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Legal, Ethical and


Taylor Senior
Role of the IPSO - The independent press standards organi- Intrusion - In cases involving personal grief or shock, enquir-
sation is the independent regulator for the newspaper and mag- ies and approaches must be made with sympathy and discretion
azine industry in the UK. They are responsible for making sure and publication handled sensitively. These provisions should
newspapers and magazines are responsible for their actions, to not restrict the right to report legal proceedings.
protect individual rights, uphold high standards of journalism
and maintain freedom of expression for the press. Discrimination - The press must avoid prejudical or pejo-
rative reference to an individuals, race, colour, religion, sex,
Editors code of practice - The editors code of practice gender indentity, sexual orientation or to any physical or mental
includes accuracy, privacy, harassment, intrusion into grief or illness or disability. Details of an individuals race, colour, reli-
shock, reporting suicide, children, children in sex cases, victims gion, gender etc. are to be avoided unless genuinely relevant to
of sexual assault, discrimination, public interest and more moral the story.
and ethical subjects.
Public interest - Things related to public interest includes
Accuracy - The press must not publish any inaccuracy, mis- but isnt limited to, detecting or exposing crime, or the threat of
leading or distorted information or images not supported by the crime, or serious impropriety, protecting public health or safety,
text. A significant inaccuracy must be corrected and apologies protecting the public from being misled by an action or state-
where appropriate. ment of an idividual or organisation and much more.

Privacy - Everyone is entitled to respect for his/ her private How will i ensure i am not in breach of these issues - I
and family life, health and correspondence. Editors will be will try to follow the guidelines to the letter by not delving into
expected to justify intrusions into any individuals private life someones private life without permission or consent, i will not
without consent. it is unacceptable to photograph individuals, invade someones private life or issues without permission or
without their consent, in public or private places where there is consent. I will not harass anyone who does not wish to answer
a reasonable expectation of privacy. any questions and obey them if they wish to be left alone and
i will not try to intimidate them. I will leave out any details in
Harassment - Journalists must not engage in intimidation, regards to race, religion etc. unless it is relevant to the subject
harassment or persistent pursuit. They must not persist in or a key point and finally i will not go against public interest if it
questioning, telephoning, pursuing or photographing individu- means harming or threatening them.
als once asked to desist; nor remain on property when asked to
leave, must identify themselves and whom they represent.
Defamation - Defamation is the law that allows individuals, companies or firms to sue for damage to their reputation caused by
material that is published and uses slander or other equally damaging statements. The cases that this is allowed is when the material
lowers them in the estimation of right-thinking members of the public, causes them to be shunned or avoided, disparages them in
their office, trade or profession and that exposes them to hatred ridicule or contempt. To avoid this i will prevent any slander to an
individual, company or firms and prevent any negative comments.

Contempt of court - Contempt of court is a restriction that prevents the publication of material which might prejudice a fair
trial by influencing jurors to think that a defendant might be guility or innocent, this can apply to interviews with a witness before
a trial or putting pressure on them. I will avoid this by not publishing any material that could influence a trial until after the trial is
finished or make sure the material just states the facts so it has no influence and is up to the public to decide.

Copyright - Copyright is the legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights
for its use and distribution. This is important to know so you can properly use someone elses work without infringing on copyright
such as using quotes or summarises and so that way you can protect your own legal rights so that others dont take unfair advantage
of it. I will avoid infringement of this by not publishing anything that could violate this without permission from the creator or
using it in my own way that wouldnt go against this. I will also copyright my work such as pictures or articles so people cannot use
them without permission.

Confidentiality - The law of breach of confidence is based upon the principle that a person who has been given information in
confidence should not take unfair advantage of it. A media organisation that leaks private or sensitive information could be sued
for infringement of this law. To prevent violation of this law any information that is told to me in confidence or that i acquire that
applies to these bases will not be published until given permission to do so.

Official secrets act - The official secrets act is a law that provides protection of state secrets and official information, mainly
related to national security. This law applies to newspapers, magazines or any other source of media and prevents the release of any
information that is private or crucial to that country, this would include things like disclosing private information about the gov-
ernment such as security, intelligence etc. To avoid this I will avoid any information that could be detrimental to the government or
that is private.

To prevent offending anyone of a particularly age, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability etc. i will avoid
publication of any material that could be deemed offensive or anything close. I will also fact check my work
and ask people of different races, age, sexuality etc and see their opinions on the piece and if it needs altering
or changing completely.

If a piece does contain sensitive material but isnt deemed offensive then i will warn potential readers of the
contents to prevent anyone reading without knowing what theyre going into beforehand. I will not mention
the age, gender etc of someone if they do not wish to have it mentioned or if it isnt relevant.

Race - The race of an individual will not be mentioned unless relevant to the story or with permission.

Age - The age will also not be mentioned unless it is important to the story.

Gender/ sexuality - The gender/ sexuality will not be mentioned in the story unless it is relevant and i am also
given permission.

As for the other things mentioned and not, i will not publish anything to do with it unless it is relevant or
permission is given and even then if it is a sensitive subject a warning will be shown.