Street A prety little, dil S chanced +0 imeet he was Tair fo See- / [cHoRvs'] / / pi gals wt you come out font Ome out ‘tonialrt, Bae out sari Buffalo gols wort you dane ou ont Ard wince by the light of the moon’ tin ur .com/tHandbeok Gals ® ST ANT GONNA PAiN_No Mope Werdall Hall, 1423, (sing this after every verse) Kt Ra gonno fain no fore No more , / / iit gonna Fai no More, . / / Ry inthe heck can 4 sash my neck / ; / sf it aunt gonna rain No more. \VeRse:] / / she butterfly Flits on wings of gold : / / are bug wings of lame, The led bug has nor wings ay all But he is there jost the ene A peanut sittin’ on a railroad track A rman lay bythe Sewer His heart was all a flutter By the sever lie died Train came down the vailroad trade Mt the coraners request Uh- oh peanut butter ! Toey called t _ lise inpiano Senet will use, tal y ae were 0 Fret the note: i ce i eat tool +0 show you wre pt Pic Nt ne Noes show rhyth ms or note names. This line represents Your frst string, dded to this str r rae dl SDE right + [4onel444 {929 a | }4242444444224-4 * & Medea st beat ‘Mary Had A Little 7 ! Now try a, Next time we play melodies we will vse more than one strin | r My tinyorl am Handbook Me lodies %6 SOPRANO. CONCERT TENOR BARITONE é The first three are peeve tuned [QCEAT. The baritone has different strings ard is Tuned lower Lo@Bel. BANJOUKE TAROPATCH —SIK STPING, RefondTop VEE Q FEA ig feat hte i Ship dele an Rep @ Yop Wexr copy, °G" a) Pree 42" Fingep LOK so riuaee * Go ahead and practice, switching bet ween GC and F fer Jary/ jerry jr = O, clinaipest MAKE ate your i pe ea om ing. any *Now try this one, a “12 Bar Blues’ progression. > Cc | F | c¢ | c | a * ° ° WILL THE CipCLe 86 UNBpoKEN (fino) Cor is nyt fe, (VeBse:] T was sy by the Sow on one Cold and cloud When J saw that hearse Come rollin’ Cc For to carry my mother away —— Will the. Bye be oe By ana Lord, by and Theres a better home a isin due the Fh Lord, in the 4 tiny url. com/ Handbook Circle. 5 oaid te the deer Under please drive Slow [C] For Ne Fly ps are airy Oh 4 Rie to see, her gt t sawed clase behind her Ic] Tried toed up and be B ve But 1 Bld not Vide My om Sorrow When they faid her tr the B ave [CHORUS] at e S went back home, My hore was Tonesome- . Since My mama she was Gone All ws eters, sisters Cruin’ What a home 90 ad and alone © Fi Uitte Music ‘TheoRy (dort be scared!) part The C,F,ond G chords are the basic one te key of £; They are laiog the IW, 7 (one, Favr, Five) chords because, of their lace inthe Music ale Later you will wart to hy LWT in ei es tofit yowr orthe other in rumerts Mare aa tere nt A CHEAT SHEET FoR SOME COMMON KEY FT Ww Z Cc Cc F q G | 4 c d—| [bo {> {a la | | F | F Br c | pA [A | > |e ! Aminor | Am Dm E Dminor | 0m Gm A | [C minor Cm Fm G * RoR i He WN EEG TRY THE LAA FEW SONGS IN @ CARE LESS OVE, TRADITIONAL H el ta Love, oh Be. oh careless \ove- Love, oh love, oh careless love ove, oh love, oh careless love rey # See what careless love will do lf cried Last night and the night bef ore (3x) Gonna cry Tonight Wer and oy No wore, [Zc A were ant fe {ove pea dee ] [Wer A Wore mi apron low (3x) ] | Youd Follow me’ throug rain ed Snow Now 3 [Ye a ah tin O> Notice we onl wrote the chords ow’ Yo o mele Verse? The | iga common fr a nil vs fo et 4 ve ieemortee the’ tinyur|. com Handbeok,Care, @ Dh asp be involved. Net every gyeup wants your play. 2 oh fat OT j H you. caf hear the other atl e ( hg singer ov Soloist) Hew Play softer. Lister! 