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v) Reduce the load on generator and mainain

steam parameters.
vi) If 3 mills at less than 50% feeder speed or 2
mills are left in service, cut in oil gun
adjacent to working mills.

vii) Check furnace draft, air flow and drum level

are normal.
viii) Check flame is table and scanners sense
"Flame on".
ix) Check that associated elevation fuel
air damper close and windbox
pressufe is maintained 70 mm WC.
2.11.8 One Mill Trips

Mill discharge valves are closed i) Check the running mills share the load if
and/or thermal load control of mills are on auto.
Loss of elevation D.C. supply ii) Reduce the generator load if pressure starts
for more than 2 sees, and/or dropping.
Support ignition energy is removed iii) Start reserve mill and take load.
with 3 minutes of feeder starting,
Motor protection operates and /or iv) Check furnace draft is maintained normal
One P.A. Fan trips (mill in v) Check the correct air flow is maintained.
excess of 3 will trip starting
from bottom). vi) Check that drum level is maintain

vii) Check that tripped mill is isolated (hot air

gate closed, cold air damper minimum open,
feeder tripped).

2.11.9.Coal Hangup in Mill

Choking of coal at inlet to mill.

High moisture in coal and /or i) Check feeder trip on "No coal flow & low
current" protection.
Too much fines in coal with moisture, ii) Check mill outlet temperature is less than
and/or 85C.