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“GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE from Hairspray Music by MARC SHAIMAN Lyties by MARC SHAIMAN and SCOTT WITTMAN, 1 Oh, ch, oh Woke upto = day el = ing the way L "can com- pare with 20h, oh, = oh = Look at my. hair what "do" A a op> - == == al ways do Oh, oh, oh Hun gry for some-thing that mine (o- day? Oh oh oh Pye got omy hairspray and Gtubs EG Frbyat Bm —I— —— Then 1 hear the beat, that shy = thm of town starts Vm read-y 10 go, the maison the street all poe Tracy i ined by the chorus i the original munber, adapted here as @ solo Copri'9 200 by Wing rok Way Bhs ap Walt Woo Enerarent ‘igs Revved Used by Prion 133 onpsh, 7 DA YA R's tke ames - sage om They sem sty, Tra = cy, its ctmibs E/Ge DA A Bmi/A A D/A A_DIA oe ——— Pull -ing me out to the you eeecceses So, oh, oh Don't hold me back ‘cause to - oo high »” G_DIA EG G Em? BE A D/A AT Dsusladd2) — ae smiles and the streets that 1 love! Good morn = ing + t+ more! ‘day cll my dreams will come true! Good mom = ing + iS more! me Bae [ Giada) G oy ae Ev - ‘ty day's like an 0 pen door, Ev = "y iat iso There's a flasher who lives text door, There's a bum on tis, ao 104 te sy, ev ay sound's tke pho- ny! | room s109), they wish” me luck on vo school! J op Gnysh : DA the world's. gon-na wake 135 place where Gna. HA c op = ty lights shin ~ ing Ant oe. Asus A someone in - vite me drop dead I Pe = So, oh, oh cause when T start to dance, Tma 196 Baya A Gop pet pt Some-thing in - side of me Gtmbs Ect Frbgyat Bm a a bat my makes me move, when 1 bear the groove, my moth = er says oS ‘cmp Bbr DA ‘atmibs Eat ——— io = feet tell me got W's like 2 drum-mer in - side my heartt DIA A D/A A DIA A DA G D/GEmIGEm BG G fo Don't make me wait one move mo-ment for my Tife =I os 137 D/A AT _DyA Atss — BbTsus Bb ebb Bb Ebsus(ads2) E> ‘Ablaaa2) ab ‘i+ more! day's like an ao os ev - "ry sound's like a bya Bhoue Bb hyab by Ebsus(adaz) Bb prom - ise Bal = G- more, 138 BbyDb Abie Abmjch ee ret ee eee! a that some-day when I take tothe floor the world's gon-nawake up and = eye mths s byob Bb bab Bb eb Ehus Eb bus? Bb by ab ebynb a Bol - W- more and eb kbs beso ob an Abyeb ab ebyab eb —— a Bal - i+ more and. me!