Freewrite 1/17/17

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is very important to me. He represents strength, courage, hope,
leadership and change. He did his best to pave a better future for us using non-violence. He
encouraged people of all colors to come together and live peacefully. Therefore this day should
be celebrated greatly as a reminder of how far we have come and how far we are going.
Freewrite 1/19/17
What is the message of this cartoon?
I believe the message of this cartoon is representing the reality of America. We
hope for progress but instead we are served reality. In this cartoon what stand out to me is the
guy in the chair who is dressed in attire that represents the American flag, which means he
represents America. I also see the man representing America is big and he looks greedy. The
man serving seems to be skinny and is serving reality. I believe this is showing that America
often wants progress but the greedy powerful people often take that away.
Freewrite #4
What are your favorite types of movies? What about them do you enjoy?
My favorite types of movies are drama, documentaries, comedies, romance and suspense. I
love drama because I find it very interesting and they often relate to real life experiences. I love
to see whether or not there we will be a successful or unhappy ending, overall drama is the
most appealing to me. I also like documentaries because they seem to be very informative
about historical people, places and more. I feel as though documentaries are the truth. Next is
comedy because I love to laugh and it usually lightens the mood. Suspense movies intrigue
because it keeps you on your toes and wondering what’s next. I also love romance movies
because there is usually a happy ending and it just shows that true love does exist.
Freewrite 1/31/17
My favorite speech was made by Michelle Obama. It was in New York City in Harlem. She
spoke about education and the importance of it. She even brought out special guests and
celebrities. She was very inspiring and so smart. I was already going to go to college but this
made it even more exciting.
Freewrite #6: 2/2/17
The genres I chose to write about were The Great Depression and the Jim Crow Laws. I chose
them because they seemed to be interesting to me as well as others. Visual and picture
Examples of other genres:
Childish Gambino- “Red Bone” and Maya Angelo “Phenomenal Woman”
Example of Genres: poems, songs, articles, narratives, podcast, commercials, etc….
Freewrite 2/14/17
Grammar for me has been both difficult and easy. I think I was taught grammar well but I should
have did more to fully retain the information. Like the specific details between nouns, adverbs,
pronouns, subject verbs and more. Yet when I write I usually am well with grammar. Just
differentiating the different aspects of grammar is the harder part.
Freewrite 2/16/17
I would love to talk to those who have advocated for Black History Month. I want to get their
point of view and what motivated them to do so. I would also like to know were they inspired by
others as well. Overall I just want know what they why they did what they did and how they feel
Black History Month is presented today.
Freewrite 2/23/17
Describe at least one of the secondary sources you found. What research questions do you see
then being answered?
One of the secondary sources I found was an article and it answers my question explaining
what a hbcu is.
Freewrite 3/2/17
I have gotten different views of the aspect of Black History Month. Most people agree that it
should be in place as well as it is and will always be relevant to society. When I researched
there were a few sources that believed it is no longer relevant and should not be in place.
Freewrite: 3/30/2017
What grade would you give this video (PSA)?
I would give this PSA and A because it was very detailed and slightly different from other PSA’s.
Most PSA’s may have skits and people talking throughout it but this had a song along with
different pictures and videos. It starts out showing the bad things but then it extends to the good
things and life, making it a positive video.
Freewrite- 4/11/17
Describe a time you’ve been in an argument. What was the subject? Did you win or lose? Why
do you think you won/lost?
I have had plenty of arguments with my older sister. It is usually about whose turn it is to do the
dishes or something simple of that sort. I was usually right but for the sake of not continuing
argue I just let her feel she won but she really did not.
A policy change I would like to inciate is a set number of funds towards HBCU’s. An amount of 1
billion dollars towards HBCU’s from the federal government.