4) Only ask +o lead chords e ote ta pi rel)” 5 natch pony rs ule ‘ali it “he hae Veep it te wis e) Liston For the \eader to call out audible cues arrange wi, he aca iment Dont avsumme you know ae hey start a con ou ire know, va 0 it once or SWice, mr Le Fe Si ade inated ie Whe Using, TABLATURE To Pray MELODIES luis ial fo, Sings and all four lines of + Varina 23 eing, —3i4nin ss AL] BL o Remember, whew you see a nunber ona line, it indicates the fret number. A “oa” on a line means 4 pluck the string without fretting if ret, 1st fret (SREP) (Hany) tinyurl. com/ Handbook Tab @ Hoo 22 fs eee ae J 23 st foo, $3 itfe es Pee eS] A Tispet, A TASKET rs E E pt eee t I tinyur| .com/ Handbook Melodies 3 © W.W, Fosdick and AURA LEE sey al 9) al = a6at3 —— a o¢ NEED A CHAWENGE? HA ts THe CHORDS wal THE TUNE! 41] (New cHoeps >) HH a EA Feijen You LO BS eis 23" 181 a fe fa pecans if ship from Por {val sae SW a th “| rs naers pring i 0 SONGS ANA A SMa salt rRadned nee . tei iter ke he a & ins{Tament and cal means “pmnping, Flea”. es ye different ukulele makers ol WAI: Dias, NUNES and’ SANT ate stake a inctruments that are erp ualbctible 1843: American busjneremen overthrow the- Nerive Monar io ueu Ne, Which 884; Hawa — da ao a VS. territory. Hawaiian os The Yanama Pacitic Exp on Jon Francisce done in Vawait hal An i ius nnd West eles 4 ance Are By ins fenerians Fascination 5 VW NSIC. (Mle: C.F. Martin company begins manufactvrin ee pany ed J \A5- 1995: Dozens of hit tin pan a re 5 are writer ing ee on ysic. ae music. ‘ie yer ie iS . Hapa} Yaole Ww valet reign \A40- 19710: Man Famous entertainers pla wkulele, ineludin whe i a, 5 WP Awa Ponce el Tin Kea ana lt sist i a q Be on include Pal a eb ioe a ae IO ae Eddie Kamae and George. Thanks Te he ¢ inernet, a revival mM acoUSTIO Musi nm vint Nge- ‘el pal uf olde a age _foverican a ukulele, gna aad aes £ off. @) ANew CHORD -_“D" [D] + 6 o+— 3" a be finer To practi : anit a Aealid Gn iD “Rage Ei |av levi | Dit J Gonna. hy down my a and shield D Down by the Bide, down bythe riverside, Gl Down by the riverside” Gonna. ay down my Sword and shield Down by the riverside: a @ And udy 2 war no more CHORE] g B L aint gonna. s udy war no wore. a a@ I amt gonna study wa vo nd more T aint gonna way war np Tine T aint gonna ¢ udy war no mapre- I ait gonna study war ho More. 4 JB al 1 aint apna Hid war no move Gonna. put on my Starry Crown Down Bu the riterside, down by the riverside. Down by the: riverside. Gonna put on i starry Crown town P the riversi And $ filly war yo more TRADITIONAL it oh sate DoWN IN THE VALLEY This fo ‘oem ye is re Ber A 3 3 3- - O- — | 2 4 | @ PS ® Down inthe ay Valley so low hang your head ger Hear the wind. blow “inyor|. con Harboe alley oo @ FF you dont love me, Love, ‘whon you please, Twrow your arms round me- Give ny heart (oe @ fee love Gunchine- iolets, le ew Argos in heaven, Know J love yor @) Dov IN THE VALLEY a Fancy pants arrangement ! ) Ready For a challenge? In be plucki ml ely wets, o" an Jn betwen pu +8 fie pe 2 a Pe al, a2 espe ae 4 ofPANTs? 5. pow xD] EVEN HAVE PANTS! eee ide df yet Strang down with _ ight d d [Down Dow DOWN Down | Lets try a new pater ern| m7 |DowN VP PowN UP DowN UP Downve | * Aaron Tikes to tit, of the rhythy as: leat-Fa- -NOO-GA CHAT- TA- NOO- GA | vy ©) () (db) cw) (>) (v) % Tust olace o little harder accent on the. "noo" sul Habib, and it will really wing | > | cHAT-TA-NoO-GA CHAT-TA-NoO-GA | * Be VeviouS hi neue trying our our previov serge t is way \isten to the 6 on fri! Ptinyur. ae bean @3) Nine OUND ME TRADITIONAL (perfect for if chaffawoge tru!) 5 => % \ 0) &) SS This Winter pound AWW Tut a little +00 i \ iva For wy qi, Lord. For my aTbe Take this hanmer Aine old W iy Tae a captain tll On 7el\ ny JM “gone, Wort Tell Wim San Aone, kill we! F le asks you st Sotte Hag ieeater dort tow Gainey like da You 6 ont know Shines like ti pie nae i ao mene Vaid nen tow Hammer @ , A NEw TyPe oF cHoRD: MINOR Some people think, Ter tino chords sound Din pel tn stormy. others sinister. a | ' RD Ether vay, Hey ae ad, Fier useful formant. songs. Your First minor chord is Dininor (also written as D- or Dm) WHAT Wout ‘YoU Do Wil A DRUNKEN SAILOR, TRADITIONAL. What would you do with a drunken sailor a would you do with a drunken sailor at would you do with a drunken sailor | arly in the Morning. era ca adie Peay and up she rises ooray and up she rises woray and up she rises Early in the morning are called eighth warter notes. ae we wi above them? Thy That means he Are twice asFact a Tel FF el eH pct a Doel [A] [Dre] Ae tinyurl. comHardbook Dininar Etude. 