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Naesza Fewell
LBST 2101
Mrs. Sinclair
April 4, 2017
Whats a Good Life?
I interviewed DeShon Whittaker who is a Special Educator and a case manager in
Greenville, NC. He graduated from East Carolina with a bachelors in Family and Community
Services. He also obtained his masters degree from Walden University in Human Services.
1. What is a Good Life? He said: I believe a good life is comprised of both good and bad
experiences. It also includes being successful and overcoming obstacles and embracing
your flaws and weaknesses; and also making an impact with the individuals you have
interacted with. To live and have a sustainable good life you must become one with
yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.
2. Can you say or name someone that you know actually lives a Good life? He said:
Ummm me! I have analyzed and observed various individuals and they dont have the
bare minimum like I do. Many people suffer from starvation, and lack of shelter. They
dont have the luxury things like driving a car or living in a well secured home. America
is the home of waste because we are privileged in this country. Many Americans do not
know how privileged they are because they havent traveled outside of the country. But I
on the other hand have experienced a few countries and it have really changed my
perspective on a lot of things.
3. What countries have you visited? He said: I have been to Italy, Egypt, Botswana,
Germany, and Jamaica, London, and France. Each country has brought on a new
experience for me. Six out of the seven trips were taken in just one year. I used to travel
with my pastor as she preached. The Jamaica trip is the trip I went on with friends. But
traveling with my pastor and seeing many different historical things really humbled me.
Because I lived with her for a while I was really spoiled and got anything I wanted
because they are rich.
4. What was the difference amongst each country when it relates to the United States? He
said: Italy is very historic and spiritual but they have a lot of thieves that are very skilled.
In France you must pay to go to the bathroom in public. When you are at a restaurant you
do not get free refills you must pay for a refill. In Jamaica everybody is hustling some
product to the tourist.
5. What does success mean to you? He said: Success can be determined when someone
reach their own personal goals, or making a difference while on earth. It also is defined
by what I constantly have done overtime that becomes my character. When I die there is a
legacy left on earth. Lastly success to me is fulfilling my purpose.
6. Do you think its possible to be successful and unhappy? (Explain) He said: Yes, its
possible to be successful and unhappy. People dont celebrate the process of success.
Success doesnt all come at once. Success comes in steps and people dont celebrate the
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steps. Success is a puzzle with numerous amounts of pieces and you must put it together
piece by piece. There are very few circumstances that success happens at one time.
7. Do you measure success by the amount in your bank account? (Explain) He said: No;
because I know the personal obstacles I had to overcome. I am the first male in my family
to go to college. Also I have escaped a lot of generational curses that have lingered in my
family for years. Money just allow you to do more things. Yes money does give you a lot
of freedom but money dont have nothing to do with your success unless your success
story was about money. It you was set out to achieve $2million before 20 and you
reached it then your success story will be about money.
8. What are your best and worst experiences? He said: My best experience is traveling and
seeing the wonders of the world. I was granted with an opportunity that many people will
not experience in their lifetime. My worst experience is connecting with people in a
sincere manner and they do not duplicate the same behavior I have expressed for them.
9. What would you add to your life right now? He said: I would add true love and wealth. I
want to be able to provide for individuals and create programs that could better our
10. Do you have any regrets? He said: I would have regrets if I didnt have a different
perspective. My perspective helps me not to regret but to learn from my mistakes. I dont
want any regrets so I am making decisions so I wont have any regrets.
11. Are you where you thought you would be? He said: NO! As you get older your
prospective changes. I had many different dreams but you dont give up you continue to
dream you realize what you wanted was not as meaningful after a while. Of course I
would love to have my 6 bedroom house but do I need it at this point in life; NO. I
thought for sure I would be married with kids by this age but things didnt work out as
planned. Nevertheless I continued to press on.
12. What if any events would you go back to and why? He said: I would go to the year when
my godmother passed because I was the only one not present at that moment. She was the
world to me. She provided so much wisdom and guidance for me life. I honestly would
be any and everything to have her back. But I know God loved her best and I am going to
believe everything is working for my good. Even though it may not look like it but
everything is working itself out.
13. What advice would you give me? He said: My character goes before anything. Character
speaks even when you dont. Life is not easy but we are all equipped to handle whatever
life throws at us just play your cards right and stay focus. Also dont look for others to
make you happy look for happiness within yourself.

Throughout the interview with my interviewee I noticed that he remained positive with every
question and he was completely honest. No matter what he has gone through, he remains
constant and focus of his life goals rather they be short, intermediate, or long term goals.
DeShon is a man thats rooted his faith in Jesus Christ, so everything about his life isnt by
destiny, but by Gods divine purpose for his life. Every obstacle and every victory comes from
God when it relates to DeShon. I noticed that when you believe in God there will always be a
battle between good and bad just like we discussed in class. I am sure there are many times
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DeShon would rather do bad, but the good thats installed into him will not allow him to take
that road. But rather than listen to the bad he continues to stay good and focus. With him
believing in God so much and having faith in God, a lot of his knowledge and wisdom comes
from the bible. The bible teaches and guide him through his daily activities. Overcoming
generational curses are not easy. I am going through some of the same situations he face so I can
relate. He and I are both the first male in our families to attend college. Being the first of
anything puts a lot of stress and pressure upon your life because everybody expects for you to
make it. But what happens if you dont make it will they be disappointed? Thats why I believe
DeShon told me to find happiness within myself. Going around trying to please everyone you
come across will stress you out. There is no way you can please everyone. The best words I take
from this interview was within the final question. Building up my character and letting it speak
for me so individuals can know what I am about stamps a good life. You have to know who you
are as a person in order to life a good life. People living good lives arent out here trying to figure
things out, they are just doing whats best. I came to a conclusion that I am honestly out here
living to the best of my abilities. Just like he said I am learning from my mistakes and making no
regrets. I dont want to feel sorry about yesterday, but rather grow from yesterday. Each day is a
learning experience. Its an experience you will not get back so its best to take full advantage of
every situation you have. Each day is about striving to be better. I realized you actually dont
have to be better than the next man. Just focus on yourself and do what you can and I am sure
you will be blessed. Life is what you make it. If you want it to be good make it good in your eyes
not anyone else. Do what you can to bring yourself peace, love and happiness and you will
obtain a good life.
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