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Brianna Stemmler

179 Babcock Street Apt 3 Brookline, MA 02446 - - (973) 934-3994

Master of Science Degree: Occupational Therapy, May 2017
Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
Anticipated licensure and NBCOT exam: August 2017

Bachelor of Arts Degree: Psychology, May 2014

Montclair State University, Cum Laude

Pi Theta Epsilon Occupational Therapy Honor Society, Vice President, Lifetime Member
Selected as student speaker and poster presenter for annual Connecticut Occupational Therapy
Association Conference, 2017
Selected as co-author and poster presenter associated with Pi Theta Epsilon Honor Society for
student conclave in Dearborn, MI, 2016
Selected as student speaker and poster presenter for New England Psychological Association
conference, 2013

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Acute Care, April-June 2017
Boston, MA
Evaluate and treat adults on the neurological floor in an acute hospital setting

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Inpatient Psychiatry, January-March 2017

Boston, MA
Evaluate, treat, and document full case load for adults with psychiatric disorders
Participate in daily rounds
Plan and implement daily groups and 1:1 sessions with clients
Independently develop and implement a Yoga treatment group

Holland Hill Elementary School Pediatrics, September-December 2016
Fairfield, CT
Assist in evaluation of pediatric clients utilizing standardized assessments
Assist in treatment of pediatric clients during 1:1 sessions and group interventions
Facilitate 1:1 sessions and group interventions

Middlesex Hospital Outpatient Orthopedics, June-August 2016

Essex, CT
Assist in evaluation and treatment of adults with orthopedic conditions
Assist with fabrication of custom orthoses

Jewish Senior Services, Skilled Nursing Facility, May-June 2016

Fairfield, CT
Assist in evaluation and treatment of adults with various musculoskeletal conditions, neurological
conditions, chronic diseases, among others

Sacred Heart University Social Skills Group, January-March 2016

Fairfield, CT
Develop and implement social skills group for adults with ASD in collaboration with SLP
Evaluate clients utilizing standard assessments
Assist in treatment of clients during group sessions to address social participation and ADLs

International Service Learning Trip Student Volunteer, October 2016
Antigua, Guatemala
Provide free health care services to pediatric and adult populations in musculoskeletal clinics,
schools, and home environment
Interdisciplinary collaboration with OT, PT, and SLP students and professors
Collaborate with staff at Hope Haven International to assist with building custom wheelchairs for
underserved children and adults

St. Catherine of Bologna Paraprofessional Educator and Tutor, September 2014-Feburary 2015
Ringwood, NJ
Implement Applied Behavior Analysis techniques for adolescent with ASD in school and home
Collect and analyze data regarding students educational and behavioral progress
Collaborate with caregivers, school administrators, educators, and behavior specialist

Universal Rehabilitation and Living Center Internship/Volunteer, January 2011-April 2013

Livingston, NJ
Assist with evaluation and treatment of adults with TBI and ABI to address life skills and
community re-entry
Assist with documentation of daily progress notes
Participate in weekly rounds

Sacred Heart University Student researcher, January 2016-present
Initiate research project focusing on professional development in occupational therapy
practitioners and supports and barriers to involvement

Montclair State University Student researcher, January 2012-2014

Research project for cognitive neuroimaging laboratory focusing on the auditory system of
Drosophila Melanogaster flies
Participate in weekly meetings to discuss relevant literature and research findings

Physical Agent Modalities Training Basics, Sacred Heart University, October 2016
Safe Patient Handling Interdisciplinary Workshop, Sacred Heart University, November
Lead the Way Symposium: Acute Care, Chronic Conditions, & Rural Communities,
Boston University Department of Occupational Therapy at Sargent College, October 2015

American Occupational Therapy Association, Member, September 2015-Present
Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association, member, December 2015-April 2017

American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR and AED), 2015

Available upon request