6) AL Little Music ‘Theory (dort be scared!) rary 2 So Far, all of owr chords have been standard on chords. Someines yon need a sound with alitle wore spice dnd a" chord could be ust the hing! Trey ave oem used asthe "T'chord in owe LTC petterns. To hurn & major chord into «7H chord, we ust change one mite, like this: el ea 4 al + aes ee) RY ‘THe Keep im SIMPLE. BLUES a. peim 1c" te 3° re =e 3° peso] o F 3 :3 slo 099 Gr url. com/Handbook Blues 7 TWO Moke ¢! ORDS | et sound pie inthe TH CTL} nee Be etl Fineer: _ FINGER, Magy DONT you WEEP tpapirionar Pal could £ Bialy would Gd onthe rock where. Fe stood harachs array got row- ned h Mary dont you re [cHogus} a dont vote dont you moan Mary dort you weep, dort you moan joort np y) Fi oh’ army a row: ned Mary dont you Pep eat ih these, days aloout Al o' clock The i ale wide world i ma rock aes army ot row - nied _ dont wou com [Ar] B. had varee fa s of chain link had Jesus’ name- a ys army got row- ned h Mary dort you weep [CHORUS] LETS Tey MORE. 7" cyopDs | ox , Pier (D7 P25 cee Se My BUCKETS Gor A }oLe iN iT TRADITIONAL a My buckets got a ah int al my buckets got a ole tn it SVs may buckets i a en it IL cant buy, no beer nyu. com/ HandbeokMy Bucket @ i ell Twenk down to the abe With 0 dollar vin my Find T was lookin’ 2or arora Who atitt got No mare [CHORUS] Bl BE Wats the use tof ie wor kin! so dann h Wh o womar) vias pr. mans Ward yal 2 wen 1 to the moun wked town to +h en ‘ou ht £ oAW all “ne ishtes Doin’ the Wbee- bop- a- ree ? On he 44 We is Ah her feck en the sa Wa ae ), gale . s ra We ona 15 Ohe hm, things ib on ye sound Some pi 0 f Hal a i ee u eta twee be @ Uke ted tee se Bre isin ‘ ee MK We T UNED Avere are sa) our wke and this old stul i 0 te on lay inher than C ung, i % in "j tee, Whe) Maine ral Chredtan’ schoo pegrans ° a Ut “ ED? Usually. the, e barijone a She wlar Sa ate NS to we SAME Tunin ed i epee nao Wita, iy edt popular “iit hes Wa « Spal S dt can bed yunek [Q4CEA]. @ © CAN T._USE A ste Ou Act Yost hink 7 S 1 easier atk ba weaert “ate fepair, \ peel Metal buttons to a instrument to hbld the strap. Ae a E D you RESO ENO a ie x eS ar ae + Muse and Main| land. Wher bare aan hen. han (ee on ~ check. out Mia-Moe- at nine com 7 £ CAN RE ABOUT THE UKE? sed Isa aret resource and includes Free leesons and a popular discussion forum. is a fun b| log with. lots of into. You ube..t0 cana a Hehing of ylele instruction inspiration, i clu By Our channel /ackeim ukuleleimthedark. come is our friend Quidos site. the ukuleleway. com is our Triend James Hills site. And. dort b Ta A a thsi cm Nope NeLoDto is “aii, 24 oH yer pees Gee S ¥ One person nd The oe and ag iy I ve 4 fe 5 Ythe next plas From the beginning, +o creak harnony! We 2: Measures 2,6 and 10 have a doted tht of |g t | rotter tom Lp | (anda) ond 3 42 3 MUSIC ALONE. SHALL LIVE. TRApiriowas fa] © Oo ese ALL THINGS SHALL Pep SH FRoM vN- DER THE SFY B el x 4 | = MU-SiC A- LONE SHALL Liye MU- SIC A- LONE SHALL Live 0—o—0- (cl ira] ea | MU- sic A- LONE SHAL live NE-VER To DIE a Finyorl-com/Handbokisie? §=§«- ss @ LITTLE Music THEOR fi (dont, E Msc HEOrY Scales ave great for learning. your way around the Fingerboard. This will i Vou leant melodies ard