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Name: Denisse Leyva

Grade Level: 10th
Content Area: GSE Advanced Algebra
Technology Used (check all that apply):
Blog Wiki Other Website Creation Tool (list):
Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed:
MGSE9-12.A.APR.1: Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials; understand that polynomials form a
system analogous to the integers in that they are closed under these operations.
Brief Description of Learning Experience:
As the class progresses, students will learn to get into a habit of checking the blog. They will
mainly check the blog at home to see if they have any homework due for the next day. Therefore, the
students will visit the blog at home and they will notice that there is a homework assignment that is due the
following day. In the blog, there is a post in which I briefly explain what we talked about in todays class.
After that I will post the homework that is due for tomorrow. In the homework, the students will see that
they have a short video to watch before they continue on to the next task. The video gives them a brief
introduction to polynomials and the use of algebra tiles. We assume that students have never been
introduced to algebra tile because this is Algebra 1. Therefore, the video is crucial for them to watch
because it gives them an idea of what they are.
Then, I will introduce them to a website that lets you play around with algebra tiles. The students
will have get familiar with algebra tiles and when they feel more comfortable with them, they will have to
bring two examples of multiplication, addition, and subtraction. The purpose of algebra tiles is to have
visual representations that can ease the learning of Algebra. When we come together the next day I will ask
students to provide examples of algebra tiles up in the board.
Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

Student Engagement/Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): What LoTi would this lesson be and
Why? This lesson plan is a Loti level 4 because students are creating examples of algebra tiles and then
they will present them in front of the class.

Importance of technology: The use of technology, specifically a creating web-site tool, is crucial to this
lesson plan. Blogs help students access the material they need to get for them to successfully complete the
homework. This is because they need to asses a YouTube video and a website to complete their homework.
It is so much easier for the students to have everything they need in one place, and blogs help teachers
accomplish that.
Internet Safety and Student Privacy: Since I will be posting essential information on the blog, I believe it
would be beneficial for an absent student to see how their peers present algebra tiles. Thus, I would need
permission from their parents to post their kids presentation. I will make sure to use my blog as private so
only people I give my blog too can see. I will make sure I fully understand the districts Internet Safety
Policies, before I post anything online.
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity. I had never been introduced to algebra tiles before
this year, therefore introducing them to a classroom will be a new experience for me. I plan to use this
activity in my future classes because I feel that having different ways to teach a topic is important.