chords the neck more ¢asi C MATOR SCALE 623 3-2-9 Fea 33 O36 F MAJOR. SCALE fee? A 35 18 O95 3 4-05 | D MAJOR SCALE O24 5 hao 3 7 037 oS G MAJOR SCALE. ° 5 - res 2-3 Pieper sare C THE CHROMATIC SCALE AND ITS NOTE NAMES 01234 4324-6 C CED DEF F*G GAAtRC CB AMARGEPFE DPD CPC PE ORS RD Rae oF tiny url. com/Hand book Scales 2) THE. G0 STRUM + First, we just strummed: d d d d | DowN POWN DOWN DOWN | CA 2 3 4 # Then. we did “Crattanoogar's wd ud Id Jd CHAT-TA NGO“ CHATTANOOGA ls 4 and and aa] 4” and ) % tere comes a new one: 4 fied? 4d l DowN Down Up UP Pow | 4 2 an and We li be Ty cal it sani because i otis be ey + 2c were ie lf r Pe Ss ie" s |i a tye at mae ne" bi ic ring and Hie Boar anal his Strum wi awe of ose Ado dies or rlip ie Is Berk and ot \y it rp a sohg, youve a tready tra com/Handbooled ) A Litre Music THEORY (dont be scared!) paer4 Noyé NAMES BY FRET Posit iON This diagram. shows the notename for ans, string on ea Fret. it Me cme i handy uring sul ed te son we i La your own in are game notes ve two diffrent nantes, such as F*% GP. T called enhar hay a The note pl aye wl will gamed the Hil sould hare a ‘tee name depending on the key a 5 ng. ® Lts time Tor the BP CBflat) chord | There aretwo common ways to play it cle ST FINDER. FRETS ALL Four sr [B’] 5 Seen STRINQE AT THE 2h Finesp. (B’ SAME NIM Bl i sik Bineer, A BAR CHORD 44 May take « bit of time the bar ‘ore (ete sbi seep al worth it! NeWs! Becavee there are no " , sti a ae ord, you sr scab} the Slap. pn down the Fretboard tr get other chord. ake a lode: 2» oO @ DD e e e e Ty @ 9 tinyurl. com/HandbokBflat @ BURY ME BENEATH THE WiLLow TRADITIONAL re, By is sad snd am lonely For the: only one 1 When shall 4 see her oh no never Fi we meel in heaven above Oh ury Me ben h +he willow nder the weeping willow Free, So she will Know where T am sleeping [El nd perhaps Shell we for om (RSE: She told methat she dearly loved me How could I believe it umtruc, Until the angels sottly whisper She will prove untrue you [verse Tomorrow was our wedding day. Oh God Dn God where car elt be She out a arin another on Me And no ge cares inyur'. com/Handbook Willow 33" STATE ETUDE A. siM (eee fl fal El Fe eee ie ee ey Zastructinal Titel: “nyo. com/Hurdbok ps} Performance Video: A€Finyurl. com/Handbook33rd Sir20 To CHORD MELODY TECHNIQUE. So Sar we have focused on either playing the Sa ov the chords. Now 4 Is find we wy them! This to 0 Nal and Trait ing rove ne skills and per form, Mor an fe thi feenniqu ver We O sera cH wl melod ve lay 2d pr, Me tt or, second string, This val WS Feet nel melod ving owt with a Wtavier pitch x the chor ones ak ap alo init tis first: 4 will harmonize. it by adding basic chords Th anderncrth- Duct srr tae chdrd danth ott your right Hub. Hea Do you hear the wody 4 $ the chords? Now, ithe melody aoes down tothe nd or 3estring., then youjust have to s Ap oa toumb From goinsy past Hoot ching when you strum, | 6 F- ie div i, ; - ap tinyurl. comandbeot Chord PtL UE Soran - MELODY JINGLE, BE FS = o—3 © o-3 + 7—98—-9-9- Baan A TINGLE. BELLS - cHoep mevop * MELODY ¥ THEME FROM DvoRAKS New WoRLD $ YMPHONY. bode Ge ® 7 — ‘ ——— re avd ? 2 ddd ———— —. |p oh —o//9 Fe | lan en =? Hr 2o OP) feo —e |e) oH eo on fan 4 ° Hed Hea = => ey =m z= © F + inyurl. com/ HandlbocleChord Pt « CHORD MELoDy- New WORLD SYMPHONY OpAKS J THEME FROM DV a 2 =: —e | do Th 2 2 —e Fe) 40 Se ” | we on6o st —O0. OTN —O eu || —ola|| Ae — Feo Soe —O PAS —~ 0 Noo o|| Aon colle alu amo a] |42 —o sino oo wey BASIC. CHORD CHART - For REFERENCE a sD Dp El Ele fF Hf E NK Special. THANKS To: A \ EES LARRY MOpANDI BRYAN HOLLEY RONNIE ONTIVEROS GORDON & CHAR. MAYER. WEATHERLY PRINTING -HOOD FIVER, OR * AND: HENEY KEIM- for sleeping throwql, rept bcm oly ode La Now go, PRACTICE! y ©